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From FATES AND FURIES by Lauren Groff. Published by arrangement with Riverhead Books, an imprint of Penguin Publishing Group, a division of Penguin . pixia-club.info - Read Online Fates and Furies By Lauren Groff, Fates and Furies By Lauren Groff PDF Free Download. Editorial Reviews. pixia-club.info Review. Picked by the Amazon editors as the #1 book of Fates and Furies: A Novel - Kindle edition by Lauren Groff.

Fates And Furies Pdf

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Download eBooks Fates and Furies [PDF] by Lauren Groff Books Online for Read "Click Visit button" to access full FREE ebook. [PDF] Free Download Fates and Furies By Lauren Groff, Fates and Furies By Lauren Groff PDF Free Download. Fates and Furies book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Every story has two sides. Every relationship has two perspect.

Plus, I think - and this might get some raised eyebrows - that the characters of Gone Girl are saved from being completely unlikable.

Or perhaps, at least, elicit a powerful enough response from us that we care about them, remember them, and love to hate them.

Amy might be view spoiler [a crazy bitch hide spoiler ] but she's also smart, charming and insightful. There is none of that "love to hate" here.

Lotto and Mathilde are merely obnoxious and irritating. The plot is revealed, almost in its entirety, by the book description.

This is about a marriage, told from the two different sides and, clearly, we are going to get a very different view from each side. There is no "twist" really, just a changing view of events and characters.

There is also a running metaphor tied in with Greek mythology, which some might perceive as feminist. To be honest, I liked the idea of the feminist symbolism more than the heavy-handed execution. The idea is that women are always more than they seem, today and historically, smart and cunning behind the scenes, manipulating events like the Greek Fates and Furies themselves.

But the author kind of bashes us over the head with the cleverness of her own metaphor. In fact, many things were done wrong.

A Dreamy Marriage Turns To Rage In 'Fates And Furies'

Lotto is a playwright and the book contained long extracts from his plays, which was incredibly tedious. I also didn't want to use the P-word in a book with a word mission like this, but damn, it is pretentious.

Sorry, but He would have liked to go deeper into her, to seat himself on the seat of her lacrimal bone and ride there, tiny homunculus like a rodeo cowboy, understand what it was she thought. Also, the repetitive and gross descriptions of sex and sexual desire felt unnecessary.

Quick Rules:

I don't mean to be prudish, but everyone in this book is experiencing some kind of weird sexual inclination toward other people. It seems to be the "thing" these days to deconstruct sex into something political, harsh and unpleasant - Gone Girl did that too - but it was just tiring here.

Not exciting, not interesting, not shocking. Some of the last lines of Part 1 of her new novel, Fates And Furies.

The best lines? They are all or almost all best lines. The book is a master class in best lines; a shining, rare example of that most unforgiving and brutal writer's advice: All you have to do is write the best sentence you've ever written.

Then 10, more of the best. Then find a way to string them together into the story of something.

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Which is what Groff has done here. And if you do want to learn how to be a great writer, you could do worse than skipping out on that M. It's that good. That beautiful.

Occasionally, that stunning. Fates And Furies is the story of a marriage.

Not of every marriage as so many of today's novels-about-marriage attempt to be , but just about the one — Lotto and Mathilde. It is a split narrative, first Lotto's version of events Fates , then Mathilde's Furies.

It goes that way because Lotto is the simpler of the two, the grander, the more dramatic — the one whom fate and the fortune of being born into wealth and privilege had graced. It goes that way because Mathilde operates behind the scenes and in the shadows, keeps most of the secrets, and all of the worst ones.

Fates and Furies

Because it is Lotto's version of Mathilde we must see first in order to understand Mathilde's version of Lotto. The half-and-half narration could've failed terribly if Groff hadn't had it in her to do the hard thing — which is not to just tell two versions of the same story, but two completely different stories that happen to contain some of the same details.

But she did. A long marriage isn't just about two people remembering things differently, she says with her choices. It's about two people remembering entirely different things, inhabiting entirely different worlds.

Lotto short for Lancelot, natch remembers asking Mathilde to marry him the first words he ever says to her and her saying yes and then some dates and stuff happening, and then them having sex for the first time. Mathilde recalls saying no to his proposal, waking fully clothed beside him the next morning, and the way he slept with his fists balled beneath his chin.The key would be to make both points of view equally as valid and credible.

There were instances when it almost slipped off my hands out of sheer shock, others because of my anger caused by certain stupid decisions of the couple. Mathilde is raised by her uncle in America after her parents abandon her following an accident where, at four years old, she opened a door to allow her toddler brother to leave the bedroom he was napping in, only to fall down the stairs, break his neck, and die.

Fates and Furies feels like a book for readers who genuinely enjoy the exploration of language and metaphor, and do not require some kind of emotional connection with the characters or story.

I was't 'feeling' any human frailty, or sadness, or joy How this novel made it onto the longlist of finalists for the National Book Award is beyond my comprehension.

Seriously, do not read this pretentious hokum. You can also read the summary of Fates and Furies. Expect to take a bit My sincere thanks to Netgalley and Riverhead Books for providing this e-galley due to be published September 15,

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