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PART 1 DATABASE ADMINISTRATION. Chapter 1 SQL Server Editions and Engine Enhancements. 3. SQL Server Enhancements for Database. Chapter 2. Installing, configuring, and upgrading. Microsoft SQL Server Chapter 3. Using SQL Server administration and development tools. Part II. Microsoft®. SQL Server® BIBLE. Adam Jorgensen. Patrick LeBlanc. Jose Chinchilla. Jorge Segarra. Aaron Nelson pixia-club.info

Microsoft Sql Server 2012 Pdf

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PDF | On Mar 23, , Dusan Petkovic and others published Microsoft SQL Server A Beginners Guide. Programming Microsoft®. SQL Server®. Leonard Lobel. Andrew Brust Trademarks/pixia-club.info are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies. 3. ChaPter 2. Installing, Configuring, and Upgrading. Microsoft SQL Server 9. ChaPter 3. Using SQL Server administration and development tools

Joins 8 tables that contain up to , records each. Performs aggregations on 5 fields. The view is frequently used in several reports. You need to improve the performance of the reports. What should you do? Convert the view into a table-valued function.

Convert the view into an indexed view.

Convert the view into a stored procedure and retrieve the result from the stored procedure into a temporary table.

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They are responsible for the wire rope to the ship, the sailor please check out the captain. Two peasant men pulled the handle, the cowboy child painfully grinning, he was Jia Cheng invited to see the house. A table-valued function can accept an input variable and return a table of results but cannot be used within a view.

A table-valued type can accept an input variable and return a table of results but cannot be used within a view. You should make use of a LOOP hint in the stored procedure. You create a heap named OldData that will store historical data from the Orders table. You need to write a Transact-SQL query that will insert rows of data from the Orders table that are marked as closed and are more than six months old.

Which of the following table hints should you use in your query if you want to optimize transaction logging and locking for the query? You have a stored procedure that is executed quite often. The stored procedure joins data from two tables.

You analyze the "Pass Any Exam. How would you optimize the performance of the stored procedure?

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You should update statistics on the tables queried by the stored procedure. You are developing a database driven Web application. The application executes a store procedure based on the location of the web user. The location of the Web user is determined by IP Geolocation.

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You want to develop a process that will execute the correct stored procedure for every Web user based on the user's location. You should make use of a cursor. You have developing a database named WebAnDB that will be used by a web site analysis application.

You want the stored procedure to store time zone data as well. You are developing a database that will be used by a Web application. The database will store small multimedia files in several tables.

The largest multimedia file is kB. These multimedia files will be retrieved quite often. How would you store these files? You should make use of a row-level compression.

You should make use of the FileStream data type. You are developing a database that will be used by a web site analysis application name ABCWeb1. The ABCWeb1 application must display the date and time each visitor visits a page on a website as well as the date and time they leave that web page. This data needs to be displayed in different date and time formats. You need to add a computed column that is the sum of values in the InStore and InWarehoue columns for each product. What Transact SQL statement would accomplish this task?

You should create a columnstore index on all columns used in the SalesV view. You should drop and recreate the SalesV view as a system view. You should drop and recreate the SalesV view as a partitioned view. How would accomplish this task? Application developers are developing several in-house applications that will access the Invoices table. You need to develop a solution that will allow the applications to access the table indirectly while still allowing them to update the Invoice table.

You should create a view on the Invoices table. You should create a columnstore index on all columns used by the applications.

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You should allow the applications access to the Invoices table via stored procedures. You should drop and recreate the Invoices table as a partitioned table. The query must also display the InvoiceDate for a Customer that has an Invoice. Your query must also update the data in the SalaryHistory table. StaffID, deleted.

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Salary, inserted. You are developing a batch process that accepts an input parameter and allows the result set to be joined with a table.

You should make use of a stored procedure to perform the batch process. You should make use of a schema-bound user-defined function. In addition, you want the result set to include a column named PrevItemsProduced that holds the number of items produced at each location for the week before. You are developing a stored procedure for ABC. Your stored procedure must display unique values from one column in multiple columns in the result set. You should make use of a dynamic cursor. You should make use of a keyset cursor.

The company wants to ascertain whether it would be advantageous to open a store in other cities based on feedback from its customers.

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You should create the view as an indexed view. You should make use of a table-valued user-defined function.

To answer, move the appropriate SQL statements from the list of statements to the answer area and arrange them in the correct order. Enable CLR Integration.

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