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pixia-club.info adalah platform baca dan penerbitan digital di Indonesia yang mudah dan menyenangkan. Di sini kamu bisa membaca novel karya penulis-penulis baru, gratis di mana kamu bisa mengunduh novel tersebut dalam format pdf. Di sini kamu bisa mendapat sample ebook dari penulis-penulis. Oleh Download dan Baca Novel, pada PM, Tulis Komentar Allegiant Novel Free Ebook Read Online CHAPTER ONE TRIS I PACE IN our cell in Erudite. Dia Pilih Aku: Koleksi Cerpen & Novel Online Novels, Fiction, Romans . Cinderella dan heronyaSekali pandang orang mesti cakap dia sesuai untuk . Ishq Pagal Kar Deta Hai Novel By Maryam Aziz Pdf Free Download Free Pdf Books.

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NovelPlus adalah sebuah aplikasi sosial mudah alih yang terbuka dan platform penerbitan kreatif. Di NovelPlus, anda boleh mengakses tanpa had semua buku . All the books are just need to download. Once you have downloaded, you can read them offline. This application supports multiple languages. This application . Do you love to read novel romance, this app for you. There are numerous novel romance, which you fell from your heart. Novel stories is all you need. Each and.

She takes a vial from her pocket and dumps the contents into her mouth—painkillers for the bullet wound in her leg, I assume. I slide my hands into my pockets.

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They want to try to heal the city and solve our own problems instead of leaving to solve other people's. I'm paraphrasing, of course," I say. The second we leave, she loses her hold. How are we supposed to help a bunch of people we've never met? My watch reads three o'clock. I've been here too long—long enough to make Evelyn suspicious. I told her I came to break things off with Tris, that it wouldn't take much time. I'm not sure she believed me. I say, "Listen, I mostly came to warn you—they're starting the trials for all the prisoners.

They're going to put you all under truth serum, and if it works, you'll be convicted as traitors.

I think we would all like to avoid that. They won't thank you for showing that video. To be kings of their tiny little world?

It's ridiculous. I don't owe the people outside this city anything, whether I am Divergent or not. I'm not sure I want to offer myself to them to solve humanity's problems, whatever that means.

But I do want to leave, in the desperate way that an animal wants to escape a trap. Wild and rabid. Ready to gnaw through bone. In my experience, most Divergent can't resist the truth serum.

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I wonder why you can. I would like to avoid having to break you out of prison," I say. Suddenly desperate for comfort, I reach for Tris's hand, and she brings her fingers up to meet mine. We are not people who touch each other carelessly; every point of contact between us feels important, a rush of energy and relief. She lied to me so many times. She promised me she wouldn't go to her death in the Erudite compound when Jeanine demanded the sacrifice of a Divergent, and then she did it anyway.

She told me she would stay home during the Erudite attack, and then I found her in Erudite headquarters, working with my father. I understand why she did all those things, but that doesn't mean we aren't still broken.

I'll try to make it soon. It is the same urge, I realize, that makes me want to kiss her every time I see her, because even a sliver of distance between us is infuriating. Our fingers, loosely woven a moment ago, now clutch together, her palm tacky with moisture, mine rough in places where I have grabbed too many handles on too many moving trains.

Now she looks pale and small, but her eyes make me think of wide-open skies that I have never actually seen, only dreamed of. And we do.

I touch her cheek to slow the kiss down, holding her mouth on mine so I can feel every place where our lips touch and every place where they pull away. I savor the air we share in the second afterward and the slip of her nose across mine.

I think of something to say, but it is too intimate, so I swallow it.

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A moment later I decide I don't care. She smiles. My body is heavy with truth serum. Sweat collects on my eyelids. Thank you for trying to prevent one of your faction leaders from killing Jeanine Matthews? You behaved like a traitor.

We are in the conference room in Erudite headquarters, where the trials have been taking place. The downloaded books and audiobooks will appear in your personal library.

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You can read or listen to them anytime offline. Oodles does not have the modern books or bestsellers. We only have english classics that belong to public domain. We hope you like the application and share it with your friends! Jumlah besar sekali adalah mudah untuk menggunakan aplikasi untuk membaca atau mendengarkan klasik Inggris atau buku hindi dan cerita. Anda juga dapat mengimpor ebook di epub, mobi atau format txt dari ponsel Anda.

Jumlah besar sekali memiliki pembaca yang dipersonalisasi.

Di mana-mana sahaja, bila-bila masa! NovelPlus is a mobile social reading app and creative publishing open platform. Wherever, whenever!

How does NovelPlus work? You could even search by author, title, or genre to discover your next favourite reads, Connect. Leave comments on stories and discuss the newest plot updated! You can even follow the story of the novel as the author are written and also get updates for new or upcoming books!


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Please do leave your feedback and email us at support novelplus.Ulasan Kebijakan Resensi. Mungkin sudah jadi zombi. Kisah Inspiratif - Offline.

Cerita Bahasa Inggris - Buku Offline. WORD reader forms contents of a book by titles. Begitu ya, para pembaca novel yang budiman.

Your novels can be reached to wider audience and get more exposure as it is easily available on worldwide! Cerita-cerita baru yakin untuk meluluhkan hati Anda. Pembaca e-book multifungsi gratis: Bagikan ulasan di halaman jejaring sosial atau blog.

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