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BS inspection and repair of - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. BS is issued as a code of practice for inspection and repair of offshore containers in the UK. - “DNV Certification Note Offshore Freight. Containers ” is. Offshore Containers. Calling time on offshore containers made to BS In , the harmonised European standard BS EN –. Offshore containers.

Bs 7072 Pdf

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View all details. Superseded By: BS EN EN. Additional Comments: W/D S /S BY BS EN Format. Details. Price (USD). Secure PDF. Single User. BS was released in as an Inspection and Repair Standard for (MGN ) which stated that Containers constructed to meet BS requirements. Buy BS Code of practice for inspection and repair of offshore containers from SAI Global. Product Format. PDF - English. PDF - English, Hardcopy -.

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The tank itself forms part of the tare weight. If the container cannot be directly loaded because of its construction, the competent person should determine a suitable 6. If a container is normally fitted with a lifting set this set should not be used for the proof load test.

All accessible load bearing welds should be minimum of 5 min. Only a competent person should make this examination. The lifting p0itltS should be visually container should not be damaged or deformed in any examined for distortion, mechanical damage or any other way which would render it unsuitable for use.

Any equipment which can carry 6.

BS 7072:1989

Doors, frames, seals, hinges, locks out the above procedure may be used. The load may be etc. The floor should be visually examined to 6. Drainage facilities, where fitted, should be tained by the t e s t company for all weights, gauges, examined, e.

The paint markings and plates should be 6.

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If the container is fitted with a lifting weight. BS provides guidance on the inspection of wire slings. Only when, in the 6. This certificate should show the following minimum information: 6. The competent person should carry out a 3 date of manufacture if known ; thorough visual examination of the exterior, in accordance 4 date first put into use if known ; with 6.

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The examination should be carried out in a situation f details of NDE carried out; providing sufficient lighting and other facilities necessary to allow the examination t o be carried out safely and 9 name of company carrying out the examination; ,'-.

The facility should include a suitable means of h name of the competent person carrying out the J i lifting and supporting the container if required by the examination;. Before a container is correct; initially taken into service the competent person should j signature of examiner and date of examination.

Only when, 7 Repair procedures in the opinion of the competent person, a container is suitable for further service should a 'certificate of t e s t 7. This certificate should show the following minimum information: Repairs t o the load bearing structure of a container should be carried out in accordance with the guidance on design..

All lifting sets used in the handling of containers should f proof load applied in tonnes; be manufactured in accordance with BS Sling assemblies should be selected on the basis of complying gl details of NDE carried out; with BS a t a rating 1.Minimum dimensions detailed in clause 4. The consequence would be a significant reduction in the number of containers that could be carried on deck.

Work with similar triangles and with radian measure. PDF Negou, J. If the container is fitted with a lifting weight. Batch numbering should not be used; equipment, etc.

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