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CS Lecture Handouts Virtual University of Pakistan. This course deals with a very important aspect of software engineering: quality assurance. Well learn different aspects of software quality assurance in this course. Software Quality Assurance (CS). Handouts (pdf) / Powerpoint Slides (PPTs). Handouts / Power Point Slides. Power Point Slides (). Course Codes. Course Synopsis. This is a graduate level course. The course will introduce the basics of software quality assurance. It will discuss the issues, processes, and.

Cs706 Handouts Pdf

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View Notes - pixia-club.info from CS at Virtual University of Pakistan. CS - Software Quality Assurance Published by: Ahmed . Download All VU Subjects Complete Handouts in PDF Files. A+ A-. Print Email. Download All Your subjects handouts And Short Notes. Final term CS CSLecture-Handouts pdf, MB. Permalink Reply by + Someone plzz share todays paper of cs Permalink.

Explain data and reports regarding the inspection and also describe defects in data and reports regarding inspection.

CS706 Lecture Handouts (pdf format)

What are kinds of review? What are different roles of review?

What is software quality, describe the key factor which are considered in the definition? Guideline for good design?

CS711 Mid Term Marked Handouts with passed papers 169 page

Why software inspection are cheaper then software Testing compared the difference? Write defect removal of 5 fundamental for software Design? What are different defect elimination strategies? Preparation activity of inspection main role ETVX with preparation? Write a note on follow-up step of inspection? Write its roles and responsibilities also note on ETVX?

Write the inspection planning with ETVX model? Use of ETVX in model inspection?

What is rework process write roles and responsibility who conduct this process write ETVX model for this? What are requirement? Write their types in detail?

What are the Impact of wrong Requirements? Explain quality laggards, Write its characteristics? Define coupling and describe types of coupling?

Explain data and reports regarding the inspection and also describe defects in data and reports regarding inspection. CS Introduction to Programming. CS Data Structures.

CS Digital Logic Design. CS Object Oriented Programming. CS Database Modeling and Design.

Handouts / Power Point Slides

CS Theory of Automata. CS Database Management Systems. CS Human Computer Interaction. CS Visual Programming.

CS Advanced Computer Architecture. CS Fundamentals of Algorithms. CS Software Engineering — I. CS Information Systems. CS Modern Programming Languages.

CS Data Communication. CS Computer Graphics.When you create a database and tune it for performance, you should create indexes for the columns used in queries to find data.

Do not assume a default behavior for multi-way branches Do not alter the value of an iteration variable within a loop Use recursion, when applicable. Some of the reasons for having high quality software have been discussed in the first lecture of this course, and so it should be well understood now why software products and services should have high quality There are negative consequences for poor or bad quality software But still we see that the software industry still suffers from problems related to software quality Now well look at six root causes of poor software quality, and discuss them in detail.

There can be multiple different indexes per file.

CS Wireless Networks. Estimating the number of test cases and test runs for all testing stages Estimating maintenance costs for up to 20 years for fixing bugs also for additions Estimating special kinds of defect reports including duplicates and invalid reports which trigger investigative costs but no repair costs Quality Process Metrics Defect arrival rate, Test effectiveness, Defects by phase, Defect removal effectiveness, Defect backlog, Backlog management index, Fix response time, Percent delinquent fixes, Defective fixes Defect density, Defects by severity, Mean time between failures, Customer-reported problems, Customer satisfaction Function Point Metric It was developed at IBM and reported to public in It is a way of determining the size of a software application by enumerating and adjusting five visible aspects that are of significance to both users and developers Inputs that enter the application i.

This preview shows page 1 - 2 out of 4 pages. The system shall not disclose any personal information about members of the library system to other members except system administrators The system shall comply with the local and national laws regarding the use of software tools.

Define ETVX model in detail? Marketing or sales organization of the software company, User associations Software magazines, Direct competitors, User groups on the internet, etc.

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