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The Great British Sewing Bee - Pattern Downloads. The Great British Sewing Bee is the official tie-in to the first series of this popular primetime BBC TWO show. pixia-club.info: The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe: The book will also include 5 full-sized pattern sheets with dress sizes ranging from. Buy The Great British Sewing Bee: Sew Your Own Wardrobe 01 by Tessa INCLUDES FIVE FULL SIZE PATTERN SHEETS FOR EVERY PROJECT IN THE .

Great British Sewing Bee Book Patterns

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The Great British Sewing Bee guide series 5 , find out all about the all the details of each sewing bee episode along with pattern ideas. The final of the Great British Sewing Bee already?! . We spotted the Bees using a Sew Easy ruler, pattern weights, pattern drafting tools. Comedian, writer and TV personality Jenny Éclair is to host the 1,seat Super Theatre at The Great British Sewing Bee Live, the UK's most exciting new.

The Great British Sewing Bee Patterns & Shopping Lists

Here are some of the other projects I liked from the book. Many of the projects come with pattern hacks, for example the Palazzo pants and a culottes hack.

Another great feature of the book is the range of models used for the projects, it is much more inspiring! Here is one of the menswear patterns, following on from one of the biggest trends in sewing this year, making your own activewear.

There are loads of techniques and skills to practice and develop in this book. We really liked the range of models used in the book lets have more of this please and the styling is great throughout. You must be logged in to post a comment. We are a sewing community for makers and designers.

Here we share videos and resources to inspire your next make and all the latest news from the world of sewing. We also support indie pattern designers, showcasing their latest creations and keeping you up to date with new sewing pattern releases. More about us.

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Accept Read More. I STILL haven't gotten round to it, but would love to make a smart, tailored coat in this slate grey with silver fleck wool mix and a 60s style dress coat in this beautiful jacquard fabric in pale blue and gold.

Angela's jacket blog post and the interfacing blog post are full of useful tips and ideas for making coats too see above. Many of the Bees were picked up on their lack of shoulder pads - don't make the same mistake you can find them on our site here. Janet used a Hong Kong seam although Esme said she'd never heard of one or bias bound seam in her coat rather than lining.

Check out our tutorial with five different ways to finish seams including this fancy method here. Another great week and onto the semi finals. The person leaving this week was a bit of a surprise for me, but I won't say any more in case you haven't watched it yet!

One thing I will say though I think I'm a little bit in love with Riccardo, he is the nicest guy.

He took Janet to the Ministry of Sound because she'd never been to a nightclub before. I mean how sweet is that?!

The Great British Sewing Bee Patterns & Shopping Lists

Not sure how I'm going to cope without my weekly injection of his sparkly eyes, gorgeous smile and generally lovely demeanour. Oh dear getting too emotionally involved as the weeks roll by!

Inspired by the importance of waste in the fashion industry this week the Sewing Bee theme was to reduce, reuse and recycle. As always the Sewing Bees sewing skills were put to the test, but the main challenge was their ability to be creative and use their imagination. The Sewing Bees had to make a pussy bow blouse from up to four recycled garments including the placket from a man's shirt.

One of the major challenges the Bees faced was the huge sleeves. Squeezing these bad boys out of another garment was like squeezing yourself into a pair of trousers two sizes too small! I loved the 60s fashion history lesson, which covered the launch of one of my favourite fashion labels - Biba. One of my most loved handmade garments was the Sew Over It pussy bow blouse.

You can see the full blog post here. It truly is a fantastic pattern - quick and easy to sew with no fastenings, a lovely fit, options for a Vneck pussy bow or a high neck pussy bow and some pretty vintage details such as gathers at the cuffs. If this little number isn't quite your style check out these alternatives:.

If you choose to make a pussy bow blouse with buttons you might want to check out our top tips for machine sewn buttonholes here. If you're making it from sheer or delicate fabric our tutorial on how to sew French seams might be useful, find it here.

The Sewing Bees also used bias binding to hem the cuffs. Find our tutorials on how to create your own bias binding the easy way here and five different ways to apply bias binding here. Imagine someone presenting you with all of your sewing scrap fabric from the last four weeks.

Not only did the Sewing Bees have to face this scary reality they also had to turn the scraps into something wearable in the form of a patchwork garment. If you're interested in getting into patchwork you can check out our essential patchwork and quilting toolkit articles here , here and here. Ed has been known to say some of my clothes look like they've been made from a pair of curtains. I know, lovely and encouraging isn't he?!

In this week's made to measure challenge he would be right. The Sewing Bees brought in their unwanted curtains and soft furnishings and were tasked with turning them into a day dress that fit their model perfectly.

Never in all my days have I seen a pair of net curtains look so sexy! We trawled the website to find dresses with similar design features to the Sewing Bees efforts in the made to measure task.

Another interesting week from the Bees with some of the usual strong contenders seeming to struggle somewhat. A tearful farewell for one Bee leaving just five behind for the quarter finals next week.

This week it was all about the technical fabrics and as usual Joe fully embraced the theme. Esme said she wouldn't be seen dead in his 'Lycetra fabric' but it didn't stop him sporting a smiley face on his super sparkly sequin Tshirt.

This week certainly pushed the Sewing Bees to the limit and as always we admired their sheer determination and ability to master brand new techniques under such huge time pressure! The first task was super tricky.

Not only did the Bees have to sew multiple layers of badly behaved lycra and power mesh, they also had to enclose the seams by mastering the complicated jigsaw of pattern pieces. We spotted them using a walking foot, overlockers and a cover stitch machines in their quest for a professional finish. We stock a wide range of walking feet on our site, you can find them here. Always check the compatibility charts to ensure you have the right foot for your machine.

You can also find our overlocker and coverstitch machine range here. It was lovely to see the camaraderie between the Sewing Bees, especially Janet, who seemed to help everyone else and nail the task herself with my favourite swimsuit of the bunch. Here are our top one piece swimsuit sewing pattern picks many of which also include bikini and cover up patterns too:. You can find all of our swimwear patterns including bikinis and cover ups here.

You can also find swimwear bra cups , bikini bra cups , clear elastic , bra hooks and sliders and bra underwires. The rouleau straps proved a challenge for some of the Bees and we thought our video on 'sewing straps on an overlocker' might have helped them. You can find a video demonstrating this technique in our article here. Whether dog lovers or not this was certainly a different challenge for the Bees.

According to Joe if you've never made a dog coat from a tent you haven't lived! My very good friend and co-host of the Stitchroom Sewcial, Anne Acosta, recently made her gorgeous pooch a coat by refashioning some old orange overalls. Perhaps the producers should tap her up for some more ideas!

If you have a four legged friend you want to treat you can find our full range of pet sewing patterns here. Esme and Patrick stipulated the luxury tracksuit must have a stripe and be made from synthetic fabric. Ideally it should feature interesting pockets, zips and design details, but needed to look perfectly casual. Joe confirmed no-one was enjoying this task and attempted to stage a walk out, but the Bees were determined to see it through!

The Sewing Bees used scuba, mesh and microfibre to make their luxury tracksuits. We have a great range of scuba fabrics in our patterned jersey fabrics just check the description for fabric type.

You can also check out our blog post 'Five Reasons to try Sewing with Scuba' here. We also think our sumptuous John Kaldor velvet would be perfect for a luxury tracksuit find it here. In fact I saw an excellent pair of joggers made from one of our patterns and our velvet on Instagram a while ago and wanted them for myself. I'm not even a tracksuit person. Another great week and a very inspiring one too.

It was lovely to hear how sewing has positively impacted the life of one the Bees so significantly. Even Esme seemed to have a tear in her eye. Apparently Joe's parents didn't get it on early enough for him to see the seventies, but many of the Bees could remember it well. Another great week of super sewing, impressive garments and some great music too IMHO.

Read on for our round up of patterns and fabrics plus step by step tutorials to help you nail the sewing techniques tackled this week. I lived in flares in my teenage years yet can't remember owning a single pair in adulthood. After watching this episode of the Sewing Bee I'm feeling the need for flares again. Not sure I could make a pair in three and a half hours though! The seventies is definitely my favourite fashion era and I'm loving the history element of the show.

Who knew the flares trend was started by market sellers who bought up a load of old navy trousers and dyed them flambuoyant colours?! The Bees did an excellent job: You can find our denim fabrics here , including some 70s tastic gold denim similar to Ben's fabric. We also have two lovely needlecord fabrics here and here.

The Sewing Bee's had to tackle a fly front zip and flat felled seams for this task and you can find detailed tutorials on these techniques here and here.

The absolute highlight of the transformation task was Patrick's pogoing! Who knew he had such a wild side?! The Bees were given a pair of trousers a Tshirt and up to three tartan garments to transform into something spectacular. If you fancy chanelling your inner punk and 'smashing the system' check out our tartan fabric range here.

The made to measure challenge took us from masculine flared jeans and edgy punk outfits to glamourous and feminine maxi dresses. AKA my dream garment. We also spotted some fabrics and loved Ricardo's choice this John Kaldor peaseblossom fabric. We thought this pretty John Kaldor Juliet fabric was very similar to Leah's choice. The Sewing Bee's used clear elastic to gather a neckline and Jen pumped up the volume with some shoulder pads , although the judges didn't seem too happy about this!

Working with those slippery and sheer fabrics was a big part of the challenge for the Sewing Bees this week. You can find a detailed tutorial on how to handle those tricky little critters here. Another week and as always not only am I loving the sewing, but I'm starting to really love the Bees too. Ben gave us all food for thought with his comment: The Great British Sewing Bee kids week started with Joe dressed as a giant furry bee and ended with him sharing his spin off series idea of Patrick and Esme wrestling in the car park!

He is certainly throwing himself into the role: Joe reckoned it would be ideal for when he hangs out at the shopping centre with the rough boys! You can check out our stretch fabrics here and here. You can also find our gorgeous range of John Kaldor cotton jerseys here. As always we have loads of helpful articles to help you perfect the sewing skills the contestants tackled in the episode:.

Get right back to basics with our 'Sewing with Knit and Jersey Fabrics' article here. We have articles to take you from complete beginner status right through to advanced techniques on your overlocker too.

If you're finally ready to take the plunge and treat yourself to an overlocker or coverstitch machine you can find our extensive range here. You can find our overlocker threads and flosses here and rotary cutters and cutting mats here.

For the second task the Sewing Bee contestants had to refashion a fake fur coat into a children's costume. Cue Joe dressing up in more fur. You can find our full range of kid's costume sewing patterns here. We also spotted the Sewing Bees' clever use of pipe cleaners on a few of the outfits and you can find those here , plus felt , fake fur and leatherette and the boning that helped Ben's costume to stand out.

Even Patrick felt inspired to dress up in Riccardo's spikey hat. And, yes, he even managed to look thoroughly suave and dashing sporting a children's fancy dress hat.

Many of the outfits were based around a leotard pattern so here are our top picks for children's leotards sewing patterns:. The children were fantastic as always and it was lovely to see the contestants working with them so beautifully. My heart completely melted when Alexei was caught on camera thanking his model for being a pleasure to work with.

After two weeks we can see some strong contenders coming through. It's probably too early to say, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say Jen seems to have a special Sewing Bee sparkle. It's finally here and we relished every minute of the the Great British Sewing Bee episode one last night. As usual the contestants were lovely, the drama was high and there were a good few giggles - baggy bottoms or hungry bums anyone?! Here we give you a round up of the sewing patterns, gadgets, sewing machines and even tutorials for the techniques used in each episode.

Well I was certainly blown away by the dresses created by the Sewing Bees for the first task. First designed by Dior in the s a wiggle dress should fit like a glove. And they had to make it in cotton - yikes! The key techniques for the contestants to master were the multiple darts and an invisible zip.

You can find a super clever way of inserting an invisible zip in our tutorial here. I've also picked out some wiggle worthy dress sewing patterns. You could always alter the neckline and taper the hem to up the wiggle factor:. I noticed the sleeves on the wiggle dress sewing pattern in the show were very similar to the Pendrell blouse by Sewaholic. You can see my version and the sleeves in more detail here in case you want to use them for your dress.

If you fancy a similar challenge as the Sewing Bees our John Kaldor Ohio would make a great wiggle dress. Alternatively you could try something like our lovely John Kaldor Prestige crepe or Marmaris cotton sateen just check the pattern details for suitable fabrics.

Refashioning requires such a different skill set to following a pattern. Not only do you have to sew well, but you need the imagination to see beyond the unloved, crumpled, second hand garment in front of you whilst avoiding the whole Becky from home eccy vibe! After seeing Ricardo's incredible leather jacket sofa refashion we thought he'd be top of the pops for this task, but it was another Sewing Bee buzzing their way to the top this time.

My personal favourite was Sheila's gorgeous balloon sleeved top. You can see she has a keen eye for fashion and design with some great shapes and thoughtful details weaved into her garment. However, the judges chose a clever halter-neck design as the winner of this round. If the Sewing Bees have inspired you to get sewing with denim you can find all of our denim fabrics here.

We have some great new additions including the gorgeous gold denim Mercedes chose for her jumpsuit later in the show and some super shimmery denim.

Don't forget your jeans needles and top stitching thread to achieve winning results with your denim. The final challenge for the Sewing Bees in episode one was to make a cotton jumpsuit for a real life model. There was a LOT of crotch talk! More importantly - how hot was Esme in her leopard print jumpsuit draped over a motorbike in her youth?! I also loved Leah's peacock entry with the gorgeous neckline. We saw great design tips from Sewing Bee Janet who created a nautical themed jumpsuit.

She cut the yoke and pockets on the cross grain so the print was at 90 degree angles to the rest of the garment. It looked fab and the judges loved it. Janet also created a lovely macrame belt and added piping at the yoke and pocket seams.

You can find our in depth tutorial on how to sew perfect piping for truly professional results here. We saw 80s jumpsuits, cropped jumpsuits, asymmetric jumpsuits to name but a few. You can find all our jumpsuit patterns here. Ricardo even drafted his own sexy little number.

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If you want to step up your game and have a go at drafting your own designs check out our fantastic range of drafting tools and books here. Did anyone else notice it was a bit of a giveaway who was going to win this task when the sexy music started?! Was it just me or did they save the sensual tunes until the winning garments sauntered their way down the makeshift catwalk?!

We also spotted the Sewing Bee sewing machine of choice for series 5 - the Janome S. As luck would have it we've made a comprehensive review video of this fantastic machine, which you can watch here:. We noticed the Sewing Bees making good use of my favourite Janome scissors and our brilliant new Prym tailors hams , which alongside the matching sleeve roll are a firm favourite in our office too.

We couldn't finish this week's round up without mentioning Joe Lycett. You had big shoes to fill Joe and we do miss Winklewonkle, but you were great! Your technicolour dreamcoat, cheeky gags and genuine interest in the contestants were lovely additions to the Sewing Bee sparkle we all know and love. Don't forget we'll be updating this post every week with the goodies we spot. Why not bookmark this page and create a quick reference Sewing Bee guide just for you?! If you plan on adding some pintucks a pintuck foot such as this Janome pintuck foot will come in super handy.

As explained by Charlotte it has grooves on the underside to guide your fabric along as you create the pintucks. For our full range of sewing machine feet for all the brands we stock click here. A sewing gauge is also an incredibly useful tool to have in your sewing arsenal - perfect for measuring hemlines, spacing out buttonholes, pintucks and so much more. We have a whole range of sewing measuring tools right here for you to choose from. We have thousands of gorgeous dress patterns to choose from at Sew Essential and to help you search through them quickly and easily we've added filters.

If you're up for making a little black dress the 'evening' filter will probably come in useful. Quicker and easier searching and shopping means more time for sewing and that can only be a good thing - right? We also have a wide range of beautifully exquisite and high quality black dressmaking fabrics to choose from, perfect for that special occasion.

Check out our black tocca lace , black velvet , black taffeta , black crepe , satin , faux silk dupion and crepe backed satin. We promise, you won't be disappointed. We also have a good range of sequin trims for a bit of sparkle.

The contestants wowed us with their final pieces yet again and what could be more fitting for the grand finale than a glamorous floor length gown? If you're looking for inspiration check out our blog post on making your own prom dress where we selected some of our favourite and most glamorous patterns and suggested which fabrics to pair them with.

If there's nothing there that takes your fancy you'll be sure to find something special in our extensive sewing pattern range plus the perfect fabric to make it with in our dressmaking fabric stash.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the ride this year, we had a great time. Until the next time - let's keep it reel! For more tips and tricks on how to make sewing easy you can follow our blog via Bloglovin and receive updates via email each time a new post is added. Follow us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for news, tutorials, special offers, sales and more.

The first challenge was for the ladies to get their heads around the pattern itself. The next challenge: If you fancy having a go at an asymmetric skirt check out Vogue and New Look for two stylish options plus our range of dressmaking fabrics to rustle them up in. Using every last scrap of fabric was the tricky part here and we were so impressed with the garments the ladies produced.

I recently read a blog post where Gabby Young sewing blogger made a Christine Haynes emery dress from a Snow White duvet so maybe this challenge doesn't have to be exclusive to the show This was certainly a big test for the Sewing Bees requiring creative flair for the design process and technical ability for drafting and sewing the garment. I simply fell in love with Jade's dress and desperately want one for myself.

This Burda pattern is a very similar style if you wanted to recreate the look and I think it would look fabulous in our Sevenberry cotton linen feel fabric with a striking geometric print in everyone's favourite navy blue. Best add it to my ever growing future sewing plans list, well done Jade! If you too loved the yellow vibe of Jade's dress check out our Cassandra fabric in lemon with a black print. We also have a similar design fabric to the one Charlotte used for her beautiful cowl neck dress - look no further than our delightful Ohio coral fabric.

For a similar colour way to the dress Joyce created we have this lovely Rosaline fabric.

You can also read a fantastic guest blog post from former Sewing Bee contestant Neela Mistry-Bradshaw on how to pattern draft using one of our basic block patterns. And then there were three - how did we reach the final so quickly? The competition is really serious now and we know who is through to the semi final, but who will be the winner? If you fancy joining the Bees in their sportswear challenge this week we have a number of stylish sportswear sewing patterns for you to choose from and some top tips from our very own Angela for sewing with those tricky fabrics.

First up the gorgeous range of sporty numbers from Sewaholic - the Dunbar top , the Pacific leggings and the Fraser sweatshirt. All of these patterns were designed to flatter a pear shaped figure, but could be worn and would make you look super stylish when exercising whatever your body shape.

We also have some lovely designs from McCalls including this sportswear sewing pattern which provides you with several garments to choose from including a sports bra, tops, trousers and even a casual, sporty skirt plus the very sportswear pattern Joyce used to make her yoga outfit.

Top tips for working with tricky sporty fabrics such as lycra from our founding partner and sewer for over 60 years Angela are to use an overlocker if possible and use wooly nylon in the upper and lower loopers. Never use cotton thread and choose polyester thread instead plus remember to use those all important stretch needles designed with these fabric types in mind they will make your life so much easier!

Overlockers and coverstitch machines featured heavily in the programme and they are a fantastic investment for anyone who wants to work with stretch fabrics such as jersey and knit, oh, and lycra! We have an extensive range of both types of machine from a variety of brands and we can offer you expert advice on how to use them.

If you think you might be interested in treating yourself to one of these amazing machines, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help. At the risk of sounding like a broken record it was another great week from the Sewing Bee this week. Not only did we love the challenges set for the Bees we absolutely loved the music, make up and giggles about the fun that was had by some of the older Bees back in the crazy 60s. If you fancy taking up the challenge we have a limited edition Vogue sewing pattern hack that allows you to recreate the original in a few simple steps.

View our full blog post to discover the perfect fabrics and a few expert tips from our very own Angela then take the plunge into the 60s Sewing Bee stylee! Joyce wowed us with her 60s sewing skills and her succinct summary of what the sixties were like, in your very own words Joyce: Use the right sewing machine foot such as this ultra glide Janome foot or this Husqvarna teflon one , great for working with sticky fabrics.

Also make sure you use a larger stitch than normal and a denim or leather sewing machine needle.

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It always makes us hold our breath when Patrick inspects the tailoring task, can you imagine the pressure?! The ladies did really well and produced some lovely garments and we especially loved Jade's little beauty. Tracey used this Simplicity pattern to recreate one of her Mother's own makes from back in the 60s and there wasn't a dry eye in the house when she said 'she would have been proud.

If you fancy a bit of tailoring it's definitely worth reading an in depth blog post where our very own Angela talks you through the tips and techniques she used to create a chic Chanel style jacket.

Not only does she talk you through structuring tricks and tips such as chest and shoulder pieces she also recommends speed tailoring products to give you the ultimate professional finish. Well what a week folks, I feel emotionally drained after all that drama and can't believe how attached I'm becoming to all of the contestants once again. There were some real roller coaster moments this week with Sewing Bees performing at their best and worst all in the same episode and with such a gripping competition it is no wonder the viewing figures are so good again this year.

I have to say it is lovely to see our local gal Tracey coming into her own now too - we love a bit of sewing in sunny Derbyshire you know! As always we've picked out patterns and fabrics inspired by the makes on the show plus some of the tools and gadgets we spotted the Bees using to make them.

If you want to see any of the items from previous episodes just scroll down the page, they're all there just for you. The construction of this top was the real challenge and so many bees made mistakes by not following the pattern to the letter.

If you fancy giving it a go why not try this New Look pattern and, although we don't have brocade in our stash, one of our gorgeous satin fabrics would work well. We also have the frog closures you'll need for an authentic look and a wide range of invisible zips to choose from. We spotted the Bees using rotary cutters for precision cutting, fabric weights and pins for extra stability when cutting and walking feet great for using with slippery fabrics.

Remember stay stitching the neckline is crucial to prevent stretching the fabric out of shape. Oh and it helps to undo the zip to get the top on as Charlotte reminded us and, as always, made us giggle.

Our favourite task when we get to see the true creativity of the Bees and we certainly weren't disappointed this week. Some truly beautiful garments were made.The bodice is fitted with a high waist and the pleated skirt with large pockets gives a flattering shape empire line. All the pattern pieces were accurate and notches matched. The pattern pieces are also available as a pdf download by clicking on the links below.

I lined the bodice and used an invisible zip in the side seam. The sizing chart has been updated and patterns included are in size range It has wide shoulder straps, which are ideal to cover bra straps and on trend wide cropped trousers.

Where images are not our own they remain the copyright of the author.

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