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This PDF is a written accompaniment to my online Youtube video. “Beginner's Guide To Daygame.” Use them together to learn the fundamentals of daygame. Free Tom Torero PDF download which will get you started with your infield daygame. Get over approach anxiety and not run out of things to say. Free Daygame PDF. Free Tom Torero Daygame PDF free Tom Torero daygame PDF here: pixia-club.info Watch Tom Torero daygame infield.

Daygame Tom Torero Pdf

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This a review of Tom Torero's Street Hustle daygame textbook. Like Stealth Seduction, this book is NOT about daygame. pixia-club.info content/uploads//10/pixia-club.info Download Tom Torero Daygame Book Download free pdf, Download Tom Torero. Daygame Book Download Pdf, Read Online Tom Torero Daygame Book . Daygame: A Street Seducer's Story - Kindle edition by Tom Torero. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

Looks are also more important for online dating than off, in my experience, and quitting sugar while lifting assists here too.

I will keep banging the quit-sugar drum until I stop seeing fatties all around me. I see fatties like the kid in The Sixth Sense sees dead people. At the end of the book Torero is tom torero daygame book sage: I felt like I was indestructible.

For someone doing game a maximizer seeks some combination of the absolute hottest, younger, most loyal girls, or maybe the most extreme experiences like three ways. Generally I find one I like and get into a mini relationship that generally lasts three to twenty-four months.

Then I begin cranking again.

Days of Game

Reading about the Elon Musks of seduction is fascinating. A while ago I dated a girl who was 19 and IMO a solid 8, with things only breaking down about 20 months in when she demanded to move in and I said no. But even with a solid 8, by the 50th or th tom torero daygame book session a guy acclimates to her body.

Personal examples are the best things we have to offer, as men of game. They literally belong to you. I respect that. Tom does some of that in Street Hustle. But even when he cites specific examples they are pretty generic. Tom has plenty of that material that would make this book more uniquely his, why not use it? I wanted a conclusion.

I asked her what day and if it was heavy, and she replied it was almost finished.

And Krauser ::spoiler alert:: fucked that girl. So the details have context. You should read that book. There is no story. Sounds totally keyboard jockey to me. I wonder if Tom even believes that? I doubt he does. Out of laziness perhaps?? Not good. At some retarded level it might be true, and on specific instances, I bet it is very true.

With low self-esteem girls, perhaps. But for most of us… is this the men we want to be? Again, Tom gives us absolutely zero examples of how this might be true in his actual experience.

And meanwhile… even if Tom believes what he wrote, I call BS on this kind of game. Okay, that should give you a very good and sober sense for the nature of the book. Did I like it? Ummm, yeah, some.


If you want a very general, very broad review of game… this is pretty good. And even Tom has much better material in his memoirs. I did my review. I tried to be fair and show several examples of good material, along with some honest criticisms I have of the book.

The juice for me on this post is about why I used to like Tom and I really did , and why it is that I no longer do. What changed for me? The process of this post — and the thinking behind it — helped me sort that out. When many of us first encountered Tom, it was while he was at Daygame. I liked that story. I believed it.

At some point, I think I remember Tom talking about how he had to change his wardrobe am I making that up? But as I write this post, I think that is clue as to what happened to him.

Why does he make me sick when I think of him now? What is it that ruined him for me as a hero?? That product which is the companion to this textbook was gross to watch.

Tom was gross. And I admitted over and over that I sound like he does on those dates in many ways.


What is that about? I have been genuinely surprised and curious to change my mind about the guy. I cite him all the time. Stealth Seduction was part of that. I owe so much to the smart, active guys before me. If you read this blog, you know I am constantly quoting other guys. That irks me a bit. This was almost 10 years ago. Get over it. And Lance said it better anyway. He looks like an ass in those moments. And I hate to see a former hero look greedy.

Tom Torero Daygame PDF Download

That could be a big part of the story. And he is a long way off from camaraderie at that point. This is a view into what I object to… he has no brothers. Someone to rip off. What are the chances Tom would reference TopShop as a nightclub, exactly one day after James said it… when they are essentially competitors, in the same market as daygame coaches?

What does that mean to me? I am imaging Tom is out scanning other guys stuff, intentionally looking for things he can steal. Like he wakes up… goes to the internet… intending to steal. Maybe some of these instances are, in fact, coincidences. But all of them? No way. It seems clear to me… Tom is a poacher. This is a good example of why Tom makes me sick as I get to know more about his character.

If he went to Oxford and maybe he did not?? And no matter how smart you actually are, it would get you kicked out of school. His version is much better, and is used in the context of qualification, not escalation… but from there, Tom copies Beckster nearly word for word.

This so shameless on his part.

Ripping a super classic routine and calling it his… sad. Except anyone that has studied Tom and I have knows he studied Beckster. Like side by side in clubs together. Tom knows exactly where that routine came from, of course he does. Not everyone in the business is a thief. You warmed up yet? Roissy is a great example of a pillar of game that consistently cites where his premises come from, and then… expands on them.

Often, with specific and personal examples. So Tom is very aware that men have the right to recognition for their material… he wants that kind of credit for himself, that is obviously clear… but he will poach and steal from others. Okay… so there is a fuck-ton of evidence. Who cares about infields? Only us. Who is he lying to? Why is he still doing shady shit? What the fuck, Tom? Maybe not faking infields although??? Literally hundreds of people have seen Tom live in-set with their own eyes in unfakeable interactions.

Hundreds have been live in-set themselves implementing advice they got from Tom and then seeing the effect it has on the girls.

Yes, it was a bad thing to do. Daygame is real.

So why is Tom such a poacher? Could there be anyone else with more legitimate content? More tales to tell about girls and game? Maybe, but not many.

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Tom should have more real experiences to share than almost any other daygamer. And yet… he does this ghetto shit. This is the point I was trying to make with that Seneca quote in the intro to this piece. Is that king-like behavior? It is not. Maybe what is fucked up about that guy is crystallizing as he gains fame.

This is an indication of his potential for a Britney Spears level melt-down. As he rises to the top, we see how shallow his roots are.Maybe he wants to get caught. Talking to girls is a requirement… from there, we diverge into different schools. I am imaging Tom is out scanning other guys stuff, intentionally looking for things he can steal. Lance Mason really taught me this lesson years ago. I will keep banging the quit-sugar drum until I stop seeing fatties all around me. I respect them.

That also gives you a sense of how the book is structured. In there, Tyler said: Roissy… is close to ruthless.

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