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To download the Cambridge English: Movers Listening sample test go to Part 1 . – 5 questions –. Listen and draw lines. There is one example. Peter. Mary. To download the Cambridge English: Movers Listening sample test go to Part 1 . – 5 questions –. Listen and draw lines. There is one example. Peter. Jim. John. View, download: Movers. Authentic Examination Papers with answers. For revised exam from (+ Audio) (pdf; mp3).

Movers 1 Pdf

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Cambridge YLE Tests Movers pixia-club.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Tests Movers 1 pixia-club.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Fun for Movers Studentsbook. Tests Movers 3 Book. Cambridge English Movers ( YLE Movers) Picture pixia-club.info Movers 1. Movers Sample Papers Vol1.

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First class all the way!!! I will refer you guys to all my friends! Shirley Pridmore Clinard - Great experience today with Colby and Arial they made our move so easy and pleasant! Very professional and experienced. R Four M laughs Oh yes! I think you know him. R Five F Oh yes! But why is he standing on that chair?

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Fch But do you play with it? Mch He wanted a big book from the top of that bookcase. M Um … well, my children play with it more than I do. Movers Listening Fch What does your rabbit like doing? We gave a lot of old bread to the ducks there. There were lots and lots of them. M It likes eating my lowers! F Lots and lots? Fch What? Mch Well … laughing about ten. M Yes, eating my lowers! That is the end of Part Two. F Was that on Sunday? Part Three. Look at the pictures.

What did Alex do last week? Mch No, it was Wednesday. I had a toothache. It hurt when I ate. F What did you do then? Mch I read a book about dogs. I want to have one of the Mch Yes. We all went. Mum and Dad and me.

F What did you do there? R Now listen to Part Three again. Mch Well, on Friday I went for a long walk with the sheep. That is the end of Part Three. F Why? Part Four. Mch We had to take them from the top ield down to There is one example.

R Can you see the line from the word Friday? On Friday, Alex walked with the sheep. How about a game of tennis? I Now you listen and draw lines. We can do that. F Did you sail it?

Mch No. Mch Yes, but I got very cold that day. I ran back to the farm R Can you see the tick?

Tests Movers 1 book.pdf

Now you listen and tick the box. F laughing Oh dear! How did Jack go to school yesterday? R Two F Do you go to school on the bus, Jack? F What did you do on Thursday? Mch Yes, but not yesterday. Mch Um … Thursday? My cousin and I washed F Why? I rode my bike because my friends and I like doing F What did you buy there?

Mch Oh … some food for dinner. R Two. R Three M Vicky? Mch The weather was very sunny on most days. Fch But her bag and jacket are here in the kitchen. F Yes, but it was terrible on Saturday.

M Oh, I know! We played inside. We played with the garden.

Fch OK. I need to ask her something. F How many have they got? R Three. How old is Jim?

Mch There are six of them. It was great M How old is your son now, Anna? F You mean Jim? Did you go sailing again? How old is she? We had a picnic next to a river. F Was it good? Movers Listening R Four. What did Nick get for his birthday? M Yes. Colour it red. F Did you have a good birthday, Nick? Mch Yes!

I had some great presents, too! R Four F And what did your parents give you? A new phone? I wanted a guitar but they Fch All right. I enjoy drawing. What gave me a baseball bat.

M Draw a cloud above the house. Can you do that?

I needed a new one. Fch A cloud? R Five. Fch It looks very hot there. Do it brown please. Can we have some tomatoes? M Not today. M Do you do that?

Fch Can we go and buy some? Fch Yes, I always do. M Sorry. M Good! R Now listen to Part Four again. R Now listen to Part Five again. That is the end of Part Four. That is the end of the Movers Listening test. Part Five.

Look at the picture. M Would you like to colour some of this picture? Fch Yes … Is that kangaroo coming to help the man with his car? Fch The kangaroo? R an you see the yellow kangaroo? Now you listen and colour and draw. One Fch Can I colour one of the plants too? M Which one? The one with the round leaves? Fch Yes. I like the one with the round leaves the most.

M All right. Colour it blue. I like that colour. R Two M Now, can you see the box? Colour that for me next. Fch Do you mean the box on the ground? You choose the colour. Fch Shall I do it green? R Three Fch What shall I colour now?

M Um … what about the big rock? Fch The one behind the people?

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You have 30 minutes. You will need a pen or pencil. Choose the correct words and write them on the lines. Questions 1 People sit inside here and watch films.

Some people put milk in it. It is smaller than a town. Write yes or no. Examples It is a windy day. The baby in the picture is crying.R Three Fch What shall I colour now? Listen and draw a line from the day to the correct picture. Do it brown please. R Five. In order to help you we are committed to do our best.

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