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Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - The Complete Official Guide - Collector's Edition . Download this PDF to help you to familiarize yourself with the “Saint-Pierre”. eGuides, in-depth walkthroughs, character information, and strategies for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. Guide to the Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag contains a complete description of the main storyline walkthrough with all secondary missions. What is more, you'll.

Assassins Creed 4 Strategy Guide Pdf

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Welcome to the Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough. Here, you will find all the information you need for a % Sync Guide as well as. "This guide is quite simply exceptional. To have synthesized Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag into this single volume is one remarkable achievement. It is the. Where can I find the Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag in-game manual?.

Ubisoft - Developer and Publisher Website.

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Black Flag - Official Website. AC IV: Black Flag Guide Strategy Guide. Introduction Controls. Xbox PlayStation 3. Basic info.

Naval battles. Basic information Ship's weaponry Boarding Infamy. Kenway's fleet. Introduction Mooring of ships Merchant missions Naval battles. Hacking into the Abstergo computers.

Basic information Sphere puzzle The prime number combination puzzle Data uplink. Land animals Marine animals. Introduction Sequence 1.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Game Guide & Walkthrough

Sequence 2. And My Sugar? Sequence 3. Sequence 4. Sequence 5. Sequence 6. Sequence 7. Sequence 8. Sequence 9.

Sequence Everything Is Permitted. Introduction World map - locations Random events Naval contracts Abstergo Challenges - cheats World map - collectibles and important places. Templar hunts. Treasure maps. Mayan Stelae. Introduction Reward. Introduction Land animals Marine animals. Legendary ships. Abstergo Entertainment - collectibles. Assassin contracts. Havana - collectibles. Chests Animus fragments Shanties Secrets.

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Havana - important places. Stores Local officials Warehouses.

Nassau - collectibles. Chests Animus fragments Shanties Secrets Taverns.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag – A Beginner's Guide

Nassau - Important places. Kingston - collectibles. Kingston - Important places.

Grand Inagua - collectibles. Chests Animus fragments Shanties. To get the optional objective, broadside ships while they are close together without aiming, this uses Heavy Shot fire instead of standard fire.

It is worth noting that the objective for defeating two ships with one broaddside does not need to be a Heavy Shot, so if you have two ships left at low health, take your time and aim a shot that will hit them both. From the ship, head up the steps and the pile of stone to climb the wall and make your way left.

You may notice the Animus Fragment above you, to get this go left on the wall rather then right, which continues the path. After the bridge collapses, climb up and use the crack in the wall to reach the Treasure before you drop back down and continue.

In the next large area, head through the ruins and into the jungle and take cover in the grass. A sentry here can be lured and killed, but after that you need to sprint straight through, across the columns, and into the next area optionally you can take it slow and kill the first guard when the other walks off and then take the second one out. Continue and hide behind the pillar and wait for the next guard to walk up the bank and turn away, quickly walking up and killing him or crossing the branch above for an air assassination.

If you head off to the left, toward the Treasure instead of toward the waypoint, you will come to an area with a White Jaguar and a Shanty - Whiskey Johnny. Continue back along the path toward the waypoint, kill another guard, and slide under the downed tree. The next area has a guard, which can easily be taken out from the bushes, and an Animus Fragment, accessed by using the trees to the north and swing over to it.

Continue, opening the Treasure and hit the first waypoint. Follow the cliff and head back into the jungle, using the trees and vines to get another Animus Fragment, and carefully approach the village and enter the stalking zone on the left.

Although it is possible to head through the heart of the village, look off to the right to find a small path that leads around the right of the men, and also has a Treasure. Take the high road into the next part of the village and enter the stalking zone, watching out for the Gunner above the whole area. Head around the left of the hut directly in front of you and then follow the stalking zones around the left all, another hut, and eventually out of the area.

When you reach the main town, wait for the coast to clear and then head into the bushes directly in front of the guard standing still at the door of the nearest house. Wait for the circling guard to be far enough away and then whistle the door guard over and kill him. Now head to the outhouse on the side of the same building to kill the circling guard. Head out of the outhouse and northeast to the next stalking zone, killing another patrolling guard who passes this area.

Continue to the corner of the last building and look toward the waypoint, where a guard patrols around a tree with stalking zones nearby. Wait for it to clear and then head to the bushes and kill the guard when he returns. Now watch the beach and make sure that the guard is walking toward the east and then silently approach the powder keg and ignite it, backing into the bushes and toward the beach.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Game Guide & Walkthrough

Once the keg goes off the guard on the beach will be checking the nearby bushes, so run for the water and hop in. Swim toward the bow of Julien's ship and then climb up the far side.

There is a guard that stands on the railing that you will need to ledge assassinate when the patrolling guard on the main deck isn't nearby and then crawl along to the back of the ship. Get onto the ropes that lead up to the mast and when the guards are not looking climb your way up to one of the sail posts and run along it to the other side, positioning yourself above Julien for a nice air assassination.

Present Day Follow Melanie into the elevator and pick Fl. Enter Olivier's office for a scene and then grab the Sticky Note 19 by the bookshelves to the left of the door on the way out. Head back down to Subject 17 and head for the waypoint. John will give you infinite access to all Level 1 areas, so head into the workstation and access the computer to come across your first Hacking mini-game. The objective is to reach any spot on the green line and then follow the green line for an infinite loop.

There are three computers in this one room you can hack.

The first computer you can hack is the required one for the story to get the Post-Mortem Report: Subject 17 file, and the other two unlock the Great Minds in History, Commission 2 and Subject memo 3. Grab the Sticky Note 12 on the sothwest wall and exit. This floor also has another Level 1 room with two more computers, both are new Data Stream mini-games. One of the computers has the "Subject Zero" - audio file 4 and the other has the Subject memo 2.

Additionally the north wall has the Sticky Note 16 that you should get.

After you have retrieved the file, head to the Lobby and check behind the receptionist's desk on the east side of the area for the Sticky Note Hand the file over to the "courier" Shaun and Rebecca and then check the messages before you return to the Animus. Memory This Old Cove Follow Kidd through the forest until you reach the Mayan Stela and climb on to the top of the structure to interact with it.

You will need to align the square and circle with the objects on the ground to discover the location where you can dig up a Mayan Stone.

You will also get the location of all the other Mayan Stones on the map. Grab the Treasure as you follow Kidd and when you reach the underground cavern follow Kidd to a treasure room. You will get the location of the other Templar Keys and can now loot the Treasure here. Exit the house and make your way to the viewpoint and then dive down and meet up with Kidd to finish this memory. Great Inagua will become your base and you can now upgrade it by purchasing buildings and interacting with people.

Memory Nothing is True After the conversation, head to the Captain's Cabin and interact with the map to access Kenway's Fleet. This section of the game requires an internet connection and is similar to Mediterranean Defense and Assassin Guild from previous Assassin's Creed games. Additionally, boarded ships can now be added to Kenway's Fleet. Whether you accessed the fleet or not, take the helm and make your way to Tulum.

After landing, open the Treasure nearby and then climb the wall and hide in the stalking zone. There is two assassins here that when split up can be lured to the bushes with an easy whistle, netting you two of the optional 3 knock outs.He stated "The whole feeling of the game is completely fresh and new.

Liberation Day 15 points : Free your first slave. Seeds of independence 40 points : Liberate slaves. Mixing Up The Medicines 20 points : Complete memory sequence 6. Long Bay.

Underwater locations. Disabled Ships Are Like Floating Health Packs When you're confronted with multiple ships at once, your first instinct might be to finish combat first and then board all of them to clean up.

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