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Keller: {shaking his head} All the kind of business goin' on. In my day, either you . Jim: {to Keller} If you son wants to play golf tell him I'm ready. Or if he'd like to. MODERN PLAYS FOR STUDENTS 3 ARTHUR MILLER ALL MY SONS a play in three acts edited for students by NISSIM EZEKIEL Reader in American. wonderful experience of sight and sound that All My Sons creates on-stage. It is recommended that the Arthur Miller play, available in paperback at local libraries .

All My Sons Play Pdf

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leave his house. Jim explains to Kate that everything Chris has believed in and trusted was a lie The neighbors play important roles in All My Sons. Explain the . ALL MY SONS. a play in three acts. by Arthur Miller. Characters: Joe Keller ( Keller). Kate Keller (Mother). Chris Keller. Ann Deever. George Deever. Arthur Miller All My pixia-club.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Jim: {to Keller} If you son wants to play golf tell him I'm ready.

It ended at the building line. This one, everything bothers him. You make a deal, overcharge two cents, and his hair falls out. Too easy, it came too easy. Yes , sir, Larry.

That was a boy we lost. Larry Larry. Do you understand me now? As long as you live the boy is alive. God does not let a son be killed by his father.

This is the secret of her neurotic behavior from the beginning. She fails. Joe reads the letter and the disaster Kate had been trying to avert all through the play finally strikes. Forget now.

Live As Jim explains. She tells Chris she fears Ann and George would open the case against Joe. Why does she fear so? Because, Steve held Keller responsible for the crime and the whole family hates the Kellers. The exertion was a little too much because it was against her nature. The significance of the grape juice is not lost on George.

On seeing George she raise both hands, comes down toward him. They made an old man out of you. Touches his hair. I feel so — He nearly laughs and turns away from them. Kate, you look so young, you know? You did not change at all. It … rings an old bell. The answer perhaps lies in the burden of femininity she carries on her head.

All My Sons

To George: Sitdown. When the truth finally explodes on Joe and he commits suicide, she goes to Chris and comforts him. As a result of this she is without any self, any significant identity of her own. Thus, women must develop a totally other oriented emotional economy. In this economy, the control of female appetite for food is merely the most concrete expression of the general rule governing the construction of femininity: that female hunger- for public power, for independence, for sexual gratification - be contained, and the public space that women be allowed to take up be circumscribed, limited.

The relationship between the sexes as, Kate Millet has pointed out in Sexual Politics , is one of dominance and subordinance. Women like Kate have willingly accepted the subordinate role.

Kate tried to persuade Joe to confess his crime, tell Chris that he is ready to surrender before the police so that Chris can return home. But Joe needs the family to back him at this ordeal.

Kate is here complaining for all the women who suffered the same fate for all their sacrifices for their family. It is worthwhile to quote Friedon in this context. The war was then in full blast. By the time she had finished the tale I had transformed the daughter into a son and the climax of the second act was full and clear in my mind.

Even Ann promises www. Miller seems to be deliberately blocking larger social issues from women. The truth is Miller has made Kate a self-effacing woman and in idolizing her character has become complicit in the construction of the prevailing concept of femininity. The Anthology of Theory and Criticism. Vincent B. Print Friedan,Betty. The Feeminine Mystique. New York: Dell, Print Miller,Arthur. Collected Plays.

Bombay: Allied Publishers Private Limited, Walters, Margaret. Feminism: A very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press, From the playwright's point of view, every speech act is designed with a set purpose to serve a function such as imparting a particular piece of information, describing a state of affairs, commenting on a situation, criticizing, accepting or declining the views etc.

The analysis of such speech acts reveals the explicit and implicit intentions of the characters the in play. Therefore, examining and analyzing the utterances deployed in the structural design is interesting as well as a challenging task.

I'm just waiting for her to see it. Keller, being the central figure, is the most responsible person behind the cause of the death of twenty-two pilots including his own son Larry. The above utterance puzzles the spectator and the reader because the relevance and the significance of the broken tree is a mystery in the beginning of the play. However, the utterance serves some more significant function, which is not stated but has to be worked out.

In normal circumstance, a sensible spectator or reader with little curious attention senses that there is some sort of intention behind Keller's utterance.

The first part of the utterance asserts that something is happened. The use of an adverb 'yet' intensifies the adjective 'asleep' as well as the hidden purpose of the speaker.

If the utterance is judged against the theory of speech acts, it reveals that the speaker of this utterance seems to be under the threat of uncertainty and the future consequences. It is also true that the speaker cannot change the situation. From the author's point of view, the utterance serves to establish the logical setting for the future discussion of the crux idea of the play.

He says that to understand language one has to understand the speaker's intention. According to him, language is intentional behavior. Therefore, it should be treated like a form of action. Searle refers to statements as speech acts. The speech act is the basic unit of language that expresses meaning. In fact, an utterance expresses an intention. Mostly, the speech act is a sentence, but it can be a word or phrase as long as it follows the rules necessary to carry out the intention.

Speech is not only used to choose something, it also essentially does something. Speech act lays the stress on the intent of the act as a whole.

According to Searle, understanding the speaker's intention is crucial to arrest the meaning. Without the speaker's intention, it is not possible to understand the words as a speech act.

Thus, Searle considers the intention i. Let us consider the five classes of speech act propounded by J. Searle A] Assertive Speech Acts: Assertive speech acts have a truth value and state what the speakers believe to be the case or not. They are generally expressed through declarative form.

However, declarative is not the only form, they are also expressed through imperative and interrogative forms. This class includes stating, suggesting, boasting, complaining, claiming, reporting, criticizing, denying, disagreeing, predicting, hypothesizing, concluding, replying etc. All the rhetorical questions come under assertive speech acts because they do not expect answer but are asked for only intensification of the assertion of one's ideas, views, opinions etc.

They assert things to change their state of knowledge" It amply becomes clear from the above statement that the assertives present the actual state of affairs and usually corrects the knowledge of its addressee. She was standing right here when it cracked. Thus, via assertive, the speaker wishes to give a piece of information that usually corrects the reader's knowledge and expectations of the world as regard to forces such as heat, light, sound, pressure, gravity and the way that they affect objects.

by Arthur Miller

What the speaker does here is to make an assertion whose relevance is informativeness. Now, let us consider the validity and significance of Chris' utterance in context of the play. The speech situation of this utterance is that the tree, which was planted in memory of Keller's dead son Larry, who was supposed to marry Ann, is broken by the wind last night. Therefore, there is an obvious connection between the tree and Larry. The illocutionary force of the utterance indicates that Keller is not too much worried of the tree but the hidden consequences.

The moment Chris informs him that there is no need to worry about Ann because she has already seen through the window when the tree was breaking down at about four o' clock in the morning. As the result illocutionary force and the perlocutionary effect of Chris' utterance, Keller becomes uncomfortable and asks many questions in order to control the situation.

It is also not so clear at this point in the context of the play that why Keller is so much concerned with Ann's responses but later the context provides details that Keller is the only person who is responsible for Larry's death and Steve's imprisonment.

Therefore, he feels in danger and asks many questions in order to be careful in future. B] Commissive Speech Act: The commissive speech act commonly occurs in a play. It plays a major role in building interpersonal bond. It includes a promise, a vow, a pledge, a guarantee etc. In the first act of 'All My Sons', Chris at one moment tries to maintain his love relationship with Ann by promising her a comfortable, loving and healthy married life in future.

He also promises to marry her. Thus, the entire scene of that moment is about promising.

In the following example Chris commits for the future course of action. Chris: Ann, I love you, I love you a great deal. I love you Pause she waits I have no imagination. That's all I know to tell you. Ann is waiting, ready I'm embarrassing you. I didn't want to tell it to you here. I wanted some place we had never been, a place where we'd be brand new to each other you feel it's wrong here, don't you this yard this chair?

I want you to be ready for me. I don't want to win you away from anything. Although, Chris and Ann have been known each other for more than three years, they never revealed their feeling. Therefore, there was a touch of uncertainty to their relationship. By performing a speech act of promise, Chris has succeeded in developing a very deep, cordial relationship. The depth of their relationship and love for each other is revealed especially through the commissive speech act.

Before worsening the situation, Chris by expressing his love, tries to make Ann ready for the future course of action. As Chris repeats his utterance twice, he intensifies his love. It also seems that Chris is exploring his love according to Ann's responses. Thus, Chris using different expressions commits for the future course of action.

In the last part of the utterance, Chris offers many options to Ann. He indirectly forces her to forget the past life and be ready for the marriage i. Apparently, it seems that Chris is just expressing his love but at the deeper level of communication he seems to be testing and observing Ann's mental state because Keller's have not wiped off the memories of Larry and Ann's engagement.

Therefore, Chris feels somewhere uncertainty in his heart and opens his love to boost the decision taken by Ann. In other words, it can be called the speech act of guarantee and promise for the determination of future consequences. C] Directive Speech Acts: Directive speech acts are produced to create an effect on the hearer.

These types of speech acts attempt to get the hearer to do something via words. In other words, these speech acts have the intentions or purposes of some sort of actions to be performed by its hearer. Therefore, directive speech acts are hearer centered. This class includes requesting, questioning, ordering, commanding, suggesting, urging etc.

This group frequently belongs to earlier discussed competitive category of Leech and comprises a category of illocutionary forces in which illocutionary goal competes with the social goal and creates negative politeness on the hearer. Let us consider the following examples of these kinds: Mother: Altogether To Chris, but not facing them your brother is alive, darling, because if he is dead, your father killed him.

Do you understand me now? As long as you live, that boy is alive. God does not let a son be killed by his father. Now you see, don't you?


Now you see. It is an act of suggestion, in which mother requests her son, Chris not to marry Ann. The reason behind the restriction is Keller's crime.

Here, it must be provided the required context which is necessary for proper understanding of the illocutionary force of the utterance. Keller and Ann's father Steve were the partners in weapon production factory. As the war was going on, there was an emergency of cylinder heads. The armed officers were in need of cylinder heads and suddenly one batch of cylinder heads came out with serious defect. Steve was in the factory and he noticed and immediately phoned to Keller at his home.

Keller having heartless ambition directs Steve to patch up the defected cylinder heads and dispatch to the army. He also promised if there would be any problem, he will take all the responsibilities.

As a result of seriously defected cylinder heads, twenty-two pilots including Keller's younger son Larry were killed. When the army officers came to know that the cylinders were seriously defected, they took Steve and Keller to the court but Keller escaped on the ground of his absence in the factory but Steve was imprisoned.

Later, after three years of this incident, Ann and Chris decided to marry. But the real problem is that Chris doesn't know too much about this incident and Mother and Keller want to keep him in ignorance by assuming that Larry is alive.

They believe that Ann also doesn't know anything about this case. However, the reality is different. Ann is the only person who knows more things about Larry's death and Steve's imprisonment. Therefore, here Mother is not allowing Chris to marry.This is a zoo, a zoo! Does that settle it?

He wants a regular wedding and wants everybody to be happy. He would forgive me! The tendencies of the time, the tastes of my own age united to make the theme alluring to me. Only last week a man turned up in Detroit, missing longer than Larry.

O love-dream of power, so sweet, consuming!

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