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PDF version! Deadlands™ is now available in four of the most popular gaming systems in the Deadlands, Weird West, Dime Novel, the Great Rail Wars. This updated version of Deadlands: Classic, Deadlands: Reloaded, uses our Savage Worlds Deadlands: Doomtown: A Fight They'll Never Forget (PDF). Deadlands Reloaded - - Stone and a Hard Place - Player's pixia-club.info, Deadlands Reloaded - - Good Intentions - Players pixia-club.info

Deadlands Reloaded Pdf

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Deadlands Reloaded - - Good Intentions - Design Diary 2 - Perilous Plots. pdf Deadlands Reloaded - The Hellstromme Express - Combat Map pixia-club.info Deadlands: Reloaded is the setting and core rules book for the Weird West line. It includes new rules Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.) Product Code. by file is strictly prohibited. This pdf may be printed for personal use. and all those who helped us make the original Deadlands a premiere property. Shane Lacy Hensley and BD Flory. Savage Worlds by Shane Lacy Hensley. Reloaded.

What follows after may be the most controversial part of the Flood: after experiencing a vision of Grimme's origin, the party learns that the Reverend and his inner circle meet once per year at their city's cathedral to renew their unholy pact.

Their reign of terror can be put to an end if a flood of epic proportions is triggered to kill them all at once and destroy said cathedral.

In order to bring about this Biblical deluge, the PCs must find and mark with human blood seven ancient petroglyphs bonded to earth spirits scattered throughout California. Sample locations are provided for the glyphs, along with with Savage Tales that can point the PCs in the right direction or even award them a glyph upon completion. On the one hand, the Glyph Hunt arc of the Flood is a great customizable toolbox of side adventures to give the party an excuse to go all over California and perhaps run into other adventures along the way.

On the other hand, the adventure is very insistent that the Flood must be what kills Grimme and his inner circle, in spite of the massive civilian casualties this would cause.

As the book set up Dr. Hellstromme as a villain for doing the same thing but with Mad Science, this feels thematically inconsistent and railroady with the rest of the book. The plot point's final adventure is an epic showdown between Reverend Grimme and his minions, with them and the party in front of the Lost Angels cathedral.

Although I have yet to run this part, it reads as both difficult and high-stakes, and in fact is the only Servitor Series adventure where the PCs have a direct hand in the destruction of said aforementioned villain. Afterwards we get an entire chapter of over 20 Savage Tales.

They run a diverse assortment from short encounters to entire mini-plots with their own adventures spanning the gap, and include straightforward fights as well as role-play and investigation.

They are spread out around California and showcase the state's many factions, which keeps things interesting and varied. One Tale may have the PCs go hunting for an undersea monster menacing ships, another may have them appointed deputies to oversee a contentious local election, and a third may have them put a stop to a diabolical Russian nobleman feeding off the blood of his serfs!

Our final section of the Flood details new monsters and NPCs, with a bit of a bias for the latter.


The monsters are a bit situational, being suited to certain plots or environs such as Chinese Ogres and ceramic Tomb Guardians. While flavorful, this led to a problem of "gatling pistols for everyone! Also, mad science weapons required ghost rock or other components as a resource that was tracked. In Reloaded, mad scientists can still create established things like Gatling Pistols for half price and a successful Weird Science roll no cards this time.

Any special weird science powers they have are for their use only. You no longer have to track ghost rock and material components are abstracted out into recharging power points.

Classic Hucksters were required to use a subsystem called "deal with the devil" to get a certain poker hand in order to cast powers. In Reloaded, they can still do that, but they have a limited pool of power points to safely cast spells as well. When that runs out though, they'll have to pull out the cards.

Deadlands - Core - Rulebook.pdf

Reloaded Blessed work pretty much the same, although they've become a bit more powerful in that they get access to about 20 powers right off the bat and just have to pray real hard to get them to go off successfully.

Shamans in Reloaded use the standard power points mechanic and, although they still have to in-game devote time to rituals, they no longer have to roll to see how successful it was; they just do it.

The Enlightened Kung-fu chi mastery monks , Voodooists, and Whately blood magic users, all of which were introduced in the Classic supplements, are now a core part of Reloaded with Voodooists and Whately blood magic users being modified Blessed and Hucksters respectively.

Hexslingers basically gunslinger Hucksters were introduced in a supplement as a new Arcane Background in Classic, but in Reloaded are specifically cited as being mechanically the same as Hucksters, just with different power trappings so "Bolt" is a mystical six-gun rather than flinging a card or a soul blast.

In , Pinnacle released the Stone and a Hard Place plot point campaign which added Hexslingers as a unique Arcane Background distinct form Hucksters. Their big schtick is that they can cast gun-affecting powers as a free action e. In Savage Worlds in general, characters are not permitted to take more than one Arcane Background, so the only way to make such a character would be to pick one or the other and just skin the trappings to fit. Metaplot The metaplot for Classic began in and got to by the end of its run.

Reloaded begins in and has recently gone to in recent supplements. The only major difference in status quo between and is that the Civil War has officially come to a stalemate and the fighting has ceased. Also, the Pinkertons formed into The Agency in It's also worth noting about the changing role of the metaplot.

In the original version of Classic the one that was all-in-one with player and Marshal stuff in the same book , the metaplot was front and center.

The book began with "The Prospector's Tale" that explained several things about what is really going on, giving metaplot info to both players and Marshals. Pinnacle thought that Deadlands would be a relatively short run, so they intended to make the metaplot the focus of the story and have the metaplot conclude with the sequel setting Deadlands: Hell on Earth. As Deadlands became more popular and Pinnacle decided to continue the line, they shifted the metaplot from player and Marshal knowledge to Marshal knowledge only.

Still, most supplements had a Marshal's section that progressed the metaplot in some way almost always minor and off-camera , with some books like Black Circle being almost exclusively metaplot. Pinnacle has done more or less a on this with Deadlands Reloaded.

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While they have not disregarded any of the metaplot that has been established, they've made it take a back seat, some of it having faded into obscurity to never be mentioned again. I think they realized that most of the metaplot had a lot of cool stuff happen off-screen, but didn't really work into a campaign with a posse of six adventurers. So they basically made it a "take it or leave it" approach. Also, the Weird West is a bit more static than it used to be: as I understand it, only the four Plot Point Campaigns, which are mega-campaigns for a posse of , are going to affect the metaplot.

Two out of four of these Plot Point Campaigns have been released and right now it seems they are releasing one every years. Privacy Policy. Our Latest Newsletter. Product Reviews. Newsletter RSS Feed. Can we respond to you about this? Products found in this section Sort by: Deadlands Reloaded: Player's Guide Strap on your six-gun and saddle up, partner. There's Hell to pay and the currency is hot lead!

The year is , but the history is not our own. The guns of the Civil War are silent in a tense cease-fire. California is shattered by the Great Quake Quake of '68, a superfuel called ghost rock revealed in the new channels and cliff faces. Powerful Rail Barons strive to complete a transcontinental railroad, Deadlands Classic: If you already have the original Deadlands Classic Player's Guide and Marshal's Handbooks, this book does not present new material.

It is a re-release of the original with a little cleanup and all The Tombstone Epitaph has always been filled with lurid tales of daring desperadoes and deadly drifters, but lately the West's most-read tabloid claims there's something more sinister stalking the frontier's lonely plains: Fortunately, where there are monsters, there are heroes.

Squint-eyed gunfighters, card-chucking hexslingers, savage braves, and Stone and a Hard Place Death rules this land. Good Intentions The year is , but the history is not our own. Decades ago, Dr.

Next, he courted and won over the people of Deseret , making himself indispensable to them as his factories multiplied.

Jayhawkers, Bluebellies, and Rebs murder each other over tiny plots of Kansas soil. Soldiers massacre Indians. Indians butcher miners. Sisters kill brothers, and vice versa. Everyone knows a stranger is never to be trusted. Explorer's Edition and the Deadlands Player's Guide are the same.

The Explorer's Edition is formatted for 6. The guns of the The Weird West. It tells you how to rope your amigos into your adventures and keep 'em on the run from the insidious horrors of the Weird West.

Deadlands Reloaded

It's also got a whole passel o' nasty critters to throw at those do-gooders, all in glorious full-color. The Weird West Player's Guide is also required for those who plan on being The story nominally begins in southern Cochise County, Arizona Territory, but the Marshal can transplant it to any spot on the Mexican border without too much fuss.

Paradise Lost In the Weird West, not all tracks show up on a map, and not all trains are scheduled.

During the Great Rail Wars, an unexpected whistle in the night usually meant bad news, and for Paradise, Idaho, it still does. The sheets can be used as inserts in the The characters include: This feature details five of 'em: Each one has their history, stats, and Story Seeds, all ready for your Deadlands campaign!

Explorer's Edition and the Deadlands Marshal's Handbook are the same. The Tombstone Epitaph has always been filled with lurid tales of daring desperadoes and deadly drifters, but lately Heroes o' Gloom Sample pregenerated characters are a favorite of players and Marshals alike. Bring that new blessed or skullchucker celebrity to your tabletop! As those familiar with our other archetype characters know, each page features one character with art, background, and statistics--perfect for a convention game, as inspiration for creating your own posse member, or even to help kick off your Good This is one of them.

Every unfortunate soul who experiences this yarn of horror on the High Plains will die. And it will happen in fast, amigo.

Tread carefully. The dead walk here. It's not just a means of making a living although it can be mighty useful that way, too. That's the true font of their sorcerous powers. This terrible tome details scores of 'em. Even better, most of the critters in this book were written up by our fans! Now your posse must race against time and a Wasatch Rail team to solve the enigma…and survive!Written by Robin D. Pay What You Want. If you listen to some cowpokes, even some of those inside the walls don't know the real truth.

This is triggered by the Marshal, but when in effect you will be able to see all players hands, as well as the calculated best possible poker hand that player can make. Click the Load Campaign button 2. Product Type. Each villain served one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and for the Flood our major villain is Reverend Grimme, leader of the cannibalistic Lost Angels cult in a Famine-ravaged California.

Rule System. Classic has magic users each with their own subsystems that make them mechanically feel unique. STL 3D Model.

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