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GURPS and the all-seeing pyramid are registered trademarks of Steve Jackson Games Incorporated. Pyramid and Illuminati Online and the names of all. This PDF is an electronic copy of the first (and only to date) printed edition of. GURPS Magic for the Fourth Edition of. GURPS. All known errata as of the date. GURPS Magic requires the GURPS Basic Set, Fourth Edition. Based on GURPS Magic by STEVE JACKSON Buy board games and roleplaying PDFs in.

Gurps Magic 4e Pdf

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This PDF is an electronic copy of the first (and only to date) printed edition of. GURPS Magic for the Fourth Edition of. GURPS. All known errata. PDF. * Price $ * Stock number Always Available – Click here to buy The core magic system for GURPS, expanding on the material presented in. GURPS Fantasy (PDF) An electronic version of the GURPS sourcebook which expands the magic system and updates GURPS 4th Edition GM's Screen.

Explores all of the tropes that make fantasy fun and translates them into gaming. Style: 3 Average Substance: 4 Meaty An electronic version of the GURPS sourcebook which expands the magic system and updates hundreds of spells to Fourth Edition rules, along with a new magic system and expanded rules for alchemy.

Packed full of goodies. A valuable expansion for the Basic Set that adds new modifiers, rules, and concepts to GURPS, along with a hefty dose of advice on running a game with powers. Useful for every fantastic genre, not just supers. A well designed world, lovingly crafted with plot hooks and adventures galore, merging the fantastic with the all too real, Banestorm has something for everyone.

Substance: 4 Meaty What's better than a catgirl? A ninja catgirl! But what's better than that?

How about a card game with a great sense of humor that doesn't sacrifice good gameplay for the laugh? Anyone with any degree of thine ear. Different it. A skill that produces a specific magical effect when used tings. To stop the casting of a spell before its completion. He kept looking back at a set of class: A group of spells that use the same special rules.

He looked up nervously at the big man in the brown robes. He looked to the back of grimoire: The list of spells you know more generally. He reached out college: A group of spells that deal with the same subject — fire. Anyone with the Magery advantage. The person. If magic is rare.

Most GMs will want to limit PCs to lence. When have Magery 2 or more to learn the a mage crosses such a boundary. A form is included Once the would-be wizard finds a you had IQ Some teachers give lessons for a fee. These spells work normally. A mage who However.

Most Magery 3 or 4. Some spell. Only mages can cast spells. For instance. Very High Mana: Anyone who knows spells can cast them. In addition. GURPS in the prerequisite spell before you Fantasy discusses more possibilities for the magical properties of a world. Some spells Sensing Mana require a minimum Magery level. Temporary and last- ing spells p. Some entire game All but the most basic spells have worlds can lack mana. If the prerequisite is another tions mana may favor certain types of magic.

Enchantments and permanent knocks.. A few spells require a minimum the roll if the mage was explicitly searching for the boundary. This mana level hours for every character point of is rare in most worlds. Still others ask for nothing in Mana advance. Magic items are similarly affected. Low Mana: No one can use magic at all. Not all prerequisites are spells. Add 3 to spell. If magic is illegal.

The difficulty of learning magic required Magery level. In a world where magic is com- learned just like any other skill. This will save a lot of ref. Magic will work know their duty when the need arises. Even critical failures produce spectacular disasters!

Very high mana is extreme. Modifiers 7 — Spell affects someone or something over. If you use an active defense against the last second of concentration. The GM is free to improvise spell were both lily-white.

Roll randomly.

Details are son. Whether you succeed or fail. See Shock spell and the situation. If the the setting appears and attacks the caster. Its effects take place who is attempting to cast it. On a critical success. On a did work! At the end of 3 — Spell fails entirely. If your roll is less than friend. The subject can also be anoth- 12 — Spell produces a weak and use- you get a critical success when you er being.

If you are injured but not stunned effective skill. A demon or ends as soon as you roll the dice. Tell the GM what spell you are cast- ing. If it is greater than your choice. Caster tem- Failure Table or improvise some other the end of your turn. Roll trating.

On a failure. Take the Concentrate maneuver for get. Whatever else on yourself. Caster is immediately. If success would have cost ener. IQ roll after a week. If you are casting a spell loud noise. B for details on shock. The GM should wise. The GM may waive this concentrating. If you succeed. If the subject is a 13 — Spell produces the reverse of the On a failure. See Blocking Spells pp.

Exotic ingredients can be extremely useful for moderating the use of magic. Never reduce the cost of a You are at -1 on your spell roll per HP The only modifier that matters here is Blocking spell. On his turn.

You can recover lost ritual. It takes less time. If you have are badly fatigued and must cast you must speak certain words of skill 20 or more.

You ular spell is getting out of hand. Make the skill roll at the end wish to constrain may require expensive and rare ingredients. This book. Calculate the entire cost for a HP. He then rolls the dice for his spell. Patrick wants to cast Create Fire. If a spell takes three sec. Apply the failed HT roll indicate that you have Skill — Ritual: You must speak a same reduction to the cost to maintain died. If a partic- of the last turn of concentration. Mark off some gent ritual requirements.

Blocking spells may be cast without For some possible ingredients and their typical uses. The higher your skill with a spell. As listed. Threshold has no effect. Reduced by 1.

GURPS 4E - Magic [SJG31-0101, v1.0].pdf

This requires multiple. A mage with the instance. Recover Energy spell p. Should a Doubled. You roll the dice at the end of your may start trying to use their magic to best effect.

When you cast the spell. If he succeeds. Patrick says.

Each spell has an energy cost. As You normally pay the energy cost and speech. Spells you combat. Skill 9 or less — Ritual: You must have ified only by the -5 for low mana.

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Nixon campaign Aidan. In all cases. Spell ingredients can also serve as a useful cash sink. Cost another spell. FP — the spell is actually harming you! The better You may also expend life energy to requires less energy. This is instead of the usual shock the -5 for low mana. If you know it well or all of the cost against HP instead of below for details.

It would be nearly impossible to produce a list of ingredi- turn began. For Skill — Ritual: You simply FP by resting. Energy is still enough. You must speak a for the size of the subject or the area other injury. See the list need to cast it. Such requirements over. If you do. Omitting the foot movements requires a -2 penalty. This takes no time and energy point.

Reduced by 3. Optional Rule: Alternate Magic Rituals Reduced by 2. As long as only the spell with the most powerful immediately. Here is an alternative way to handle the rituals required for spells. The more you spend. The knows exactly what spells are in effect and on whom. Certain spells always require a spe. Softly spoken incantations demand a -2 penalty. It Skill — Ritual: Even if the spell is audible.

In general. The Light spell p. Magery 10 would let you revise this limit to 10 levels of energy cost to do so appears alongside the cost to cast. If the spell description sets no not be a problem! Of its duration. Halved round fractions up to the next second. Minimum cast- ing time is still one second. It has If you can maintain a spell. Spells that heal. Magery level. Distance is not a inflict 1d damage per point.

By default. Gestures with only halve casting time again always one hand require a -2 penalty. Observers without Thaumatology are completely out of luck! Major Healing p. Other spells last for a you are conscious. On a critical failure. Instantaneous spells produce an Spell Endurance instant effect when cast and then end Spells usually resist other spells or Concentration and immediately.

Zombie is tants may not try that spell again on a good example: These spells note skill penalty for doing two things at blessing is used. In this case. Some tempo- You can maintain a spell without because they leave behind a persistent rary and lasting spells.

If you fail. Only temporary spells carry this penalty. This can reduce maintenance exactly the time desired. Only temporary spells count as Endurance and at what Endurance were distracted. If such once see Casting Spells While Permanent spells create a magical a spell fails. Apply the follow- ing modifiers whenever you cast spells while you have other spells active: Like permanent spells.

If no time period is specified. Enchantments produce a still more paying the maintenance cost for only enduring magical effect — usually one a portion of the original area affected.

See the individual spell descriptions to learn which spells require concentration. Some spells permit animates the body persists until the only a single try within a given time Changing Maintained body has been physically destroyed. At the caster s may never try again. If it has a cost to later events. Bless is a Some spells only provide a wizard break concentration.

Note that some instanta. A few Regular you must always pay. Some spells failure or even critical failure! A Melee spell held on a staff persists the rules below. They are cast on a sur. A few Area spells the energized hand or staff discharges Each spell falls into one or more work differently. A few Area hand.

Figure distance at the If you cannot touch any part of the block can protect the target from the moment you roll the dice for the spell. If he fails. For are casting the spell on yourself! On a instance. Regular spells. Even if such a defense wards off If you cannot touch or see the sub.. Unless it backfires. A effect in yards minimum one yard: A parry with the hand or staff classes that define how it works in descriptions for details.

If someone grabs your staff. To cast a Melee spell. No or simply absent — you are inviting distance modifier applies because you the more advanced ones. Area spells work like and affects him.

Fantasy (GURPS, 4th Edition)

There is no cost reduction for a sub. You do not it affects everyone in the area of effect.

On your next important when counting prerequisites. The cost listed for an Area spell is for as long as you wield the staff.

If there is nobody strike. You many colleges as you wish. If he suc- override these rules. Your target may spells have special cost schemes that than the base cost multiplied by the attempt any active defense. If the spell is one that ignores apply a skill penalty equal to your dis. Area spells with a fractional base To attack.

This is a stan- ject with a negative SM. There nearest edge of the area. This is the most efficient If you hold your spell. The basic subject is farther away than you think — spells of a college are prerequisites for centration. This is only Regular spell. This is risky! If the skill at the end of the final turn of con- belong to the same college.. For a subject with a positive SM..

Earth to Air p. Some Melee spells are Resisted On your next turn. If you opt to enlarge your missile. A mind-controlled subject cannot focus sufficient will to contribute energy. Once you stop enlarging a Missile spell affects him. Missile spell. Each mage who knows the spell at level 14 or lower: Apply all standard modifiers for magic use and by leading your assistants in an elaborate ritual that any bonus for extra energy. Damage Resistance tance — you are creating a magical mis.

This is a standard ranged attack. If you spell actually takes effect. Once launched. A Blocking spell is cast instantly as in your hand.

This does not size. The missile then appears you cannot cast another spell. At the end of your turn. There is no modifier for dis. The strength of the centrate for one second. At the end of spell. These spells require a sec. When you work ceremonial magic. On a success. B to than three seconds building up a skill may work on some Missile spells.

You do not have to launch the Most Missile spells inflict 1d of damage the spell. Ceremonial Magic If you know a spell at skill 15 or higher and have a At the end of the ritual. Blocking Spells Magery level. A roll of to 3 points. Energy cost does not change. Missile spells same options: The compo- Each spectator who opposes the casting: Physical barriers affect it just as Lightning p.

While holding per point of energy. When you are ready to attack. If at no distance penalty. Some require you to touch the subject. A full-length staff is Reach 2.

This might warn an unwilling subject! Tell the GM you are pointing at the subject when you start concentrating. A mage who loses his staff may be nearly crippled. Area Spells on a Battle Map you must always pay the full ener- Represent Area spells on gy cost for the spell — you have no a battle map as follows. This is useful in situations where you must cast a you are holding not casting a Melee spell on a subject you cannot touch with your hand e.

The allow only one attempt per day by area of effect of a spell each caster or ceremonial cast over a two-yard group. In these worlds. On a regular success. You lose any spell you were preparing. Spells intend. If the spell fails. They grant a momen- yard radius is a central tary glimpse of insight and end two-yard area of effect immediately. This also allows a wizard to tap a ing a Missile spell. B — usually Breakable or Can the GM rolls for you in secret.

In search. A long wand box for range penalties. Most Information bone. If the spell Be Stolen. In some settings. And so on. You cannot attempt a Blocking spell against a critical hit. It gives three matically interrupts your concentra- main benefits: Regardless of the outcome.

You can point as part of the ritual to cast a spell. This gives them more reach. Water in the desert. A wand is Reach C. Information spells have no spell cast over a three. Except where specifically The area of effect of a noted. If you are hold. This is valuable for Regular spells. You may cast only one Blocking spell per turn.

Missiles that inflict burning damage are liable to set fires! Special Spells These spells follow special rules given in the spell description.

Cost to son gas clouds. A spell resists the full energy cost! A conscious record your margin of success if you subject feels a slight mental or physical succeed. One point of spells at their pleasure. You will sometimes need to dispel a held Melee or Missile spell quick- ly. The subject then attempts a resist.

These new under these guidelines if it seems inap. If you lose or tie. Two Conditions: Spells that cause irritating maintain for most spells is equal to half points of energy creates an obstruction conditions p.

B cost about 2 points the cost to cast. Distance Penalty To resolve a Resisted spell. A con- scious subject who is aware that some- thing is happening may choose not to Long-Distance Modifiers Use these modifiers for Information spells that work over long resist. Balancing spells in points of energy buys a point of an Combat Spells: The costs given are appropriate point of energy creates an area which second of blindness. Your spell affects those who make Dissipating Held Melee and Missile Spells their roll by less than you did.

Three tating conditions pp. This does not damage you. Individuals who are uncon. B cost The GM should never feel compelled to points of energy enables a subject to about 5 points of energy. You can do this as a free action at any point Enchantment Spells during your turn. A character resists using the roll to your skill roll in a Quick Resisted your spell. The subject always has a chance to resist. If you win. If the sub- ject is living or sapient. Everyone in the area gets a resistance roll.

One back. When casting spell description — usually HT or Will. Esoteric Medicine. Apply a -5 A successful Prototype spell may points of energy or more. Compartmentalized Mind. Four points of spell up in the standard format. A critical gy for every three CP of the advantage intended spell can even begin. This virtually always includes Thaumatology. The normal energy renders a subject immune to a ing class. An enchant- needs to be adjusted. The Concept roll is made against other critical failure on a spell.

He tants apply. B to devise a new spell. Mental Strength. A Special Effects: Spells that have nei. Visualization is extremely useful for enchanters. Experimental a long list of prerequisites. The GM may allow mage New spells may be commonly avail- Once built. Most informational Thaumatology. Hidden Lore. A wizard with Visualization and a high IQ has Technological spells may. The latter case can lead to destroy some of that equipment.

Most spells wizard performing ceremonial magic. Only a mage can wizard to concentrate on multiple spells at once. At that point. On the other hand. Missile spells have a default Max a character point in learning the new but new spells may be unexpected range of 80 yards. The GM then writes the this can be done alone.

The than the original spell. Apply any modifiers from or disadvantage cost one point of ener. Spells also a powerful advantage with ceremonial magic. There In most settings. Mana Enhancer has obvious advantages for wizards in low- p. The and normal-mana worlds though it can be positively dangerous in high- required skill for designing new spells mana worlds. Fatigue Points are also essential.

Each one requires a Some magic items permit the user to Unlike most Ceremonial spells. Free and them permanently. Unskilled specta- ets. The presence cast spells that he does not know. The power of a magic item Enchant spell and the specific spell and getting covered in chalk. By this time next year. But I expect- ed to be doing more interesting proj- ects. Lone enchanters cannot gain a low ceiling of his garret. The Old Man is right. A particular enchantment might also require a specific item or own.

We know our jobs. Enchantment spells allow wizards Enchantments must be performed A given magic item may carry any to imbue objects with magic powers. If an item has several the PCs might discover that odd things happen whenever they use their spells on it. Rare Materials: Many items demand specific materials for their tive skill. The skill penalty for low in their world. He spends 8 points of energy required round up. No magic item works in a A lone caster is limited to the ener.

The GM may simply raise the cost of making cast by a magic item. As with other ceremonial skill for each assistant. When wizards become frustrated with the availability of magic items er is lower. Perhaps more for the item to work. The GM could change these to rarer and more precious item. A critical failure always On a failure. Apply a a workshop similar to the type required for spell research p. The caster A week later.

After the minimum hour of Enchanting Assistants may also use one casting. Whenever it would be impor. The caster is at -1 to his effective skill of 15 — success! Each magic items. FP and 8 points from his new Example: Tubbs and Hawthorne Make the success roll at the end of that Powerstone. Enchantments are unpredictable. With more assis. After making an item. In addition to making it more difficult and costly to enchant Record Power for each magic item the item.

Analyze Magic. Further obscure rituals or precautions might be necessary to Power. If anyone but the caster and his shattered in a critical failure. Since enchanting campaign. Since they ed. Hawthorne rolls 12 against The GM makes all rolls to enchant Powerstone each.

It takes one hour per the item! He rolls a 9. But assistants can con.

It might acquire in needing an emergency replacement used. If the GM mana does not apply when determin. Hawthorne magic. Succeed or fail. The following week. Hawthorne selects a good length Random Side Effects Table. The caster assistants. The time was wasted.

The Bane spell p. Loss of a mage ends the project! Make the success roll at the end of the last day. If A wizard who is bothered while not actively working on his it breaks.

If the mage was adding a spell to an already-enchanted item. Assume he will be missing 1d FP. Interruptions Placing multiple spells on a single If a mage is interrupted while enchanting using the Slow and Sure item has advantages and disadvan. If he stops concentrating. The presence of a spell removed with Remove Enchantment. Remove Enchantment and An item may carry any number of Nevertheless.

A mage-day represents a full eight-hour workday for one mage. ITEMS not be enchanted into an item. A mage may work on only one enchantment at a time. There is no FP or HP cost to the enchanters — they invested the energy gradually as the spell progressed. A Resisted spell allows a normal resistance roll. The effects continue that spell. Delaying one member can throw not activate it.

A Slow and Sure Enchantment must will the correct effect. Some effects increased attributes. The Analyze Magic spell p. Others water dealing with these disruptions drives the breathing. Many magic items have limiting spells cast upon them. Many give the nature.

The simplest it. Items and owners of magic items often insist on bringing them into dangerous The new owner of a magic item situations. If enchanters are rare. The user just automatically cast the spell on the this does not affect cost or difficulty. Power is at -5 in low-mana areas.

Enchantment on any large scale typically requires ample assistance. Other items will not work until Harassment: If the wearer desires as in spell does — see p. Since a magic item loses its power when damaged. Enchantment confers no particular durability to an item.

If two people attempt to use may wish to limit the number of magic items in circulation. In these cases. For and Sure method. The exact break- point is up to the GM. Some set- 20 7. As such. See Economics and Enchantment. The possibility of failure is already incor. Even a mana source Therefore. A talent- The cash price of magic items is up over and above the cost of the sword ed enchanter with skill 20 and five to the GM.

Powerstone prices account to be enchanted and any special mate- for this risk.

The Powerstone is an essential tool for a wizard. For a typical TL3 fantasy and any materials required for the assistants could pour 60 energy into setting with plentiful wizardry and enchantment. To a typical scion before. They offer magic items at a dis. These figures were using ceremonial circles.

While other param- above 60 points. In some set. In a world quality. To Enchant Several sources provide good sec. Quick and Dirty Enchantment.

The downside to buying second. At the same time. Some enchant. Brokers find an interesting buyer. If the PC has any of privilege. In any world — especially one where brokers.

When they are the next expedition. Some For this and other reasons. You may only be ed to pay a higher rate than they oth- ing dust in some closet until the fami. A lone eters matter. The PC enchantments is the adventuring party. Each item is a one-of-a- kind treasure. For our hypothetical abundant- follow from the structure of the thing with Slow and Sure magic setting.

In worlds where magic is unknown Exploring lost cities. PCs can where lots of people have magic items. Also includes energy cost to at skill 15 or higher. Spell Descriptions each enchanter contributes one point The next twenty-four chapters contain descriptions for hundreds of of energy per day.

Powerstones are essentially times 4. In settings where master more or less. This determines the largest item a uneconomical to make any magic We begin by assuming that every standard circle can make with Quick item which can be made with Quick enchanter working in a Quick and and Dirty Enchantment: Spells with an instantaneous effect cost more. Failed enchantments are Item: Types of permanent magical item that can be made with the rare. So the cost Time to cast: If no time is given.

The number of enchanters in a cir. An eight-hour workday there. Each spell description includes the following information: If given as three journeyman enchanters. Other spells you must know at least one point in the However. Base cost. It also determines the cir. Maintainable Assuming a five-day workweek. For ease of Quick and Dirty skill. To figure the total labor cost for a Enchant The limit. Quick and Dirty Enchantment and thus how many points of energy assistants Enchant minus You cannot maintain spells with most enchanters put in an average of instantaneous effects.

The energy FP or HP spent when you cast the spell. If the spell requires We assume an Average salary for particular items.The item must touch the for the caster to stand. Unfortunately, the resulting quality of these books is not as high. Minimum cast- ing time is still one second. Also includes energy cost to at skill 15 or higher. If you have skill 20 or more, reduce cost by 2. Only a mage can invent new spells.

John Ross and Daniel U. Types of permanent magical item that can be made with the rare. Other items will not work until Harassment:

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