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OFFICIAL GAME ADVENTURE. Curse of the Azure Bonds TABLE OF CONTENTS. CREDITS Writing: Jeff Grubb and George MacDonald. With the appreciated. THE CURSE OF THE AZURE BONDS adventure begins in the frontier city of . CURSE OF THE AZURE BONDS uses four different points of view: 3-D, area. Tyranthraxus draws his power from the Pool of Radiance. Destroy him and remove the last of the azure bonds. The party is completely free of the bonds' curse!.

Curse Of The Azure Bonds Pdf

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CURSE OF THE AzURE BONDS will accept charac- ters that were created in PoOL OF RADIANCE and in HILLSFAR. The game will also accept characters that. Curse of the Azure Bonds (PDF version) [RPG Item Version Link]. User summary: PDF edition released , re-released Includes pp. book plus front. FRC2 Curse of the Azure Bonds (1e/2e) - Day breaks, and the crowing of a distant rooster wakes you from an all-too-short Watermarked PDF.

Curse of the Azure Bonds started out as a novel, Azure Bonds Jeff Grubb came up with the idea of an amnesiac swordswoman, Alias, seeking her origins while she fought against the azure bonds that sometimes controlled her. He then pitched it to his wife, Kate Novak, and she agreed to come on as a co-author - although in the process one of the characters swapped sex, with the bard Oliver becoming Olive. Grubb figures that TSR liked having him as their fourth author, because it would be easy to cancel the book if the Forgotten Realms line didn't do well.

The first of them was Pool of Radiance They opted to use Azure Bonds as its basis because the plot focusing on mystery and discovery would make for a good computer game.

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The resulting Curse of the Azure Bonds computer game was set after Azure Bonds and featured the player characters wakening with magical bonds just like those that had once controlled Alias.

As the PCs investigate, they discover that a New Alliance is trying to use the magic of the bonds. The Curse of the Azure Bonds computer game was also a sequel to the Pool of Radiance computer game; thus Tyranthraxus - the adversary from Pool - is one of the members of the New Alliance.

Of course doing so gave him insight into the advantages and disadvantages of the fiction, computer game, and RPG mediums. Amusingly, Grubb would return to the characters from Azure Bonds in a fourth medium when he used the characters of Alias and her companion Dragonbait in issues of his Forgotten Realms comic Oct - Dec Continuing the FRCs.

Whereas Ruins of Adventure had been a very confined dungeon ruined town crawl with some related wilderness encounters, Curse of the Azure Bonds was instead an adventure full of far-flung locations, all hung together by an overarching plot.

And Ending the FRCs.

Curse of the Azure Bonds)

They only published a novel for Pools of Darkness and didn't publish FRC adventures for either of the latter two games. Expanding the Realms. Though it's "just" a computer game adaptation, Curse of the Azure Bonds did quite a bit to expand the Realms - or at least to expand what was known about the Realms back in , less than two years after it had appeared.

To start with, it introduced a new setting for games. The Moonshae Islands and Bloodstone Pass had also received some attention through their own series of adventures, while several other major settings had been touched upon in the "FR" series.

This adventure is designed for a party of characters, each of 6th-9th level.

It is assumed in this module that the heroes have previously gone through the adventures detailed in Ruins of Adventure, but this is not necessary for enjoyment of play. The adventure may start in one of two ways, at the DMs discretion or as dictated by circumstances. The first method is to move the characters directly to Chapter 2.

The heroes awaken in their quarters in Tilverton with a lapse of a month in their memories, and with strange blue tattoos branded on their forearms. The heroes must discover what has happened to them during the lost time. Alternately, the DM can run through the events of Chapter 1, ending with the ambush encounter in which the heroes are captured.

This method works best when playing the adventure in connection with a long-standing campaign. It has the disadvantage that player characters, being a wise and crafty group, may elude multiple attempts to defeat and subdue them.

Curse of the Azure Bonds Adventurers Journal

If the player characters prove to be too effective at eluding the ambushes, the DM should feel free to simply place the heroes at Tilverton, and let them try to account for the missing time. The Azure Bonds The player characters will be branded by the markings of those who seek to control their actions.

These brands appear as bright blue tattoos, usually inscribed along the sword arm of the individual being controlled. The magical arts of creating a living vessel to control, and of hiding the brands, are lost to this New Alliance of the Bonds.

Tyranthraxus wants the player characters to know who is responsible for their branding, as that will lead them first to his allies and their hidden magic and subsequently to him. Each of the symbols seems to be made up of smaller, identical symbols. That is, the symbol of the Zhentarim is actually made up of a collage of smaller Zhentarim symbols, each of which has been reduced to a speck the size of a pencil point.

The brands reflect light in the same way that stained glass does, and they give off a dull blue illumination of their own, though this is noticeable only in total darkness. In normal daylight, a brand may be mistaken for a normal tattoo, though one of extreme size and complexity. The Azure Bonds are magical and dangerous. They represent a link between the characters and the New Alliance of the Bonds.

If any divination spells are cast upon a bond, it will radiate a strong blue illumination, shooting bright rays into the air treat as a light spell, in particular if anyone is looking directly at it. In addition, it will function as a symbol of pain to the individual the divination-type spell is cast upon. This light show and resulting effect is a physical repulsion of those spells by the bonds.

Divination spells will reveal nothing about the bonds or the Alliance.

Attempts to remove the bonds through magical or clerical means will be resisted by the magics in the bonds. The bonds are percent resistant to spells directed against them specifically as opposed to spells that are directed against the individual who has been branded.

Loose objects will be cast about, and there is a 60 percent chance an object will hit the caster, certainly breaking the spell and possibly DMs judgment harming the caster. This rage will permit the character to snap normal bonds, and will last for rounds. This effect does not occur if the spell caster is the target of his or her own magic. Dispel magic and remove curse will never have any effect on the brands, except to bring about the results mentioned above.

A limited wish spell if successfully cast without the death of the magic-user will remove one of the marks from one individual.

AD&D FR-Curse of the Azure Bonds.pdf

A full wish spell will remove up to three of the marks. Short of these actions, the Azure Bonds will prove extremely difficult to delete. Attempting to cut off the arm and regenerating it through magic will result in the brands merely reappearing on the new limb. The Azure Bonds have been created by a group of individuals we refer to as the New Alliance of the Bonds their predecessors from the novel carried no such high names, and were more chaotic in nature.

Each group belonging to this alliance has its own reason for and its own methods of branding the characters. The Azure Bonds will force the characters, to perform actions they would otherwise not perform.

Player characters, because they have been branded with the Fire Knives symbol, must make a saving throw versus spells whenever they hear the sound of Azouns voice. Failure to save means that they will attack the source of the sound until it is destroyed, the character is disabled or killed, or the encounter is ended in some other fashion.

They want the characters to reach Moanders temple beneath Yulash, where they will be slain and their deaths used to open the wormhole to Moanders plane. If this experiment works, the Black Network may capture others and similarly brand them.

The Zhentarim have placed in their branding the desire for the PCs to commit random, evil acts, and ultimately to make their way to Zhentil Keep to report. These random acts become more frequent and more severely evil as the group nears Zhentil Keep.

Opportunities to perform chaotic actions will appear throughout the text. They will affect single individuals, and not the entire party. He feels that if he creates a great enough disaster in the Dragon Reach area, he will be redeemed in the eyes of his fellows and allowed to return to Thay. As a result of being branded with his mark, the characters will answer to the sound of Dracandross voice whenever they hear it, and will be compelled to perform whatever task he requires of them.

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His intent is to lead the characters to the various magic items held by the other members of the New Alliance, and have them bring these items to him. The effects of the compulsions implanted by the various members of the New Alliance are similar to those of a quest or geas spell. Ignoring the longterm compulsions to go to a particular place, such as Yulash or Zhentil Keep will result in the characters feeling ill, losing one hit point per day because of a wasting sickness for every day spent resisting these compulsions.The tactics he and his friends use are random.

Certainly the strongest-written of five Realms novels at the time of release , Azure Bonds weaves a tale of intrigue from the get-go. Rakshasa: They can be slain by a blessed bolt from a cross bow, but any magical weapon will do, and engaging them quickly in battle prevents them from using their favorite spell: the Lightning Bolt. Go through it and follow a path west past several rooms to the north. They represent a link between the characters and the New Alliance of the Bonds.

They will affect single individuals, and not the entire party. I am destroyed.

Use these battles to arm each of your characters with Drow Lord armor and weapons.

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