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This trick looks amazing because the audience has seen that the magician has not The already shown card is still on the top of the deck and can be revealed. illusionists, mentalists & cardicians in the world. Most of the tricks revealed can be found in magic shops or in the many magic books sold throughout the world. consciously select the third number. If, as in rare instances, number three should not be selected, the tricks falls flat, and will have to be tried on someone else.

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marked coin as may be necessary for the trick. The trick in itself is simple but presented with appropriate pat the coin is revealed on it, spinning around. Bobo's Coin Magic - Learn Free Magic Tricks - The Hottest. Pages·· The techniques and effects revealed in this booklet will enable you. Masonic Secrets Revealed CONTAINING ALL THE DEGREES OF THE ORDER CONFERRED IN A Bobo's Coin Magic - Learn Free Magic Tricks - The Hottest.

Some of these are pretty advanced. They become ingrained in your muscle memory, much like playing cards. These are some of our favorite performances ever.

Learn some new card tricks and wow your friends. Magic tricks with cards are fun skills for beginners.

When you are learning, you want to find magic tricks that are easy to understand, learn, and execute. Luckily for you, there are plenty of card tricks that fit the bill. In this section, we will walk you through some simple magic tricks that you can do with a deck of cards.

Are you ready? In addition, it also serves as a great foundation for which to execute other tricks. Once you learn it, you will know how a magician correctly guesses which card is yours every time.

The answer lies in how you set up the deck of cards. Place the ace of spades on the bottom of the deck and then fan out the cards.

Next, let the audience member choose a card and do not let them show it to you. Now, place the deck of cards back in the pile, keeping the ace of spades on the bottom.

Allow them to place their card at the top of the deck. Have the audience member cut half of the deck and place it down.

Then, place half of the deck of cards on top of the other half. The ace of spades should now be in the middle of the deck this is how you track their card. Finally, flip through the cards until you reach the ace of spades. The next card will be their card. We swear this is one of the most fun magic card tricks. Now, we are on to the famous rising card trick. This is a cool magic trick that anyone can learn. Perhaps you have seen it before. What is the secret here? You will soon learn that the secret lies in how you position your fingers.

All you need to pull this off is a deck of playing cards and a little bit of patience. So how do you perform this simple trick? We have got step-by-step instructions for you. Have a spectator choose a card and then reinsert it into the deck retrieve it with the instructions listed above.

Next, bring the first finger of your right hand down on top of the deck. The secret is simpler than you might think. When you rest the first finger of your right hand on top of the deck, you simultaneously extend your small right finger until the tip of it is resting on the back of the top card aka the one the spectator selected. Do this behind the deck so that onlookers cannot see the move. When the card is halfway up out of the deck, grab it with your first right finger and thumb, quickly curling your little finger in.

This will make it look like it is levitating. You can then quickly show the card to spectators and make show them there is nothing to find. The answer is a black string.

Balducci levitation

Have you noticed that magicians often wear black clothing when performing their tricks? This helps the black thread to blend with their outfit and avoid being seen. It helps pull off an illusion like floating cards. For this card trick, we go beyond the simple levitation trick and actually spin the card in midair. How is it done? Once you know the secret, it is incredibly easy to pull off. For this trick, you will need a playing card, some clear adhesive tape, and a black thread a couple of feet long.

Next, prepare the playing card. Attach a bit of thread to the center of the playing card using clear adhesive tape. Run the other end of the thread over your hand and then onto a button on your shirt or your belt buckle. Play around a bit with the length. You will want the thread hold to feel taut when you extend your arm in front of you, yet long enough to allow the card to dangle about a foot below your hand.

Run the thread between your first and second finger. Are you right handed? If so, run the thread over your left hand and then launch the card with your right hand. If you are left-handed, do the reverse. To make the playing card appear to levitate, move your hand away from your body.

The thread will tighten and the card will rise up under your hand. As the card begins to slow to spin, make sure to time the trick correctly so you can catch the card. Make sure to practice this move a lot before you perform it. It is important to get the length of the thread right as well as the motion that causes the card to rise.

Do you want to know a few final helpful hints? Second, it helps to perform in front of a dark background so the thread will blend in. Finally, when you make the card rise, do so slowly. Practice will make the card rise at a steady pace.

If you follow these directions, you are well on your way to looking like a professional magician. What a great trick! Are you looking for easy card magic tricks? Do you want to switch things up a bit?

Try out the magnetic hand act. In order to pull off the magic trick, you will need to hold all ten cards in your hand while keeping your fingers completely flat. All you will need is glue, scissors, and a little bit of practice. Plus lots more Levitation Secrets. Mind Reader: This Section will totaly blow you away, You will be left sitting in front of your computer scratching your head in amazment.

Optical Illusions: These Illusions will keep you entertained for hours, Print them of and amaze your friends. Quite frankly we agree! But we're not going to sell it for that much. Here's why: We want you to be totally thrilled with the value that you're getting. We know that if you are satisfied So be sure to see below for a list of over 50 other bonus ebooks we will also link you to inside this great magic ebook I firmly believe that that's the key to true long-term business success.

You and I both know it's still a steal at that price.

Just sell two copies and you will have your money back plus, now is that magic or what. The newspaper will be lifted — but so will the tumblers. Name That Name Effect: You reveal a thought-of name. Cut a slot in the top of a box with a removable lid and tape a small box on the inside. Write the same name on 10 slips of paper. Put them in the box and replace the lid. Hand out 10 blank slips and ask spectators to write a name on their slip.

The slips are put in the box through the slit. They actually go into the hidden box. Remove the lid for just one slip to be chosen. As all the slips are the same it is easy to reveal the name chosen. You divine the identity of a selected card. This is how to make someone take the card you want. Secretly place the card you decide to use ninth from the top of the pack.

Ask someone to call a number between 10 and Count that number of cards, one at a time, from the pack. Add the digits of the chosen number. Deal that number of cards off the cards just dealt. Ask someone to look at the next card.

It will be the card you placed at ninth position. You can reveal it in any way you wish. Indestructible String Effect: A string is threaded through a drinking straw. The straw is cut in two but the string remains unharmed. Secretly cut a short slit in the straw.

Thread the string through the straw. Bend the straw in half and pull both ends of the string. This forces the string through the slit in the straw. Your hand hides this from the audience.

Cut through the straw, as shown by the dotted line in the drawing. Now pull the string from your hand. The straw is in two pieces but the string is still whole. Multiplying Money Effect: Three coins increase to six in your hand. Show three coins and count them out on to a magazine. Unbeknown to your audience there are three more coins hidden inside the magazine cover. Fold the magazine slightly and tip the three visible coins into your hand.

At the same time the three hidden coins will slip from the magazine into your hand too but the audience do not know about this. Wave your other hand over the one holding the coins. Slowly open your hand to show that the coins have mysteriously multiplied. While you are out of the room, a coin is hidden under a cup.

When you return, you announce the value of the hidden coin. A secret accomplice is used. It is your accomplice who actually places the cup over the coin. He places the cup down in such a way that the position of the handle tells you the value of the hidden coin as shown in the illustration.

Before doing this trick, you must agree with your accomplice which handle position will be at the 12 o'clock position or you may read the signal upside down and that could prove disastrous! This trick can of course be performed using any currency.

Card Code Effect: You identify a chosen card. Place nine cards on the table. The suits do not matter but the values must be the Ace to the Nine. While you are out of the room, someone chooses any one of the nine cards. When you return, you know immediately which card has been chosen because you have a secret assistant who holds a pack with a Nine showing.

They secretly indicate the value of the chosen card to you by the position of their thumb over one of the nine pips. Match Rise Effect: A match rises from a matchbox. Make a small hole in the top of a matchbox. Push a match into the hole as shown in the illustration. When you push the drawer, the match will be forced out through the hole. If you tilt the matchbox slightly with the end of the drawer facing the audience, it will give the impression that the match rises from the drawer as it is opened.

A playing card vanishes when placed in a glass tumbler. You need a piece of clear plastic the same shape and size as a playing card. Place this on top of a pack of cards. Cover the cards with a handkerchief and apparently remove the top card in the handkerchief. You actually take the sheet of plastic.

Show a glass tumbler and ask a spectator to push the card, still covered by the handkerchief, into it. Whisk the handkerchief away and the card has vanished. Being transparent, the plastic cannot be seen from even a short distance away.

Watch Wizardry Effect: You use a watch to divine a thought-of-number. Show a watch and ask someone to think of any number from 1 to Tap a pencil against numbers on the dial. As you do this, the spectator mentally counts to 20, one for each tap, beginning with one above the number he is thinking of. You make the first seven taps anywhere on the watch face. On the eighth, tap your pencil on Continue tapping the numbers anti-clockwise around the dial. When the spectator reaches 20, your pencil will be pointing to the number he is thinking of.

Floating Ball Effect: A small ball defies gravity and floats in space Secret: The secret is a long loop of dark thread which is on your table with a ping-pong ball resting on it. Put your thumbs through each end of the loop. Lift your hands with the thread stretched between them and the ball appears to be floating in the air. With practice you can make the ball float from hand to hand it is really just rolling along the thread.

You must wear dark clothing for this trick and be a little distance from your audience so the thread cannot be seen. A playing card changes value magically. You need an Ace of Clubs, a Queen of Hearts and one other card. Score across the centre of the Ace and the Queen and glue them together for half their length. Use the third to form a back to the special card. Hold the card in your left hand with the flap pointing upwards.

Pass your right hand over the card and, as you do so, push the flap down to its lower position — and the card changes. Chain Reaction Effect: Paper clips form themselves into a chain.

Link 10 paper clips and put them in one corner of an envelope. Put a strip of glue on the inside of the envelope, just above the chain. Put 10 loose paper clips into the envelope and you are ready to show the trick. Tip out the loose clips then drop them, one at a time, back into the envelope and seal it down. Tear off the corner of the envelope. The chain will drop out. Casually put the envelope in your pocket and display the chain of clips.

Your Card Is … Effect: You tell a spectator the name of a card he chose. Spread a shuffled pack face up to show they are well mixed. Remember the bottom card.

Turn the cards over and ask a spectator to take one. Ask him to remember the card and then place it face down on top of the pack. Cut the cards a few times. Spread the cards before you. The selected card is the next card to the right of the one you remembered earlier. Pretend to read the spectator's mind and reveal the card selected. A salt cellar is suspended from your fingertip. All you need, apart from the salt cellar, is a toothpick.

Keep the toothpick hidden behind your forefinger as you touch the salt cellar. Secretly push the toothpick into the top of the salt cellar.

Hold the hidden toothpick between your thumb and forefinger and you can lift the cellar. It appears that the cellar is sticking to your finger. Take the cellar in your left hand and pull it away from the toothpick. As you hand the cellar to someone for examination, secretly drop the toothpick on your lap.

Crafty Catch Effect: Two pre-determined cards are caught in mid-air. Secretly place the Seven of Clubs on the bottom of the pack and the Nine of Spades on the top.

Magic Trick Secrets Revealed 2

When you do the trick, remove the Seven of Spades and the Nine of Clubs from the pack. Show them briefly and push them into the pack. Throw the pack in the air but keep tight hold of the top and bottom cards. Pretend you have caught the two you now hold. Show them triumphantly and everyone will believe they are the two cards you placed in the centre of the pack earlier. Quick Tie Handkerchiefs Effect: Two handkerchiefs are thrown in the air where they knot themselves together.

Apart from the two handkerchiefs, all you need for this trick is a small elastic band hidden in your right hand. Pick up one of the handkerchiefs with your left hand and place it in the right.

As you do so, push a corner of the handkerchief into the elastic band. Do exactly the same with the second handkerchief. Throw the two handkerchiefs into the air and catch one of them as they descend. The elastic band holds the two handkerchiefs together and they appear to be knotted. You predict the total of a sum. Write on a piece of paper, fold it and place it on your table. Ask someone to choose any threedigit number.

All three digits must be different and the first must be higher than the last. Get them to reverse the whole number and write that underneath the first. If, for example, he chose he now writes The lower number is then subtracted from the other. The answer which, in this example, is is then reversed and this time the two are added together.

Open the paper — your prediction is the same as the spectator's total. In fact, if the calculations are done correctly, the answer is always ! Rope Through Body Effect: A rope passes through your assistant's body. Two spectators are invited to examine a long length of soft rope.

Put the middle of the rope over your assistant's head to her front. Take both ends of the rope around the back of her body where you apparently cross over the ends. In fact your assistant secretly sticks up her thumbs and you wrap the rope around them as shown.

Hand the ends of the rope to the spectators on either side. When you clap your hands your assistant secretly lowers her thumbs and walks forward — free of the rope. Soapy Secret Effect: A coin is shown on the palm of the left hand. A moment later the coin has vanished. This trick only works with a small coin. The coin is shown on the palm of your left hand which is then closed into a fist.

[PDF Download] The Secret of Magic [Download] Full Ebook

You then press the nail of your second finger against the coin, for on that nail is a small piece of soap. When you open your hand it seems that the coin has disappeared — but it is really stuck to the back of the second finger with the soap. Sweets, produced from a handkerchief, eventually vanish.

Tie a wrapped sweet to a long length of thread. Attach the other end of the thread to the centre of one side of a handkerchief. Fold the handkerchief in half. Hold two corners in one hand and two in the other. Tip the handkerchief and the sweet falls out into a box on your table.

Allow the handkerchief to fall open, with the sweet hidden at the rear. Lift the handkerchief and repeat the above movements until you have produced numerous sweets. Then tip the box to show they have vanished. Spotted Effect: You predict the numbers on two dice. On a postcard write the numbers four and five. Place the card in an envelope. Glue two dice in one end of the drawer of a large matchbox with the four and five spots uppermost. Put two loose dice in the other end of the drawer.

Open the matchbox to show the loose dice. Close the drawer and ask a spectator to shake the box. Take the box back and open the drawer at the end containing the glued dice. Allow someone to see the dice then close the drawer. Your prediction is opened and it, of course, correct.

That Rings A Bell Effect: A small bell rings of its own accord. A small bell is on your table. Hold an opaque scarf in front of you, between your hands. In the top right corner of the scarf there is a small pin. Show the other side of the scarf by moving the right hand to the left and the left hand to the right.

Do this a few times, then pin the scarf to your left shoulder. This leaves your right hand free to reach down and ring the bell. Immediately bring your hand back up to recover the scarf from your shoulder. A spectator tries to put a paper clip on the centre of a group of five cards but fails. Glue five playing cards together.

The card in the centre should stand out from the rest. Show the cards to a spectator. Hand him the clip and ask him to put it on the centre card when you have turned the cards face down.

He puts the clip on the centre card. When you turn the cards face up the clip is actually on the end card! The trick works by itself — but there is no need to tell your audience that! The Travelling Coin Effect: A coin travels from one hand to the other. Place a coin on the palm of your left hand and another on the fingers of your right hand as shown. Turn over hands quickly and simultaneously. Lift the right hand and the coin has vanished.

Lift the left hand to reveal there are two coins beneath it. Due to the positioning of the coins, this trick works automatically. Even so, you should still practise it in private before showing it to anyone. If you are left handed, you may find that the trick works better if the positions of the coins are reversed. Food And Drink Effect: From cards bearing the names of foods, you pick out the odd card on which is written the name of a drink.

You need six blank cards, one of which is fractionally longer than the others. Hand five cards to spectators and ask them to write down foods. The long card is handed to someone with the request that he write the name of a drink.

The cards are mixed up and handed back to you. Without looking you immediately pick out the drink card. You can detect it quite easily by touch. You hold a shuffled pack behind your back and locate the four Aces Secret: Secretly remove the Aces from the pack. Push them into a paper clip which is pinned to the inside of your coat at the rear.

When you want to show the trick, hand the pack to someone to be shuffled. When the cards are returned to you, hold them behind your back and say you are about to attempt the impossible. Secretly remove the Aces from the hidden clip and bring them forward one at a time as if you have searched through the pack for them. Unburstable Balloon Effect: You stick pins into an inflated balloon — but, thanks to your magical powers, the balloon does not burst.

The balloon has on it several pieces of clear adhesive tape. These will not be visible from even a short distance away. Push a pin into the balloon at one of the taped areas and the balloon will not burst although it will go down after a while. You can push the pin into several different places to prove your magical ability. When you want the balloon to burst simply push the pin into an area that is not protected by tape.

Spin Vanish Effect: A matchbox is banged on a spinning coin to stop it. When the matchbox is lifted the coin has vanished. Spin a small coin on the table top. Hold the matchbox, which must be empty, so that the drawer is open side down.

Bang the matchbox sharply on top of the coin.

Item specifics

Ask a spectator if he thinks the head or tails side of the coin is uppermost. Lift the box and the coin has disappeared. Because you banged the matchbox down so hard the coin penetrated the cover and is now inside the box.

Spectators try to win some money — but you win. You show five envelopes. You have secretly marked the money envelope with a pencil dot. Ask someone to mix the envelopes then return them to you.

Move the marked envelope to the second position. Ask someone to spell "money", transferring one envelope to the bottom of the pile for each letter. He keeps the envelope that falls on the letter Y. Do the same with three other spectators. You are left with one envelope, the one containing the money. Where Are The Matches? Two empty matchboxes and one containing some matches are moved around on a table.

The spectators are unable to identify which box contains the matches. All three matchboxes are empty. Attached to your right arm and hidden by your sleeve is a matchbox containing some matches. Shake a box with your left hand it sounds empty. When you mix up the three visible boxes you can make any one appear to be the full one, simply by shaking it with your right hand.

The spectators think it contains matches because they hear the sound from the hidden box. Anti-Gravity Cards Effect: Several playing cards adhere to your hand, until you tell them to fall off. You need to make a special card. It is simply an ordinary card with a tab cut from another card attached to its back. The special card is first placed face up on your palm and the tab is gripped between your fingers. Arrange some more cards between the special card and your hand as shown.

Turn your hand over and the cards will appear to be sticking to it — until you let go of the tab. A coin disappears. Put a coin in the centre of a handkerchief draped over your right hand.

Place a glass tumbler on the palm of your left hand. Turn your right hand over, retaining a grip on the coin and bring the handkerchief over the glass. When the glass is covered tilt it towards you. Drop the coin. It hits the glass convincing everyone it has gone into the glasses and drops onto your hand. Place the glass still covered on your table and casually drop the coin in your pocket.

Remove the handkerchief — the coin has vanished. Colour Sense Effect: You identify the colour of a crayon handed to you behind your back. Ask someone to take any crayon from a box and hand it to you behind your back. You then turn to face the audience but keep the crayon behind your back. Secretly dig your right thumb into the crayon.

Keep hold of the crayon behind your back as you bring your right hand up to your forehead as if concentrating. Take a quick look at your nail — you will see bits of crayon in it and will know the chosen colour. Concentrate some more and then announce the colour. Anti-Gravity Matches Effect: A box of matches is opened and the drawer held upside down. The matches defy the laws of gravity and do not fall out — until you command them to. Wedge a match across the drawer of a box of matches. You will probably have to shorten the match to do this.

When you take the drawer from the box, hold it by the sides to keep the secretly-wedged match in position. Command the matches to fall and release the pressure on the wedged match.

All the matches fall from the box on your command. A rolled magazine travels up and down a string. Roll a magazine into a tube and use paper clips to hold it. Double a piece of string and hook its centre on the bottom clip inside the tube. A second string is looped through the first as shown in the illustration.

Pull on the strings at top and bottom and the magazine will rise up the string. Pull on the top string, relax your grip on the lower string and allow your hands to move slightly closer together and the magazine will go back down. The Haunted Pack Effect: A pack of cards divides to reveal a chosen card. Ask someone to take a card, look at it and remember it. Point to the top card of the pack. As you do this you secretly drop a few grains of salt on the top card.

The spectator puts his card on the top of the pack and the pack is then cut, so the chosen card is hidden somewhere near the centre.

Hit the edge of the pack with the heel of your hand and, thanks to the secret salt, the pack will divide at the chosen card. Miserable Money Effect: When you shout at a coin, it gets so upset it bursts into tears! Secretly conceal a wad of wet tissue paper between the first and second fingers of your right hand.

Borrow a coin and place it directly on top of the tissue. Be careful that you do not allow anyone to see the tissue as you do this. Now squeeze the coin and the tissue together. Water drips from the tissue and it appears that the coin is crying. Someone thinks of one of two items, you predict which.

Give someone any two items. They could be coins, cards, buttons — anything you like. He holds one in one hand and one in the other. While your back is turned, ask him to think of either object — he has a free choice. To help him concentrate suggest he holds the chosen object up to his forehead.

After a short while, ask him to lower his hand and you then turn round. You know which he chose as the hand holding it will be lighter than the other.

Holding it up causes blood to drain from that hand. Match Restoration Effect: A matchstick is broken in half then magically made whole. You need a handkerchief with a matchstick hidden in its hem. A match is taken from a matchbox and wrapped in the handkerchief. Ask a spectator to break the match through the material but make sure it is the one hidden in the hem that he breaks.When you stop, push the pin forward so it goes back through the material. Turn over the top card and show it is the Ace of Spades.

When the matchbox is lifted the coin has vanished. Practise blowing toward the wand gently and secretly. From a small purse you produce a large solid magic wand or pencil. When you let go, the elastic carries the ring up your sleeve.

At the same time move your left hand along the string keeping your finger in the loop until you reach the end. Push the two top cards a little to the right, so they overlap the edge of the pack by one centimetre.

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