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Sword Art Online Progressive - Volume 02 [Yen Press][Mamue].pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 2 (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ , Sōdo Āto Onrain Puroguresshibu ?) is the second. Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 PDF Download.

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Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. 2 - manga (Sword Art Online Progressive Manga) Reki Kawahara ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub | DOC |. The above will show up as: LN (Volume) Spoiler. Not tagging June 18, SAO Progressive 6 English release. October [–]DarkXcalibur[S] 0 points1 point2 points 10 months ago (7 children). I must be blind, (4 children). It's not separate links There's a website It has all pdf of the light novel. Sword Art Online: Progressive (ソードアート・オンライン プログレッシブ) is a spin-off Download: Vol 1 pixia-club.info · pixia-club.info Vol 2 & 3 1 to 4 ( yenpress) pdf+epub pixia-club.info?page=view&tid=

Even so… After about five seconds of deliberation, I left the shadows of the intersection and strode toward the still-sitting rapier user. Skinny figure, somewhat slender. The torso was equipped with a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate, while the lower body was dressed in neat leather pants, with boots up to the knees. A hooded cape cloaked the body from head to below the waist, so the face could not be seen. Other than the cape, the equipment seemed to be that of a fencer, but my own appearance as a swordsman was almost the same as well.

So, to keep my skills on point, I wear very little metal armour—just a small chest guard with a dark-grey leather coat over it. The fact that I wasn't a monster should have been revealed by a green-colored cursor in that person's view.

He had his face buried deep behind raised knees, giving a strong 'Just pass by and move on' impression, but—I stopped about two meters from the rapier user and opened my mouth. The hood jerked, moved up about 5cm, and from the darkness within, two pupils sharply shot towards me. The only thing I could discern was light brown irises.

The features of the face couldn't be seen at all. For a few seconds, the rapier user continued to watch me with that same sharp gaze he used in the battle earlier, but eventually his head tilted slightly to the right in an 'I don't get it' kind of gesture. Seeing that, I thought, 'So it's as I thought'. For what looked like solo play to me, there was one huge incongruity. The conciseness of the pre-motion and post-motion, and, most of all, the speed of the thrust that prevented perception of the rapier itself.

Never before have I beheld such a terrifying and beautiful sword skill. So from the beginning, I thought that he must similarly be a beta tester. Before this world became a death game, extensive battle experience must have been accumulated to attain this speed.

The skill was perfect, but the pace of battle was too risky. However in exchange, when the defense fails, the danger is the greatest. At worst, counter damage may be applied and a stun could occur.

In solo battles, a stun is fatal. The imbalance between the perfect sword skill and the risky defense tactics. For some reason I wanted to know the reason why, no matter what. That's why I moved closer and greeted the person, saying that no matter what the circumstances were, it was overkill. However, the opponent didn't seem to understand the well- known net game term.

Meaning, the rapier user in front of me was not an original beta tester. Not only that, he might not even have been an MMO player before coming here. I took a short breath, and explained anew. Its HP gauge had only two or three dots remaining. Instead of finishing it with a sword skill, a light normal attack would have been more than enough.

Pondering that question, I close my mouth. Even after listening to my speech, the fruit of my hard work and poor speaking skills, the rapier user had no reaction for over ten seconds. Just when I thought I hadn't managed to get through, a small voice finally slipped through the lowered hood.

Do we have to get rid of those little ones Do they jingle? I crouched in the shadow of the trees and saw about fourteen small spiders still the size of real tarantulas darting around the entrance.. Highlighted against the side of the moonlit hill was the gaping black mouth of a natural cave. She blanched briefly at the word ghosts.

I continued my march in the direction of the spider nest.. I dunno. She slowed her pace to draw even with Kizmel. I shrugged. But this Great Separation Kizmel spoke of must be something else. I suppose that is not a surprise.

It must have something to do with the creation of Aincrad the floating castle She was a resident of this world. The mysterious phenomenon caused alarm and chaos at first. Kizmel chuckled from behind us and murmured. When it became clear that every player was going to be disconnected in such a way. Like butterflies or alley cats in town. Many players suffered sudden disconnections and were stuck in limbo for around an hour before they rejoined the game.

Like clitter-clatter? Do they make lots of noise? In the second part. We will need more concrete information to bring to the commander about the spiders. And warriors with two.. But this cave was almost pitch-black. To counteract the darkness. Even worse. I nodded in agreement. Asuna and I carried torches in our off hands.. I normally fought with one hand free.

Part one involved finding an article from one of the dark elf scouts within the nest and bringing it back to the base. This is the public kind. Or is it. We searched each room on the first level of the cave slowly but steadily. Like what?

Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. 5 (light novel)

Asuna raised a belated question.. Once we had nearly finished mapping out the entire floor. Unlike the jumping spiders out in the forest. How many hours have we been on the third floor..

A faint. It must be other pla. How can we hide with the light of the torches all around?

Kizmel smiled again. Her ample bosom. Asuna—it would seem there are other visitors to this nest. Depending on the size of the party. We have reasons to avoid encountering them. She watched and waited for a tense moment.

There are a few different patterns to the quest. I heard another faint clang of metal. Kizmel stopped dead still.. I did as she said and dropped my light into a puddle on the floor.

There were more footsteps. The people coming up from behind us are on that quest.. Oddly enough. Ten seconds later.

Despite not using the Hiding skill. Between this and the antidote ring.

All I could see was blackness. I counted at least two heavily armored fighters.

Item Preview

I was going to continue. I was getting very jealous.! Even more shocking. Kizmel stretched out her cape to cover all three of us. He wore a steel breastplate and held a sword in one hand. His eyes were sharp and his mouth was twisted in displeasure. I had last seen him a whole fifteen hours ago. Not you again! In his hands were a round shield and a rare one-handed ax.

We held our breath for several seconds. It was too dark to make out the color of his tunic and pants. The next man to pass by also had a shield with his sword. It was a crude weapon for the front line. The first player passed by us. All the chests have been ransacked already! He wore thick scale armor with a chain coif that covered his entire head. I hope.. The instant he passed by.. As an avowed opponent of the former beta testers.

My partner looked worried. Kizmel straightened up and returned her cape to its normal position. And we help each other out when fighting big monsters. We heaved sighs of relief as we got to our feet. Were not exactly on friendly terms.

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Three more players followed him past. A few seconds later. Then it must be like the relationship between my Pagoda Knights Brigade and the royal Sandalwood Knights. In the beta. She grinned weakly and said. Asuna chattered in delight. We are not on good terms with them. Your knight brigades are named after trees? Are there any others? I wondered. When the quest concluded. I gave her a sullen affirmative and picked the two torches up off the ground. But based on your accomplishments.

Scribbly book.. According to the map in my Mystic. Was she confused by the menu screen? Or simply pretending not to see it? It has been a long time since I saw that human charm. I brought up my window and checked the map. The one that allows you to record knowledge It is the art of Mystic Scribing We needed to head for the room away from the direction Kibaou was moving.

The mobs down below would be tougher.. I wondered why. One was probably the room with the stairs down. I sheathed my sword and approached to find a silver decoration carved in the shape of a leaf. But I was in no mood for that this time. Asuna tried to hold back a belly laugh at my pathetic answer.. We easily cleared out the spiders in one of the two remaining rooms. The owner cannot be alive anymore. I offered her the brooch. It must have belonged to a scout who was investigating the cave.

It occurred to me that from the moment we rescued Kizmel in the forest half a day before. I trained my ears for the sound of many legs. We ought to return for our report. The design and coloring were exactly the same.

Mobs respawned at a much higher rate in dungeons. It is the insignia of the Pagoda Knights. At the base was a gleaming white gem like an opal. I turned to my two companions to confer. I wailed internally. Back to the entrance!

Then the screech of a very large monster.. But the likelihood of all these things happening was low. In a worst-case scenario. The nimble fishing spiders would have repopped at the entrance by now. The irritation in his voice from earlier had been amplified into panic. Now it was up to me to decide how to respond to this unexpected turn of events. There was no way to know how they—particularly Kibaou—would react when the battle was over and they noticed Kizmel. That thought process took me two seconds.

Whether we got along with Kibaou or not. There were different thoughts behind the hazel-brown and onyx-black pairs of eyes. They might not attack directly. I will follow. From what I recalled. You can lead the way. If we can get it into that big room over there. Asuna and Kizmel both stared at me.

But that was assuming that all of them were calm and dealt with her special attacks properly. The party would continue running all the way to the entrance.

Within just ten steps. I waited in the thicker darkness. Once the players had passed. We leaned back into another hollow in the wall. The ideal method of fishing mobs was through a taunt skill or throwing knives. I gripped my Anneal Blade and heard the shouts of the group again.

I flattened my back against the wall. Once the party had rushed past. The moment I started my swing. I leaped forward silently. The man in the lead was still casually twirling his ax.

I heard a roar like scraping sticks again. Three seconds left. It was nothing more than a slightly charged normal swing. When running from a dangerous foe. When I looked over my shoulder. I leaped back and raced for Asuna and Kizmel. Anneal Blade raised for a compact swing. My gaze met her many glowing eyes..

With a silent scream. In First there were round. As soon as the first leg twitched forward.

The webbing attack would stick a player in place if stuck to the feet. After ten seconds of running. I stood and watched the two front legs as they rose high in the air.

The eight-legged queen crouched down. We darted inside and the two women spread out around me in the center. I scraped the torch in my left hand on the floor to light it again. As long as nothing had changed from the beta. The shock wave was similar in nature to the one used by the minotaur bosses on the second floor—if you lost your footing.

It charged directly for me without hesitation. These narrow corridors were no place to fight a foe with movement-disabling attacks.

Without the time to tell Asuna and Kizmel about these attacks beforehand. The instant it. I shouted. The beast was hit by light and sound in triplicate. She was only queen over a simple two-level dungeon.

I shouted a command. At this pace. Once it reached the ceiling and began to fall. In the midst of all the precise judgment and careful observation. But nothing about her actions struck me as out of the ordinary. I cried out. We have to leap out of the way just before she lands. Just before I landed. It was typical to finish up a fight and say.

Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 05

Four twenty AM. I prepared another sword skill. Asuna agreed but looked puzzled. With my back pressed to the wall.

I closed my window and turned to my high-living partners to put a finger to my lips. I heaved a sigh of relief and returned to Asuna and Kizmel. I spent three seconds half-annoyed and half-impressed by the Liberation Squad. If it was after four in the morning. I eagerly stashed the fang in my inventory and checked the clock to find that it was past four thirty. Kizmel and Asuna both turned and nodded to me at the same time. But I soon noticed that something dark was gleaming on the ground nearby.

So we ended up helping them. That kind of irks me. I tapped it just to be sure. If everything went properly. As they say. In the human lands. I see.. I was tempted to ask how this spiritual energy was different from the magic that had been lost from Aincrad. We passed through the thick magical mist created by the Forest- Sinking charm and into the narrow rock passage to the camp.

We rushed through the forest to the camp south of us. I do not wish to intrude upon your report. Forgive my selfishness. My hopes were rewarded when we made it back to the surface without running into Kibaou.. By the time the many rippling flags appeared through the thick fog.

The predawn chill of mid-December in the real world required a sweater and down jacket. Only then could we heave sighs of relief and undo some of the heavy equipment.

What are you going to do next. It seemed that of all the NPCs here. A new quest log scrolled by once I had delivered the item. Asuna simply said. A small system message accompanied the change. But rather than turning on me in anger. With a clanking salute. Call upon me if you should need my services. I glanced over at my partner and. I think.

With a forlorn chime. Kizmel stepped away.. Kizmel left and proceeded back to the right corner of the camp.. We gratefully received our col. I started to wander off in that direction. And no. The night had fully broken by now.. I mean.. What next? We can call upon Kizmel to join us at any time.

I know this sounds weird.. I think we should give her some time to herself. But that eventuality could be months and months away. By contrast. In the five weeks since the game began. We were supposed to have the blacksmith forge me a new sword once we collected the right materials! First was the kind looted from monsters.

I trudged along. A few feet ahead. B-but when I met you in the second-floor city. I have to learn how to figure that stuff out for myself.

I searched for the right answer but could only shake my head. Asuna grinned wryly beneath her deep hood. Our reunion one week ago seemed like ancient history now. When she spoke next.. I barely stopped myself in time before colliding with her back. A voice made of 70 percent anger and 30 percent something else hit my ears..

The most important thing is to survive and keep moving forward. The knowledge gained from a book and the knowledge gained from experience are totally different things. Use anything you can. Each and every day will bring you more experience. Good point. I still have my beta knowledge to go on. I glanced back at her and added. I kept my face straight. Some of the strain had left her voice. The first rays of the sun.. Sword Art Online Progressive — Volume 02 Concerto of Black and White — Part 3 She cut me off with a punch to my gut just soft enough not to cause damage and growled threateningly.

NPC blacksmiths were bearded macho guys as a general rule. Now that Nezha of the Legend Braves had converted to a chakram warrior. There were four tents laid out along the path.. I felt a sudden surge of negative energy from beside me. The dark elf blacksmith turned his sharp. I walked past the shops with considerable restraint and stopped in front of the blacksmith.

The only visual identifiers that marked him as a blacksmith were the thick black leather apron and elbow-length gloves. Asuna and I stopped before the tent. The tents displayed their rarest wares up front. If there was one problem here. Oh yeah. A moment later. I nodded vigorously. Assuming that the crafter had the requisite skill proficiency necessary to create the item.

She politely asked the elven blacksmith. Asuna hit the visibility button in the corner of the window so I could see. You can do as you see fit. I realized what she meant. There were no guarantees when it came to upgrading.

When dealing with players. I wondered if the elf blacksmith also considered this window a type of magic charm.

Sword Art Online Progressive Volume 06

I let go of the cape. From the battle against the first boss to the trials of the second floor and now here to the third floor. This was an honest. Asuna clutched her hands over her chest as she watched. The blacksmith inspected the rapier. She chose to bypass the menu system and make the request herself.

The fire soon turned the silver blade bright red. The brilliant.. It was a single ingot. When upgrading weapons. With a swooshing sound. She closed the window. A smaller window popped up showing all of the eligible materials she possessed.

There were countless types of metal ingots in Aincrad. Asuna held it there for a few moments. Asuna gave the blacksmith another glance. Once all the required items were fulfilled. It was impossible to fail entirely at weapon creation—meaning that all of the materials disappeared and no sword appeared in return. As I pondered over these momentary thoughts. Superstition or not. He was awfully blunt about doing that.

The sacks burned away. The elven blacksmith might be unfriendly. We just have to trust in the process now. But it was impossible for the finished sword to be weaker than the Wind Fleuret it was based on—I hoped. I believed that even in this world of digital data. The blacksmith tossed the ingot in. The truth was. The player chose a type of weapon..

This essentially ensured that the sword would be better than the Wind Fleuret.

The clear ringing echoed through the morning air of the camp. A starter weapon like a Plain Rapier or a Small Sword would only take five swings. The number of strikes to finish the weapon was directly related to the strength of the finished product.

The strikes continued. I stared closely at the spark-laden ingot. But instead of mentioning these things aloud. Once the number passed twenty. But once the hammer counted twenty-five.

When the ingot was sufficiently heated. My Anneal Blade was a quest reward. I felt the index. I simply brushed my thumb against the back of her hand. The elf paid no mind to our rapt attention. The Wind Fleuret and others of its level required around twenty blows. I felt the tension return. The shining white ingot slowly morphed into a new form: Can I just.

He demanded an apology from the unknown Beta Testers ; however a tall man named Agil approached him and showed that the Beta players should not be fully blamed as they had also helped by distributing knowledge in the game. When the commotion had ended, Diavel finally finished his encouraging speech about everyone working together.

There were soon seven parties with different roles: two heavy-armor tank parties, three high-movement attacker parties, two long-weapon support parties. Whereas the left behind players; Kirito forms a partnership with Asuna and were assigned to rear guarding in the support group E group.

Part 7 After the meeting has disbanded, Asuna visited Kirito's rented room at a farm on the 1st Floor to use his bath. Part 8 Edit While Asuna was bathing, Kirito was visited by Argo, who informed him that the player wishing to buy his sword had raised his offer to 39, Cor.

Kirito paid Argo to learn the identity of the buyer, who was revealed to be Kibaou. While Kirito was wondering if his reputation as a beta player was exposed, Argo went to use the bathroom to change clothing, and before Kirito could stop her, she found Asuna there. Part 9 During the next strategy meeting on December 4, Diavel gave a speech to motivate the Clearers.

Part 10 As the Clearers were walking towards the Labyrinth, Asuna and Kirito had an initially lighthearted conversation, which later developed into a discussion of the uncertain future that awaited them even if they were able to defeat the floor boss.

Part 11 The group reached the Labyrinth and, within an hour and a half afterwards, they reached the boss room. Part 12 The Clearers deplete the first of Illfang's four hit point bars. Part 13 Edit Diavel received a deadly 3-hit combo from the boss and dies in front of Kirito. Part 15 Edit Everyone was celebrating as the first floor was finally cleared, however the atmosphere soon changed when Diavel's party member, the scimitar user Lind , reminded everyone that their leader Diavel had died.

Kirito was soon followed by Asuna, who met up with him to show her gratitude, as well as to relay two worded messages from Agil and Kibaou. After parting with Asuna once again, he later received a message from Argo about his infamous speech and tries to compensate him for the trouble she caused; by allowing a onetime free offer of any information, Kirito mischievously replied by asking for the meaning of her painted whiskers.

While hiding from the players entering through the gate, he saw Argo running from some guys. Kirito decided to follow them and, after catching up with them, identified that the players were part of a guild from the Beta test period that simulated being ninjas. After tailing them to an area outside of the Anti-Criminal Code Effect Area and noticing that the two were trying to force information out of Argo, Kirito stepped in.

After a short conversation, during which the two "ninjas" mistook Kirito as a member of rivaling guild, a monster attacked the two ninjas, forcing them to run off.

Argo thanked Kirito and he told her that he wanted to know the reason behind her whiskers. She instead decided to give him information on the extra skill hidden on that floor. She took him to a hut in the mountains of the 2nd Floor, where an NPC was waiting for a disciple. Kirito accepted the quest, and, after the NPC took him out of the hut and told him that he had to break an indestructible-looking rock with just his palms, the NPC painted his face, telling him that he would not be able to take off the paint until he breaks the rock.

That is when Kirito realized that Argo had tried to do the quest during the Beta period, but had not been able to clear it, thus she kept the whiskers. Kirito then asked Argo whether his paint was similar to hers, hoping that if it was not noticeable or looked cool, he could still have a choice of returning to his daily life with it. But, as Argo compared his appearance to Doraemon and started laughing uncontrollably right afterwards, Kirito secluded himself at the mountain for three days until he broke the boulder and cleared the quest, obtaining the Martial Arts extra skill.

Rondo of a Fragile Blade This Section is missing some information.In front of me, as I stepped forward in reaction, the rapier user was struck by an invisible paralyzing attack and slowly sank to the floor. That had earned her a vicious scolding from her mother, so picking up items in a virtual world was nothing at this point.

I have to learn how to figure that stuff out for myself. Kizmel strode off coolly. Next, the left root pulled out for a step, and it began to walk toward me. It was a lot like the white wine shed tried in the real world, but of course, here there was no alcohol content. Its large body exploded into countless fragments. There was no such thing as too much power. As a nod to the effort of beating the first floor.

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