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Charlaine Harris Deadlocked Ebook

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Click here. cover image of Deadlocked. Read A Sample. Deadlocked. Sookie Stackhouse Series, Book 12 · Sookie Stackhouse. by Charlaine Harris. ebook. Editorial Reviews. pixia-club.info Review. A conversation with Charlaine Harris, best-selling by Charlaine Harris. Romance Kindle eBooks @ pixia-club.info Visting vampires, feuding faeries, deadly romance. No-one throws a party like Sookie Stackhouse Sookie has a murder investigation on her hands.

Harris falls back on her standby Sook went to the store, picked up her mail, cooked dinner, and washed her hair because there were no great revelations today BS.

Listen, you can't do that. It's cheating. There's no story. I'll let you do it once, maybe twice, but by the fifth time, if it weren't on my Kindle, I would have chucked the book across the room.

Sookie Stackhouse - 12 Deadlocked

Where's the beef? There was relatively zero Eric, and what was there became horribly flat. Bill has more moments, which are nice, but again, there's not much there either. What we are left with is head time with a character that needs a script for Zoloft.

Being in Sookie's head isn't a pleasant place. Yell, fight, screw, but do something! If she were in love with Sam, I'd expect more than vanilla. I don't buy any of it. Rather than tell Eric where he could stick it, Sookie hung up on Eric or told him to go so many times I lost count--and what's worse is that in most cases, he'd only been present in the scene for a page give or take.

Even if you don't like Eric, Sookie runs from nearly all confrontation, which makes me dislike her, and made me ask, why? I have a few theories, but the most plausible is that Harris simply didn't want to write it. Gosh, that would take effort!

As an author, one doesn't need to destroy characters just to end a romance between them. Leave us with something, please, even if we end up hating Eric, at least we'll feel something for him, other than tired. I don't care about Tara and JB. I don't care about Jason and Michelle, or Holly and Hoyt, or Harris fails badly. They don't advance the plot. WAIT, Alisha. Isn't there a point to all the babies and weddings?

Yes, but there are better ways to let us know that Sookie wants a family without Tara and JB--who are the poster couple for surrender-to-any-nice-man-so-you-can-have-kids message that is becoming all too familiar in this series. What a pessimistic point of view on love and marriage! Should Sookie settle for less like Tara, who married JB because she wanted kids and he loved her?

Dear God, NO! In many ways, this is the most demoralizing aspect of book Harris created a world of fantasy and romance, but is bull dozing it with a level of reality I find concerning. I miss Eric wearing leather, Sookie running from potential kidnappers and hiding in Bill's hidey hole--naked. I miss Sam turning into a lion. I miss Claudine showing up to a fight in pajamas. I miss the silliness and fun. Listen, just get it over with. Send Sookie to Sam, send Eric away, leave Bill pining as he always has.

I don't care anymore what happens to her and neither does Harris. View all 14 comments. If you are dying to read a step-by-step description of Sookie's mundane daily activities, such as checking email, washing dishes, sorting the mail, showering, or changing clothes, then you will absolutely love this book. If you enjoy reading about the dullest, one-dimensional, Dollar Store generic versions of characters you used to love all while trying to slit your wrists with you favorite bookmark , then pick up a copy of Deadlocked!

However, if you expect more than 5 sentences out of Eric's m If you are dying to read a step-by-step description of Sookie's mundane daily activities, such as checking email, washing dishes, sorting the mail, showering, or changing clothes, then you will absolutely love this book. Up until then, I skipped paragraph after paragraph of poke-your-own-eyeballs-out dull narrative. I seriously do not give two shits about Sookie taking off her work uniform and changing into shorts and a tank top she got from her brother, and I doubt other readers will either.

The resolution to this novel's "conflict" was predictable and didn't move the series forward, but it did increase the novel to a notch above unbearable. Oh, and Ms. You are turning Sookie into Snookie! The product placement for State Farm was a little obvious, too. Maybe one should focus on the series instead of churning out screenplays as books and expecting your loyal readers to play along? View all 19 comments. Dec 14, Regina rated it did not like it Shelves: Edited to add: I spent some time today completely wasted and lost time I should add , skimming the bulk of Deadlocked and reading the last few chapters.

This does not change my rating or my opinion of the book. I am relieved, however, that Harris is closing down the series and pointing Sookie toward a mate. But the method by which she is doing this stinks.

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Nothing was happening and it is incredibly boring. These is a lot of recap, recap and recap. By now we have all read th Edited to add: By now we have all read the other books! We know about the war with fairy, we know about Jason's past marraige, we know, we know, we know. In Deadlocked, there are characters who have never been important to the books and the storyline that are suddenly front and center. Harris seems to have forgotten what made these books special.

She wrote interesting characters initially that acted according to their characters' personalities and were involved in interesting intrigue and mysteries.

Oh and there was scary monsters too. Well that is not in this book. Does Harris just wake up and decide that plot lines she wrote in to her past several books were a bad idea? I really get frustrated with how Harris has something big and game changing happen in one book and then suddenly she changes it back to how it was before the game changer in a later book. Why the heck the struggle then and the war in the previous books if with one knock on the door in a subsequent book it is all erased?!! This is not the first plot line she has changed with the flick of her pen i.

If she wants to end the possibility of a relationship, then Harris has that power. She can write in circumstances and still keep the characters in tact. But Harris never does that. She has spent the past few books destroying both Alcide's and Eric's characters. Alcide's actions in the last book along with Amelia's were so ridiculously out of character.

In the past few books, Eric was not even a caricature of the vampire she had previously written. Well it continues with Deadlocked. I never thought Eric would be boring! I never thought outside of the book about the witchs' spell that he could be so dumb. I never imagined a strip club scene could be so boring. Sorry I just can't do it. And I am sad about it, sad that I invested so much money and time in to this series and author often buying both the ebook and then the audio book.

Sometimes the story arc is done and it has to be ended. This can be done without disappointing readers and gutting the soul out of the books. Really it can. So I may return to this book in a day or two to skim, I am just too disappointed right now to continue. If you would like to read a more thought out and more in detail review that isn't just a rant, please check out BadAssBookReviews.

View all 52 comments. This was already the 12th book!!! AND The love carrousel is still spinning! Maybe that will finally bring me some clarity. View all 10 comments. Another Harris-penned, Sookie-themed literary abortion.

Nah, it's not that bad. It would have to be a lot better to be that bad. I can't see anyone new to the Sookie-verse starting with this one, so my assumption is that everyone interested in reading it is familiar with the series, used to love it, and like me is only reading further because we've committed so much already.

I'm probably not the first to tell you, there's a further downward spiral. Truth is, it's boring. A waste of words Another Harris-penned, Sookie-themed literary abortion. A waste of words. And it is a far cry from the delicious, girly, smutty, paper pillow-fight we all loved in books maybe The action is absent, the characters are hollow and the sex Hell, Twilight had more romance than this!

Conversations with the denizens of Bon Temps prompt Sook to run thru events past like a TV clip show: Kind of. It's not so much that stuff happens, as much as it sets the stage to happen in the NEXT and final book.

Which of course we all will read. I was so disillusioned by the end of this yawn-fest I didn't even care enough to review it when I finished it a month ago. I felt nothing! Even books I hate make me feel something. I was just glad this was over. Just end it already. View all 9 comments. Mar 23, Lana marked it as to-read Shelves: I must tread carefully because this series is becoming as thin as the ice on a newly frozen lake. I loved and devoured the first 9 books of the series, but since then I have been slightly more disappointed with each new book.

The series is reading like each book is an episode rather than a book that stands alone. That is one of the things I liked about the early volumes of the series; they contributed to a larger overall story but they were able to stand alone. The Sookie I once knew and loved s I must tread carefully because this series is becoming as thin as the ice on a newly frozen lake.

The Sookie I once knew and loved seems like a fond memory now. Current Sookie seems content to complain constantly, lord over everyone else's life, and stir up shit for Eric. I wish all this nonsense with Eric can just be cleared up already. As much as I love the series the larger story does not seem to be leading anywhere.

It seems like there is always another person gunning for Sookie for no particular reason other than her involvement in supernatural affairs and her elusive mind reading which she hardly does anymore anyway. If Eric just turned her Harris couldn't sell me any more books though. I just want to know what all of this is leading up to instead of it being just another chapter in the life of Sookie Stackhouse. The series needs to be headed somewhere and I think that is what has disappeared in the past few novels.

If not, cut your losses and move on. If so, great!

Lets get on with it already! I'm rambling. I know I will read this book but if it is more like the past 2 novels and to a lesser extent the past 3rd one, than the first in the series I will not be reading any more. Just stop staring at all those digits in your bank account and get back to what really matters.

Put your heart back into it and I know the book will be genius! I should say that since the book is already finished and just waiting to be published it's sort of a moot point at this stage of the game, a girl can dream that her prayers will be answered. Apr 29, Hope rated it did not like it Shelves: No, no, no, no, no. Deadlocked was terrible. Deadlocked begins with Sookie at Hooligans watching Claude strip.

I thought that was an interesting beginning, but no. It went rapidly downhill from there. The book was basically divided into two parts. Part one: Part two: Following Hooligans, the story continues with Eric's party. While getting ready, Sookie gets a call from Pam telling her to arrive at 9: Simple, right?

Minutes later, Mustafa E No, no, no, no, no. Minutes later, Mustafa Eric's daytime man calls back telling Sookie to arrive at Notice how Mustafa doesn't say "Pam told me to tell you.. He just tells her to come at Okay, if Sookie had a good education, this book may have turned out differently. Overlooking the fact that Pam is more of a reliable source, Sookie decides to come at Sookie doesn't even call her to make sure Mustafa was correct!

How can she not suspect anything! The following events of that night are of Sookie's assumptions. The police appear when a dead body is discovered and, though I thought Harris couldn't make it even worse, but managed to prove me wrong, the gang receives probably the most annoying detective ever. The book then continues to soar into a death spiral and doesn't make an attempt to fly.

With the pointless story of Tara, and Sookie's boring workdays at Merlottes, the book finally manages to surprise me. The Queen of Oaklahoma herself comes in for a visit. With Bubba coming in advance to warn Sookie, the Queen, Freda, comes to have a talk. This talk was foreshadowing the future, basically, of book thirteen. Informing Sookie of her and Eric's predicament.

The talk just made me angry. I've been waiting for nine books for Eric and Sookie to be together. Eric's being consort to the Queen problem is just Harris's way for getting rid of our precious Viking. But with Sam. Sam, Sookie's boss and best friend, is currently single and is NOT supposed to be that way.

At the end of Deadlocked, Sam is stabbed by Jannalyn, his now former, and deceased, lover. In a panic, when his heart fails and Sam dies, Sookie grabs her Cluviel Dor, the only chance for Sookie and Eric's relationship's survival and uses it to save Sam.

While this was happening, she "heard shouts from behind her", which was Eric, to ask her to stop, that if she used it, they would be parted, but continued to do it anyway.

Sam lives but Eric leaves abruptly. Eric will leave Sookie, therefore, breaking their marriage and severing their love. Sookie, most likely, with grow with the idea of loving Sam, and have a child.

Hense why Sookie was paying attention to babies. She knew since Eric was dead, she couldn't have one. But, Sam is, well, alive. Sookie and Bill will probably remain friends, her and Pam too. Everything will be alright in Sookie-land. And I, will burn my book to ash. What I hope to happen does also seem to be a possibility: When Sookie explains to Sam about the Cluviel Dor, and it's magic generated on love, she will pass it off as love as a friendship.

Sam will try to pursue Sookie, but for her love of Eric, or whats left of it, she will decline. Sookie and Eric will talk, Sookie says its up to Eric's final decision.

Eric picks Sookie and breaks the contract somehow. Sookie staking the Queen? I'm hopeful for option two just because I've always been a fan of the Viking and can not imagine him with anyone else.

Sookie and Eric's chemistry has always been there. When you look at previous lovers, they were brief, example: Eric has always been there, Sam as well. But if Sookie really wanted Sam, she could of had him in the first two chapters, for christ's sake! Please, Mrs. Harris, if you see this, don't make Eric go from main character to minor. He is what kept my interest for the series. Without him, it would feel.. Yes, Eric has been out of character for awhile now, but he's still the star.

Why else would you incorporate Eric if you planned to end with Sam? To me, it doesn't make sense. But, with the big hole that you dug, I can't see any other option, sadly. As they say, you made your bed, you sleep in it. I will be reading this to the end, I hate giving up projects.

Charlaine Harris

Especially ones that have consumed my interest for years. Eric, until the very last page, I will be rooting for you. No matter how difficult it may be. I agree with you man. I would want to get away from Sookie too. The betrayal with the Cluviel Dor was hard, I screamed when I read it. My heart broke, not for Sam, but for Eric.

This series is a fine example of being 'milked'. This should have ended awhile ago, but since she loves money, our Eric will continue to fade to Sookie. Why drag on their relationship if they don't end up together? Why make us fall in love with a character when now that character is leaving?

Why not ease into the idea of Sam instead of taking the damn plunge? If Eric and Sookie's love was true, why is Harris abandoning it? Yes, Sookie ending up with Sam is logical, but, as Sookie said before, how would she fill the gaping hole of his absence? With Sam, I really don't think so.. She lives in a vampire world, she would always be aware of Eric. Especially if he was the Queen's consort.

I will be watching the show, though. I prefer the direction of the show more than of the books. Lafayette is still alive and he died in the first book!

Eric will succeed to win Sookie's heart, I'm sure. That's why we watch the show.

For our yummy dose of Northman. View all 7 comments. Mar 04, Day rated it really liked it. A satisfying edition to a beloved series! Lots of resolution and a set up to a conclusion in !

Full review up on http: Somewhere along the way, whether it was the readers who got caught up in the supe craze or the authors intent, those paranormal elements began to out shine the mystery that is and always has been the foundation to each book.

I admit, this is a tough book for Sookie and Eric. So many things seem stacked against this favorite couple. No character is perfect in this series and I think that is what allows readers to relate to the characters making these books strike a chord with so many different people. Even with all the turmoil, Sookie repeatedly says over and over that she is in love with Eric and loves him. There is so much that goes down in this book. Charlaine Harris seems to be tying up all those loose ends.

Readers will be delighted to see view spoiler [ Mr. As in these passages: I inhaled his scent. It was a little sad to remember how attractive I'd found him when I first met him, how I'd allowed myself to daydream that this handsome and hardworking man might be my soul mate [ I wanted to say something to him, something sincere and meaningful, but under the circumstances I really couldn't imagine what to say.

And the moment slid by.

Chapter 7 I woke up to a summer day that mocked me by being beautiful. The downpour had washed everything, cooled the air, and renewed the green of the grass and the trees. The delicate pink of the old crepe myrtle was unfurling. The cannas would soon be open. Chapter 9 Loved ones, friends, acquaintances had been mown down by the Grim Reaper.

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So I was no stranger to loss and to change, and these experiences had taught me something. View all 32 comments. Feb 10, S. Raise your hand of you're dreading this book but know you put too much time in to not read it.

View all 3 comments. Everyone knows that Charlaine Harris books are not serious works of fiction, I don't expect them to blow me away with their awesomeness. That is not why I read them. Up until this book I have considered this series to be a guilty pleasure of mine because despite the consistent ridiculous nature of these stories they were still fun and entertaining and I love them for no realistic reason.

I was not a huge fan of book 11 either but it wasn't as downright awful as this installment which is quite su Everyone knows that Charlaine Harris books are not serious works of fiction, I don't expect them to blow me away with their awesomeness. I was not a huge fan of book 11 either but it wasn't as downright awful as this installment which is quite surprising, believe me. The problem with these books is that they seem to be produced so rapidly that absolutely zero thought seems to be put into their creation.

In Deadlocked there is no new story, it seems like the same old shit just keeps happening again and again and too many details are put into the daily life of Sookie.

I couldn't give a shit less if she shaved her legs or not. And the writing?

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Let me share with you a few lines that really had me wanting to rip my hair out: I'm an American," I said, standing tall. I hate you. You're an idiot. I felt guilty again. She felt guilty. Because she finally decided to tell her great-uncle that she would no longer sleep in the same bed as him. Even though they don't have sex, well, it's just become too weird and they should stop. Have I mentioned Sookie is an idiot? I got a chicken sandwich from the Sonic and drove home slowly.

We really needed to know you went to Sonic? Really don't care for the extra detail. In fact, it's more annoying than informative. Then there was the time when she referred to her great-uncle as 'Sexy Farmer' and another time when she had a conversation with her toes What happened to this series?! Sookie is barely tolerable and she used to be a fun and interesting character.

I loved when she finally got together with Eric because I loved Eric and the two of them together was so exciting. I think that died a long time ago though or at least when the ice pack was introduced in the last book.

Their relationship has grown dull and I'm sick of it all. Deadlocked was seriously disappointing. I know that book 13 is supposed to be the final nail in the coffin of this series but I can't even bring myself to get even mildly excited for it. So when you see that shit on my Currently Reading list be sure and point and laugh at me.

I'll deserve it. View all 41 comments. Nov 10, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: Yet another curiously addictive Sookie story! Such a shame there is only 1 book to go!

There was no shortage of deaths in this book, and we got some answers as to what was going on with the faeries too. I have to say I was pleased to see the back of view spoiler [ Jannalynn hide spoiler ] but on the romance front it seems that view spoiler [ Eric will abandon Sookie to go off with the queen.

Poor Sookie. Sep 06, Ruth rated it liked it Shelves: Hope it's more than pages. View 1 comment. She has an enemy, one far more dev Rating: My Review: Entry 12 in the seemingly eternal Sookie Stackhouse novel series.

Why bother reviewing entry 12, you ask, with perfect justice, when after 12 books you're either on the bus or not interested in going where the bus is going. Recently I reviewed book 13 in the Meg Langslow mystery series, to say auf wiedersehen to that giggle-loaded fun fest of a series.

That book left me feeling that Donna Andrews was decorating the narrative with little bits and bobs from the past entries, and had in fact lost interest in doing anything new with it. Charlaine Harris hasn't lost interest in Sookie, at least not visibly. Sookie and Eric and Bill and Pam and Sam Likewise Sookie's fairy family.

Sookie's life changes, not to say that Langslow's doesn't, but Sookie's life-changes come out of a story being told that has its arc. I didn't feel that in the other case. And this isn't to say that I've loved every Sookie book. No indeed! A few have been middle books, in that they gave the whole arc a push forward but in and of themselves weren't that satisfying.

But it's crucial to note that, each and every time I've read a Sookie book, I've felt Harris's authorial presence making something happen. And after 12 books, she's still in it, still working out the ideas and making them happen in prose that's got a voice, that's made an effort to please my aesthetic sense and still make me laugh.

Harris is still out to seduce me. It worked. View all 11 comments. Jan 28, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: Worst of all, the excitement of spinning something new begins to fade. The work starts to feel like work, and for most writ While reading Deadlocked , the latest novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series, I was reminded of a quote by Stephen King from On Writing: The work starts to feel like work, and for most writers that is the smooch of death.

The characters have become stale, and the pacing and plot are all over the place. I don't get the sense that Harris got any enjoyment out of writing Deadlocked and I certainly didn't get much enjoyment out of reading it. The plot was almost nonexistent. I honestly don't think that Harris had enough story to fill three additional book when she signed that final book deal.

As a result, this book is packed with a lot of boring filler about mundane tasks like filling out IRS tax forms and checking email. Harris also spends an entire paragraph talking about the installation of employee lockers at Merlotte's, I kid you not. The fairy storyline continues to bore me. The only positive thing I can say about the plot is that it looks like the fairies may be gone for good this time so I won't have to read about them too much in the next book, although I won't be surprised if they make an appearance.

The characters also feel like flat cardboard cutouts, completely unrecognizable from how they were at the beginning of the series. Sookie spends an extraordinary amount of time being angry and pitying herself. Harris continues to trash Eric's character in order to justify Sookie ending up with someone else view spoiler [Sam hide spoiler ]. Even Bill, who I never liked, seems to have lost what little spark he had.

He spends all of his time pining over Sookie and creepily showing up at her house randomly. Alcide continues to be unlikable, and pretty much every female character who catches the attention of one of Sookie's many love interests both current and former turns out to be evil in some way.

It's sad to see what has become of this once entertaining series. I will be reading the next installment but only because it's the last in the series and I hate to leave things unfinished when I'm this close to the end.

Jul 06, Ferdy rated it did not like it. A truly torturous reading experience. I can't believe that there was a time in the past that I actually used to enjoy this series. The books have gone from fairly entertaining to just plain atrocious. The plot was dull and predictable and it also reminded me of plots from the previous books. The writing was absolutely horrendous - I thought the writing in most YA books was bad but this is on a whole other level.

I would have probably been able to overlook the writing if it had something else goi A truly torturous reading experience. I would have probably been able to overlook the writing if it had something else going for it like I don't know, the plot, the heroine, the characters or even the romance. I'm just glad I lent it of a friend instead of actually wasting my own money on it.

Sookie is one of the worst heroines EVER. Just a few of the things Sookie says and does that make her such an insufferable bitchdog: She sounded like she was on heat or something. The way Sookie compares how her great grandfather holds her and how Eric does is beyond disturbing - why would anyone even think to compare the two?!

She was disgusting. Her obsession with good manners and making sure things were presentable was just ridiculous. What was the point of it?! It made Sookie sound like an old woman instead of a 20 something year old. There's paragraph after paragraph of Sookie describing all the mundane things she does - like getting ready for work, cooking, cleaning and all the boring little jobs she did at work - how does that pass for entertainment?! Where's the actual effing plot?!

Any woman that gets involved with the men in her life are either lacking in some way or are psycho bitches - no one is good enough for her men. She blames women for every thing bad that happens, heaven forbid one of her boys actually be responsible for their own actions.

When Sookie sees Eric all over another girl she excuses Eric's behaviour and puts all the blame on the girl. Sookie cares far more about the men in her life and all the feelings they have than she does about any of her female friends. Sexist bitch. She gets pissed when she thinks Sam's happy in his relationship when her relationship with Eric's on the rocks. What a complete cow - what kind of person would want a friend to be unhappy just because they were?!

She just doesn't care, she actually thinks they deserve it. Yet, if Eric or one of her other lover boys hurts anyone, she's not bothered but if someone dares to hurt her boys or her, she's all about punishing them - the hypocrite. I've never really liked Sookie all that much, but at least before I could enjoy other characters like Eric, Pam, Quinn and Alcide.

Unfortunately Eric's gone from a powerful, enigmatic and dangerous love interest into a weak, needy, boring emo that gets pushed around by Sookie. Yet, even at his worst, I still can't understand what he sees in bitchdog Sookie.

I got tired of Eric constantly referring to Sookie as his lover - it wasn't romantic it was just cringey. Pam was a shadow of her former self - what happened to her humour, charm and attitude?! All of the characters were just absolute rubbish. I believe there's only one book left, I've put up with the series for this long so I might just read the next one for completion's sake. I definitely won't be buying it though - I'll just have to borrow it of a friend.

Sad to say I'm not even looking forward to this one. Boo hoo. Things are definitely winding down and loose ends are being tied up. We're no closer to knowing who Sookie will end up with if anyone. I'll see her journey through to the end because after all the shit she's had to endure I want to see her happy. Finge Sad to say I'm not even looking forward to this one. Fingers crossed these past few lackluster books are paving the way to a kickass, awesome final book.

View all 27 comments. I am a long-time fan of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, I bought the first 8 books in the box set and read each of them at least 3 times 5 times each. I have bought each successive book, and I will admit that the last books have been a bit under-whelming.

However, I absolutely love Sookie Stackhouse, she is the girl next door, but she does have "extras. In Deadlocked, Sookie's relationship with Eric is on-the-rocks, big time. Sookie Stackhouse 8-volume Set. Sookie Stackhouse - 01 Dead Until Dark. Sookie Stackhouse - 07 All Together Dead. Sookie Stackhouse - 09 Dead and Gone. Dead and Gone Sookie Stackhouse, Book 9. Sookie Stackhouse 4. Sookie Stackhouse - 05 Dead as a Dorrnail.

Dead and Gone: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel. Sookie Stackhouse - 04 Dead to the World. Recommend Documents. Your name. Close Send. Remember me Forgot password? Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement.The Hunter and the Hunted. But no, this is going to be like those cartoons, where the character slams on the breaks of its vehicle and the car is ground into the road so severely that car parts fly off until all that's left is the steering wheel still in the character's hand.

Zero story? View all 24 comments. Each subsequent book about Sookie Stackhouse, telepathic Louisiana barmaid and friend to vampires, werewolves, and various other odd creatures, was very successful in many languages. The books, set in Shakespeare, Arkansas, feature a heroine who has survived a terrible attack and is learning to live with its consequences. Reviews It's vampire politics as usual around the town of Bon Temps, but never before have they hit so close to Sookie's heart A young girl has died at a vampire party - and it looks as though her lover, Eric, might be responsible.

Though her early output consisted largely of ghost stories, by the time she hit college Rhodes, in Memphis Charlaine was writing poetry and plays. Hearts at Stake.

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