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Geometric [Petra Kapitza, Nicole Kapitza] on pixia-club.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Geometric Book: graphic art and pattern fonts Pattern power for . projects · about · contact · news · Blog · shop. Menu. Kapitza | Geometric Art Studio London · projects · about · contact · news · Blog · shop. Kapitza Geometric Pattern Art Book.

Kapitza Geometric Book

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Kapitza Geometric Two Pattern Art Book. Geometric Two is a limited edition pattern book filled to the brim with original and previously unpublished geometric artworks by Kapitza. Mar 1, Explore Tomas's board "Kapitza - Geometric" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Artist's book, Book Binding and Book design.

What will we use the money for? Printing a full-color book isn't cheap, especially if you want to print to the highest standards in Europe.

Product details

We are working with one of the best printing houses in Germany, specialising in art and design books. Their print production is environmentally friendly and we will be printing with vibrant bio inks on high-quality, uncoated FSC FSI certified paper. The money will be used for the printing of the book and the tote bags, packaging, shipping and Fees. If we exceed our funding goal, all funds will go into printing the book to an even higher standard.

We would love to bind the book with a saddle stitched open spine and adding special colours and paper stock. What people say about our pattern books 'An indispensable tool for any designer.

We guarantee you'll like it! Printing Test Sheet 50cm x 70cm test sheet straight from the printing press.

Their art feels modern and timeless, clean and colorful, all at the same time—it's fun, fresh beauty. And yes, we totally use all of that language to describe our Clinique Pop color range.


Here, Petra and Nicole dish about working together and living a color-filled life. The Wink: Working with your sister must be a blessing and a curse at the same time, right?

What are some of the pros and cons? The pro is that we can be quite honest with each other.

The cons are probably the social part. As soon as you meet up, you speak about work. Petra Kapitza: Agreed.

Sisters Nicole and Petra Kapitza grew up in rural south-west Germany, in Orbendorf near Stuttgart, where the comfortable existence that cosseted some of their classmates to stay in the local area was the catalyst for them to take wing and seek new places and experience.

Like many creatively-minded individuals both sisters thrive on a challenge. Both sisters developed an early love for working with computers at a time when digital technology in design was still experimental and undefined.

Someone else might be less perfectionist but I would have to start again. Meanwhile, Nicole studied graphic design and illustration at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart where a major influence was her tutor Heinz Edelmann creator of the Yellow Submarine illustrations.

After that eye-opening visit to London, Nicole followed her sister across the channel to study as an exchange student at Camberwell, which, she says, gave her a completely new set of influences.

By now she was also inspired by working digitally. That early example of a picture font was prescient for the work that would follow when the sisters joined forces and opened the doors of their own studio in As soon as you meet up, you speak about work.

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Angharad Lewis meets the first ladies of pattern design. Petra and Nicole Kapitza are the artist sisters behind their namesake, UK-based design studio.


After I finished my course I read an article about them so we both applied and worked there. PK: Yes, we bounce back and forth.

It's a way to bring creative projects to life. Size 60cm x 80cm approx. That early example of a picture font was prescient for the work that would follow when the sisters joined forces and opened the doors of their own studio in

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