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Thank you for choosing Mastering Microsoft Exchange Server Document libraries allow users to store files (Word, Excel, PDF, etc.). Microsoft®. Exchange. Server Administrator's Pocket Consultant. William R . Stanek Adobe PDF documents, viewing, age limits, 99, alerts, Microsoft Press books are available through booksellers and distributors worldwide. . Exchange Server Client Access Licenses. 29 KC: Manual .pdf.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 Pdf

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pixia-club.info Contents. Acknowledgments xvii. Introduction xix. Chapter 1 Exchange Server Administration Overview. 1. Exchange. First off, Microsoft has made available a free, page PDF download of chapters 1 (Microsoft Exchange Server Administration Overview). Exam Configuring Microsoft Exchange. Server Format (PDF) in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader or in XMS Paper Specification (XPS).

The next thing you need if you plan to sit the certification exams is the exam preparation guides. The TechNet information for Exchange Server is actually very good, though sometimes it would benefit from more diagrams.

The biggest downsides to using TechNet is that the content is not always structured in a way that makes sense for training. Exchange Server Training Books If you're looking for more of an structured, instructional approach to learning Exchange then the official training kits from Microsoft Press are a good option.

These training kits align with the skills measured in the exam preparation guides.

They are written as a learning tool, with good explanations and step by step demonstrations, rather than being a reference like TechNet.

I used to avoid getting training books because their size and weight made it impractical to carry them with me each day, but these days with ebooks and the Kindle for PC software it is a lot more convenient to have a library of these types of technical books on hand for training and reference.

Each exam has it's own training kit. The books for exam and exam are both available from good book sellers.

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If you're shopping for books I also recommend you pick up a copy of Microsoft Exchange Server Best Practices which is an invaluable reference. Exchange Server Training Programs For the last few years my personal favourite learning method has been video training.

For some reason I just enjoy the format more and tend to learn faster. I can sit through a few hours of video in one session, whereas with books I tend to last only an hour or so without taking lots of breaks.

I also like that video lets me see Exchange Server in action even at times when I am away from any Exchange servers to work with. And most video training also comes with audio versions as well.

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I've spent a lot of time in my car driving long distances for work while listening to Exchange training MP3s on my iPod. Exploring Features of Exchange Server , Clinic Introduction to Exchange Server , and Clinic Exchange Server in an Enterprise.

I should note, however, that the eLearning Clinics do require you to register with the site. Fellow editor B. Winstead is keeping vigilant of all things Exchange , so you might poke through his recent posts for a valuable chronology of Exchange I've also put some of the more popular pieces below.

Email and Calendaring. Hide comments. More information about text formats.

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Text format Comments Plain text.Backups and Restoration Your data is only as good as its most recent available backup. The biggest downsides to using TechNet is that the content is not always structured in a way that makes sense for training.

If you have a larger office you may want to consider separating the Active Directory machine and the Exchange Server. Summary When you look at all of the differences between Exchange and SmarterMail a few things really stand out: The planning necessary for an implementation of Exchange is far more detailed and involved than what is necessary for an installation of SmarterMail.

Press Next. The video training costs more than books, but if you prefer video and audio like I do then they are worth paying the extra for. The setup program will now install Active Directory on your Server.

I should note, however, that the eLearning Clinics do require you to register with the site. Find out yourself!

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