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Hi there! So, you've come here for a comprehensive guide on Pokemon Ash Gray , have you? Well, you've come to the right place! Here I will be. Pokemon Ash Grey Walkthrough, FAQ, Guide for Game Boy Advance. Best archive of Pokemon Ash Grey walkthrough, FAQ, Guide, Strategy Guide. You find difficult to explore all Pokemon Ash Gray secrets? We provides Pokemon Ash Gray Walkthrough to help you solve your problems.

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Official AshGray Guide Gaming Media. The next thing you should do is download a clean Pokémon FireRed ROM (Can't give you a link; just. Facebook app 3 4 1 version download pokemon game ash Gray. version of this app is. Pokemon Go has.. Pokemon Ash Gray Beta Free Gba Download Rom Games can be. Played in . advanced data structures by puntambekar pdf free · Building the Maine Guide Canoe mobi download book. So I was doing my browsing of youtube and the internet when I somehow got onto the topic of Pokemon Ash Gray which then led me to thinking.

Moon, asking you to go and investigate. Hooray, you get to head into a deep, dark cave. First thing when you get in, you'll want to head straight up and defeat the Lass trainer, then follow the path upward. Pick up the item ball which contains a Potion when you see it, and continue on to where you see the ladder.

Use it, and you'll end up on a rocky plateau where you'll get to battle a hiker. When you've defeated him, follow the rocky path to the right all the way to the end, and pick up the item ball which contains a Nugget, the return to the two ladder holes and go down into the southern one. There, you must fight a Black Belt trainer, and collect the item ball which contains a Star Piece.

When you have finished, return up the ladder and go back down the hole you originally came from. Follow the path back down to the entrance and hang a right.

Defeat the Super Nerd, then follow the path east until you see an item ball on the ground. It contains TM09 Psych Up. Go ahead and pick that up, then battle the Bug Catcher just ahead. When he has been defeated, continue up the path and go up the ladder onto the surface.

Here, go collect the item ball which contains a Rare Candy, then continue down the hole into the next area. Defeat Hiker Vlog, and nab the item ball which contains TM46, then head back up the way you came. Now would be a good time to exit Mt. Moon and go back down to the boy on Route 3 who will restore your party's health.

After you've done that, return to Mt. Moon, hanging a right to where you battled the Super Nerd and take the northern path that we deliberately skipped over before. Follow it all the way to the end and step onto the platform with the ladder, where you'll be confronted by Team Rocket. Defeat them, and you'll be able to climb the ladder to the outside once again. On the surface, defeat Youngster Josh.

Then follow the path up and around, heading south and battling the Lass. After you defeat her, continue south to pick up the item ball containing the Escape Rope, and return just north of the Lass to take the path continuing East. Here, battle the Bug Catcher and descend down the hole.

Walk north and pick up the item ball containing a Revive, then return and follow the path East. Battle the Ruin Maniac and continue on. Follow the path as it winds around the room until it leads straight north.

Walk up the path to the large rock and take the Moon Stone. Then walk into the group of Clefairy, where you'll be confronted by Team Rocket once again - but this time, the Clefairy jump in to save you.

Moon with the Clefairy. How touching. Follow the path down the stairs to the left and grab the item ball with the Antidote, then head down the hole and out the exit onto the other side of Route 4. Now you're headed to Cerulean City. Chapter 6: Route 4: Moon Entrance Cerulean City: Ekans Lvl.

Cerulean City: Leader Misty - Staryu Lvl. Bug Catcher Cale - Caterpie Lvl. Aren't you glad you made it out of Mt. Moon alive? Now it's smooth sailing to Cerulean City, but there are a few things on Rt. Follow the rock ledge down onto the dirt path and head straight south to where you see the ledge and the cluster of flowers.

Inside of this narrow strip, follow it as far East as you can, and if you look carefully, you'll notice a small dark patch on the ground. Inspect it, and you will find a Razz Berry.


Head back onto the dirt path and read the sign to see it say "Gary was here, Ash is a loser! Follow the opening in the ledges and collect the item ball which contains TM05, then continue eastward until you hit Cerulean City. Conveniently, there is a narrow passage above the patch of grass there which will allow you easy access back to Mt. Moon, something that isn't present in Fire Red.

The first thing you will notice when you walk into Cerulean is the huge gathering of people in front of the house by the Pokemon Center. If you try to go inside, Officer Jenny will stop you on suspicion of being a burglar, but will back off once she sees your Trainer card.

She will then explain that the items that were stolen were a massive vacuum and a giant hose. For now, you can heal up your Pokemon at the Pokemon Center. Take some time to talk to the old man and the girl who are in the lobby, as they will give you some pertinent information, then head out. Moon for a total of 6,, and restock your supply of Potions for your upcoming Gym battle.

If you want, you can hang onto your Star Piece, and I'll tell you why later. There is a Bike Shop here in Cerulean, but the prices are too outrageous for you to afford, so you'll have to go without.

Head on into the Pokemon Gym, and you will find the three Sensational Sisters What good is that? Talk to them again, and they will offer to give you the Cascade Badge. Whether you say yes or no, it doesn't matter - Misty will show up and demand that you fight her for the badge.

But here's the kicker - Pikachu refuses to battle Misty! You will have to get this badge without the use of your Electric Pokemon.

A PC screen will show up for you to deposit your Pikachu before the battle begins. Do so, and you will enter the battle sequence with Misty. You should be able to beat her fairly easily with a team that is Lvl. After defeating Misty, Team Rocket will appear with the giant vacuum and hose that were reported stolen. Misty will heal your Pokemon, and the PC screen will pop up again so that you can place Pikachu back in your party. When you have done this, you will start the battle sequence with Team Rocket.

Once you've beaten them, Misty will leave and you will have to talk to Daisy again to receive the Cascade Badge and TM Back outside, you will notice that the crowd around the house has dissipated. Go inside, and you will see the huge mess left behind by the robbers who broke in. Talk to the man on the left side of the room and he will tell you that Team Rocket stole a TM that teaches Dig, as well as some valuable equipment.

Head out the back door of the house to gain access to the northern part of Cerulean City which was previously unavailable to you. The first house you see on the other side has a man in it who will tell you about the benefits of earning each of the 8 badges. Talk to him if you want to know what you have to look forward to. Go back outside, and head to the far right corner, where you will see a little house.

This is the home of? Cute Caitlyn, who will cute-ify your Pokemon at the going rate of 1 Star Piece.

This is why I told you that you could choose not to sell it, earlier, but if you aren't interested you can go back to the PokeMart and sell it for 1, at any time. After you've talked to Caitlyn, go back out and continue heading North, where you'll hit Route Go into the narrow passage to the left between the rock face and the ledge, and follow it to the end.

Press "A" in front of the last little square of space and you will uncover a Blue Shard. Then continue north and battle the line of 10 Trainers who are waiting for you. Once you have cleared the long line of battles, you will be at the steps of AJ's Undefeated Gym - 99 wins, 0 losses.

You will want to make sure your party is healed up before you challenge him, and here is a trick you can use so that you don't have to go all the way back to the Pokemon Center in Cerulean - Go inside of AJ's tent and access the PC. Deposit all of your Pokemon but one into the box, then withdraw them again and repeat the process with the one you left in your party before.

Going in and out of the PC completely heals your Pokemon. Now you are ready to go back out and challenge AJ. He battles using a Lvl. Whether you beat AJ or not, it is time to continue along Route Follow the path around and to the right and pick up the item ball which contains TM Then continue right onto Route Chapter 7: Route School Kid Joe - Weepinbell Lvl.

Walk up to them, and the group will disperse, the newbie Joe explaining to you that they were only helping him study for an exam, and afterwards he will challenge you to match against his Weepinbell.

After the training you got on Route 24, beating the Weepinbell should be no problem. After you beat him, go above the ledge where the patch of grass is on your left and follow it to the clear part of Route You will see a small dark patch on the ground. Press "A" near it, and you will uncover a Pecha Berry.

You back to Route 25, and make your way through the maze of trees, battling the Trainers as you see them. Stop and pay attention once you see the brown tree blocking an item ball.

You can't cut down the tree now, so if you want what's behind it, you have to do this next step carefully. After defeating School Kid Jenn, notice that there is another Trainer standing right beside the tree. Starting as far back as possible, walk straight towards the trainer until he sees you, and that should draw him out far enough for you to sneak in behind him and nab the item ball, which contains TM Then continue on and battle the remaining two trainers before you get to the Pokemon Technical Institute.

Inside, you'll meet Giselle, who will go on her long rant about how she's the top student at the most prestigious Pokemon academy in the world, yada yada yada And then you will get to battle her, and make her eat her haughty words. After you beat her, take a look at the mid-term exam that the student at the desk is taking. If you pass the test, talk to the teacher at the front of the room and she will give you a Teachy TV.

Also, you can read the chalkboard to learn all about Pokemon status changes in battle. You're all finished here, so head back outside and go south, then west, hugging the rock wall for a shortcut back to Route 24 and Cerulean City.

Back in the city, make a pit stop to heal your Pokemon, then return to the man's house who got the TM Dig stolen from him. Remember him? Go back through his house to the northern part of the city and go right as far as you can, then south, following the path along the outside of the hedge until you reach Route 5.

Here, go all the way south until you see the water's edge, and pick up the item ball in the bottom left corner. It's the Dig TM! Well, guess what? You get to hang onto this. I tried talking to the guy to return it, but you can't. So, onward.

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Since the you can't get through the underground path to Vermillion right now, you have to take a little detour on a secret path located at the bottom of the grassy strip all the way to the left. When you see the fuzzy line in the grass, turn left into it and you will enter the Hidden Village. Chapter 8: Hidden Village: Oddish Lvl. Go near it, and Bulbasaur will appear to defend it, yelling at you and leading it away. Follow north after them and up the set of stairs. The sign you see in the corner after the first stair will ask you not to catch any Pokemon that you find here.

Turning left up the second set of stairs, head north before you cross the bridge to pick up the item ball which contains a Full Heal, then cross the bridge. Up ahead, you will notice a couple of oddly colored patches of grass. Step on the first one you see, and you will fall into a hole. Press "A" next to each of the rocks to find an Escape Rope in each one. Use one of them to appear back on the surface. The second odd patch of grass does not contain any items, so don't bother stepping on it - you will only waste an Escape Rope trying to get out.

Instead, head down the next stairs and turn left.

Pokemon Ash Gray (beta 3.61) Strategy Guide

Keep heading left until the path turns north, being careful to avoid the odd patches of grass if you don't want to get caught without a spare escape rope to get out. Follow the path north, and you will see the Bulbasaur accompanied by a girl who introduces herself as Melanie. She will explain how she's the one who set those trap holes, to try and catch trainers before they got to the hidden village.

Then she will tell you that Bulbasaur is the village's guardian, and how it is the bravest and most loyal Pokemon she knows. After that, she will offer to let you take Bulbasaur with you, on the condition that you battle it. Enter battle sequence! You will now get to battle the Lvl. If you make it faint, don't worry - you will get to battle it over and over again until you catch it, just talk to it again to start another battle sequence. Once you have caught Bulbasaur, you will notice that it is holding an Everstone.

This item will prevent it from evolving, and is there for story purposes, since Ash's Bulbasaur never evolves. If you want, however, you can take the Everstone from it and it will evolve normally. Now you're finished with this section, so head south and hop over the ledge with the small trees on either side, making sure to collect the item ball hidden in the grass on your right, which contains a Max Elixir. You will notice that in these grass patches, Pokemon actually appear.

It's a good opportunity to train your new Bulbasaur, since you'll have to grind to get him up to where the rest of your team is at anyway. Once your through there, go ahead and take the exit to your left, where you will end up on Route 6. Chapter 9: Route 6: Charmander Lvl. Goldeen Lvl.

Zubat Lvl. Cooltrainer Damian - Machop Lvl. Camper Jeff - Spearow Lvl. Old Rod - Fishing Guru Rt. You can interact with it, but it will not battle with you, so keep heading south until you reach the Pokemon Center.

Inside the Center, you can talk to Damian, the Charmander's trainer, who says he's the one who left it on the rock and lied when he promised to come back for it. Now that you know the Charmander has been abandoned, go back and check on it. It is raining outside now, so the Charmander is really weak. You will be given the option to take Charmander with you, so pick it up and take it back to the Pokemon Center to be restored to full health.

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Charmander. Charmander is holding a Lucky Egg, which gives it extra Exp. Exit the Pokemon Center, and Damian will try to take the Charmander back by challenging you to a battle. Beat him, and you'll be able to continue on. Continue south down the path, keeping to the left side of the white fence to pick up an Everstone hidden in the ground at the bottom of the enclosed area. Then head back up and take the turn where it forks east.

Suddenly, you'll be stopped by a gang of Squirtle! The gang leader will want to challenge you, but they will scatter when Officer Jenny appears. Because of the hole in the ground, you can't go south, so keep going east until you see the small house by the water.

Inside is the Fishing Guru, who will give you an Old Rod. Outside, the redheaded girl will heal your Pokemon if you talk to her. Now that you have a fishing rod, go to the edge of the pond and press "A" to use it. As soon as you, the Squirtle will appear!

After you're prompted to battle it with Pikachu, the Squirtle will hurt your Pikachu and disappear with it. Now, you must enter the cave to your right.

Inside of the cave is completely dark, so you may have a hard time navigating. So for now, you'll just have to use your feelers.

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Straight ahead, you will see the Squirtle and your Pikachu, though it will only allow you to heal it with a Super Potion. The general direction you should be going is north, east, south, west, south, and you will come out the exit beside the PokeMart. Talk to the shop owner, and he will give you a Super Potion. Return to your Pikachu to heal it, and Squirtle will be impressed by your compassion for Pokemon and wish to join you.

Congratulations, you now own a Squirtle. That was easy, wasn't it? Now that the leader of the Squirtle Squad has been caught, return to the path west of the fishing guru's house and head south toward Vermillion. But first!

Head west when the path opens up and you will find Bill's Lighthouse. Walking in the surf will allow you to encounter a Krabby, which you should catch if you want to follow the story from the TV show.

No account? No worries.

After that, head into the lighthouse and use his Video phone to call Prof. After talking to him, Bill will tell you about his lifelong dream to meet a Dragonite. After you are finished here, head back outside and bit further south, and you will be in Vermillion City.

Part 19 Southerly Gym!

Chapter 3: Trek Through Viridian Forest

Battle the two Trainers, then speak to the second girl. If you carefully raise Teddiursa from a cub, it will become a very powerful at later levels. Also, you fight her in a double battle with Jake. Go down by using the quicksand on the left. I cannot get to the professor even though I go and for to the little girl. Alder will tell you to go to Relic castle.

Bugs -Computer dialogue box sticks to screen until it is refreshed. Share Facebook Twitter Promote post…. February 28th, 6: Thanks for doing this, Denali! February 28th, 9: No problem Metapod! Just keep on doing what you do!

March 1st, 8: Satoshi Ookami. Satoshi Ookami Nicknames: March 1st, 6: Originally Posted by Ash Wouldn't it be easier to make videos instead of writing it all? March 2nd, Originally Posted by chrunch. March 11th, 4: I love this game. Thanks for making a walk through of it. It is like a dream come true, thanks.

March 12th, 2: Thanks man! I'm happy at least one person likes it March 20th, Where does 2. Because Misty just stole my togepi, then I ran out of walking space. March 20th, 5: Originally Posted by Zirkle March 22nd, 5: March 22nd, 3: Originally Posted by wez.

March 29th, First post has been updated! Found more bugs! April 8th, 9: I stuck at the Legend of Dratini. I saved it and then the warden tells me to meet him at his house. Where is it? April 28th, 1: Pikachu when used in battle comes out of a pokeball: April 29th, 8: May 10th, Edited May 16th, by tommySLB. Hello When I arrive has saffron city the team rocket does not allow to pass me that I have to make?

Im playing on beta 2. Help me!! Im surfing!!!

May 16th, 2: May 16th, 4: June 13th, 3: Edited June 13th, by jacob Where do I go after Cerulean? I went up north, beat all the trainers, then went south, and when I tried to go through the new "direct path" The guard said that the path wasn't finished yet.

I already found the Hidden Village and caught Bulbasaur. I talked to everyone in town and nothing happened. What do I do? Please help this is an awesome game and I want to keep playing. BTW I'm playing beta 2. June 15th, Originally Posted by jacob June 29th, How do I get the bike after beating Koga? June 30th, 6: Originally Posted by metapod Ash never gets a bike to keep, why should you?

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It's the Dig TM!

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