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City of Lost Souls is the fifth book in The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare. City of . "City of Lost Souls: The Mortal Instruments, Book 5 (review)". Read saving City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) Yeah, this is easily my favorite book in The Mortal Instruments, so far. I think one of the biggest . City of Lost Souls is the fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series. There wasn't as much action in this book as we normally get making its pacing seem a little.

The Mortal Instruments Book 5

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Bloody bestselling fantasy series gets steamier. Read Common Sense Media's City of Lost Souls: The Mortal Instruments, Book 5 review, age rating, and parents . Written by Cassandra Clare, narrated by Grant Cartwright, Eloise Oxer. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial. Fifth in Cassandra Clare's internationally bestselling Mortal Instruments Book 5 · The Mortal Instruments 6: City of Heavenly Fire ebook by Cassandra Clare.

Simon overcomes many doubts about himself and his nature to do something truly heroic and selfless.

It's the Nephilim's job to fight demons: A big finale fight scene shows many injured and some dead. Forces of heaven and hell are summoned with the help of witchcraft, endangering those involved. Clary is attacked, cut, and bruised, then forcibly kissed and taunted in a sexually violent way.

Clary hallucinates a horrible scene of dead bodies and blood dripping everywhere in a club frequented by vampires. Talk of many dying violent deaths at the hand of a rogue vampire. Some ceremonial blood-drinking by the bad guys.

There's a bigger focus on sex and relationships this time, with a handful of couples -- straight and gay -- in play, most of whom are in their late teens. Clary and Jace get pretty passionate on a few occasions but stop themselves from having sex -- though shirts come off in bed together, and there's some curtained-off, drug-induced heavy petting at a club.

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Maia and Jordan have sex, which isn't described beyond Maia jumping in the shower with Jordan and them being in bed together later. Simon and Isabelle have a passionate bedroom scene for a vampire where kissing is mixed with bloodletting. Alec and Magnus live together, and some kissing is described.

Plus shout-outs to Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons.

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Isabelle gets passed-out drunk on tequila because she's nervous about talking to Simon about her feelings. Clary, Sebastian, and Jace drink wine a number of times the drinking age for Nephilim is Clary and Jace inhale faerie drugs at a club.

At first it's exhilarating, and then Clary starts to hallucinate horrible things and passes out. A couple mentions of smoking or the smell of smoke.

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Parents need to know that the Mortal Instruments series has always been meant for more mature teen readers. But with some extra sexual content and a couple of scenes of irresponsible drinking and drug use, City of Lost Souls ages up even a bit more.

The series continues to be bloody and violent: Nephilim battle demons, hacking away at limbs -- and, almost grosser, the bad guys drink blood together. There's also some sexual violence against the main character. But there's more focus on the non-violent sexual activities of four couples.

For the gay couple that lives together, only kissing is described, but the straight couples either have sex nakedness and kissing described or come very passionately close and talk about it.

Nervous about talking to her boyfriend, one girl gets very drunk. And in a club, faerie drugs induce sexual euphoria followed by horrible hallucinations. Amid the demon fighting and relationship angst there's a deeper core, though: Clary and friends will do anything to save someone they love.

Add your rating See all 2 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 18 kid reviews. Clary fears for Jace and has decided to do anything to get him back, but she's warned that he won't be at all like himself.

He had been forced into a twinning ceremony, which subjects a now shell-like version of Jace to Sebastian's will and, worse, means you can't kill one without killing the other.

Clary, still bent on saving Jace while finding out what evil Sebastian is up to, joins them in Europe, all the while secretly communicating with her best friend, Simon, through special faerie rings.

Meanwhile, Simon and a host of friends, Nephilim and Downworlder alike, are trying to find a weapon that can sever the connection between Jace and Sebastian and bring Jace back to himself.

They literally search heaven and hell for what they need, but will they find it before Sebastian sets his nefarious plans in motion?

And the ending was rather jaw-dropping. And then there's the steamy filler. Yeah, it's great to see Maia and Jordan get together, and Isabelle think more seriously about Simon, but they're just tangents. That said, the main story does end in Cassandra Clare's usual spectacular fashion.

She knows how to do a big finish while dropping all kinds of hints about the wild dangers to come in the next installment. You just need to wade through most of Europe and plenty of rumpled bed sheets to get there. Families can talk about the Mortal Instruments series so far.

Are you excited for the conclusion? Are you reading the prequel series, The Infernal Devices , as well? Which do you like better? In one scene, Isabelle gets really drunk when she's nervous about talking to Simon. Why do you think she decided to do that?

Are the consequences realistic? There's a lot of blood to wade through in this series. Does it feel less violent because it's a book instead of a movie or a video game? Fantasy instead of reality? Or does it all affect you the same way?

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The Mortal Instruments Book 5 City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls: The Mortal Instruments, Book 5. Book review by Carrie R. Wheadon , Common Sense Media. Bloody bestselling fantasy series gets steamier.

Cassandra Clare Fantasy Rate book. Read or buy. Desperate, Clary agrees to the terms and while searching for the rings in a Shadowhunter library, accidentally observes Jace enter the library and speak in friendly terms with Sebastian Who is actually "Jonathan Morgenstern", Valentine's half-demon blooded son - which confuses Clary, who had been hiding during the conversation. That night Clary wakes to find Jace lying in bed with her, asking her to come with him.

Shortly after this, Sebastian enters the room- something that is discovered by Jocelyn, who screams and alerts others to their presence. After stabbing Luke in the back the two leave, but promise to return for Clary.

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She eventually decides to join the two men as a spy while using the Faerie rings to communicate with Simon. During this time Clary realizes that Jace has been possessed by Sebastian, as he acts more like Sebastian than himself.

Jace manages to temporarily shake off the possession and explain that Sebastian is planning to use Lilith's blood to create an army of dark Shadowhunters using the second Mortal Cup and will turn himself into the Clave, as he'd rather die than continue to be possessed.

He was only able to regain control due to the rune controlling him having received damage, which would also cause him to eventually die. Not wanting Jace's death, Clary calls Sebastian in and asks him to heal the rune, putting Jace back under Sebastian's control. Clary is later shown to be searching Sebastian's room, where she discovers her Faerie ring.

She manages to alert Simon of most of Sebastian's plan and tells him to come to the Seventh Sacred Site, but is caught midway through by Sebastian and is forced to destroy the Faerie ring.

The two then fight and Sebastian unsuccessfully tries to rape Clary, who manages to escape.There are also brief descriptions of major European cities: Clary is later shown to be searching Sebastian's room, where she discovers her Faerie ring. As creepy and incestuous as it seemed in the first two and a half books, it was then that I rooted for them the most.

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Enjoyed listening to the story in this book looking forward to listening to the next story. I'm not exaggerating and concerning herself with the most menial things, like the shape of a dress or the boats in Venice, when she ought to be "saving the world" or doing something else that a kangaroo would be better qualified for. Clockwork Prince The Infernal Devices. Even worse, the Strigoi took some of their victims with them - including Dimitri.

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