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The wage tax guidelines (these can be considered a summary of the current wage tax legislature and thus as a reference for administration and operational. 2 Pocket Tax Book This booklet is based on the tax law at 1 January It is intended to be a general guide and is, therefore, in a condensed format. Book Series This annual publication provides details of taxes paid on wages in OECD countries. It covers personal Click to download PDF - MB. PDF.

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The following discussion on federal income and other taxes is for general .. tuition, books, and room and board—during the year the distribution is made. PDF | 2+ hours read | The financial scandals (Enron, WorldCom) of the past few Taxable income and tax-book differences could help assessing earnings. the Worldwide Corporate Tax Guide, in such a shifting tax land- scape and other great publications on pixia-club.info or in our EY Global Tax.

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