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Description. Whitney's stomach was turning now and her breathing became faster What did he have in mind? She so badly wanted to be kissed – she had never. 3. Whitney's Kiss Reading Activities b. Find out about the author by reading these pages in the book: Acknowledgements, About the author and. Whitney's first kiss is an experience she will never forget. It all seems so perfect, but her favorite teacher, Mrs. Pillay, warns her that there is another side to the thrill of teenage life. She comes face to face with the reality of HIV and AIDS, and finds herself having to make.

Whitneys Kiss Book

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Whitney's stomach was turning now and her breathing became faster What did he have in mind? She so badly wanted to be kissed - she had never kissed a boy . Whitney's Kiss, Gr - Learner's Book (Paperback) / Author: Onne Vegter ; ; Fiction, Children's & Educational, Books. Kissing the Rod. Category: Author:novel. There was no name on the doorposts, nothing beyond the number--\"48\"--to serve as a guide; and yet it may be.

She loved being seen with him and being wanted by him. She said nothing and just waited on his next move…. The innocence of childhood is replaced with the fire of youth -the romance, the excitement and the passion.

Thirteen year-old Whitney soon encounters this other side first hand — the pain of loss, the stab of betrayal and the bitterness of rejection. Her journey is one we all have to make — the journey into the soul, where we decide what is really important to us and which values to live by. Onne Vegter is a teacher and writer with many years experience of working with young people in a multicultural context. Onne is an entrepreneur and also manages the Wild Wings Educational Trust, a non-profit educational organisation based in George, where he lives with his wife and three children.

You must be logged in to post a review. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Tony's barrister, Mrs Taylor, cross examines Whitney, trying to imply that she pursued him for several years, saying she refused to take 'no' for an answer and lied about the accusations.

Tony shouts out that he is innocent but Whitney says she trusted him and he abused her. After leaving the courtroom, Whitney hands over the mobile phone to her barrister with Tony's messages on it.

Back at home Whitney says she is still Tiffany's sister and they hug. Todd goes to see Whitney to give her a Christmas card. He says he hopes they are still friends and she lets him in. He cooks mince pies and says he wants to be a mechanic.

She realises that Ricky has put him up to spending time with her to take her mind off the trial. Whitney and her family later go to the court to hear the verdict, though Whitney is not allowed inside.

Bianca tells her Tony has been sentenced to 13 years' custody. Whitney starts to ignore Todd's calls and is upset when Ricky invites him to his and Bianca's engagement party. However, at the party, she apologises to Todd and they kiss. Lucy invites Todd to a party and he brings Whitney. Lucy makes advances on Todd which upsets Whitney, so she takes him to a bedroom where she finds a condom that fell out of Todd's pocket. They kiss and decide to wait until the time is right before having sex.

Bianca's half-brother Billie Jackson arrives back in Walford for Bianca's wedding and Whitney enjoys getting to know him. She shows interest in his moped so he takes her for a ride on it. Todd sees them, and Whitney later breaks up with him. Whitney and Billie nearly kiss but they are interrupted by Bianca. Whitney is upset when Billie's mother Carol Jackson arrives to take Billie home, but the next day he attends the wedding after Carol and Bianca reconcile, deciding to stay following the death of Billie and Bianca's cousin Bradley Branning.

Billie takes Whitney to his flat in Balham to collect his things and they bump into a girl named Kylie , and he introduces Whitney to her as a member of his family. The next day Whitney thinks Billie is ashamed of her, and he insists that Kylie is just a friend.

Later, he graffitis a wall with Whitney's name as a gesture. They kiss and she tells him she wants to go all the way. The next day Bianca catches them in bed and demands they get dressed, but after they explain they are not doing anything wrong, she tells them to be careful.

When Whitney realises Billie lied about his college commitments, they argue and Billie rides off on his moped. Whitney goes to his council estate to find him but meets Kylie.

They argue and Whitney calls her a skank, so Kylie chases after her and she is cornered by her gang and attacked. They tell her they want their gun back from Billie, and when Whitney goes back to Walford she tells him to get rid of it.

They dispose of it in a bin but later on after Billie goes back to Balham, he still has the gun in his bag. Kylie and her friend Connor track Billie and Whitney down in Walford, where Kylie tells Whitney she will look after her. Billie is angry with his friends for getting her drunk. Although upset with Whitney's behaviour, Bianca says she is acting just how she did at the same age. Whitney asks Billie to choose between her and his former gang, and when Billie chooses her, gang member Kylie makes threats to Whitney, and then takes revenge by attempting to shoot Billie, but hits Jack instead.

Jack is hospitalised with major injuries, and Whitney struggles to help Billie deal with his guilt and subsequent anger and rejection from the Branning and Jackson families.

She is further deeply upset when Billie decides to join the army for his own punishment of the recent events and in an attempt to make his uncle Jack proud. When Billie is accepted into the army, Whitney decides to make the most of their two weeks together, so books a holiday to Alton Towers, however, Billie is unimpressed.

She enlists Leon Small 's help in printing and selling her t-shirts and he kisses her, though she does not reciprocate. Billie finds out about the kiss but Whitney insists she did not cheat on him. She tries to talk to him but he refuses to accept her apology. Whitney takes a trip to Hampshire with Lucy, Peter, Leon, Zsa Zsa Carter and Fatboy where she fears the house they are staying in is haunted after Fatboy tells a story and she finds an old doll.

The next day Billie turns up and apologises, and they reunite. When celebrating Billie's birthday, Whitney kisses Peter and spends the night with him. She is then devastated to find out that Billie had died in his sleep.

She finds a text on her phone from Billie claiming to still love her, thus adding to her guilt. She begins a relationship with Peter when he supports her through her grief.

However, she soon falls for Billie's friend, Connor Stanley, and begins selling stolen jewellery for him. It is soon discovered that at this time Connor is sleeping with Billie's mother, Carol Jackson , and Whitney is left feeling betrayed by the family and is left sure she is just a burden.

She moves in with Janine Butcher and gets a work trail at the Queen Vic, however, she is fired for stealing. Whitney soon attracts the attention of Rob Grayson. Rob gains Whitney's trust and when she falls out with her family she turns to him for help.

She runs away to stay with Rob, throwing her phone away as she goes. Lauren and Janine try to find Whitney, however, when they do she refuses to go with them, claiming she and Rob are in love. But things are not all they seem at it unfolds that Rob is forcing Whitney to have sex with people to pay off his debts.

When Whitney finally comes to terms with what is happening, after meeting another girl named Chloe , she is not allowed to leave and locked in a room. Whitney escapes by jumping out a window and flagging down a car for help.

The next month, she messages Lauren and meets her outside the police station, looking rough, as she has been arrested for shoplifting. Whitney opts to live with Dot Branning instead of her close family, but Dot convinces her to move back to Ricky's.

When Ryan returns from a holiday, he learns of Whitney's ordeal and urges her to go to the police and get tested for sexually transmitted infections. She claims to be unready to go to the police but agrees to the test, which proves positive for chlamydia. When Whitney starts a relationship with a man named Lee , it is revealed that he is a friend of Rob's, and when Whitney agrees to meet Lee by text, Rob takes control of Lee's mobile phone.

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She allows Rob to take her home but then tells him to wait outside while she escapes through the back door and gets a lift to with friends. She leaves him a voicemail message not knowing that he's following her.

In The New Whitney Houston Documentary, We See Her Family More Clearly

He finds her in her hotel room and professes his love for her, but when Fatboy comes in, Rob attacks him, so Whitney tells him to leave.

Fatboy calls Ryan, who comes to Southend looking for Rob.

When he finds him, they fight and fall over the edge of the pier. The next day, a body is recovered from the sea, and is revealed to be Rob who has died.

Whitney's Kiss

Whitney thinks Ryan may also be dead until he appears. She tells him she has told the police everything about Rob, including Ryan's fight with him, and Ryan tells Whitney he has to leave.

They say an emotional farewell. Whitney takes an interest in Tyler Moon but refuses to date him. Whitney applies for a new work experience at the local nursery which she later gets.

When Michael Moon tells his brother, Tyler, about Whitney's recent ordeal he rejects her but later gives her his special Moon pendant to make up for it. Whitney agrees to go on a date with Tyler and they agree to have sex but Whitney is unsure as she remembers her past and runs out, telling Tyler she never wants to see him again. He later tells Fatboy she needs a shrink which Whitney overhears.

She runs out and kisses Fatboy and starts a relationship with him. He publicly declares his love for her, but when he is unable to give her a driving lesson, Lucy suggests that Tyler does it, because she knows that Tyler likes Whitney.


Whitney starts to feel smothered by Fatboy's affections. Lucy teases Tyler by telling him that Fatboy plans to publicly propose to Whitney, so Tyler tells Whitney he likes her but Whitney says it is too late. Tyler then surprises Whitney by kissing her. Whitney, feeling guilty, refuses to go on holiday with Fatboy, and tells him to kiss her.

He does, but she says it is like kissing her best friend. She then admits she wants Tyler, leaving Fatboy heartbroken.

Whitney then goes to see Tyler but finds him kissing Lucy. She then tells Tyler to leave her alone. However, Tyler later tells Whitney that he cannot, as he loves her. Whitney admits to feeling the same way, and they begin a relationship.

Whitney believes she is pregnant, and when she tells Tyler, he seems reluctant to take on a child. However he comes round to the idea, but Whitney discovers she is not pregnant after all. The rest of Whitney's family move to Suffolk to be near Bianca, who has been sent to prison in Suffolk. However, Whitney stays and looks after the house, along with Bianca's uncle Derek Branning.

Soon after, Tyler moves in. Whitney is angry when Joey Branning kisses her. Several months later, after Bianca and the rest of the family move back, Whitney and Tyler plan to get their own home. Whitney tells Tyler about the kiss with Joey, so he breaks up with her. However, he regrets it and proposes to Whitney; she accepts, Bianca disapproves of the engagement. When Lauren kisses Tyler to make her ex-boyfriend Joey jealous, Whitney ends her friendship with Lauren.

After several weeks Lauren and Whitney make up. She receives a letter from a stranger, the letter is from Tony asking Whitney to come and see him in prison. Whitney then goes to the prison to visit Tony but is told that he has committed suicide. Trying to come to terms from Tony's death, she goes out for lunch with Tyler at Scarlett's, but they later argue which leads to Whitney ending their engagement and storming out. She then goes for a drink and Joey tries to comfort her which leads them to start flirting with one another.

They then share a kiss and go back to Joey's house to have sex.

She tells Tyler, and they both realise that they will not work out, and Tyler leaves Walford. Whitney gets a job as a teaching assistant at Walford Primary School.

During one breaktime, she warns Denny Rickman not to run in the playground. He ignores her and falls over, grazing his arm. Whitney does not react in the professional manner she is supposed to, causing Denny's injury to be ignored.

When Sharon questions Denny about his injury he says Whitney assaulted him. Sharon complains and Whitney is suspended, but appeals for her job and is allowed to keep it. Whitney later sets her sights on newcomer Johnny Carter , unaware that he is gay.She so badly wanted to be kissed — she had never kissed a boy before.

She knew that Ecstasy was a drug, and she had been told that drugs are bad for you. Thirteen year-old Whitney soon encounters this other side first hand - the pain of loss, the stab of betrayal and the bitterness of rejection.

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It all seems so perfect, but her favorite teacher, Mrs. Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. Before going, Jones laid out a gown for Whitney to wear that night. Although upset with Whitney's behaviour, Bianca says she is acting just how she did at the same age. When celebrating Billie's birthday, Whitney kisses Peter and spends the night with him.

However, knowing Bianca won't bank it after hearing about the holiday she has booked, Whitney hides some of the money in a box to be used in emergencies only. He was sobbing and telling anyone who would listen that he had found Whitney.

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