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We have a collection of various songs written by our Gaudiya vaishnava parampara. Singing these songs is a very good way to be absorbed totally in. ISKCON desire tree. VAISHNAVA. SONGS. Compiled by. ISKCON. Chowpatty. (1 ) Songs by Bhaktivinoda Thakura. Book Name: Stavamrta Lahari. Vaishnava Songbook. All the standard songs and other bhajans composed by the vaishnav âcâryas and others, arranged to the original.

Vaishnava Song Book

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Vaishnavad song book of ISKCON. ISKCON desire tree VAISHNAVA SONGS Compiled by ISKCON Chowpatty (1) ISKCON desire tree. Vaishnava Song Book - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. This Ebook was taken from site iskcon desire tree and compiled. Vaishnav songs are devotional songs composed in glorification of Lord Krishna & his devotees. Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is the supreme personality of.

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Songs of the Vaisnava Acaryas

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Languages English. Price Free. Developer Website App Support. The Vedic scriptures sing of his character. O master, please be merciful unto us.

Give us the shade of your lotus feet.

Your fame is spread all over the three worlds. We take shelter at your lotus feet. Jaya Radha-Madhava by rla Bhaktivinoda hakura 38 jaya radha-madhava jaya kujabihar jaya gop-jana-vallabha jaya giribara-dhar jaya jaoda-nandana, jaya brajajana-rajana, jaya jamuna-tra-vana-car jayaall glories to; radhaRadhara; madhava Madhava Ka, the husband of the goddess of fortune [ma the goddess of fortune; dhavathe husband] ; kuja in the groves of Vndavana ; biharthe enjoyer of pastimes; gop-jana of the cowherd maidens; vallabhathe lover and beloved; giri of the hill Govardhana ; baragreat; dharthe holder; jaoda Mother Yaoda; nandanathe beloved son; braja-jana of the inhabitants of Braja; rajanathe delighter; jamuna of the River Yamuna; tra along the banks; car He who wanders.

Ksa is the lover of Radha.

He displays many amorous pastimes in the 39 groves of Vndavana. He is the lover and of the cowherd maidens of Vraja, the holder of the great hill named Govardhana, the beloved son of Mother Yaoda, the delighter of the inhabitants of Vraja, and He wanders in the forests along the banks of the River Yamuna. In Allahabad and Gorakhpur rla Prabhupada fell into a trance after singing the first two lines, and after some time he came back into external consciousness and said, Now just chant Hare Ka.

Everything is therer mat Radha-ra, Vndavana, Govardhana, Yaoda, and all the cowherd boys. Invocation o namo bhagavate vasudevaya oO my Lord; namaI offer my respectful obeisances; bhagavateunto 40 the Supreme Personality of Godhead; vasudevayaunto Vasudeva, Ka, the son of Vasudeva. This mantra is the invocation at the beginnings of the First and Second Cantos of rmad-Bhaga-vatam.

Dhruva Maharaja was initiated into the chanting of this mantra by Narada Muni. See rmad-Bhagavatam 4. Gaura-arati 1 jaya jaya goracander aratiko obha jahnav-taa-vane jaga-manalobha gaurager aratiko obha, jaga-jana-manalobha 41 2 dakhie nitaicand, bame gadadhara nikae adwaita, rnivasa chatra-dhara 3 bosiyache goracand ratnasihasane arati koren brahma-adi deva-gane 4 narahari-adi kori camara hulaya sajaya-mukunda-basu-ghoaadi gaya 5 akha baje ghaa baje baje karatala madhura mdaga baje parama rasala akha baje ghaa baje, madhur madhur madhur baje 6 bahu-koi candra jini vadana ujjwala 42 gala-dee bana-mala kore jhalamala 7 iva-uka-narada preme gadagada bhakativinoda dekhe gorara sampada 1 jaya jayaall glories, all glories; goracanderof the moonlike Lord Caitanya; aratikothe arati ceremony; obhabeautiful; jahnav of the Ganges; taa on the bank; vanein a grove; jaga of all the living entities in the universe; manathe minds; lobha attracting; jaga-janathe people of the universe.

This Gaura-arati is taking place in a grove on the bank of the Jahnav Ganges and is attracting the minds of all living entities in the universe. Nearby stands r Advaita, and rvasa hakura is holding an umbrella over Lord Caitanyas head.

This krtana music is supremely sweet and relishable to hear. Thus Bhaktivinoda hakura envisions the glory of Lord r Caitanya. Please note: The items whose numbers are in brackets Nos. Many of the words and phrases in the successive prema-dhvani prayers are repeated. Therefore in order to save space they will not be unneccesarily repeated in the following list of word meanings. Abhaya 50 fearless; c. Caraa-aravindalotus feet of the Lord ; bhakti-veda-antaone who has attained the ultimate knowledge through devotional service; svammaster; maharajaone who has control over his senses just as a king maharaja has control over his kingdom; prabhupadaone who has taken the position pada of the Lord prabhu ; k jayaall glories to.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who travels everywhere, preaching the glories of Hari, and who is situated on the highest platform of sannyasa.

The elaberations and expositions on the philosophy taught by Lord Caitanya are, in fact the most voluminous, exacting, and consistent, due to the system of disciplic succession. Although Lord Caitanya was widely renowned as a scholar in His youth, He left only eight verses, called ikaaka. These eight verses clearly reveal His mission and precepts.

These verses are described more elaborately in 56 r Caitanya-caritamta, Chapter That chanting is the waxing moon that spreads the white lotus of good fortune for all living entities. It is the life and soul of all education.

The chanting of the holy name of Ka expands the blissful ocean of transcendental life. It gives a cooling effect to everyone and enables one to taste full nectar at every step. You have invested all Your potencies in those names, and there are no hard and fast rules for remembering them. My dear Lord, although You bestow such mercy upon the fallen, conditioned souls by liberally teaching Your holy names, I am so unfortunate that I commit offenses while chanting the holy name, and therefore I do not achieve attachment for chanting.

All I want, life after life, is unmotivated devotional service to You. Now please be causelessly merciful to Me. Consider Me a particle of dust at your lotus feet.

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When will my voice falter and all the hairs on My body stand erect in transcendental happiness as I chant Your holy name? Tears flow from my eyes like torrents of rain, and I can see the entire world as void.

He is a debauchee, after all, and can do whatever He likes, but He is still no other than the worshipable Lord of My heart.

You should eat in a clean, spacious, peaceful place. Do not eat before bathing or until the food from the previous meal has been digested. Before beginning a meal, you should glorify the Lords prasada by chanting the following prayers: maha-prasade govinde nama-brahmai vaiave svalpa-puya-vata rajan vivaso naiva jayate maha-prasadein maha-prasada; govindein r Govinda; namabrahmaiin the holy name; vaiave in the Vaiavas; su-alpa-puyavatam for those with very little pious credit; rajanO king; vivasafaith; 66 nanever; arises.

Mahabharata Prasada-seva by rla Bhaktivinoda hakura 1 bhai-re!

This material body is a network of ignorance, and the senses are ones deadly enemies, for they throw the soul into this ocean of material sense enjoyment. Among those senses the tongue is most voracious and uncontrollable; it is very difficult to conquer the tongue in this world. Lord Ka is very merciful and has given us the remnants of His own food just to control the tongue. Now please accept that nectarean ka-prasada and sing the glories of Their Lordships r r Radha and Ka, and in love call out, Caitanya!

He steals the mind of even Cupid and punishes the Kaliya serpent. Ka is the Lord of Vndavana. He is ever-youthful and is the best of lovers. He is always playing on a flute, and He is an excellent dresser.

Vaishnava Song book

He stole the garments of the young damsels of Vraja who were bathing there. He delights in the mellows of the rasa dance. He is very merciful; the lover and beloved of rmat Radhara; the great dancer of Vndavana; and the shelter and only refuge of hakura Bhaktivinoda.

Savaraa-r-gaura-padapadme Prarthana A prayer to the Lotus Feet of r Gauraga by rla Narottama dasa hakura 1 r-ka-caitanya prabhu doya koro more toma bina ke doyalu jagat-sasare 2 74 patita-pavana-hetu tava avatara mo sama patita prabhu na paibe ara 3 ha ha prabhu nityananda, premananda sukh kpabalokana koro ami boo dukh 4 doya koro sta-pati adwaita gosai tava kpa-bale pai caitanya-nitai 5 ha ha swarp, sanatana, rpa, raghunatha bhaa-juga, r-jva ha prabhu lokanatha 6 doya koro r-acarya prabhu rnivasa ramacandra-saga mage narottama-dasa 75 title savaraaprotective; ri-gaura of r Gauraga; pada-padmeto the lotus feet; prarthanaa prayer.

Narottama dasa hakura prays for the association of his personal friend, r Ramacandra Kaviraja. All glories to r Advaita carya and His consort, Sta hakura.Aspiring for that devoted heart, at an impediment to the service of the Supreme Sri Dasa Goswami's feet this Bhaktivinoda makes Lord. O Yasoda Jivana! Vijnapti after birth. O Lord Your gigantic back as a pivot for churning the Hari, who have assumed the form of Kalki!

Syama in Vrndavana — but only when the mercy 6 Lord Nityananda is greatly merciful.

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