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Introducing the Digital Photo Workflow 1. The Basic Digital Photo Workflow. 2. Computer Equipment. 3. What are RAW Files? 5. JPEG Instead of. Digital Photography Workflow Handbook using Photoshop CS and Raw Converters for the Digital Photography. Workflow by Bettina and Uwe Steinmueller. The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook From Import to Output Uwe Steinmueller bits - + + + + + There is a special Photoshop PDF variant.

The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook Pdf

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COVER. AAC. AAC. COVER. Digital Photography. Workflow. D E N N I S P. C U R T I N . pixia-club.info DIGITAL. The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook From Import to Output Uwe Steinmueller Juergen Gulbins Uwe Steinmueller, Juergen Gulbins, Publisher. What is Digital Photography Workflow. Any digital image has a lifespan that begins the moment the shutter is pressed and the camera begins to capture the.

The Multishot Techniques book is reproduced in abridged form in chapter 9. This helps to keep the book clear, concise, and affordable. Internet content is easier to update than the contents of a book.

Conventions Used in this Book The majority of the usages in this book should be self-explanatory. The combination FilterrSharpeningrUnsharp Mask, for example, represents the menu sequence Filter followed by Sharpening and the menu item Unsharp Mask. Keystroke combinations are designated using the K- A notation.

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The hyphen means both keys should be pressed simultaneously. Menu entries and action buttons are written using the File or OK typefaces, and list elements to be selected and new terms are written in italics. V represents the return or enter key. We will occasionally mention functions that require a right click to activate a context menu. V represents the Enter key.

We recommend that Mac users invest in a two- or three-button mouse with a scroll wheel.

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This not necessarily large investment will help you a great deal when using this book. We have cropped some of the screenshots in order to keep them down to a manageable size, and we have reduced the use of whitespace in some places to keep things clear. The numbers in square brackets e. What We Expect from our Readers We assume that you are a serious amateur, or even professional, photographer and that you use either a DSLR or a bridge camera. We also assume that you are skilled in the use of your camera and, if necessary, the camera manual.

You should be familiar with your computer and how to handle programs and dialog boxes. You should also be familiar with the basic principles of Photoshop. The procedures, the relationships between the individual steps, and the overall workflow are what this book is all about! Chapter 1 describes the general workflow, split into sections covering what, how, and how to do things better.

It includes descriptions of the RAW format and what it actually is, as well as efficient data transfer, file naming, and cataloging. There is also a glossary of buzzwords that will crop up throughout the book. Chapter 2 addresses the five main phases of the workflow and the individual tasks involved in each phase.

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Alternative methods and tools for some tasks are described. Because digital photography is largely a color-based medium, chapter 3 introduces you to photographic color and color management. The material is sometimes heavy going, and you don t have to read it all before you proceed to the other chapters, but you will need to refer to it a fair amount later on. The methods described here are the basis of our digital workflow and are essential in helping you to understand the following chapters.

Chapter 5 concerns itself with converting RAW image files to suitable image processing formats. We will use either Lightroom or the Adobe Camera Raw 5. Chapter 6 addresses the new generation of all-in-one RAW editing, image processing, and image management programs.

The Digital Photography Workflow Handbook

The use of Photoshop Layers is an extremely versatile image processing technique that we will cover in chapter 7. Thereafter, our workflow will be based exclusively on Layers techniques. Chapter 8 then delves further into 13 Foreword xv advanced image processing, and includes a discussion of masking techniques and correcting perspective distortion. Digital technology allows us to merge multiple images in ways that were either impossible or at least extremely complicated in the analog world.

Chapter 9 is all about such multishot techniques, some of which will be new even to old hands. Although digital exposures take place almost exclusively in color, monochrome photos are still an important part of a contemporary photographer s repertoire.

In chapter 10, we will show you some of the many different ways to convert your color material to black-and-white. Chapter 11 describes how to print your photos or publish them on the Internet.

Producing a presentable image is, after all, what the previous chapters are all about. Chapter 12 summarizes some of the additional plug-ins and add-ons available for enhancing and automating existing Photoshop tools. Chapter 13 winds up the book and tells you how best to save, manage, and archive your images.

We have used a large number of our own images throughout the book.

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They are intended to remind you that the book is not only about the purely technical side of digital photography, but also about producing great images. We have tried to communicate an overall vision rather than attempt to produce perfect but probably dull images.

There is no right or wrong way to process an image; the goal is to produce an image that pleases you and anyone else who views it, regardless of the technical processes involved.

Keep your vision fresh!

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Related products. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.The material is sometimes heavy going, and you don t have to read it all before you proceed to the other chapters, but you will need to refer to it a fair amount later on.

Print preparation and actual printing are covered using various printers as examples. The workflow we describe is one that suits the way we work. The Fine Art Printing book is reproduced in heavily abridged form in chapter If More information.

Evaluation of of 12 Scanners. The Fine Art Printing book is reproduced in heavily abridged form in chapter The current Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 3.

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