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Nov 28, Madan no Ou to Vanadis (魔弾の王と戦姫) is a light novel written by . heres another link where you can epub and pdf: pixia-club.info Madan no Ou to Vanadis Author: Tsukasa Kawaguchi (川口士) illustrator: Yoshi☆ o (よし☆ヲ) published by MF Bunko J In times of war, set in Western Europe. Sep 14, There are actually seven Vanadis, named like this because they each received a download Madan no Ou to Vanadis [LN] epub pdf free.

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However, soon after expressing both gratitude and pushing a gentle refusal, Tigre quietly left on the village and went on his way. The horse galloped along the path under a brightening sky, though it wasn't very fastit couldn't, what with both Tigre and Lunie sitting on it and all.

It's not like I had anything urgent to do anyway. If this was Alsace, he might just have taken the proffered boon, but here he had Ellen to consider. She might have been alright with it, but she did not speak for all her subordinates. Particularly for those who already held a certain dislike for Tigre himself.

He couldn't care less if they criticized him, but he would not allow them to do the same to Ellen. Part 3 The sun was already falling into the west when they arrived at the capitol. They rode in via a side road constructed for the exclusive use of those in official servicewith Lunie around the two of them would have made a sight for sore eyes in the crowded main streets of the city.

It was Teita, chestnut hair tied behind her head, running towards them. She dressed after her usual fashion, long-sleeved one-piece dress falling into black folds below her legs and a clean white apron over it. Notably she had discarded her old twin-tailed hairstyle for a single ponytail, which Tigre believed looked well on her too. Of their immediate reactions Lunie's was the greater. Tigre merely exchanged smiles with her. While doing so, she walked over to the youth.

You don't have to carry it like that if it's too heavy, you know? But Lunie's not as heavy as it appears. I might get my clothes dirty though. Instead, like a mother beguiling a child she petted the little dragon whelp. This sixteen-year old girl, who like him was born in Alsace, had served him in the capacity of a maidservant since she was till today, and even when he was set to live in Leitmeritz, she had insisted on following him.

This had been his wish as well, and Ellen had acquiesced. Nonetheless, he had worried at first that she, whom he treated like a sister, might not be able to adapt to the new environment. She had rendered his concerns moot, however, breaking the ice easily with the ladies of the court and their maids. Indeed, naught but a few days had passed before they all loved her.

Upon hearing this, Ellen had grimaced before saying thus. Quite the unexpected catch, isn't she? With me? Lady Ellen instructed me to inform you of this upon your return. It was all very odd. He had just returned, and had yet to greet anyone yet. Moreover, he was required to report to Ellen anyway. Therefore it must have been something of extraordinary importance, for her to have left him such specific instructions.

Naturally, she did not say this in earnest. Those mischievous words were only meant to lighten his mood, Tigre guessed as he patted the younger girl on the head.

That's possible This habit which had earned him many a stern earful from Lim, and at times some nattering from the officials who disliked him whenever they could catch him.

Thank you, Teita. In the dying light of day, the corridors were dim, lit only by the flames of pinewood torches. But Ellen would be in there at this hour, he knew.


He walked up to the door and knocked lightly, calling out as he did so. Sure enough, a moment later a 'come in' could be heard. Opening the door, Tigre's eyes were met by a familiar scenery. A modestly-sized room, a table of black sandalwood piled high with a veritable mountain of books, and two ladies attending to the paperwork. The first of them sported waist-length silver hair and a blue-based silk dress. Her crimson eyes burned with vigor, and against a wall close within reach she laid a longsword by.

She was so fair of face, it was hard to imagine her as a skilled sword maiden capable of holding any man at bay. Yet she was and more. She was the administrator of this capitol, ruler of Leitmeritz and one of the seven Vanadis of Zhcted, seventeen year-old Eleanora Viltaria. The other was golden-haired LimlishiaLim, as both he and Ellen would normally address her, Ellen's second-in-command and confidante. Tall, twenty and well-endowed, her look of detached stoicism as she silently perused the documents before her was quite the opposite of Ellen's.

Ellen's eyes glittered. Naturally, the whole request had been their doing; Ellen had dispatched him to deal with the problem after the village had informed them of its plight. Stopping the work in their hands, the three offered up a small toast in celebration of this success, and after having finished his explanation, Tigre switched topics.

A moment later, she lifted her eyes once again. Have you heard of Asvarre? It's best known for its agriculture-based economy, but a few generations ago they had a queen who led many campaigns of expansion into the continent. But being in the northeast, Alsace had no stake in that country. So for all he knew of Asvarre it could be a fairy tale landonly the story of the conquering queen had made any lasting impression on him.

Once again, the two women exchanged looks. But these were looks of unease. Draining her cup, Ellen spoke. He did so not so much in surprise as he had in consternation. Judging from her tone, this request must be awfully hard to refuse. And there were only so many people in this world who could cause a Vanadis apprehension of this level.

Tigre's eyes widened. Victor, King of Zhcted. He had met the man once, when he was living in Zhcted following the conclusion of Brune's civil strife. It was a formality that no official guest could avoid, especially not one staying for 3 years in the country, and in any case he had heard from Ellen that the king desired to see him.

But for all that was worth the audience itself was frightfully short. The king had merely saw fit to praise his talents, and assure him that he would be given full freedom in Zhctedwith that their meeting had come to an abrupt end.

Within that brief time, he had indeed felt the oppressive stateliness and authority emanating from the man on the throne. But what had struck him most profoundly had been the man's eyes.

Victor's eyes were tranquil, yet cold and subdued. It made one think of the inmost depths of a dark forest, bereft of sunlight for a hundred years; like a deep bog without breath or sound of life. But such thoughts about the monarch of a nation could not be shared with anyone, and so Tigre hid them, buried them deep in his heart.

Honestly, he didn't make a good impression, Tigre thought. And now this person was ordering him to go to Asvarre. What do you know about Asvarre's situation, really? Lim put her still unfinished cup on the table, and then proceeded to retrieve a piece of parchment from a drawer beneath the table. I suppose I've never really told you about Asvarre either, Tigre. I'll try to make this brief. Ellen laughed. At that time there was intelligence to suggest that he planned to invade Brune, but due to his own poor health he ultimately decided to sit back for a while and observe the situation.

He had underestimated till now just how much Brune had been like a sheep thrown among wolves during those times of turmoil half a year ago. True, Sachstein was repulsed by Roland, and he himself had driven Muozinel back. But if Asvarre had invaded from the west at that time I can't really say how exactly he died. Some say he died in an accident, others say he died of food poisoning. His eldest, Jermaine, was to ascend the throne. And that was where the madness began.

I guess he hid his true colors while his father still lived, but with the throne in sight he must have decided to take action. Despite the succession having been the king's will, there were many among the nobility who had opposed Jermaine's kin-slaying, and the revolt had been a success.

Jermaine was forced to abandon the palace and flee. Jermaine has hired mercenaries from Sachstein to bolster his own forces, while Elliot has done much the same by bringing the pirates of the coast into his ranks. Asvarre is in a state of chaos. Most likely, she will not make any moves until the conflict between her brothers has been settled," Lim said.

There's that," Lim said. Zhcted in the center, Asvarre west of the sea, Muozinel to the south on land and Brune to the southwest. That meant that if he answered wrong, he was sure to be reprimanded.

And in Brune, the scars left by the civil war have yet to heal. At best, it would take two or three years for it to make a full comeback.

Even though they had been beaten back during their assault on Brune six months ago, in reality only their navy had been dealt any significant casualties. Their land armyfootsoldiers and cavalry bothhad withdrawn before a decisive battle could be fought, as such minimizing their losses. Muozinel now had an axe to grind against Zhcted as wellTigre had the help of Zhcted troops in his rout of their advance army.

Moreover, currently, Zhcted held Agnes, originally part of Brune, as their own territory, thus forming a strip of land belonging to Zhcted that Muozinel had to pass through first before it could attack. As such, Muozinel could only attack via sea, and that was impossible with their damaged navy: it could hardly even defend against an enemy attack as it was, let alone launch an invasion.

So they could only sit on their hands and watch Brune recover. But when that will happen, no one knows. It could be three, even ten years from now. A silver sword upon black, for Leitmeritz, and for Zhcted the black dragon. If Asvarre were to align itself with Zhcted, then the latter could concentrate all its energy on Muozinel. But if Asvarre were to make Muozinel its ally instead, then Zhcted would be beleaguered from both the south and the west, and it would have to divide its forces to tackle such a dire situation.

As such we shall have to support Jermaine instead. Ellen looked distinctly apologetic. Seeing her struggle to reply, Lim stood in for the silver-haired Vanadis. I believe we had said before that this is the King's request, not that of Lady Eleanora. There is no way Ellen would ask something like this of me.

It worked. Almost immediately the tension in the room decreased several fold. Both women loosed smiles, and Ellen heaved a sigh of relief while still hanging her head in apology.

He hadn't even been there. The king's intentions were unfathomable in this regard. Isn't that practice quite common in Brune as well? Think about itdo you really expect to live off the fat of the land once you get back after 3 years?

If it were up to me I'd make you a military advisor. That way you wouldn't ever leave the palace even after a few years. It was true, for he was undeniably a person of meritorious deeds. So as far as the King of Zhcted is concerned selling you favors is the right thing to do. For her part the Vanadis pulled open a drawer on her own desk, and from there retrieved a letter, two rings and a sleek tube.

The tube was half an arm long, and covered by a dark black cloth. On its cap the seal of the King of Zhcted was engraved and inlaid in gold.

But what I really want to show you is thisthe king's letter. The words of a king could not be ignored, not a single one. It started with the normal salutations, with the King giving some praise for his gallantry in Brune and celebrating the newly forged peace between Brune and Zhcted before diving straight into the main topic.

You are proof of the strong ties between Zhcted and Brune, and thus able to represent both nations before the Prince Jermaine. No one is more suited than you are to accomplish this task. Written below are instructions as to how far we are willing support the prince in terms of finances and in the sending of troops, as well as the duration for which we shall do so.

There are contingencies should extenuating circumstances force you to deviate from the initial plan, but you should return immediately should the situation go too far out of hand.

So, Tigre mused. He wants to use me as a bargaining chip then. At the end of the letter there were instructions as to how he should enter Asvarre. He would travel from Leitmeritz to Regnis, and then from there he would rendezvous with some men the King sent before setting out together for Asvarre.

He was flabbergasted at the sheer amount of detail the letter went into. It even mentioned what street he should be travelling by. Suggesting that both Zhcted and Brune were in support of Prince Jermainequite clever of the King, really, Tigre thought.

He glanced up from the letter and gave Ellen a look of unease. In the end he was still a guest commandant, and not under any obligation to obey King Victor. Even the letter itself closed with these words "I, the King of Zhcted, earnestly ask of you" meaning that this was no order, but a request.

And yet he could no so flippantly refuse. It was a request from a king, after all. Aside from me, is there no one else who can take on this task? But to the king, he couldn't claim to be doing you a favor without at least asking you to do this much. Immediately, Lim scolded him in a low voice, and then proceeded to explain. Your role in the Brune civil war has already demonstrated your bravery, and therefore your worth, enough. And that would put you in a precarious positionmost of our nobles would oppose the idea of Brune interfering in affairs of governance, and it would undermine the king's authority.

So a diplomatic assignment would be the best option. It was true, Tigre knew. The advantages of sending him were exactly as King Victor had statedand in those regards no one in Zhcted could compete with him.

And that's how it is. Assuming that the King bears you no ill-will in the first place. Her casual posture relieved the young archer greatly, and he smiled. Failure would be disastrousso why would he give the task to me if he has enmity towards me? Depending on the situation, the blame could also be shifted onto Brune.

If I were in the king's place, I would throw you a banquet with someone else as the host, and make my request while the host distracts the rest of the guests.

Tigre thought. He and the King had only met oncethey weren't friends by any means. There should have at least been some sort of party thrown to improve their relationship. Sending you there is like asking a child who doesn't know left from right to go to a neighbouring village to buy something. And then there's the men the king sent. We have no details on them. The whole thing practically screams 'this is suspicious'! Both Lim and Ellen nodded.

One would be to do you a favor by letting you take the honor of being a diplomat. The other might be to destroy you by putting you in a situation where you would be helpless. And the last would be to gauge your abilities.

I still can't tell if he wants you on his side, or if he wants to destroy you. But whatever it is, he definitely wants to use you. None of the three options was anything to be glad about. But it is you who must make the decision, Tigre. But that would lower the king's opinion of him, and it would also affect Ellen and Brune. Turning to the map, Tigre thought about what was just said. He did not like Prince Jermaine, whom Zhcted was planning to support. And yet if his rival Elliot were to ascend to the throne, his alliance with Muozinel would threaten both Zhcted and Brune, for Brune and Asvarre shared a border.

And then there was the alliance with Zhcted to think about. For the sake of our countries, must I support a foreign tyrant? By virtue of lending support to Jermaine, it might be possible to request that he mend his ways.

But he was not the King of Zhcted, Tigre knew. His words would most likely have no significant impact. But he had to move past that. Sighing, he asked another question. But at least he didn't kill his whole family. Doesn't that mean the army is no more than a band of thieves?

It might be a good opportunity to visit Asvarre anyway. Asking me to be a secret envoy, and yet openly supporting Prince Elliot at the same time? Lyudmila was like that that during the last war.

In addition, she continued her pursuit even when we offered to retreat. In order to fulfill her obligations to the duke, she even fought a duel with me.


Ellen ignored her, instead turning to Tigre. She didn't come to help you right away, did she? She held off to observe, right?

That's not helping you, that was just her waiting for the moment where she could make you most indebted to her. And she only severed ties with Thenardier after that incident, don't you forget! Tigre for his part understood. This Machiavellian aspect to Lyudmila's character was probably so deeply ingrained that she did not think any worse of herself despite it. Still, given that she had been forced into a conflict due to her rival's character, it was not surprising that Ellen would be so angry.

If it was Mila, how would she respond to this request? During his time at Leitmeritz, Lyudmila Lurie had paid three visits to the capitol, and she came for three reasons. Firstly, to inquire about the state of the mountain road in Vosyes and Brune in general; secondly, to make a show of being on excellent terms with Ellen. Lastly, she came to prevail upon Tigre to join her. Every time Ellen received a report of her arrival, she would say 'tell her not to come again'.

But who would dare say that to a Vanadis?

And in any case she was half joking. They needed the information that Lyudmila regularly brought them concerning Muozinel, and a petty rivalry was no reason to hinder important exchanges of intelligence.

Following her meetings with Ellen she would go looking for Tigre. The first time, she attempted to use the promise of money to win him over, and failed. From then on, she would simply come to make small talk. She did try to invite him on a hunt, but Ellen had turned her down.

If it were her, she would hint at agreeing while avoiding giving a direct answer, all the while gathering intelligence as best she could in the background.

And when the critical moment came she would refuse decisively. Perhaps this is only the first of more difficult requests to come. He still didn't like the given task, but he could see it for its uses.

And in any case, his complaints were best kept to himself. Part 4 After staring at the door Tigre had closed in his exit for a while, Ellen let out a sigh. She'd agreed to let him go to Asvarre after their meeting. It was an odd thingactually, she had been prepared to give way should he refuse adamantly, but as it turned out he gave an unexpectedly decisive answer. She should have been glad about that, but her heart still felt heavy.

But to deny the king's request, they needed a viable alternative. Another way to foster closer ties between Zhcted and Asvarre. Or even someone to replace Tigre. But there was no such option. With regards to the king's requirements there was none better than him, and she would be hard pressed to find such a substitute. During Brune's civil war she was able to mollify the king by claiming that she had no choice but to do battle. And it had been a sweet deal overall. Brune footed much of the war bill, Zhcted had gained Agnes in the south, and Ellen had gained Tigre's services through her co-ruling of Alsace.

This time, she had no such cards to playwithout such, even a Vanadis must obey her king. So despite herself, she could not tell him to stay. Supporting him was the only thing she could do now. Turning her face to the window, Ellen gazed out at the scenery. The slow breeze of late summer blew across a land where the descent of darkness was nigh complete, with only a little sun peeked out from beyond the western horizon. The stars too, though she could not see them, must have already come out.

But spring had passed them by in a hurry.

She spent hers governing, and he spent his getting accustomed to the land. And now, even summer was drawing to a close. With a sigh, Ellen shook her head vigorously. Clearing her mind, she turned back to Lim once more, with a smile on her face. I'll be counting on you, Lim. This is the king's request, so people can't speak ill of it anyway.

But it seemed some anxiety came upon her, and cast a shadow over her turquoise eyes. Becoming a secret envoy to an unknown country, with only one other person following Yes, you could call it luck, but without the skill to use such good-fortune there would have been no miracles, and he has that sort of ability. She could not help but worry. Indeed, perhaps she had even wished for him to refuse back then. We will send him off smiling, and we will receive him with that same smile. We can do that much, even if we can neither officially celebrate his designation as envoy due to its secret nature, nor reward him easily due to his status as a citizen of Brune.

With that they returned to their duties. But as Ellen sorted through the papers, a sudden thought came to her. I wonder, has the distance between him and I lessened any? Though she was busy most of the day, and Tigre was under constant scrutiny by the court officials, they still spent their free time together often.

When the weather was good they would take afternoon naps on the roof, sometimes even sneaking out the palace under the noses of Lim and the other officials to roam the city streets. During official breaks, they would have tea and refreshments with Lim and Teita. These were all small, but important memories.

We even danced together in the city once. In the tradition of Zhcted such festivals always began with everyone singing and dancing together, and only later would couples form and dance alone. Apparently, this had originally been a way for men to choose their brides, but that custom had long been phased out, leaving behind only that fragment of knowledge and the form of the dance itself.

Encontre sua novel aqui

When they had found out about the origins of the practice, they had both gone red in the face, but did not stop holding hands as they departed. Of course, no one else knew, for both of them were too embarrassed to speak of it. They never crossed the line, each having understood the other's position.

But the silver-haired Vanadis recalled those memories of their daily lives together, and she felt her heart grow warmer. Part 5 Tigre's room was somewhere in the bowels of the palace. Here, unlike outside where the employees of the palace still milled about even after sunset, there was relative peace. This had been one of Ellen's considerations, for as a guest he drew significantly more attention than when he had been a captive.

It was not a particularly luxurious place, but the deep green carpet, brick fireplace and an oak table-and-chair set gave it a relaxing atmosphere. There was no lack of necessities either; in the corner there was a cabinet draped with grapevine as well as a long table.

Upon entry, Tigre lit the lamp by the doorway, and hit the bell on the table. Before long, footsteps approached the door. Teita's footsteps. The door opened, the chestnut-haired maid entering with a curtsy before lifting her head and sticking her tongue out at him. And besides, I'm away from home. Tigre favored shouting across the hallway to ringing a bell anytime, and Teita for her part would inquire clearly as to his requirements before entering, sparing them a lot of hassle.

But this was not Alsace, and there were many officials here who disliked him for being so close to the likes of Ellen, Lim and Rurick. In front of such people, they had to pay more attention to such formalities.

I have some things I need to tell you concerning that. Seeing that, Tigre walked over to the cabinet and took out a bottle of wine and a pair of wine glasses. This would be worrying to her, he knew, but nonetheless he wanted her to know the truth. After having her take a seat, he poured the wine. First for her, then for himself. He downed a mouthful. And then made his announcement. There are actually seven Vanadis, named like this because they each received a powerful weapon from the dragon, to reign over seven territories, each possessing their own.

The power of the Vanadis causes dread and fear toward their enemies. An Earl in the service of the country of Brune, a young archer called Tigre, got a taste of it after he was defeated on the battlefield by Ellen Eleonora. However, Ellen decided to spare his life after seeing his skills. In exchange, he is asked to serve Ellen VOL 1 - 13 http: March 31, , My server does not support nekaka. RIP Reuploaded all 12 volumes. Hey there, can you please re-upload the file? I can't seem to download it for some reason.

EvilMegaDroid Jr. Member Posts: Quote from:Even the letter itself closed with these words "I, the King of Zhcted, earnestly ask of you" meaning that this was no order, but a request. The closest they had come was in images stirred up by the songs of a wandering troubadour, or from the stories of travelling artists who had been as far as Celeste, a town in Asvarre. Light Novel, the original medium of the series.

Traveling to Agnes, Tigre and his allies liberate its citizens and rescues Regin, Brune's heir apparent and the former Prince Regnas who faked her death and exiled herself to Agnes after Zhcted's invasion. New Post! They could not stop it. Just make sure to follow submission guidelines and rules. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:

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