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History Urdu Yahya Khan is the translator of the book Taliban Ki Qaid Main Pdf. It is an autobiography of Maryam Ridley. She is Yvonne Ridley impressed with their character and truthfulness of Islam and accepted Islam. Taliban Ki Qaid Main By Yvonne Ridley. طالبان کی قید میں رہنے والی ایک جاسوس عورت "یوآنے رڈلے" کی کہانی خود اس کی زبانی، جو کہ بعد میں. In The Hands Of Taliban - Yvonne Ridley urdu translation read online or Editorials of Pakistani News Papers, News, Articles & PDF Books.

Yvonne Ridley Book Urdu

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Taliban Ki Qaid Mein Urdu By YVONNE RIDLEY Pdf Free Download Description of طالبان کی قید میں PDF BOOKS ایک جاسوس عورت جس کا نام. طالبان کی قید میں رہنے والی ایک جاسوس عورت "یوآنے رڈلے" کی کہانی خود اس کی زبانی، جو کہ بعد میں مسلمان ہو گئی۔ پڑھنے کے لیے ابھی بالکل مفت ڈاونلوڈ کریں . Yvonne Ridley is the author of Taliban Ki Qaid Mein. It is an autobiography which describes the days of nights of Maryam Ridley in the custody.

She became so impressed by the Taliban that she converted to Islam. People who care so much for their prisoners would certainly be much kinder towards their wives and children.

In Europe, the family system has collapsed. Children do not know who their fathers are. Wives have no clue about the whereabouts of their husbands. My friends and I have studied Islam and now we wish to know about the Taliban.

Taliban Ki Qaid Main By Yvonne Ridley

This is, therefore, why we wish to marry them. We will burn our French citizenship documents in front of the media in Waziristan to terminate our ties with our native land. We will become tribal women forever.

The lady also said that she was madly in love with Hakeemullah and would marry him come what may. The tribesman warned her that, under Pakistani law, she could not go to Waziristan.

The lady was crying uncontrollably. Finally, the tribal journalist, who had full sympathy for the woman but had no means to help her, agreed to spread her story through a newspaper column. The tribesmen who brought this story to my attention said that the story had been planted by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan to romanticise the beastly Taliban in the eyes of young tribesmen.

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One of them said that he saw a group of teenage tribesmen discussing this story with keen interest. He tore into pieces the newspaper copy being held in the hands of the teenagers and had a two-hour long counselling session with them whereby he explained to them that such fake stories were planted in Urdu newspapers to lure young tribesmen into terrorism, and that it had nothing to offer but only death and destruction for FATA and its people.

The young men seemed convinced, but the tribesman expressed the apprehension that there must be many teenage tribesmen out there who might have been misled into jihad by the story.

The tribesmen have no hope in the Pakistani media. One of them even said that the Urdu media was capable of prostituting its conscience to spread malicious information about FATA.

They, therefore, request the journalistic community in France to take note of the fake story and remain on guard so that their name is never again misused in misleading the tribal youth into a so-called jihad that clearly threatens the western streets with violence.

It transpired that during the interrogations to establish her identity she had insulted her captors.

In the hands of taliban

At least three of Muhmand's relatives were also arrested for aiding Ridley after the Taliban developed the film in her camera. All were subsequently released without charge or harm. All men that she came in contact with lowered their gazes to her , which left her stunned.

This code of conduct caused her to convert to Islam. She said that "the Quran makes it clear that women are equal in spirituality, worth, and education.

What everyone forgets is that Islam is perfect; people are not.

Writing, speaking and advocacy[ edit ] In December , Ridley's memoir In the Hands of the Taliban was published which includes an account of the 10 days she was held captive. She brought another case of unfair dismissal and sex discrimination. She hosted a weekly current affairs and politics show called The Agenda, [30] last broadcast on 31 March It was in this paper that an obituary calling Chechen militant Islamist Shamil Basayev a shaheed, a Muslim honorific for "martyr", was published.

She arrived without incident in Gaza on 23 August. When she stood there again in the general election , although she still placed fourth, her share of the vote fell to 6.

In the local government elections in , she stood unsuccessfully for a seat on Westminster City Council. Respect Yourself, a leaflet distributed during the campaign which accused the Labour Party of racism, was attributed by Labour to Respect.

Labour reported the matter to the police and the returning officer. Respect put the incident down to "dirty tricks"; the leaflet was without the legally required notice identifying the source.

She has been highly critical of Britain's foreign policy. In complaining of patriotic sentiments voiced by British Muslim pop star Sami Yusuf , and the enthusiasm for him shown by his Muslim fans, she has said: How can anyone be proud to be British?

Taliban Ki Qaid Main By Yvonne Ridley Pdf Download [FREE]

Britain is the third most hated country in the world. The Union Jack is drenched in the blood of our brothers and sisters across Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine.Ridley was employed in by the Qatar -based media organisation Al Jazeera , where, as a senior editor, she helped launch their English-language website.

In the local government elections in , she stood unsuccessfully for a seat on Westminster City Council. Sep 10, Waleed Bin Yousuf rated it it was amazing.

Left Foot Forward. Farrah rated it it was amazing Apr 13, However, my heart has been stolen by Afghanistan, a wild, unforgiving country whose contrasts of people are reflected in stormy history, politics and geography.

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