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Three Sisters Island 03 - Face The Fire · Read more · Face to Face MAQRUR of Paradise & MASRUR of Fire. Read more. Roberts, Nora - Three Sisters Island 03 - Face the Fire. Read more Christine Feehan - Drake Sisters 03 - Oceans of Fire · Read more. Roberts, Nora - [Concannon Sisters 1] Born In Fire Roberts, Nora - Three Sisters Island 03 - Face the Fire · Read more Born in Fire (Born in Trilogy, Book 1).

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As of April 3rd , The Book is now FREE to be downloaded in e-book format, as a PDF document. Click on the link below to download/open the file. The Way home or face The Fire Download book for free as a PDF file (MB); Read for free online in your browser · Download book in audio format (ZIP, MP3. cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as .. lifetimes and thousands of Earth years, or to sit and wait for “The Fire” to destroy you.

Opal sits up and tilts a listening ear to the sky. My sigh hitches on disappointment. She said Rohan and my party were a day or so behind us, so they must not be here yet. I return my attention to the book, but in the stillness of the chamber my awareness 9 DEVEN The sunlight under the door weakens.

Footsteps approach, and the door swings open. I squint at the dusky sky; weak as it is, my eyes still sting in the twilight. I push away from leaning against the wall. Days of traveling without much food weaken my knees, and I weave a step as I exit the hut. Vizier Gyan waits with guards. One of them holds out a whip, the other a sword. I force my face to granite. Vizier Gyan links his hands behind him. They informed me of your prior accusations. Do you admit to conspiring with the bhuta warlord Hastin and betraying Rajah Tarek?

I draw in a shallow breath. He has no room in his army for traitors. Fortunately for you, he is more lenient than his father. He said if you confessed he would spare your life and deliver a less severe senten 10 KALINDA Ashwin and I step out of the tunnel into sticky air and the persistent night calls of creatures hunkering in the dark.

Predatory plant life walls us in, gray-emerald shadows partially blocking the starry sky. He walks to the thick trees with the torchlight. My fingers hover over my dagger as. He notices my hand near my weapon.

Three Sisters Island 03 - Face The Fire

I draw my knife and step into the darkened trees. I pause and listen intently. Branches rustle around me, and animal noises quit or carry away, but the awareness of something watching me prickles at my scalp. I have heard clouded leopards, porcupines, and macaques call this jungle their home, none of which I would like to disturb.

I reach up to scratch it, and she smacks my hand away. After I slept until the early afternoon, Natesa dragged me out of bed to ready me for the declaration ceremony.

I have been avoiding the mirror glass since earlier, when I stole a glimpse of my pallid reflection. Every broken shard of my heart was visible in my bloodshot eyes. Natesa stands back to admire her work. She has been short with me since we were told servants are not. She does not like being left out almost as much as she dislikes people ordering her about. I brace myself for disappointment and look at my reflection. My makeup is flawless.

My hair is brushed to a shine that could outdo a brass gong in the sun, and the plum sari is elegantly majestic. To blink is to harness the power of a thousand men. To swallow is to employ the gods.

The Aquifier pours more healing waters over my back. The warm liquid releases a cascade of fresh smells, from sun-warmed muslin to coconut to white sandalwood. My skin tautens painfully and then tingles with welcome coolness.

A member of the brethren has not come to offer a healing blessing on my behalf, as is customary in Tarachand, but I did not expect it. During my time training with the brethren, I learned Janardanians do not worship the Parijana faith as we do but a varied sect that places the land-goddess above her husband, the sky-god. They accept that they will die when the land-goddess chooses, and they do not interfere with her will through prayer. The Aquifier trickles more of his fresh-scented. The sultan dines among his wives and courtesans, away from the rest of the attendees.

Eunuchs stand guard around them, scrutinizing any patron who comes too close. Prince Ashwin is seated at a table on the dais, and my competitors and I are invited to feast beside him.

He saves the floor rug to his right for me, leaving the left one open. Princess Citra plunks down on it before Indah and Tinley have a chance. Kuval has a lot of daughters, but that is his first son. The Aquifier healer comes in carrying a lamp. He is followed by a man with a haunting face. I blink fast, questioning my sight.

Rajah Tarek. His domineering presence and lust for cruelty petrified me.

When I finally stood against Tarek, my years of loyal service as his soldier meant nothing. Prince Ashwin. I did not get a fair look at him when he came for Kali the other night, but his voice matches my memory.

The Aquifier moves behind me and runs his hands down my back, over my still- healing wounds. The air is thinner and enclosed inside the ruins.

I lie on my back and stare into nothing.

I cannot see my hand in front of my face. My hand. I push my powers into my fingers. They cast a pale glow, uncovering walls strangled by vines and an uneven rocky floor buckled with tree roots.

After getting up, I wrench a dry root free. I cup the top of the wood and shove my powers into it. A small flame sparks. I blow on the flame, and my breath caresses the new embers into a blaze. The torchlight brightens the caved-in. The rock pile is too high and packed thick, well within the doorframe. I have to find another way out. Extending the torch in front of me, I hazard my way into the ruins. The floor slopes, leading me into the trenches.

Every few steps I pause and listen for sounds above my thumping heart. Water drips nearby, but the rowdy jungle noises are absent. The corridor breaks off into dark doorways. Two bhuta guards step into my cell. I rise slowly, allowing my body time to adjust. The Aquifier came once more last night and healed the last of my scars; even the arrow wound is gone. But the memory of the pain lingers.

Shielding my vision, I step out into the sun. The guards lead me to the quad where the other prisoners are gathered.

Face the Fire PDF Download

I spot Yatin, his head higher than the sea of men like the peak of a wave. Worry puckers his brow. Not a comforting sign. Vizier Gyan waits near the pole where I was lashed. The guards leave me there, facing the glares and confused frowns of my fellow soldiers. The vizier holds out a letter.

He requested that I read it. It says: I was made to believe Captain Deven Naik betrayed his post of command. I search my mind for something else to think about and find the image of Deven cringing from my glowing hands. Sultan Kuval throws open the door and stomps in, Ashwin on his tail. I stay lying on my side, the toxic snakeroot binding my hands behind me, and stare up at them. He was always lecturing others about unity and the need for Virtue Guards.

I will tell you what I told him—I have no place for Burners in my nation! Burners are soulless children of the Void. The absence of a breeze is stifling.

Lieutenant Eko offers me a wet cloth for my face.

I dab the rag against my. Manas scowls at Eko and me from inside the dining tent with the other soldiers. Friendly as usual. Midday meal comes to a close. I hardly touched my mushy rice, leaving it for Yatin to finish.

My whole body is sore from sparring. Did Eko know the general as I did? The general tortured me for information about the rebels before he died. I remember the general bleeding out on the dungeon floor, but I suffer no powerful ache or loss. Everything I understand about honor and respect, I learned from my mother and other sister warriors. My father does not deserve my sorrow, only relief. I shove down my agitation at finding her inside my chamber and step past her. After a quick inspection, nothing appears out of order.

Pons is stationed near the balcony, in full view of the room and the gardens. Longing sweeps over me. She can sense liars. I join her, expecting this will be brief.

Natesa hovers near the teapot and pretends not to eavesdrop. Citra and Tinley sling glares my way but stay distant.

Off to the side, Pons speaks to Indah. Their closeness would draw attention if he were not her guard. What secret is he relaying to her now? We surround a lagoon that feeds into a stream. The picturesque cascade does nothing to ward off my nerves. I fiddle with the pleats of my sparring sari, the skirt tucked between my covered legs. My competitors and I are all dressed in warrior apparel and strapped with weaponry. Natesa insisted that I bring both of my daggers and a khanda.

I did not argue the added weight of the sword; I must be ready for whatever trial the sultan has prepared for us. Sultan Kuval stands near the lagoon, Ashwin beside him. He and our guards, Opal and Rohan, are my support. Brother Shaan is still supervising the care of the refugees. Ashwin looks dashing in an all-black tunic and trousers with silver embroidery and a dark turban.

Yatin does not stir from his nap. He is like a hibernating bear; he can sleep through anything. I bat away more annoying mosquitoes and step outside. Smoke billows over the city skyline. Not long ago, a thunderstorm came out of nowhere and drenched us.

Yatin and I took cover in our tent, but my clothes are still damp from the rain. My suspicions double. These odd natural occurrences must have to do with the trial tournament. Is Kali up against her own kind?

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Bhuta prison guards jog past me. Apprehension quickens my pace as I follow them to the gate. Most of the guards file out. Only two bhutas stay behind— even the towers are empty. From the symbols on their yellow armbands, they are Tremblers, not Galers.

This is the chance I have been waiting for.

[PDF Download] Afrontar el Fuego / Face the Fire (Three Sisters Island) (Spanish Edition)

I have memorized how many guards are on duty on average—twenty. Natesa leaves me alone with Opal to go and burn my clothes. Riddled with singe marks and holes from shooting embers, my sparring outfit is a total loss. With hair damp from my bath, I stare at my untouched supper. I should renew my strength, but I cannot muster an appetite. Longing pangs through my chest like a lost echo. Did I really see Jaya? Or did I imagine her? I did not dream up the aftermath of the fire.

All those destroyed boats. All those frightened people glaring at me and blaming me for burning down their livelihoods. Rohan slips inside my chamber. Are you going to eat this? Natesa comes in with the empty laundry basket and spots Rohan eating my food. Vizier Gyan is seated within at a writing table that faces the door. He jots something down in a book and. I enter and sit across from him.

The walls are barren, though hung over the desk is an ornamental imperial khanda with a beryl- jeweled hilt. The writing table is organized to perfection, not an ink quill out of place.

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Unlike with cold-weather hydrants, it is possible to turn the water supply on and off to each port. This style is known as a "wet barrel" hydrant. Both wet- and dry-barrel hydrants typically have multiple outlets. Wet barrel hydrant outlets are typically individually controlled, while a single stem operates all the outlets of a dry barrel hydrant simultaneously.

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Then came in, one of the participants, a young lady, who began to sing what seemed like a Christian song; one of the judges stopped her halfway, and spoke: Longing pangs through my chest like a lost echo.

Corporate Risk Register The Corporate Risk Register highlights risks that face the organisation and clearly indicates measures put in place to mitigate those risks. But even if they do, the prince still has first rights to me. He called Lazarus out of the tomb. Or didn't I have patience enough? She had burdened that the Lord had not answered her prayer and brought the man. So, God brought them to the second part of His dealings dealing with their characters by exposing them to fiery situations in the wilderness.

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