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Computer Awareness PDF: AC Computer Awareness PDF Capsule for banking exams, insurance exams and other government exams. For Free Online Mock Test for IBPS PO/Clerk – Visit: pixia-club.info 1. Important Computer Awareness Capsule. Specially for IBPS RRB PO/Clerk. Bank, Insurance, and other government exams must download this computer awareness PDF for competitive exams will help you in.

Computer Awareness For Bank Exams Pdf

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You can download Computer Knowledge for Bank exams PDF here. The Computer Awareness is asked in IBPS PO, IBPE RRB, SBI, LIC, RBI. Especially in bank exams, knowledge of computers is necessary to improve Complete Set of Computer Notes for Bank & SSC Exam in PDF in this article. pixia-club.info Computer Awareness for Banking and Government Exams. Introduction. 3. Characteristics of Computers. 3. History of Computers. 3. Types of .

Most widely used recovery technique is Backups.

The field of computer forensics uses special software to scan hard drives of criminal suspects. Theft is the most common form of computer crime. When you use a disk in several different computers within the same day, you are taking the chance of contracting a n virus.

A security patch is a software program that closes possible security breaches in the operating system. The cost to the consumer is nothing or free.

Cracking refers to electronic trespassing or criminal hacking. Similarly, we will update the computer awareness PDF for Competitive exams. All the Best!!

Download Computer Awareness PDF for Competitive exams 2018

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You would use this software to create spreadsheets, type documents, and edit photos a Application b Utility c System d Operating e None of these 2. Various applications and documents are represented on the Windows desktop by 1 Symbols 2 Labels 3 Graphs 4 Icons 5 None of these 4.

The contents of …… are lost when the computer turns off, 1 Storage 2 Input 3 Output 4 Memory 5 None of these Go through the Computer Notes for Bank exams to boost your computer Awareness section from the following link: Computer Notes for Bank Exams 6.

Debugging: Locating and eliminating defects in a program. Defragment: It is used to concatenate fragments of data into contiguous blocks in memory or on a hard drive.

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Default settings: The pre-established settings that a program will follow unless the user changes them. Domain: Typically, a three letter element in a Web address or an e-mail address.

The domain, commonly referred to as the zone, indicates the type of organization that owns the computer being identified in the address. For example,.

Dialogue Box: It is an on- screen message box that appears when the computer requires additional information before completing a command. Disk: It is a spinning platter made of magnetic or optically etched material on which data can be stored.

Computer Awareness MCQs

Disk Drive: It is the machinery that writes data form a disk or write data to a disk. Domain Name: The part of an e-mail addresses which follows the symbol.

It identifies the host. Drag-and drop editing: A software feature that allows the user to 1 highlight text to be moved and 2 use a mouse to drag the text to a new location.

Complete Set of Computer Notes for Bank & SSC – GK Study Material

E-mail: The term e-mail short for electronic mail refers to the transfer of messages or documents between users connected by an electronic network.The thing that eventually terminates a worm is a lack of: Get help. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service. Password recovery.

Go through the Computer Notes for Bank exams to boost your computer Awareness section from the following link:.

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