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Title: Minha Julieta vol. 2 - Leisa Rayven. Page number ISSUU Downloader is a free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. Mar 1, Baixar Livro Minha Julieta - Starcrossed Vol 02 - Leisa Rayven em PDF, ePub e Mobi ou ler online. Start by marking “Broken Juliet (Starcrossed, #2)” as Want to Read: For years, Cassie Taylor tried to forget about Ethan Holt. This was the perfect conclusion to the story that began in Bad Romeo, which is one of my top favorites.

Minha Juliet Leisa Rayven Pdf

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The second half of Rayven s contemporary romance duology (after Bad Romeo) begins with its leads More Books by Leisa Rayven. See All. Title: Mr. ROMANCE - LEISA RAYVEN, Author: OliverThay98, Name: Mr. ROMANCE Hoje, ela se dedica a escrever romances: Meu Romeu, Minha Julieta e. PDF Top Books Romance: New Adult Miniweb mas. Coração perverso. Leisa Rayven. New Adult. .. Minha Julieta. Leisa Rayven. New Adult.

Easy Tammara Webber New Adult Bully Penelope Douglas New Adult Rebounding Shanna Clayton New Adult Mayhem Jamie Shaw New Adult My Mr. Fais-moi y croire Karen Ferry New Adult Hunger for You A. Arthur New Adult Boomerang Noelle August New Adult Perfection In Pink S. Summers New Adult Aftershocks Monica Alexander New Adult Hinder Kristin Ping New Adult Tribulation and Truths L.

Sei come ti voglio Myrna Lowell New Adult Clarke New Adult Never Let Me Go J. McAvoy New Adult Hope Over Fear J. DeRouen New Adult Meant To Be C. Welles New Adult Strife Sky Corgan New Adult Lost Barbara Speak New Adult So Much More R. Martin New Adult Dray Tess Oliver New Adult Moving On Kate L.

Mary New Adult Wait for me Taylor Fitzgerald New Adult Cake The Newlyweds J. Bengtsson New Adult Characters Development: I liked Ethan in this one, at least, the Ethan in the present. He was finally grew some balls and man-up. Cassie, well… I understand her reaction, after all, she went through the same story twice, but it came to a point where she was just being annoying. I ended up making my peace with her.

Some heated scenes. Sensible Subjects: View all 28 comments. Das war hier allerdings gar nicht so extrem, auch wenn es im Prinzip um die selbe Thematik und Problematik wie in ersten Band geht. Den Schreibstil fand ich nach wie vor klasse. Ich finde die Autorin auch echt mutig. Sei es eine rauchende Protagonistin oder all die kiffenden Studenten. Indem sie von solchen Sachen schreibt hebt sie aber weder als positiv noch als verwerflich hervor, was ich besonders gelungen fand! Broken Juliet is an excellent continuation of Bad Romeo and a perfect conclusion for Ethan and Cassie's love story.

After their devastating relationship mistakes in the past, Cassie makes the greatest decision of a lifetime-- to either accept Ethan back or deny their chance of forever. I just can't get enough of this book!

It's perfect and it's one unforgettable, breathtaking story. The kind where you just can't help but laugh, cry, swoon, and fall in love. This book transformed me into such a complete emotional mess!

Leisa Rayven's writing style is utterly beautiful and intricate. The way she sent her readers back in the characters' past through flashback perfectly worked well with me.

I also love the way she fleshed out Ethan and Cassie's character, making them more likable. And my oh my, the chemistry Ethan and Cassie shared in this book was truly undeniable! This book also made me understand Cassie's heartaches and Ethan's inner turmoil which were the reasons why the story become even more beautiful. In this book, forgiveness and second chances were greatly defined-- things that made their push-and-pull relationship crucial.

I found myself really enjoying this book as a whole, because why not? Broken Juliet is not only an emotionally-driven love story. It's also mixed with humor and sexiness that made it an absolute page-turner! This series is now one of my favorite NAs. It totally deserves all the ratings it gets. I can't wait to read more of this author's books in the future! View all 29 comments. Jan 05, Brandi rated it really liked it Shelves: You two really tested my patience. Back and forth. I felt like I was stuck in the spin cycle.

Everything started to feel little redundant, it was like reading the same thing over and over. But, it did get better. The past and present are blended together in a way to fully tell their story, and for the most part it's done perfectly. Broken Juliet picks up where Bad Romeo left off. Ethan trying to convince Cassie he's 3. Ethan trying to convince Cassie he's changed, and for her to give him a 3rd chance.

For the most part, these two switch roles. Cassie is now the one with trust issues, constantly pushing Ethan away, while he continues to pursue her. It was nice getting more insight into Ethan's motivations, I think I understand him much better. He really tries to prove himself, and honestly, I really enjoyed his character, while Cassie came across a bit whiny, and juvenile. Overall, I enjoyed this one. It's well-paced, the characters are realistic, yet flawed and I loved the theater atmosphere.

View all 38 comments. Dec 24, Jennifer Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: He was my first true friend. My first love. First lover. The master of more pleasure than I knew existed, and the architect of more heartache than I thought I could endure. Now I know I can.

Let me prove I can love you the way you deserve. Everything else is just pretend. View all 50 comments. Feb 06, Beverly rated it it was amazing. It seems the roles have reversed.

Ethan is vulnerable now and willing to do anything to prove he is serious about Cassie. Now Cassie is harder, more suspicious and less trusting. It was absolutely perfect to see the story come full circle and I love, love, love that I truly believe they are healed. While at times my heart broke and I was angry with Cassie or Ethan, I love that we got to see everything.

I love that we get to see them later as adults. To see that they have matured and grown is priceless. I hate that I waited so long to read these books. The are fun, sexy and so damn addictive. I highly recommend them. I listened to the audiobook and the narrator is the same for both Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet. She did a fantastic job! Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos.

May 06, Lucia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Conversely, you can be passionate about things you don't love. It's when the two converge that real magic happens. An avalanche that emotionally destroyed Cassie and left her completely heartbroken. Now 3 years later, Ethan is back, claiming he is finally ready for a commitment.

But even though connection like Cassie and Ethan have doesn't come along more than a once in a life time, "You can love something without being passionate about it. But even though connection like Cassie and Ethan have doesn't come along more than a once in a life time, will Cassie be able to put her heart on the line for the third time? Raven once again offers passionate character-driven story about couple with one of the strongest chemistry ever created on the pages.

Broken Juliet

Sexual tension in this series is so thick that you can taste it. Emotions are so powerful that you can feel being touched and affected by them yourself. This is how memorable contemporary love story is being written.

Such a strong emotion. So easy to call upon. Loud enough to shout down all the pain. It's easy to hate him, so I do. It distracts me from how much I love him. The way author crafted the main protagonists and gave them this touch of realistic people with their strengths and flaws.

I loved Ethan's transition from scared boy with issues to real man Cassie deserved. It was made in very believable way, kudos to author for that. This new version of Ethan is so adorably lovable that you can't help but cheer for him no matter what stupid decision he had made in the past. And Cassie? Her POV makes you feel like she is the most open and honest character ever, baring her soul to all who are willing to read her story. Rayven made it very easy for me to connect with Cassie and fully understand all her decisions and feelings.

Beside great character development and unforgettable romance, this book reproduces amazingly realistic atmosphere of drama school and gives readers detailed insight into all acting connected. And let me tell you, it's one of the most fascinating things I have ever read about and it definitely helps to make this series stand out from other contemporary romances. If you haven't started this series yet, I cannot recommend it enough.

First book Bad Romeo is already out since December and this sequel is being released next week so what are you waiting for? View all 16 comments. Feb 25, Geri Reads rated it liked it.

It's no secret that I had been less than impressed with Bad Romeo, so I went into this book with a healthy dose of skepticism. Broken Juliet starts off where Bad Romeo left off with Cassie on a cusp of deciding whether to give Ethan another chance or not. This was the third time that she was going to be giving Ethan, so I understood why she was hesitant.

Although, it's quite clear that she was still very much in love with Ethan, she also doesn't trust him. Like Bad Romeo, we get 3. In Bad Romeo, we find out that Ethan left Cassie twice but we never got to find out why. In this book we did and it was just Ethan feeling he's not good enough for Cassie believing that he's too damage to be able to love her. They first time they broke up, Cassie was devastated but after a year, they started being sort of friends and started flirting until they gave in and hooked up with no promises or strings attached.

That one hook up turned into two, three until they were fully hooking up in secret. Since things were never simple when it comes to their relationship, Cassie and Ethan, tried again during their senior year. They were truly happy but then old jealousies resurfaced and suddenly, Ethan pushed Cassie away for one last time. So what did I like? I really liked the present Ethan and Cassie. I see their growth. Ethan for one was different.

I liked that Cassie didn't immediately jump into a reconciliation with Ethan. She made him work for it. Ethan, for his part, had been very patient. He never pushed Cassie to forgive him.

I also liked the transition between past and present this time around. In the previous book, the transition was a bit jarring. This time, it flowed smoothly. Plus, Liesa Rayven's writing really shined through. The dialogue was excellent and Cassie's growth as a character was evident in the way he handled Ethan and view spoiler [ and her parent's divorce, which broke my heart by the way. That part was hot as it was entertaining. Ethan was actually less annoying and less emo and it made a huge difference to me as a reader because I found myself smiling and rooting for them.

But of course, someone had to ruin it. Seriously, this dude was whacked. I get that he is "troubled" whatever that means but I never sympathized with him. His issues were, I felt, shallow. Sure, he felt unloved but his reaction and the way he handled his pain was just annoying and cowardly. His issues weren't totally discussed in the book either or maybe it was discussed but I never considered it as justification for the way he acted towards Cassie and other people.

He was broody and moody and not in an attractive way at all. Second, the diary thing. It appeared again but this time, it was Ethan's diary and not Cassie's.

It's not bad but I just found it cheesy sometimes. I could have done away with it and I would still be okay with the story.

But I guess it served to inform the readers about Ethan's feelings for Cassie. Overall, I enjoyed this one despite some of the issues I had.

I actually loved the ending and how everything got wrapped up together at the end. It wasn't tied up in a pretty bow sort of ending but it fits Cassie and Ethan.

Would I recommend this one? Definitely, yes. I felt that story wise, Broken Juliet offered a lot more than Bad Romeo. I am looking forward to Ethan's sister story which is going to the third book in the series.

ARC provided by St. Martin's Griffin. View all 43 comments. Mar 07, Rachel Reads Ravenously rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the follow up book to Bad Romeo. Continuing where the first book left off, we get to see the end of Cassie and Ethan's relationship in the past and the continuation of it in the present.

Ethan has sorted through all of his past issues and is hoping Cassie will confront her current ones. I loved that we finally got to see the big reason behind the past breakup and it was easier to understand why Cassie has so many reservations about getting involved with Ethan again. He basically crushed her heart twice and is coming back and asking for third times a charm.

The only thing I would have liked more in this aspect of the book would be more information of her life after the breakup. It's pretty much awful breakup and then present, so her development into her current self would have been interesting.

I don't mind more chapters! He regretted his past, and changed into a better man for Cassie. It was amazing to see his development from tortured soul into a good man. I loved how Ethan fought for Cassie, he stuck to his guns and was going to prove no matter what that he was going to stay this time.

Students Selected to Grade 11 2017

That he wanted to make Cassie happy and spend his life with her. I will say this was so freaking angsty even I had to take a break and put this book down a few times.

And I eat up angst like I'm the freakin cookie monster and angst is the best batch of chocolate chip. So pop your valium before cracking this one!! View all 31 comments. Sep 29, XxTainaxX rated it really liked it.

I was right there with Cassie in taking my time to believe Ethan had changed. Their experiences in the past really shaped who she became. Some of it positive, some of it not.

I liked Cassie even when she was not at her best. Ethan does eventually win me over and let me tell you the change in him is staggering.

I was impressed by his patience and at that point he really needed it with Cassie: T I was right there with Cassie in taking my time to believe Ethan had changed. Though the back and forth in timeline was still not my favorite, it got easier to see the line jump because what was happening then and now was significantly different.

Whereas in the first book, they were doing plays at both timelines. The angst continues to be high here though the source seems to have transferred to Cassie now instead of Ethan. After working through everything, they get their happy. I'm really glad I picked up this series, even if I struggled at first I pretty much devoured the second. I think the main point was that they both needed to be in a better place as individuals before being able to come together in love.

One of the two is with others while apart. No rape or abuse. View all 6 comments. Bad Romeo was a 5 star read for me. I loved the dynamic of Ethan and Cassie and was happy to read a second book about this couple.

Unfortunately the conclusion of their story did not reach the same level of enjoyment for me and I feel that, for my reading tastes, Bad Romeo with the addition of an epilogue would have worked better as a standalone.

The story is once again told in the first person narrative from the sole perspective of the heroine and toggles back and forth between the past and pre Bad Romeo was a 5 star read for me. The story is once again told in the first person narrative from the sole perspective of the heroine and toggles back and forth between the past and present throughout the entire story.

Brutally speaking, I found the past to be overly repetitive in sentiment and I dearly wanted to experience development in the present day. I found that dwelling so much on the past and the over-telling of certain elements took me away from the story aspect that was of interest to me and made the sentiment of the story feel somewhat labored and juvenile.

View all 14 comments. Feb 21, Ramona rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is the second installment of the series in which I had mixed feeling.. As cliche as this might sound, love can forgive all, and conquer all.

Bad Romeo ended in cliffhanger, and we got a glimpse of a broken Cassie, left after finally fulfilling her wish of becoming Ethan's lover. As I said before, I consider Ethan one of the most complex and complicated hero that I've read a This is the second installment of the series in which I had mixed feeling.. As I said before, I consider Ethan one of the most complex and complicated hero that I've read about, but it was a pleasure discovering him and find out what made him click.

He owed us this, trying to understand exactly had happened with him and why is he so tormented, leaving only pain behind him. Broken Juliet brought us, as the title mentioned, a broken heroine and a redeemed hero who will do the impossible to get her back. I was not prepare to see Cassie this way, her talent was not gone, but her spark was. She was to me like a soulless person, living but without any hope of loving again. She lived, but didn't feel. That thing was taken away from her when Ethan left her without any word.

She looked for consolation in her work and in casual flings, but nothing compared to the love she had for him. Living in denial was not a good thing for her, kind of made the pain deeper and stronger. Now, destiny brings them together after all this time, making them work together in a Broadway play.

I was confused.. I wanted Cassie to never let Ethan into her life anymore, to just erase him from her thoughts and just forget him.. I understood her completely, because another experience that ended up in heartbreak will end up tragic for her. She was hanging by a thread, without knowing if to take the leap or nop. But, I am such a hopeless romantic and I wanted desperately for them to reconnect and take the second chance that had their name written all over it.

I enjoyed the Then and Now sequences, how the action mingled the past with the present, making the reader have a more detailed opinion about the story.

You know what saved Ethan in my eyes?? His determination and honesty. I truly believed he was sorry and the was he was so persistent and did anything in his power to bring Cassie back was admirable.

By the end of the book I just wanted her to let her guard down and star over with Ethan. Leisa delivered some pretty believable characters, with genuine feeling and raw emotion. It is a drama, in all of this word's power, because you could connect with the characters and understand why they did certain things.

It went full circle for me, and I managed to find exactly what I was looking for.. I'm really happy this couple got the closure is deserved, because after all this pain, my heart would of break not seeing all the pieces being put together so well. Leisa, your book deserves 5 stars: View all 20 comments.

Fans of the series. Well,just as most of you would have guessed Book 2 picks off right where Book one ends. In Bad Romeo We meet the characters,they recite their stories and we as readers get involved in the plot line while trying to unravel their pas 3. We meet the characters,they recite their stories and we as readers get involved in the plot line while trying to unravel their past before the end. What turned their love into pain? What broke their hearts and made them vain?

We get a glimpse at that book one And in book 2. My Thoughts: Bad Romeo was beautiful I ended up rating it a five star. Broken Juliet was the same You get to see a more broke side of Cassandra in this one compared to the strong willed and innocent character she potreys in Book One. Their love turned them into opposites Ethan trusts their love.. Would I recommend it?

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Mr. Romance

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So what if your girlfriend cheated on you? Because our future self will thank us for it, and we can have new, positive experiences like travel and happiness in the little things. That was a huge step!!! I think there's something about the struggle that they have to overcome in order to be with their loves that makes me feel for them even more than usual. The Gentlemen's Club, vol.

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