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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. (first published ) by C.S.. Lewis ( ). Edition used as base for this ebook: New York: Macmillan, undated. This Study Guide to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe was developed under the auspices of the C.S. Lewis Foundation by Rebekah Choat (home educator. pixia-club.info for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Questions and A.

Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe Pdf

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Comprehension questions and vocabulary. Chapter 1: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe. Vocabulary and idioms: in the heart. Borba 1 MAIKON LAUX BORBA ENG Professor: Dr. Bane Date: April 14, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: How to. BASED ON THE ORIGINAL BOOK,. “THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE " вү. C.S. LEWIS. December 3, Estate Approved Draft. Property of Walden.

After the Witch and her followers depart to prepare for battle against Aslan's followers, Susan and Lucy remain with Aslan's body. In the morning, the girls find the Stone Table broken and Aslan restored to life. Aslan explains that the "Deeper Magic" has the power to reverse death if a willing victim takes the place of a traitor.

Aslan takes the two girls to the Witch's castle and revives the Narnians that the Witch had turned to stone.

They join the Narnian forces battling the Witch's army. The Narnian army prevails, and Aslan kills the Witch. The Pevensie children are then crowned kings and queens of Narnia at Cair Paravel. After a long and happy reign, the Pevensies return to England during a hunt when they unintentionally pass the lamp-post and return through the wardrobe; they are children again, with no time having passed since their departure. Lucy is the youngest and, in some respects, the primary protagonist of the story.

She is the first to discover the land of Narnia when she finds her way through the magical wardrobe in the Professor's house. When Lucy tells her three siblings, they don't believe her: Peter and Susan think she is just playing a game while Edmund persistently ridicules her about it. She is later crowned Queen Lucy the Valiant. Edmund is the second-youngest child. He has a bad relationship with his siblings.

Edmund is known to be a liar, and often harasses children younger than him. He often targets Lucy. Lured by the White Witch's promise of power and an unlimited supply of the magical treats, Edmund betrays his siblings. He later repents, and helps defeat the White Witch, when he is crowned and named King Edmund the Just. He has no endowments, because of his betrayal. Susan is the second-oldest sibling. She does not believe in Narnia until she actually goes there. She and Lucy accompany Aslan on the journey to his apparent self-sacrifice.

Tending to his carcass, she removes a muzzle from him to restore his dignity and oversees a horde of mice who gnaw away his bonds. She then shares the joy of his resurrection and the endeavor to bring reinforcements to a critical battle. Peter is the eldest sibling. He judiciously settles disputes between his younger brother and sisters, often rebuking Edmund for his attitude. Peter also disbelieves Lucy's stories about Narnia, until he sees it for himself.

He is hailed as a hero for the slaying of Maugrim and for his command in the battle to overthrow the White Witch. At the Country Home The house that shelters the Pevensie children is run by a Professor, staffed by servants, and frequently toured by historians. The Professor is a kindly old gentleman who takes the children in when they are evacuated from London.

Lit. Guide - The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe.pdf

He is the first to believe that Lucy did indeed visit a land called Narnia. He tries to convince the others logically that she did not make it up. After the children return from Narnia, he assures them that they will return one day.

The book hints that he knows more of Narnia than he lets on. Narnians The magical land of Narnia is populated by talking animals, mythological species, and sentient flora.

Aslan , a lion , is the rightful King of Narnia and other magic countries. He sacrifices himself to save Edmund, but is resurrected in time to aid the denizens of Narnia and the Pevensie children against the White Witch and her minions.

As the "son of the Emperor beyond the sea" an allusion to God the Father , Aslan is the all-powerful creator of Narnia. Lewis revealed that he wrote Aslan as a portrait, although not an allegorical portrait, of Christ.

Her spell on Narnia has made winter persist for a hundred years with no end in sight. When provoked, she turns creatures to stone with her wand. She fears the fulfillment of a prophecy that "two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve" meaning humans; two male, two female will claim the right to rule and supplant her. She is usually referred to as "the White Witch", or just "the Witch", but her actual name, "Jadis," appears once in this book, in the notice left on Tumnus's door after his arrest.

Lewis later wrote a prequel to include her back-story and account for her presence in the Narnian world. Tumnus , a faun , is the first individual Lucy who calls him "Mr. Tumnus" meets in Narnia.

Tumnus befriends Lucy, despite the White Witch's standing order to turn in any human he finds. He initially plans to obey the order but, after getting to like Lucy, he cannot bear to alert the Witch's forces. He instead escorts her back towards the safety of her own country.

His good deed is later given away to the Witch by Edmund. The witch orders Tumnus arrested and turns him to stone, but he is later restored to life by Aslan. Beaver , two beavers , are friends of Tumnus. They play host to Peter, Susan, and Lucy and lead them to Aslan. An unnamed Dwarf serves the White Witch as her sleigh-driver and henchman.

Maugrim the wolf Fenris Ulf in most American editions is the chief of the White Witch's secret police. Why do the children have to leave London? Because of the air raids.

Who is Mr. Tumnus and where does he take Lucy? He is a faun who takes Lucy home for tea; he explains about the White Witch. What curse is Narnia under? It is always winter, never Christmas. Why does the professors house seem like a place where one could slip into a magical world? It is full of interesting rooms with unusual objects, like a harp and a suit of armor. It has an important history; visitors always want to come see it. What does Christmas mean to Christians?

Why is it sad for it to be always winter and never Christmas? Christmas is a joyous holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus. Delay of Christmas puts off a time of happiness and fun.

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On the sledge why does the White Witch sit up higher? Her high seat indicates her high status 7. Why is it significant that the White Witchs sledge is pulled by reindeer? This image, traditionally associated with Santa Claus, is a cruel reminder that it is never Christmas. Why cant Edmund get enough Turkish Delight? It is a magical candy that creates rather than satisfies hunger.

Literary allusion: There is a looking glass on the wardrobe. What famous English childrens fantasy does this remind you of? Through this image, Lewis pays homage to a writer who clearly inspired him.

Consider reading a bit of this tale to the children one day. Simile: The Queen makes Edmund a hot drink out of magical drops on the snow: Edmund saw the drop for a second in midair, shining like a diamond. What figure of speech does Lewis use? He uses a simile. Why do you think Lucy cries when the other children doubt her story about Narnia?

In Narnia the children arent sure at first whom to trust. Edmund introduces this idea because the White Witch had been so nice to him. Why can it be difficult to know whom to trust? Why doesnt Edmund notice that the White Witchs smile isnt so nice?

Why doesnt he notice whats happening to him? Tell them to read the scene carefully for any visual clues from the book and then to draw or paint the scene. They should make up a good caption for their illustration. To display, hang students pictures in the order of appearance in the story.

Suggest ways that students might learn about that time in history. For example, they could look in the encyclopedia under London, under the history section.

Ask them to find out when the raids took place and how long they lasted. Question: Why does Edmund fall in with the White Witch? Is it partly his fault, or would the other children have had the same trouble? Preparation: As a class, go back and search over the six chapters for any clues about Edmund.

Try to come up with a list of at least five quotes or observations about his character. Ask the class to discuss whether or not he seems different from the other children.

Writing: Have students write a paragraph in answer to the question. Remind them to write a good topic sentence; the reader should know what they think right from the beginning of the paragraph. They discuss Mr. Tumnus predicament, and the children learn the exciting news that Aslan is on the move.

Beaver also acquaints them with the prophecy that when sons of Adam and daughters of Eve sit on the four thrones at the rightful capital of Narnia, then the White Queens rule will end and she will die.

They learn that they are to meet Aslan at The Stone Table. Having heard all of this, Edmund slips away to tell his news to the White Queen. The Beavers and the children realize they must flee. They run into Father Christmas who gives them gifts that seem to be for a battle.

Everywhere winter seems to be breaking; the spell is losing hold. Meanwhile the Queen takes Edmund on her sledge in search of the children; he is treated like a prisoner. When the Queen, the Dwarf, and Edmund run into a group of squirrels opening Christmas presents, Edmund begs the Queen not to turn them into stone she not only ignores him, but also hits him. In spring-like weather the children arrive at The Stone Table to find Aslan amidst a group of creatures.

Aslan shows Peter the throne where he will rule a beautiful land, but suddenly they hear Susans gift a horn. The witchs wolves have arrived and are terrorizing the creatures. Peter kills a wolf with his new sword.

Where is the Beavers house? It is in the middle of a dam. The Witchs reign will come to an end and she will die. Who is Aslan? He is the Lord of the whole wood.

At the Beavers house the children look up the river. Edmund notices two small hills that make him think of Turkish Delight and being king. The White Witch lives somewhere in the area between the two hills and thoughts of her hold the promise of rule and of more magical candy.

What is the feeling of the meal the children eat at the Beavers house? Look closely at the details.

Discovering ASLAN in 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'

Why does each person feel contentment at the end of the meal? How does this sort of food compare to the effect of Turkish Delight? The mood of their little house is snug and cozy; the food they eat is satisfying, unlike Turkish Delight. When the children learn of Aslan, they are filled with wonder and excitement, but Edmund felt a sensation of mysterious horror.

Because Aslan sounds powerful, and Edmund is on the side of the White Queen.

The Lion, the Witch

Is Father Christmas different from the way we think of Santa Claus? Why do the children feel solemn in his presence? Father Christmas is strange and impressive-looking. He is not jolly, exactly, but big and glad and real. Outside the Queens castle Edmund sees many animal statues, including a lion on whom he draws a mustache and spectacles, in order to make fun. Still, he doesnt get any fun out of jeering at it.The children realize the witches power is getting weaker They reach the stone table with a pavilion around it They meet Aslan and are astounded They ask how they can save Edmund and Aslan says it will be.

The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe Binding: What curse is Narnia under? The Pevensie children are then crowned kings and queens of Narnia at Cair Paravel. There are several parallels between the White Witch and the immortal white queen, Ayesha, of H.

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