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Results 1 - 10 of 88 Download Psychology Books for FREE. All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. Large selection and. Download PDF books in Psychology subject for free. 50 Must-Read Psychology Books. Reading is the supreme “lifehack” – distilled knowledge that often took years to assemble can be consumed.

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I wrote this book to help students organize their thinking about psychology at a conceptual chapters, and is somewhat shorter than many of the leading books. eBooks - Category: Psychology - Download free eBooks or read books online for free. Discover new authors and their books in our eBook community. and cautioned not to credit the content of the book to the writer of it. The author's task has been that of selecting from the large mass of psychological information.

Freedom of choice places the whole blame of failure on the shoulders of the individual. And as freedom encourages a multiplicity of attempts, it unavoidably multiplies failure. Read This Book If… …you want to know why people give up their identities for some insane cause.

He had invented psychoanalysis, brought the science of psychology to the mainstream, and was highly regarded in intellectual circles around Europe. Then World War I broke out, and destroyed, well, just about everything.

Freud was deeply moved by the devastation and fell into a deep depression and secluded himself for much of the s.

30 Books You Should Read at Least Once in Your Life

Civilization and Its Discontents was the result of this depression. The book makes one simple argument: that humans have deep, animalistic instincts to eat, kill, or fuck everything. Freud argued that civilization could only arise when enough humans learned to repress these deeper and baser urges, to push them into the unconscious where according to his model they would fester and ultimately generate all sorts of neuroses.

Freud basically came to the conclusion that as humans, we had one of two shitty options in life: 1 repress all of our basic instincts to maintain some semblance of a safe and cooperative civilization, thus making ourselves miserable and neurotic or 2 to let them all out and let shit hit the fan.

And as an Austrian Jew, he ran for the hills. The hills being London, of course.

He lived out the last years of his life in a city being bombed into oblivion. And doing it convincingly. He then argues that because of this, in the year all of our brains are going to be digitally encrypted and uploaded to the cloud where we will all form a single, immortal consciousness that will control all computing power on the planet.

No, seriously. And the fucked up part is that some of his explanation of how this is going to happen makes sense. And the book reads like it was written by a middle-aged engineer who took too much acid and now desperately needs to speak with a therapist.

Couch is over there, Ray.

I poke fun at Ray, but the technological possibilities presented in this book are truly mind-boggling. And we will undoubtedly see a significant percentage of them in our lifetime. Medical nanobots that live in the bloodstream that we wireless upload vaccines to. Read or listen to the main points of this title. Read or listen to the main points of this title in just 15 minutes. Get the key ideas on Blinkist. Key Takeaway: If you want to persuade someone to do something, skirt around the subject, reveal what you need, then forbid them to do it.

Annibali, M. Reclaim Your Brain by Joseph A. Writing your thoughts down, examining them critically, and rewriting the stories you tell yourself are all important steps toward improving your mental health.

The Confidence Game by Maria Konnikova. Key takeaway: Get to know your sensitive points and be wary of people who go after them. A life without games offers an opportunity for closer relationships.

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Upgrade to Blinkist Premium. Our Top 3 Reads:. We Welcome Our Robot Overlords: Pimp My Brain: Swipe Right: Change the way you think about human behavior forever by reading through this list of fascinating psychology books. Start your free trial with Blinkist. What is Blinkist? Blinkist is an app that transforms key insights from great nonfiction books into quick, easy-to-understand highlights.

That being said, the studies cited are really interesting and very revealing in how easy it is for marketers to trick us. But I would say that you should skip that book and get this one instead. Pradeep creates a great overview of the emerging neuromarketing space and does so with a lot of good concrete examples.

10 Best Books in Psychology to Illuminate What Really Drives You

I enjoyed that specifically because many books have a problem of simply citing the research at hand: This book avoids this problem by giving actionable steps for implementing. This books digs into how language can reveal a lot about a person. Some archetypes that are focused on include gender, affluence, liars, sadness, introverts vs. While the research in this book was excellent and often collaborative , I wanted more. If I could define this book in one word though, it would be: Except with this book, manipulation is the subject at hand.

This book focuses on the findings from the legendary Stanford prison experiment. Scary stuff, but a necessary read. If you are unfamiliar with the study, it was meant to test whether or not people would obey authority even when they were asked to do something that they knew was wrong. This book is a necessary read in understanding the construct and inherit dangers in authority.

My single gripe with the book is that it is too long. This is no pop-psy self-help book, this takes a look at some incredible research from a leading expert. While I did really enjoy this book, there is certainly some merit to the top critical review on Amazon: This is an interesting book and one of few that strays into the positive psychology territory, definitely worth checking out.

For everyone else, it is a very easy read and very much worth checking out. But the book: The thing is, the presentation makes this book worthwhile even if you have already heard of a few of these, and McRaney is a great writer; his blog was featured on my big list of blogs that are awesome and not about marketing.

Take this as a more serious version of the book above.

50 Must-Read Psychology Books

Largely concerned with cognition and specifically with cognitive biases, David DiSalvo makes this book stand out in quite a few ways.

Not only that, there are tactics and resource materials included in the book. My only problem with these is that they are clumped near the end instead of being sprinkled about the many great examples. Despite that, Eagleman has put together a seriously fascinating list of studies that I will shamelessly steal and write about here on Sparring Mind. Getting ahead of the curve, or doing the unexpected, means eschewing what everyone currently expects, which requires knowing what everyone expects.

Knowing the metagame — or comparing your work to what exists today — is useful for spotting opportunities for differentiation.

Originals will help you spot opportunities to stand out, and digs into the research around how creative thinking works , and what you can do to encourage those light-bulb moments.

Just what exactly is happening when someone breaks character? Is character even concrete, or is it more like a shade of gray? Great examples, great research, and a great focus make this a must-read. The problem with the book is apparent though: This book seems like a collection of short stories, and not a unified idea. Putting that aside, the different sections are far too interesting to pass up for this general lack of unity.

This book is about situational influence and the effects on our decision making process. The authors do a great job in demonstrating the many types of faulty logic that we are prone to in a variety of environments.

This book almost reads like one of those great textbooks that you had in college: I would classify this as an introductory book, however, so keep that in mind if you are very familiar with the field.

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For a true academic understanding of persuasion though, this book is fantastic. I really enjoyed the writing style of this book. I can appreciate when an author has a fun writing style to keep things engaging.

The research, however, is enjoyable by academic or laymen readers alike in my humble opinion. If you are interested in applying psychology to improve yourself and your mind, this is the book for you. I have no hesitation recommending this one. I have a lot of praise for this book in that specific regard, in the same way that I once overheard someone talking about Guns, Germs and Steel saying: Funny, but it makes a compelling point: Connectors, Mavens and Salespeople.While I did really enjoy this book, there is certainly some merit to the top critical review on Amazon: And the more you know about social psychology and human behavior, the better.

He cannot help suffering, even though he can experience moments of joy and clarity that are absent in the life of his "normal" contemporaries. It is the dawning of a new day. He also believed that Slave Morality is just as capable of corrupting and oppressing a society as Master Morality. My only problem with these is that they are clumped near the end instead of being sprinkled about the many great examples. Redirect Buy the book: And the fucked up part is that some of his explanation of how this is going to happen makes sense.

In Reclaim Your Brain, M. Most of our lives depend on our relationships.

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