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Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar: Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes Plato through Homer: Poetry and Philosophy in the Cosmological Dialogues. No part of this book may be reproduced or utilized in any form or. Sri Sarada Devi Entrance Encyclopedia of Hindu. the platypus pdf download! direct download! plato and the platypus pdf 2 gmt plato and a platypus walk pdf - this is a list of episodes.

Plato And Platypus Pdf

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "[Cathcart and Klein] know their stuff, and wear their learnedness lightly, and Plato and a Platypus is a pleasure to read. I can't help . 22 Tháng Giêng Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar. Understanding Philosophy Through Jokes. Thomas Cathcart. &. Daniel Klein. Philogagging. Plato And A Platypus Walk Into A Bar Understanding A Bar Understanding [ PDF] [EPUB] pixia-club.info is a platform for academics to share.

You know, and there's the other story about this poor woman who's told by her doctor that she only has six months to live. And the doctor says, well, probably the best thing for you to do is to marry a tax attorney.

And she says, is that can improve my health?


And he - and the doctor says, no, but it will make six months seemed like an eternity. It's a doctor's office, and the nurse comes in and she says, doctor, there's an invisible man here for an appointment. And the doctor says, tell him I can't see him.

We call that our original sick joke. You tell them, Tom. Kant, Immanuel Kant, had this idea that behind objects, somehow, somehow in the background, it's more than just a color and their size and their shape.

There's something, there's something there that gives off all of these sense data. And we can't really get to it.

We can't say anything about it. The only thing we can say anything about is what he called the phenomenal world. You know, that is the world of colors and shapes and sounds and smells -all the things that come to us through our senses.

But there's more to an object than that, he said. You know, there's something out there that's sending off all these vibes.

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And he called this the Ding an sich… Mr. The Ding an sich. And we started to see that there are a lot of similarities between the two.

That what jokes and philosophical concepts have in common is they both kind of take us sideways, or they flip the world upside down and give you a different gander at it. And they surprise you with often-uncomfortable truths about life. And then Tom, you were saying there's something about getting a joke, which is like… Mr. Part of the delight, part of what you laugh at in a joke is, sort of, your own acumen.

You know, a part of what's delightful is that you get it, you know? And so when somebody tells you a joke and you have that split second when you finally get it, it brings out a response of delight in you, because you're just so delighted with yourself that you got it.

Well, that's part of the appeal of philosophy, too. You know, a part of what it makes it fun is that you get a sort of a unique perspective on things that you haven't quite had before. The philosophers, sort of, throws that out at you.


You go, aha, I get it. Very much like a joke.

HANSEN: So would philosophy students, do you think, actually come away with a deeper understanding of the discipline through this, or are you concerned at all that this might end up being kind of more like philosophy for dummies? I would have to admit to your, to the original question - would they away with a deeper understanding.

The answer has to be no, not a deeper one.

But they would come away, I think, with a good general background, you know, it's kind of Philosophy , recognition of a lot of different concepts that they may not have caught or remembered first time through. I think it might have that value. Old friends from Harvard combine philosophy and humor in 'Plato and a Platypus,' the surprise hit of the book world".

The Boston Globe. Retrieved from " https: Hidden categories: Pages to import images to Wikidata. Namespaces Article Talk.

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Plato And A Platypus Walk Into A Bar Pdf

Upcoming SlideShare. Like this presentation? Why not share! An annual anal Embed Size px.You know, a part of what's delightful is that you get it, you know?

Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar

The Ding an sich. That is good. I'm Liane Hansen. And the man says, ah, then, lord, may I have a penny? Cancel Save. It is a heavy subject in a light volume.

And the Lord says, a million dollars to me is but a penny.

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