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Spook's Destiny (Wardstone Chronicles). Home · Spook's Destiny (Wardstone Chronicles) button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB . These Books are haunting, and spooky, beware, do not read before Dark All the books from are here, hope u enjoy. The Spook's Destiny · The Spook's Destiny Wardstone 7 – The Spook's Nightmare · Wardstone 7 – The Spook's Nightmare.

The Spooks Destiny Epub

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The Spook's Destiny · Joseph, epub, Bodley Head, , English, [Download ]. The Spook's Mistake · Joseph, epub, RHCP, , English. The Spook's Destiny [Rage of the Fallen] · Joseph, epub, , English, 0, Wardstone Chronicles 8, [Download]. The Spook's Destiny [Rage of the Fallen]. spook's destiny (wardstone chronicles book 8), the - joseph pixia-club.info - Ebook DRag [Fic] dc22 FIRST EDITIOr EPub Edition.

Can t you. I can. Enter the light. You re going home! He had. Alice had e. DOWN in the kitchen, we ate a light. When we d fin hed, the Spook p hed h plat. Leave nothing out! So I did what I had to do. After all, he had already comprom ed h principl. Se' ing tha h. Over the p. I had to try to make amen. I think I ll writ. I ll make a fr. Whateve happe' , we need to record the p.

For a while we both wrot. Wouldn t it be nice to get back to ou normal routine. I certainly m the County, and I. It won t be the. It ha. When the ho e w. It had been free to leavex It certainly won t. We ll have to do our own cookin and cleaning, and you ll be making the breakf. My poo. He alwa. I felt n. Back i' my room, I made a horrific d coveryx I put my left hand into the pocket of my breech.

It had been the blood jart W. My heart. J t a fine crack, it. Ou blood. We re. So while we enjoye. So the night after our fi v itation, Alice and I.

H relativ. After the rhythmic ra , a column of light appearedw and the. However, it had hardl. She did better than me,. He d had a difficult life, alwa. But at l. And there, cl. Suddenly I recognized her face. I had. I looke. I could have drowned yo then, but I m. I have. I ve been waiting for you, boy! With jibbe to b. How do you like them? And th Alice. I ve been watching the pair of youx I ve. Soon you ll both be i' my clutch. You ve confirmed what I.

And hurt you I will. I l certainly pay you back many tim. She h. She m t be really powerful to d. You coul. The witch an unknown quantityy omeone to be treated with grea caution. I wouldn t blame you for walking away. So what wil you do? Alicex Good lad. I thought that would be your a' wer. Maybe in the future that will b.

I don t hold with it m. You ll face new and different threa , and dea with them in a different way. Each time, Alic. Each time we felt apprehe' ive, bu. But I had my job to dox In contr. The' we had a v itory omeone who arrived on the. The in' till had no other c tome , but the landlord w. That alone w. He a o carried a' ebony walking. But the. And you m t be Tom Ward, he added, looking a me.

He gave a curt nod in Alice. Aye, that. And that. Are you here t. On the contrary, I am here t. We have our own. That why the few remainin Ir h. What you. By doing. We d heard that the. I am Farrell Shey, the leader of th. Land Alliance, a league of landowne who have been a war with the mag. They d. A dangerou few month li. The goat mag. Gather your thin together, and I ll get you out of the city immediately. Drawn b. The coach driver w. I had all happened too f.

Th Farrell Shey w. J t what were we getting ou elv. But we live there, too. Would you rather have died in the cityw waiting for the. Or would yo come and place your. Don t doubt that. The Spook ha. The do traveled with u,. But we won be able to reach it tonight. We ll. But don t worry we are well prepared.

I' fact, it had no. He already knew th. That alwa. They tether a mountain goat on. The object to pe uade the god Pan t. If he do. But he h. He kil people for the love of it, cutting off their finge and to. Why there? Why don t they. We think that the. There were indeed. Withi' i boundari. The Staigue fort a.

In practica. Do you hav. We re dealing only with the odd olate. Helped to kill a Celtic witch back home, h. Th happe' rarelyw for.

So don t concern you ely unduly about it, boy. And tomorrow,. I could. In the work oy a. Countyx I could. But I w. Suddenly the burly figure of Bill Arkwright r. But j t. Briefly, the witch. The air w. I' ide, beyond the doorway, ligh flared o' the rocky wal black witch candl. I could a o. I d followed the witch through the magica door. I took a few dee breat to calm m. It brought her t. I d bound the witch, bu now I had a real problem.

I could no longer. I going to get out of the mound7 Perha. Arkwright w. Had I bound the witch, or had she boun. Beneath the chain, he mouth w. But I couldn help m. Now I had to face the co' equenc. Speakin in the Old Tongue,. The witch.

The cloud had turned into a blac crow. But th w. They fluttered, battering wildly agai' t the wal oy the chamber,. I ducked, and they raked agai' t th. Confidence replaced fear; there w. Morrigan, rele. The blade cut deep into the bird. Who are you that you can do. Well, you ve fought your l. There no way you can. You will. Then I looked her. Next time might cut off her head.

I had to pe uade th witch t. Morrigan much more powerful there. Then, it had been the Spoo who w. Mercifully, h had gonew but now I d inherited them. Now I rarely enjoyed a r. I d made a bargain with the witchx In return for her opening the magical door, I d prom ed.

But once ou ide, I d no. Later he d cut out her heartw and it had been eaten by h do th e' uring that. I tried to convince m. Could it be a mo e or a rat7 I l tened carefully, but there w. Then it came again. Th time it w.

It ually heralded the approach of the Fiendw h cloven hoov. I coul. But j t when I thought the Fiend would appear by m. Then there w. I waited a lon time before I dared to get out of bed. The l. Here, the prin had left only faint mar on the woodx But they were unm takable: Fiend for. I thought that jar w.

I fell on the jar when we faced that fi t jibber, I told m. She carefully traced her finge along the line of the crack. I power to keep the Fiend at bay. Time running out for. Eventually he d. Fiend, I. Now it. I turned to Alice. Why don you try and contact Grimalkin again? J t hope nothing. By depending on th. But in. I knew he felt trappe. She had been ing a mirror, but in.

Nothing we coul. If Grimalkin didn t a' wer. All day we continued. They have never attacked herey. My ho e li. The doo were. Additionally, there w. Entry to the groun. It certainly provided a good dea of protection from attack. There were a o armed guar. H face broke into a grin. I had meant every wordx. What do. By the Otherworld, Farrell Shey probabl. I knew nothing about Ir h hero. All we have ar. I kne. Cuchulain, a o known. He killed i by d. But he died young.

How did he meet h end? H end came when th. I' revenge,. Weakened, h. Now he wai in the Otherworld until it time for him to return and. For my part, I had bee' u' ettled by that mention of the Morrigan.

I met Alice. Spook, breaking the. I know that your witch. Can the. But eve' witch. It a dangero place, bu within it there are plac.

They are called. But a. H wor. Running from the Morrigan, I d. I learning from them, gaining knowledge that migh help me in the future? I wonderedx You. By drawing enough. Dar magical power? But a o weapo'. Once thrown, it never m.

Doolan th. Butcher would love to get h han. There had been two bad yea oy blight; another poor harv. I leaned agai' t her door an.

Alice w. She m t be trying to reach Grimalkinx My heart leaped, for i' tead of Alice. From m. I moved cl. Perha the witch. Once back in my roomw I. I felt certain tha he d. So I go undr. The mornin un w.

The door opene. Still in bed,. We re alread. I can hear them talking dow' tai. No knew it hadn t been a dreamx I went down to breakf. Grimalkin on her way t. I m going for a walk, aid, gettin to. Of cou. Kenmare a refuge, but even though I hav. Take heed, land. With a nod of agreement, I left the dining room wit Alice.

We went to the kenne to collect Claw, Blood, an. Bone, and were. Wha did. I tried to keep the annoyanc. It ain t good ne. You mean. At fi t it wen their way, and they burned.

But once it w. Though that didn t. She took h thumb bon. I can t hide anything from yo for long, can I? She believ. But no. Arkwright killed. Perha that. But how could that witc be after me? I wonderedx It. Bil Arkwright fed her heart to h do!

Claw and her pu. One w. He d done th. That witch w. She noddedx Well,. A large black crow flying after me. But then the crow. And I ve. But why.

Don like to. It coul. Not only did w. We might. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the blood jarw holding it up to the light and examining it carefully. It certainly. I handed it t. Don t worry, Tom. When Grimalki' arriv. By now clou. It looked like the period of goodw ettled weather w. He had a worrie. I expecte. Weren t you warned not to go too fa from the ho e? Alice h. She on her way here at l.

It could tak. So that. He d find i hard. But while. I could tell he w. So what. But th time it wil be different. Farrell Shey thin it ll be about a week befor. I might. They ll. So, leaving the do and our ba behind, the Spook, Alice, and I.

We took refuge in a barn on the ou kir and. Making camp in a large mudd. Warmin our han. The fair i elf. There were a large numbe of anima , too ho. Believe me, there are a lot oy hungry mout out there.

Many folk will be too weak to wal. They come from mil. Th field j one of many that will eventually be filled to bu ting. Killorgli' effectively belon to them. But th time we ll give them. We mingle. We quickly appreciated that i w. They like thei comfort and are a o protective of their.

If it. However, before the. They would be here before dawn. We drew the curtai' acr. Two ride came into view, followed by four me' carrying large bundl. The mag. Thei bundl. Two of the men. During th. But once the goat in p. For othe it. It ll. But he. That ll bind him more. But then, out of the corner of my eye, I notice. She looked worriedx What.

The captured ho. But the four of , with our. At mor. Our men had reporte. With the Spook and Shey i' the lead, we began a. They m t have caught our. Shey and my m. I could hear. With a mighty. So excellent. Bindin the mouth w. The four workme' dropped to their kne.

Killarney, the Spook, Shey, Alice, and I took our pr one toward. It had gone well, but I couldn help but worry that the fire would act like a beacon, drawin our enemi. Howeverw the c. It meant that an enem. I wal were a o overgrown wit ivy. Determined attacke could e that to. We were given comfortable be. But i eemed to me that th dream w. The godd. I tried to open my ey. Then I felt hot breat on my face,. And a voice I knew onl. I can nearly reach youx J t a little while longer and the jar will fail!

Then you ll b. But to m. Here, too,. Time w. The power of th. I j t had to hope that Grimalkin would arriv. Two of the guar. No chanc. Although there w. Deftly the Spook uncoiled h.

Finally he w. Alice and I. Do you unde tand? Immediately the pr oner began t. Then he turned to the Spoo and noddedx Why do. Shey told him. But fi. We ll get it out of you one way or the other,. You cho. Then you re either a brave man or a fool!

No doubt the latter, he added, reaching into h pocket, pulling out a. It looked like a pair of ton x There will be pain before you die. Terrible pain! J t wha do you mean. It can cr finge or extract teeth. And only a fool. We were honorable in th. I had comprom ed m. The goat ceremon. The mage h. Spook and muttered, It.

You ve. Surely you m t know by now? My throat dry. Give me a little water, and I wil tell you. The man. What are the variabl. Seve' goa are. Together we m t cho. The proc. We m t make human. One m t be female, and. The other two m t b. The other died at your han. That did not har. If yo were. So the two mag. That why am not afraid. I welcome death! Then once the proc. To e' ure. So if we keep you. We ve.

All we have to do now keep him impr one. Can th c. And our enemi. Thin couldn t be better. Hold out herew and then, in mi. We ll d. I thank you. So one of the Celtic witch. There were far fewer than I d expected no mor. Land Alliance had told would be the final contingent t. Each landowner m t a o look to h own defe'. They will com. How many? The Spook ra ed h eyebro. How many of th. Probably abou two thir.

The r. But they can draw on man. They fight alon ide the mag. Who can ref e th. The people they recrui now will be poorly armed and often weakened by hunger.

I agreed with the Spook. That certainly true, Shey replied. We will have foo. We will harry them all the wa. And perha Staigue will finally fall, givin victory at l. And there are. There were ligh. Our enemi. The Celtic witch would b. A team oy oxen w. They had a. One had been ed by. It had been fired with great accuracy, th. But a lot would depend on the.

Would they. Spook on the battlemen x Did you know they d have a. But our. However, the d tance w. By now th. I fell far. Th brought. The next one again fell. In addition to barre of water for coolin the barrel and many ba of gunpowder, there were doze' of pyrami.

Al they. Cormac into our han. But Shey g. Their time alm. Soon i will be your turn to be under. We will tear down you fort until not a. Within five minut. Late in the afternoon he w. Spook had been telling me about a group of mag. Thoug they. What do we know abou him? Read that fi t, and then. After eighk days of human sacrifice, Pan passes through a portag from the dark and briefly enters the body of a goatt He distorts the shape of that animal into a thing awfug to behold and drives the mages to perform more anh more terrible acts of bloodshedt It.

We don t kno. Thin have change. Now we know that the ceremony tak. But what I ve alwa. In one form he. H other. Nobody kno. But I. Human greed and l t for power mak.

But I ve lived long enough t. We can only hope. The Spook frowned. Thin couldn t be much wo e than they are at pr. Why, eve' Farrell Shey, an enemy of the dark, prepared to. Maybe it. Iy gunne. Victor opened the door and gestured for the omega to step inside. He closed the heavy door firmly behind them.

Once Yuuri was inside, he nodded before reaching for the tie of his dress and pulling it loose. He shrugged it off his shoulders and held it around his waist for a moment. This was the very first time he would be naked in front of another man, an alpha, a suitor. It made him hesitate, but Yuuri found he could not disobey Victor's orders even if he wanted to.

He let go of the fabric around his waist and let it pool at his feet on the floor. Then he reached up to grip the ornate jade pin that kept his hair pinned back from his forehead and pulled it out and placed it on the nearest surface.

He stood naked before the alpha with his whole body trembling in a mixture of desperation and trepidation. He hoped the Emperor would like what he saw. Victor wasn't shy about looking at Yuuri's naked body, in fact, his eyes devoured it.

His skin was creamy, his nipples pink and his thighs beautifully curved, and his cock was small as it should be for an omega. He stepped closer, looking for any sign of imperfection but he found nothing that put him off Yuuri. It seemed the more he looked the more he wanted him. The omega tried to stay calm under Victor's gaze, but it was difficult.

He was desperate to know what the alpha thought and whether this had all been a waste of time. The thought pained him and Yuuri decided that he would do whatever it took to ensure that Victor didn't send him away.

The nervous omega brought one hand to his mouth and sucked on his index finger with a moan. He covered it in saliva and then brought it to his chest where he used it to rub and pinch his perky, rose-coloured nipple. Victor froze as he watched the erotic movement.

Touch yourself for your Emperor. He had never seen anything like this in his entire life. Encouraged by his words, Yuuri began to rub with more purpose. He let out a breathy moan as he pinched his nipple hard and felt his small cock twitch from arousal.

Slick had begun to gather between his ass cheeks and Yuuri should have been embarrassed, but he wasn't. He wanted this alpha and he was desperate to make this work. His free hand dropped behind him to run through the slippery fluid from his ass and he let it pool on his fingers before Yuuri brought them to his aching, red hot cock.

The first rub of it caused him to moan loudly and his knees shook in protest. He wasn't used to doing this standing.

Victor noticed the strain and slowly led him to the bed. He knew that it was possible, but he had only ever heard rumours. Seeing it face to face was something that robbed him of his breath. Hard like this, it was the perfect size. It would fit in Victor's hand or even in his mouth if he desired.

Yuuri did as he was bid. He draped his body over the blue silk sheets of the Emperor's bed and began to rub his hot little cock. His hips thrust upwards as he desperately sought the relief he was aching for. The omega knew he wasn't allowed to speak. He was designed to be submissive, but he had one last weapon in his arsenal to try and break the Emperor's steely resolve.

He had to try it. He couldn't fail, not when he was so close… "A-alpha," he whined in a breathy, bliss-filled voice. He had never been so turned on with another person, never at all with a woman, and his interactions with omegas were sparing so this was brand new.

He had never seen an omega begging like this and he instantly understood what the fuss was all about. Why have anything but an omega? With a husky sigh, Yuuri flipped over onto his stomach and pulled his ass cheeks apart. I find these touches acceptable to yourself. But you are to never touch yourself like this again unless I am watching. Do you understand me?

Pleasure sparked up Yuuri's spine. He'd done it. He'd seduced the richest, most powerful man in the whole of Xuhar and his parents had been paid for it. He'd never felt so happy in his life. Yuuri nodded where he was, still holding his ass open and on display for Victor where the wetness glistened beautifully as it dripped down onto the sheets. Victor smiled and reached forwards. He brushed his fingers over it before slowly sinking two inside of him.

He felt hot and was soaking wet and it was possibly the best thing he had ever felt. Victor pulled his fingers out and reached for his clothes to remove the layers. He pulled them off annoyed and then gripped his cock, ready to push inside the omega and take his virginity. The sight of Victor's huge alpha cock proudly jutting out made Yuuri's eyes bulge. He'd never seen something so big and he was certain it was never going to fit inside him, but he wasn't going to tell the Emperor that.

Instead, Yuuri pulled his cheeks apart further and pushed backwards, his eyes meeting Victor's. Take me. Make me yours.

The Spook's Destiny

He had waited his whole life to actually be able to have sex with a man, and here was a beautiful hand-picked omega that was everything that he wanted.

He had never been so hard in his life. I was born to please and serve you. Victor was pleased with the words, of the loyalty that he was displaying. The feeling stole his breath.

He felt different to a woman, but somehow, it was the same, but it was bliss, it was everything that he had been missing. Yuuri's hands left his ass and clung to the headboard in front of him for dear life as his ass was stretched impossibly wide.

He'd heard jokes and tales about sex, but never did he dream he would feel so full and satisfied. He moaned low in his throat and silently begged for the alpha to move inside him. The few women he had slept with had been very quiet and shy and it had always made Victor feel worse. But Yuuri was canting his hips backwards as if he wanted more of their forbidden touches.

Victor took a deep breath. Maybe they did things differently in Shulzing. The question astounded him.

The Spook's Mistake

How sheltered was the Emperor? Every downtrodden watering hole had bards telling raunchy tales and singing bawdy songs. Victor pulled out slowly, letting out a steadying breath at the loss of the tight heat. He encouraged the alpha to sit on the edge of the bed before the omega swung one leg over his thighs and straddled him. He reached down behind himself to grasp the alpha's huge cock and pressed just the tip inside himself. He moaned at the contact and his eyes rolled back in his head. You can just sit back and relax.

After all, you're the one who works hard all day, not me. You fill me up so good. He had assumed that omegas were purely submissive and would lay and let alphas do as they pleased. Yet Yuuri was riding him, as he called it, and was very enthusiastic about being claimed. The Emperor sunk back into the pillows and let the omega do as he pleased. It was amazing and Victor felt in awe of the perfect omega in his lap and so very possessive that he was all his.

No one else had ever seen this omega the way that Victor had. He belonged to Victor and he was perfect. The omega threw his head back and bared his beautiful, long neck. Just say the word. It was so hot. It was everything Victor wanted.

He reached to touch him, feeling the silky hardness in his hand as he started jerking him off, fascinated at the feel of another man.

The pleasure building in his lower belly was distracting him too. Do you want my knot? Knotting Yuuri seemed so easy when he had struggled with knotting his partners in the past.

He wanted to do it. He needed it. He needed to fill the omega with his hot sticky come and to tie them together. The omega cried out in bliss, his head falling back and his eyes fluttering as he came. His whole body was shaking harder than it ever had when he pleasured himself. How lucky you are to be claimed by me…" "S-so good," Yuuri answered, his breath hitching as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over him. I'm so lucky. So eager to please me. The sweet touches had Yuuri whining and burying his head in Victor's hair.

My thighs are sore. He was so completely satisfied. This was what he had wanted his whole life. He arranged their bodies so they could both lay comfortably.

It was nice to not awake feeling alone. He looked at Yuuri in amazement as he slept. He could hardly tear his eyes away. Oh God, you are perfect… Phichit had really outdone himself, he would be sure to give him a raise. The small red-head looked like a small ball of fury. There was no point pretending. Mila knew what had happened. Denying it would achieve nothing. He had been hoping that he would at least get a few days alone with Yuuri before word managed to spread.

So your whore can sleep?! Yuuri sprung up from where he had been lying, his hair was mussed adorably over his forehead and his eyes were still closed. Get out! Tears fell down her cheeks as she subconsciously reached for her own neck - her unbitten, unmated neck. He looked down at himself and grabbed the sheets to cover himself as much as he could.

Mila narrowed her eyes at Yuuri. The atmosphere in the room between them was thick and heavy. Victor had paid for him, bought him, and brought him here to the palace, but would he ever be welcome? The thought made his heart ache and his eyes water. Yuuri gulped feeling completely on edge. But it was too late. There was no turning back. I never was. I tried to love her, but I just It was an arranged marriage. I struggle to… well, you know. I denied myself happiness for so long.

I was bored. Is it so wrong to try to find happiness for myself? Victor would never be able to do what he wanted. He had been under the impression that the Empress was aware of their agreement. He thought this would be the best thing for everyone involved since they were so unhappily married.

Seeing her tears made him feel dreadful. I hope I prove fertile for you. I hope you can forgive me for dragging you into this. I promise to make you happy where I can.

You are precious and you will be treated as such. No longer feeling self-conscious about his naked state.

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He approached the Emperor and cupped his cheek softly. I do not envy you and if my presence brings you even a tiny bit of happiness, then I shall die a happy man. When Victor saw to his duties as the ruler of the country, Yuuri was given many things to occupy his time.

He felt he could have spent eons giving the characters names and imaging their lives, their perils, and their conquests. However, Phichit had learned it during his time as a servant in the palace and taught him with ease.

Yuuri was a fast learner. He enjoyed spending time with the beta and soon found himself enjoying every aspect of his life in the palace. Well, perhaps not every aspect. He left occasionally to stretch his legs with a walk around the grounds of the palace or to fetch materials to mend and sew his few gowns that he owned. When he did leave his chambers, however, Yuuri was met with many a hateful glare.

It appeared that the Empress was not the only one who disliked the young omega. Servants sneered at him as he passed, often cursing and calling him a whore. He tried not to let it get to him.

He was here for Victor, after all, and as long as Victor wished him to stay then Yuuri would. It did not matter what a few servants might say. That is, until one day Yuuri overheard two servants whispering in the stairway.

He usually tried not to pry, but something made him stop and listen that day and what he heard shocked his entire being. They were talking about him. They were saying that Yuuri was well-known in the capital for selling his body for money. It was one thing for them to dislike him, but quite another to spout nasty and vicious rumours. Yuuri wanted to scream, he wanted to cry, he wanted to confront them, but it was useless.

His heart ached and his head was foggy. Instead, Yuuri turned tail and ran back to his chambers before collapsing on the bed in tears. Perhaps they had been right all along. Perhaps Yuuri did not belong in the palace.

Mama, what do I do now? With talk of invasion from a neighbouring kingdom, Victor had been kept busy protecting everyone behind the palace walls and trying to keep the knowledge as quiet as possible. One that had been from the previous Emperor.

Victor had not known about, though when he asked the court advisor to check the records, as plain as day it was written. Now they were asking for a handsome peace offering or they would wage war. Victor knew it was past the point of money and he needed to gift them something truly special.

But what? Between that and enjoying his downtime with Yuuri, he hardly had five minutes to himself. He thought it was nice when Phichit finally let himself be seen. Phichit, however, looked grave and serious as he approached the Emperor. Yuuri has taken quite a liking to you. Thanks for keeping… What's that look for?

Phichit was avoiding looking him in the eye and was stood formally instead of cheekily taking the seat next to Victor. He just knew this was going to be about Yuuri. He was his weak spot. In fact, I was approached by a man I'd never met before who had a terrible story to tell me. He told me that the omega Katsuki Yuuri is well-known in the lower echelons of Sakhir for selling his body in exchange for jewels, money, and clothes. I don't believe you.

He was pure when I touched him. It is beautiful and handcrafted. I've only seen one other like it…" Victor felt pain twist in his chest.

This was Yuuri's. He had seen him wear another like it many times. He had always thought it most beautiful. He gulped thickly. He has lied to me. He didn't even want to think it. No one except for me. I wanted to know what you would like me to do now, Your Majesty? Phichit did as he was bid before returning to his master once more. If word travels to one of the neighbouring kingdoms also, you may appear weak. I… If you had Mila on your side it would be different, but she believes the rumours too.

She is devastated at the betrayal. People will question their legitimacy and they will be unable to take the mantle of Emperor or Empress once you are gone. Perhaps if we begin with imprisoning all those caught spreading the rumour, we could try to nip it in the bud. Lying to the Emperor…. We could give him enough money to start a new life somewhere while everyone in Xuhar believes he is dead. He wished there was another way but Phichit was right. Bending the rules for Yuuri would mean making himself a weak Emperor, therefore putting his people in danger.

Regretfully, Victor said, "Please take him to the dungeons while I think about his punishment. Just… be gentle with him. Tell him I'm sorry.

Yuuri had lied to him and that was unforgivable. His eyes were red and his face was flushed. He no longer lay upon the bed, but instead, Yuuri chose to occupy a seat near the window and gaze upon the beautiful grounds. A knock at the door yanked him out of his reverie. In an instant, Phichit entered the room followed by two Imperial guards. The sound of more than one set of footsteps alarmed the omega and he turned with wide eyes. If you would come quietly it would make it easier for all of us.

Phichit, you know I would never. Please, tell me you believe me. This is wrong! This treason may be punishable by death. I would advise you to remain quiet. Please, you must go as you are. Hold your head high. Yet, Yuuri had no choice. The guards approached him and placed metal shackles over his wrists. It was too much for the poor, miserable omega.

He burst into tears as they walked him through the palace down to the dungeons. Onlookers were whispering in hushed tones and he knew a lot of them would be pleased by his predicament which only made him feel more bitter.

Phichit heard him, though he remained silent, the guilt of having to report this to Victor weighed heavily on him. As he walked Yuuri down the steps, he held it together for his friend. He walked with him inside the cell.

It was small and freezing cold, merely a chamber pot and a straw mattress in the room. He is an omega. He may not be an alpha, but he knew how to talk like one. He waited for them to leave before he turned to Yuuri. Did you lie when I offered you the money? It broke him to ask, because Yuuri was his friend, at least, he had thought he was.

My life, my love, my innocence. There has been no one else. Not ever. You have to believe me! He wanted to believe him so badly. How would the man get it if not from you? Especially not Victor. I love him so much. Please tell him!

He should know. He was the only one ever to touch me. He loves you too. Victor was supposed to love him and care for him. How could he do this? I'm sure you'll be able to find someone to replace me anyhow," he said bitterly as he turned from Phichit and sat dejectedly on the mattress. He waited outside for a moment until the Emperor indicated he could come in.

I know he was. Victor shot him a fierce look. But really, at this point, Victor wanted him so much that he was willing to reconsider everything. He wanted to forgive Yuuri, even if he had done this.

It was just making everyone else think that the man was innocent. But how? When Phichit admitted to me we were looking for someone for you, I knew I should double-check.

I promise on my life you weren't deceived. My nose was not wrong. Your judgement was not clouded when you claimed him as is rumoured. He did not deceive you. I know it would make you miserable. I've never seen you so happy.I remember very little. The bad ne. When he did leave his chambers, however, Yuuri was met with many a hateful glare.

The Paladin Prophecy. I fear losing him will destroy you. Lisa McMann. I met Alice. Victor could ask no one else.

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