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Read and download books written by Supreme Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj. Blog. Home; Read & Download free - Publications | Books Gyan Ganga; Gita. Publications, Books by Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj. Order a Free Gyan Ganga Book. Send an sms / text to +91 , , with your full address &. True Knowledge about Supreme God Kabir Sahib from our Holy Scriptures i.e. Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Purans, Bible, Quran Sharif, Shri Guru Granth.

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Book - GYAN GANGA in Punjabi pixia-club.info pixia-club.info Download Gyan Ganga Book (English) - True Knowledge about Supreme God Kabir Sahib from our Holy Scriptures i.e. Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita, Purans, . Gyan Ganga Book (English) - True Knowledge about Supreme God Kabir Sahib from our Holy Scriptures i.e. Vedas, Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.

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At that time, all the Maharishis great sages present there, even the author of Shri Mad Bhagwat Sudha Sagar, Maharishi Ved Vyaas Ji, did not consider themselves suitable for narrating the tale. Because they knew that we dont have this capability. Therefore why ruin the life of a living being and incur sin.

Because the result had to come on the seventh day. Therefore no body dared to narrate the tale for seven days. Because everybody knows ones capacity. After enjoying the pleasures in heaven, will return in hell and then will revolve in 84 lakh births. This is a hard and fast rule i.

This attainment is also not possible without the complete guru of the three loks. But whatever they are saying, they are not capable of doing even a single thing.

But when the Prime Minister arrives, he says in minimum words that build an international college in Agra, build an international university in Chandigarh etc. After saying this, the P. Sahib goes away. The next day after his statement, that work commences because he has power in his word.

If an ordinary person like you and I say the same thing, then it will be our foolishness because we dont have that much power in our words. Whereas for a P.

To prove these facts, do read some of the sacred speeches mentioned below and think deeply and obtain guru mantra as soon as possible. Kabir, pandit aur mashaalchi, dono soojhaen naahin auron ne karaen chaandna, aap andhere maahin Kabir, karni taj kathni kathaen, agyaani din raat kukar jyon bhaunkat firaen, suni sunaai baat Garib, beejak ki baatan kahaen, beejak naahin haath prithvi doban utre, kahae-kahae meethi baat Garib, beejak ki baatan kahaen, beejak naahin paas auron ko prmodh hee, aapan chale niraash Garib, kathni ke shoore ghane, kathaen atambar gyaan baahar jwaab aavae nahin, leed karaen maidaan To do katha narrate a scriptural tale and to give naam updesh spiritual instruction is not a childs play that took a book in the armpit, and said, Let me also do a katha, let me also do the paath recite of Ramayan.

Let me do the paath of Granth Sahib i. Gyan Ganga Only the Purna Saint complete saint has the authority to do katha and give spiritual instruction, and only he can resolve that katha tale. Because a Purna Saint has power in his word. Like, Sukhdev had in his word. For instance, if one does a satsang and lets suppose that he tells the glory of a mango in it that a mango is very sweet, is the king of fruits, its colour is yellow etc-etc, and if someone comes and says that give me mango, brother.

Then that person who is doing satsang says that I do not have mango with me. Then that man who is asking for mango asks that where will I find it? He gets the answer that I do not know. Then that man, who is asking for mango, will say that oh fool, when you do not have any mango, nor you know from where will I get it, then why are you shouting in vain? The purport of saying this is that without an authoritative person, those who do katha and those who hear it from them, all go to hell.

If any person himself becoming a guru, makes disciples, then understand that he puts burden on his head. Because it is a rule of God that until a disciple gets across, a guru has to repeatedly take birth. Complete saints, to get rid of the incomplete disciples, do such a leela divine play that the ignorant disciples develop hatred towards the guru.

For instance, when Lord Kabir appeared in Kaashi city, at that time 64 lakh individuals had become disciple of Lord Kabir. To take their test, Lord Kabir started going to the house of a famous prostitute of Kaashi city to impart the knowledge of the satsang to her.

On seeing and hearing which, the disciples developed hatred in their hearts towards their Guru and everybody lost faith in their Guru.

Except two, all became devoid of Guru. There is evidence in Satguru Garibdas Ji Maharajs speech: Garib, chandaali ke chaunk mein, Satguru baithe jaay chausath laakh gaarat gaye, do rahe Satguru paay Bhadva bhadva sab kahain, jaanat naahin khoj das Garib Kabir karm, baantat sir ka bojh We only want to request you that trade prudently.

In Samveds Shlok no , it is explained that a living being will become liberated by three naams. Satnaam-Satnaam is not a naam1 for doing jaap. It is indicating towards that naam which is a true naam, so is this Saarnaam. Om' mantra alone is of no use. These three naams and the permission to give naam has been granted to me by my venerable Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj, which has been running from generation to generation from Lord Kabir.

Gyan Ganga

First of all you listen to the satsang, serve, as a result of which your field of bhakti will be prepared. Kabir, maanush janm pay kar, nahin ratae hari naam jaise kuaan jal bina, khudvaaya kis kaam Kabir, ek hari ke naam bina, ye raja rishabh ho maati dhovae kumhaar ki, ghaas na daale ko After this, will have to sow seed in your prepared field.

The gist of all these scriptures is only one that, for complete liberation by taking naam updesh from the nominated saint who also has permission from his guru to give naam of Supreme God named Lord Kabir, one should get self-welfare done. If one does not take naam then Naam bina soona nagar, padya sakal mein shor Loot na looti bandagi, ho gaya hansa bhor Adli aarti adal ajooni, naam bina hai kaaya sooni Jhoothi kaaya khaal luhaara, ingla pingla sushman dwaara Krtaghni bhoole nar loi, ja ghat nishchay naam na hoi So nar keet patang bhujanga, chauraasi mein dhar hai anga If did not sow the seed of naam, then the tilling i.

The purport of saying this is that by these you will gain knowledge which is essential. But to take naam-updesh2 from a Purna Guru i. A living being will not get liberated by any other naam except these. The sooner, the better.

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Because who knows when and at what time the end time of this body arrives. Even Guru Nanak Dev Ji says that Na jaane Kaal ki kar daarae, kis vidhi dhal ja paasa ve Jinhaade sir te maut khudagdi, unhaanu keda hansa ve Kabir Sahib says that Kabir, swaans-swaans mein naam japo, vyartha swaans mat khoye Na jaane is swaans ka, aavan ho ken a hoye Satguru soi jo Saarnaam drdaavae, aur guru koi kaam na aavae Saar naam bin purush bhagwan drohi Which means that a guru who does not give Saarnaam1 and Saarshabd2 or who does not have the authority permission to give naam by his guru i.

That guru is an enemy of God, is a traitor. He will be hung upside-down in the court of God.

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Now a wrong misconception has been spread in the bhakt3 community by the fake gurus saints that after acquiring a guru once, one should not change to another guru. Just think that a guru is a doctor who removes our disease of birth-death. If our disease is not cured by one doctor, then we will go to another better doctor so that our deadly disease can be cured.

But when Dharmdas learnt that his guru is not a giver of complete liberation then immediately giving him up made Kabir Parmeshwar5 SatPurush6 his guru and attained complete 1 2 Saarnaam This is a secret mantra Saarshabd This is an indication to the worshipper of his bhakti being complete, which is made evident by the Complete Guru. Like, a doctor keeps checking temperature; similarly, Satguru Tattavdarshi Saint checks the worshipper and tells that you have become successful; your fever has subsided.

Just like this, an incomplete guru should be abandoned immediately. Gita Ji Adhyay no.

Likewise, in these two loks, the bodies of all the living beings are said to be perishable and the soul, imperishable. But its answer is very short and simple, that a guru who does bhakti3 according to the scriptures and makes his followers i. Because religious scriptures like speech of Kabir Sahib, speech of Shri One who has complete knowledge of all the religious scriptures There are four Yugas. Satyug 2. Tretayug 3. Dwaparyug 4. The present Yug is Kalyug. Whichever saint tells sadhna1 according to the scriptures and shows the path to the Bhakt2 community, he is a Purna Saint; otherwise he is a big enemy of the Bhakt society who is making others do sadhna opposite to the scriptures.

He is playing with this invaluable human life. Such a guru or saint will be hung upside-down in deep hell in Gods court. For example, if a teacher teaches outside the syllabus, then he is an enemy of those students. Gita Adhyay no. Yajurved Adhyay no. Others say that He is in form i. Those who, endowed with durable i.

By properly prostrating before those saints who know the true knowledge and solution 1 2 Religious actions worthy of being performed Worshipper Gyan Ganga 13 of the Supreme God, by serving them, and by giving up deceit, asking questions with simplicity, they, who know the Supreme God in essence i. Consumption of intoxicating substances Prohibited: - Let alone the consumption of hukkah smoking tobacco through water , alcohol, beer, tobacco, beedi, cigarette, to take snuff, gutkha, meat, egg, sulfa a wad of tobacco smoked in chilam , opium, cannabis and other intoxicating substances, do not even have to bring any intoxicating substance and give to anyone.

Saint Garibdas Ji Maharaj, calling all these intoxicating substances as bad, states in his sacred speech that Surapan madhya masahari, gaman karae bhogaen par naari Sattar janm katat hain sheeshM, sakshi Sahib hai jagdeeshM Par dwaara stri ka kholae, satar janm andha hovae dolae Madira peeve kadva paani, sattar janm shwaan ke jaani Garib, hukka hardam pivte, laal milaavaen dhoor ismein sanshay nahin, janm pichhle soor 1 Garib, so naari jaari karae, sura paan sau baar ek chilam hukka bharae, dubae kaali dhaar 2 Garib, soor gau kun khaat hai, bhakti bihune raad bhaang tambaakhu kha gaye, so chaabat hain haad 3 Garib, bhang tambaakhu peev heen, sura paan sae het gaust matti khaay kar, jangli bane pret 4 Garib, paan tambaakhu chaab heen, naas naak mein det so to iraanae gaye, jyun bhadbhooje ka ret 5 Garib, bhang tambaakhu peev heen, gost gala kabaab mor mrig koon bhakhat hain, denge kahaan jawaab 6 3.

Going to places of Pilgrimage Prohibited: - Do not have to keep fast of any kind. Do not have to do any pilgrimage, nor have to take any bath in Ganga etc, nor have to go to any other religious place for the sake of bathing or seeing. Do not have to go in any temple or place of pilgrimage of a favoured deity with the feeling of devotion or worship thinking that God is in this temple.

God is not an animal whom the priest has tied in the temple. God is omnipresent is present in every particle. All these sadhnas ways 14 Indication to Bhakti Trader of worship are against the scriptures. Just think a little that all these places of pilgrimage like, Jagannaath Temple, Badrinaath, Haridwar, Mecca-Medina, Amarnaath, Vaishnodevi, Mathura, Barsana, Ayodhya Ram Temple, Kaashi Dhaam, Chhudani Dhaam etc , temples, mosques, gurudwaras, churchs and places of pilgrimage of favoured deities etc are such places where some saint used to live.

They after doing their sadhna1 there and collecting their wealth of bhakti2 left their bodies and went to the lok of their favoured deity. Thereafter to preserve the evidence of their presence, someone built a temple there, some a mosque, someone a gurudwara, someone church or someone an inn etc, so that their memory remains, and insignificant people like us keep getting the evidence that we should perform actions similar to these great souls.

All these religious places only give this message to all of us that just as these famous saints have done sadhna, so should you. For this, you must search for the saints who do and tell sadhna in this very way, and then do as they say. But later people started worshipping these places only, which is absolutely useless and is contrary to the scriptures.


All these places are like such a place where a sweet-maker built a bhatti clay-oven , made sweets like laddu, jalebi etc, and after eating himself and feeding his near and dear ones, went away. Thereafter neither is there any sweet-maker in that place, nor any sweet. Only the bhatti is there then. Neither can it teach us how to make sweets, nor can fill our stomachs. Now, if someone says, Come, brother! I will show you that bhatti where a sweet-maker had made sweets.

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Lets go. Went there and saw that bhatti, and also circumambulated it seven times. Did you get the sweet? Did you find the sweet-maker who teaches the method of preparing sweets? For this, you will have to find a similar sweet-maker who first of all feeds you the sweet and then also explains the method of its preparation.

Then only do what he says, nothing else. Similarly, instead of worshipping the places of pilgrimage, find the same kind of saints who do and tell bhakti of Supreme God Kabir 1 2 Gyan Ganga 15 according to the scriptures.

Then only do as they say. Do not act as your heart desires. Samved Mantra no. The supreme-happinessgiving Purna Brahm Great Kabir acquiring another body made up of masses of light tejpunj1 similar to that of Satyalok appears in body in an ordinary attire vastra [The meaning of vastra is attire in saint language, it is also called chola.

Like, if a saint gives up his body, then it is said that Mahatma has left his chola], and by spending life like a common man and living in the world for a few days, by describing the unknown true knowledge by means of his hymns-verses, brings awareness about the hidden actual true knowledge and worship of the Purna Parmatma Supreme God.

A worshipper attains power similar to that for doing magics.

By that, sets fire somewhere; sometimes, walks on water like on land. This magical power i. Poojain deii dhaam ko, sheesh halaavae jo Garibdas saachi kahae, had kafir hai so Kabir, ganga kaathae ghar karae, peevae nirmal neer mukti nahin hari naam bin, Satguru kahain Kabir Kabir, teerth kar-kar jag mua, udai paani nhaay Ram hi naam na japa, Kaal ghasite jaay Garib, peetal hi ka thaal hai, peetal ka lota jad moorat ko poojte, aavaega tota Garib, peetal chamchcha poojiye, jo thaal parosae jad moorat kis kaam ki, mati raho bharosae Kabir, parvat parvat main firya, karan apne Ram Ram sarikhe jan mile, jin saare sab kaam 4.

Worship of Pitras Prohibited: - Do not have to do any type of pooja1 of Pitras, carrying out shraadhs etc. God Shri Krishna has also clearly forbidden worshipping these Pitras and ghosts. In Gita Ji Adhyay 9 Shlok 25, it is said that Yanti, devvrtaH, devan', pitrn', yanti, pitrvrtaH, Bhootani, Yanti, bhootejyaH, yanti, madhyajinH, api, mam' 25 Translation: Worshippers of gods go to gods, worshippers of pitras go to pitras, worshippers of ghosts go to ghosts, and those devotees who worship in accordance with the scriptures matanusar are benefited by me alone.

Its evidence is also in Gita Ji Adhyay no 18 Shlok no. Gita Adhyay 18 Shlok 46 YatH, prvrttibhootanaM yen sarvmidM tatam' Swakarmna tambhyachrya siddhiM vindati manavH 46 Translation: The God from whom all the living beings have originated and from whom this whole world has pervaded, by worshipping that God through the performance of ones natural activities, a man attains supreme spiritual success.

You, in every respect, go in the refuge of only that Supreme God. By the grace of that Supreme God, you will attain supreme peace and will attain the ever-lasting, i.

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The meaning of in every respect is to not do any other pooja and to have faith in only one God by mind-action-speech. The Param Purush Parmatma Supreme God , under whom are all the living beings and from whom this whole universe has pervaded, is attainable only by undivided devotion. One who knows that tree of world in this manner is completely knowledgeable i. GitaAdhyay no. And here in this discussion i. By knowing i. Tattavgyan which has a properly stabilized state, has a strong form, and is equipped with complete knowledge; which means by knowing that the bhakti of Niranjan is short-lived, one should search beyond Brahma, Vishnu, Shiv, Brahm and ParBrahm, for the Purna Brahm i.

I am also in the refuge of that Aadi Purush Parmatma1 only. Thus, God Shri Krishna himself, giving up the pooja of Indra who is the king of gods-goddesses, had encouraged to do bhakti of only that Supreme God.

Because of which raising the Govardhan mountain he had protected the residents of Brij from the anger of Indra. Garib, Indra chada brij dubovan, bheega bheet na lev Indra kadaai hot jagat mein, pooja kha gaye dev Kabir, is sansaar ko, samjhaaoon kae baar Poonchh jo pakdae bhed ki, utra chaahae paar 5.

Obeying orders of Guru: - Without the permission of Guruji, do not have to perform any type of religious rite at home. Like, Bandichhor Liberator from prison says in his sacred speech Guru bin yagya hawan jo karhin, mithya jaave kabhu nahin falhin Kabir, guru bin maala ferte, guru bin dete daan Guru bin dono nishfal hain, poochho Ved Puraan Meaning: No use of donation and remembering God without the permission of Guru.

Whether grave is of anyone, do not have to worship it at all. Do not have to do any other worship. Even do not have to worship the three gunas Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiv. Only have to act according to Gurujis instructions. Kabir, maai masaani shed sheetla, bhairav bhoot hanumant Parmatma unse door hai, jo inko poojant Kabir, sau varsh to guru ki sewa, ek din aan upaasi vo apraadhi aatma, parae Kaal ki faansi Guru ko tajae bhajae jo aana ta pasuva ko fokut gyaana 7.

Lord Kabir is Sankat Mochan Liberator from a crisis : - On arrival of any suffering crisis as a result of karm1 deeds , never have to worship any other deity god or Mata Masaani etc. Only have to worship Bandichhor2 God Kabir who removes all the miseries, who is the liberator from crisis.

Eternal Kabir Parmeshwar3, by giving instruction of three mantras to a devout soul who loves Him by heart and does worship with faith, by purifying him, releases him from birth and death, and fully increases the countable life-breaths, which have been given to his friend i. As a result of which, makes him attain the real happiness of Parmeshwar by His blessings. Unnecessary charity Prohibited: - Do not have to give anything in form of charity anywhere and to anyone.

Neither money, nor unstitched cloth etc, nothing. If someone comes asking for any charity then feed him and give something to drink like tea, milk, lassi, water etc, but do not have to give anything else. Who knows that beggar might misuse that money. For instance, a man hearing a false story of a beggar, in which he was telling that his children are suffering without treatment and please give me some money, out of emotions, gave him Rs Earlier that beggar used to drink ml of alcohol.

That day he drank half a bottle of alcohol and beat his wife. His wife along with his children committed suicide. That charity done by you became the cause of that familys destruction. If you want to help such a distressed person, then get his children medication from the doctor; do not give money. Kabir, guru bin maala ferte, guru bin dete daan Guru bin dono nishfal hain, poochchho ved puraan 9. It is prohibited to eat remnants of food previously tasted by someone: - Do not have to eat food remnants of such a person who consumes alcohol, meat, tobacco, egg, beer, opium, cannabis etc.

Performance of last-rites after death departure to Satyalok Prohibited: - If someone dies in the family, then do not have to pick up anything like ashes etc, nor have to offer pind etc, nor have to do terahmi, chhHmahi, barsodi, and shraadhs1 etc; do not have to do anything. Do not have to get any hawan performed by any other person. If you want to do any meritorious act on his deceased persons name, then after taking permission from your Gurudev Ji, should keep the Akhand non-stop Paath of Bandichhor Garibdas Ji Maharajs sacred speech.

You have to continue lighting lamp and doing Aarti, sumiran of naam etc like everyday, bearing this in mind that Kabir, saathi hamaare chale gaye, hum bhi chaalan haar koye kaagaj mein baaki rah rahi, taate lag rahi vaar Kabir, deh padi to kya hua, jhootha sabhi pateet pakshi udya aakaash koon, chalta kar gaya beet 1 These are rites performed after a persons death 22 Indication to Bhakti Trader A Real Story My Sant Rampal Dass venerable Gurudev Swami Ramdevanand Ji Maharaj became detached vairaag free from worldly desires at the age of 16 years after hearing satsang of a Mahatma1.

One day he had gone in the fields. There was a forest nearby. He went into the forest, tore his clothes and threw them near the bones of a dead animal, and himself went along with the Mahatma Ji.

When he was searched, the family members saw that torn clothes are lying near the bones in the forest. They thought that some wild animal has eaten him. They brought those clothes and bones home and performed the last rites. Thereafter they performed terahveen2 and chhHmahi3 and barsodi4 and then started carrying out shraadhs5. When my venerable Gurdev had grown very old, then once he went home.

Then those family members came to know that he is alive and had left home.

They told that when he had left home, we searched for him. We found his clothes in the forest. Some bones were lying next to them. We thought that some wild animal had eaten him and brought those clothes and bones home and performed the last-rites. Then I Sant Rampal Das asked the wife of the younger brother of my venerable Gurudev that what did you do in his absence?

She told, When I got married, I found that his shraadhs are being carried out. I was also instructed to carry out his shraadhs. I have carried out nearly 70 shraadhs of his with my own hands. She told that whenever there used to be any loss at home; for example, a buffalo not giving milk, any problem in the udder, any other loss etc, then we used to go to the exorcists. They used to say that someone has died unmarried in your family.

He is troubling you because he has become a ghost.Satlok Ashram. Whether the reason was selfishness or superficial ostentations. God Kabir Comes in all the Four Yugas 6. Gita Tera Gyan Amrit Downloads: References 1.

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