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She then lets slip that she's been doing all this astral projection crap to Jake and naturally, he's angry with her. What follows is basically Jake being jealous of Xavier and trying to make him crash his car, including a very stupid scene in which Bethany's spirit uses the power of TRU LUV to merge with the radio waves so she can warn him.

She uses the power of true love again to manifest physically in the car with Jake and Xavier and to stop the car careening off the edge of a cliff. Aw, boo. Then Bethany's taken back to the Underworld, and from there it's just a rip-off of Phantom of the Opera. Jake drags Bethany down into a dank cavern decorated with candles, rose petals, a bed with satin sheets, and even summons a gondola from a misty lake. Jake offers Bethany a deal - if she has sex with him once, Xavier will never be harmed again.

Bethany reluctantly agrees, but then goes into ranting mode. The purpose of sex is to create life. What if a man and a woman can't create life naturally due to infertility or genetic issues?

What then? Are they supposed to remain celibate? And what about people in same sex relationships, huh? Well, anyway, Bethany whines a little while longer, and then I heard Jake let out a vicious stream of curses right before the far wall exploded in an ear-splitting shower of dirt and stone, and a familiar Chevrolet Bel Air convertible plunged through the jagged hole.

The car seemed to soar through the air in slow motion as it ploughed into the cave and landed meters from us with a sound like a thunderclap. You just read that right. I am not making that up. Xavier's car just somehow burst through the wall. Deus ex automobilis. Jake is then soundly defeated, and Beth has to go quickly back to the portal with them because it's going to close soon!

Just like Metroid. Well, Bethany leaves behind Hanna and Tuck, and some months later, she's graduating high school. Xavier takes her to one side and proposes marriage. Between a human and an angel. He even tells her that the local priest has been informed and they can elope right away! Except you can't do that. Not in most countries, anyway. It's not that easy, Adornetto. It might be as simple as clicking 'propose marriage' on The Sims , but in real life there's paperwork and legalities to go through.

Just as Xavier makes this revelation and hands Bethany her engagement ring, the ground starts to tremble, almost as if the forces of Heaven itself are against this union.

Guys, you're kind of being a bit selfish here. You could trigger the apocalypse Please, somebody remind me how Bethany hasn't lost her angel wings yet. She's doing all this things angels consider to be huge no-nos such as being lustful and selfish , yet manages to get away with it.

God should punish her the same way he punished Alexiel in the manga Angel Sanctuary - encase her in ice and curse her soul to forever reincarnate into humans destined to lead miserable lives. But no, Bethany's going to get married in the next book. That's a new track record. She knows Xavier for a year, and he proposes marriage?

Even the Twilight books didn't move that fast! It's like the awfulness of this book was scripted, or something. Please tell me nobody uses that much purple prose, repeats character attributes or shitty dialogue in the real world.

Bethany is stupid, Jake is an absolutely pathetic villain, and even though Lucifer has all this build-up, it's completely destroyed with Adornetto's interpretation. Also, he barely does anything!

He chastises Bethany twice Where did he go? I guess he needed to go pick up his dry cleaning or something. Going by the trailer, it's going to be just as cheesy and just as full of padding, bad writing, and unlikable, stupid characters as the first two.

This review is also available on my blog: View all 7 comments. Aug 01, Katya rated it did not like it Shelves: I can't even What am I supposed to say here?

This is just one of these books you knew, going into it, that you were never going to like it, and yet, after you finish it, you remain with a sour taste in your mouth. Of course, that begs the question as to why I bothered reading it in the first place in fact, I expect that question soon , and I will adress it Let me tell you, pure masochism has little to do with it.

On the positive side, Hades is better than its predece I On the positive side, Hades is better than its predecesor, as far as plot and pacing are concerned. There is a clearly defined antagonist, clearly defined stakes that get bigger as the book progresses, not to mention there is an inciting incident early on into the story In other words, something happens.

But while the book is better plot-and-pacing-wise, the writing still suffers from the problems in Halo: Xavier never liked Maddison much. She drank and smoked too much and always gave her opinion when it wasn't wanted. Hades Alright, point out the problems in these sentences. One by one, please and take turns, children, everyone will have a say.

Yes, Bethany is telling us why Xavier doesn't like Maddison, and yes, a lot of us might slightly be offended, but it's not just the character telling us what another character is.

Halo Trilogy

It's the author telling the readers what they should think. Xavier is perfect, so obviously his opinion is paramount, so if he dislikes Maddison for drinking and smoking and being outspoken, then the reader MUST dislike her as well.

Of course, Adornetto doesn't stop there and does her very best to make Maddison seem as asinine as possible to cement that opinion. That's a huge strike against Hades, if only because many of us have been a little like Maddison as teenagers. Outspoken, I mean, although I have had my share of alcoholic experiments at seventeen. But it's not just that - stories stimulate us on many levels, igniting our imaginations and making us live within them.

Mindless or high-brow, a story makes a reader THINK and draw their own conclusions and opinions about it, and about its characters. What I mean to say is, authors shouldn't insult our intelligence by telling us what to think. Or at least, they can make it so that the MC's initial impression of that character was flawed and that they had some more depth. Speaking of depth, I would like to express my disappointment with the women in this book.

Yes, Bethany is probably the easiest target, but what about Asia, and all the jealous bitches she epitomizes? What about Hanna, whose traits are subservant, tortured and repentant? What about Molly? Her character, in particular, frustrates me to no end. She had so much potential! She was actually faced with a real crisis, and she could have grown past her image of a sex-crazed adolescent.

Instead, she remains as short-sighted and silly as ever, a fact which is hammered into the reader's head again Scount Mints? Maybe I could have bought it in Halo , where she was just a girl and the stakes weren't so high, but not when view spoiler [ she knows that Gabriel, Beth and Ivy are angels! I mean that's your best friend's life hanging on the line, get serious girl! For the love of Those two characters have absolutely no chemistry. At no point does Gabriel show that he has any special feelings for Molly, which makes her sound like a crazy person view spoiler [ when she confronts him about it hide spoiler ].

Hades (Halo (Cloth - Feiwel & Friends))

Even putting aside the fact that their 'love' is probably the most implausible thing in the entire book and that's saying a lot , there is still the matter of how women are portrayed - they can either be slutty, meek, weak, or love interests, there is no middle ground, and none of them seem to play a vital part in the story. Ivy, a bloody seraphim, can't stand on her own two feet after an exorcism, while Gabe can not only hold her up, but help Molly while she's vomiting in the bushes.

Do I even have to get started on Bethany, the biggest hypocrite of them all? I'm not even angry with her, I'm just sad. In one of my status updates, I speculate about an alternate universe where Beth is human and was just adopted by the angels.

Not only would that explain her weakness and lack of knowledge, but it would make her a lot more likeable character. Adornetto obviously tries to make Bethanie a relatable character, but she's a freaking angel! She should be able to hold her own against the forces of darkness, take action, be proactive. If she were human, her desire to be with Xavier would be understandable, as well as her thirst for a normal life. The whole graduation scene is about leaving childhood behind and starting life as adults, but Bethanie is an angel, she shouldn't care about that.

I've been talking about this for too long, so let's just wrap this up. Hades is definitely better than Halo, but not by much. Whatever strengths it has in the plot and pacing are lost on the eye-poking writing, plotholes and horrible, horrible characters. It honestly pains me to write this because the author is so young, but you know, I'm tired of making excuses for her. They must have a reason to be told, and that's why I keep on reading - because stories have to be read.

But Adornetto's characters are already perfect - they don't question the status quo, they don't even attempt it. There are no twists, no self-doubt, no real self-examination. They go nowhere, and learn nothing, and that's ultimately what the problem is. And now, bonus time.

Dear Ms Adornetto, I am warning you beforehand. If this kid puts Hades to shame , I will not only lose any respect I have for you being published at 13, but I will also consider you a stain upon the name of Australia and all its awesome people.

Yours, A Reader After: I weep for literature. View all 3 comments. Mar 18, Cassandra rated it did not like it. She is tricked in riding a motorcycle? I am sorry, but it ticks me off how stupid and childish she made what's-her-face. I understand she is a angel just "born", but seriously? Can you at least make her a little bad ass? I like bad ass heriones.

Not the little crying whinny girls. I understand that there are moments where that it is called for, but through out the whole series of books? What the hell are you thinking Andornetto? Why don't you grow up a bit before publishing what you WHAT!? Why don't you grow up a bit before publishing what you think teenage girls and boys are today. We are not idiots, or "sheltered" from the outside world? Be realistic? And I hate myself that I am going to go out of my way to read this becuase of my fatal flaw of curiosity, and how I cannot stop reading a series after the first book.

Curiosity killed the cat, you know? Then e-mail her until she finally realizes the mistakes she made in this series? And Hades? I thought this was about angels? Oh, wait. No its not, its about religion. Christanity to be exact. She is sooo stupid. She has officially ruined my obession with angels.

Thanks a lot, Obession ruiner!!!!!!!!!! Mar 23, Torzilla marked it as to-read. Wishing people would stop rating books before they become available. Also, mildly interested in reading about the potential train wreck Sep 05, hayden rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Dear World, Please do not question my sanity.

I promise I have not lost it. Sincerely, Me. While I'm writing my review, you may entertain yourselves by reading my 46 status updates below.

Thank you, come again.

Also, notice the addition of three stars. YA had proved to be a friendly companion in my recent years of extremely frequent reading, and I was itching to get to the top and find some more to read. It was beautiful.

Get A Copy

When I was an adult and I was rich and famous and I branched out into the publishing world, I had to get that cover designer on board with me to design my book. I knew I had to buy it. And I did. I bought the hell out of it. I wish I could tell you right now that the contents of that book were as beautiful as the cover was. I wish I could tell you I gave it a no-brainer five stars and recommended it to every single person on the face of the earth, YA fan or not.

I wish I could tell you I honed my sculpting skills and made a statue of Adornetto, which I proudly displayed as a centerpiece in my living room. Alas, I cannot tell you any one of those things, because not one of them is true. HALO had so many problems: The gorgeous and wondrous cover of HALO is reason number one I can prove that theory that first impressions are deceiving.

The concept of Hell that Adornetto creates is, to say the least, an epic fail. Hell is filled to the brim with clubs non-stop partygoers and fancy hotels? This is what she says to describe him: I am not pranking you.

This brings me to a whole new point. My first clue you were completely retarded: It only gets worse. His reaction is what was really surprising to me. HADES starts off roughly. I am not exaggerating. I did. Not to mention view spoiler [Michael hide spoiler ] 's deus ex machina ending. The cliffhanger at the end had me a bit confused. It was only over the span of one sentence. I have no idea what was going on. Big improvement from HALO, but there were some. View all 11 comments.

Mar 18, Haleema added it Shelves: Okay, what in the world is this cover about? Is that Bethany on a motorcycle? The absurdity Oh, well. It's a good think she's not an angel or that would have been really stupid. View all 12 comments. Feb 03, Mark marked it as to-read.

I don't think people should give a book stars before it comes out. View all 4 comments. Mar 16, Katie babs rated it did not like it Shelves: Although I felt Halo was lacking in so many ways, there was some enjoyable moments to it that made me want to pick up Hades. What a big mistake on my end. I feel the only reason Alexandra got published is because of her age. Publishing is giddy when they can find authors under a certain age. Hades is such pop light reading and ridiculously tame and simple.

It has an intriguing promise, just like Halo. Uber innocent Bethany Church is one of three angels who must spread her wholesome light and Kumbaya cheer to combat evil and the darkness on Earth. Along the way she falls in love with the human boy, Xavier Woods, but also catches the eye of demon boy, Jake Thorn. When Hades start, Bethany thought she defeated Jacob, but she was wrong. Too bad Bethany has the personality of a new born kitten.

The Bethany character reminds me of a clown. A clown must act happy go lucky and always smile when on display. Inside, the clown may be angry or upset but can never show it.

She has a permanent teeth biting grin on her face while all these mundane yet rascally things happen around her thanks to Jake.

Libro inglese download pdf gratuito Hades by Alexandra Adornetto 9781501293849 DJVU

Every so often I do like to read about bad boys who show a gentler side when with the heroine. But alas, Jake is a caricature, a pale vision of what an appealing bad boy should be.

Xavier, the good boy, is like one of those cut out cardboard stands you fin at restaurants and in stores. Hades is painful read with no substance or reason for the story. I do hope Alexandra has better guidance in the form of a critique partner or GASP, how about her editor? Nov 21, Taneika rated it did not like it Shelves: More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages! Let me begin by saying that this book will be given 1. The only reason for this is the fact that whilst I still hated it with a passion, stuff happened not necessarily a plot , but things apart from "I love Xavier's hair" happened.

I don't even know where to start. There is a countless number of contradictions and inconsistencies in this instalment The first one I noticed occured in the first three pages That is just simply stupid Ally dear. If it was a battery operated dock, fine whatever.

But she said "plugged in" which should be impossible, but once again this isn't convenient, so Ally added it in anyway. Later on, after some cool exorcism and whatnot, "Ivy retracted her wings, and sank to her knees in exhaustion" , alright that's cool. The next page, [after Gabriel retracts his wings] He wrapped a strong arm around Ivy's waist to support her and she leaned against his shoulder, regathering her strength.

A moment later her wings also retracted " So, she retracted them twice did she? Without "unfurling" them again, she retracted them again. If I've read this wrong, please tell me. Xavier and Bethany's relationship is still as sickening and obsessive as ever. They both enjoy smelling eachother's T-shirts in order to fall asleep I have no idea who the characters introduced in the first few chapters were and quite frankly, I don't care.

But, I have to agree with one of them when she tries to tell Bethany how messed up her relationship is, "What's your favourite football team? Then, it's like Beth doesn't care, it's almost as if this entire scene was written just as an inconspicous "fuck you" from Adornetto, to the readers who hate their relationship.

My boyfriend is obsessed with Rugby and I don't care. I don't know how it work and I can name two teams. Do I care? Does he care? Ally Beth, grow up. The writing in Hades also did not improve since Halo. It's not half obvious that Ally needs to get out more and 'live a little' as said in my Halo review , haha Every time I begun to remotely enjoy something, it got ruined and my hopes were crushed by preachy sentences, quotes from the bible and by Bethy daydreaming about her loser boyfriend.

Bethany still takes the cake for stupidest YA heroine. I found a Weeping Willow in the front yard and leaned against its sturdy trunk" What? Every celestial instinct is telling you to get out of there and you go and lean against a tree? And a Weeping Willow! Wouldn't you have to wade through a Weeping Willow's leaves or whatever in order to lean against it's trunk in the first place?

This clearly hasn't been thought through. Beth once again demonstrates her intelligence and her ability to look after herself. Once in Hell, Beth decides to wander off and check it out and gets in trouble.

But she defends herself right? She just stands there and says "I'm Jake's guest" and almost gets raped, until Jake rescues her because she can't do anything for herself.

As for Xavier, he is still somebody I'd gladly punch in the face. He is a complete jerk who has no care in the world for any other person except for his Bethy-Boo or 'Huggie Bear' hahahaha.

He is meant to come across as caring, and you're meant to feel sad for him. No I don't. He pissed me off the entire time and I now hate him even more thanks to this instalment. The characterisation in general is no better.

Lucifer is nicknamed "Big Daddy" by his minions haha, I love that word and wears a white suit and cowboy boots. In short - Not very scary. I almost forgot to mention Lucifer is a fan of using Powerpoint presentations in Hell to demonstrate whatever point he wants to make.

I actually gave a shit about them in this book. And people, if you're wondering, the stereotyping and judgements didn't stop in Halo!! Adornetto is back to her essentialist, naive and judgemental way by first making Hell a place full of clubs, party-goers, black people, homosexuals and people who wear mini-skirts. Oh, and she obviously doesn't like, "I'm in Miami Bitch" because this is a song that demons listen to in Hell. The descriptions of Hell are pathetic. There are a bunch of clubs full of people smoking, drinking and quite possibly having sex.

I dunno about you, but drinking and partying sounds pretty good to me as punishment, probably not as good as heaven, but it's definitely not bad. One of the new secondary characters is black, wear leather miniskirts, drinks alcohol and she has some cool looking shoes and is named ASIA.

WTF was Ally thinking? I like Asia though for the sole reason she says this to Bethany: It's very pure.

That's what this is all about, right? But did you really have to dress her like she's twelve? There are so many things that pissed me off about this book, I have about four pages worth of bookmarks on my e-reader. One of the major things that irked me was that Ally is under the impression that there were girls in the Hitler Youth.

The girls had a completely different organisation called the League of German Girls in which they learned how to raise children and how to be domesticated.

I love history, in particular WW2 history and to see it screwed around like that seriously annoys me. Do your research Adornetto so you don't make stupid mistakes! Hades is not Hell. Hades is NOT Hell! Apart from wanting to know more about Molly and Gabriel, the only thing I enjoyed about this was the exorcism scene.

Gabriel and Ivy seem pretty darn cool in this scene and I was pleasently surprised as to how much I enjoyed reading this chapter. All in all, another terrible piece of crap. Thank god I have a year until I inflict myself with torture again. Die Rezension findet ihr hier: To See full review with pictures, videos, and Colonel Sanders click here: This piece of sanctimonious shit doesn't even deserve a star.

Let's start off by being nice. Because it's always good to be nice right? Unlike Halo. Hades actually had a plot. Sort of. Things actually happen in Hades. Grant it, the plot is still pretty flimsy but it's there. Okay, now that's the only good thing I have to say about this piece of shit. I have read a lot of awful books i To See full review with pictures, videos, and Colonel Sanders click here: I have read a lot of awful books in the day, but nothing has offended me quite like Hades at least as of recently.

It not only suffers from awful characterization, pacing, plot holes, poor writing, but it offended me several times personally as well due to the arcane values it preaches.

Let's start talking about the plot. As I said we actually have one here but it is paced horribly. This book could've easily been at least a hundred and fifty pages shorter. Adornetto tends to over describe even bit characters are described to a T and when things actually did happen they happened so rapidly I felt like I had whiplash.

Plus, did I mention that it seems like all the conflicts in this book are resolved ridiculously easy with little to no struggle. This would be one thing if Adornetto didn't spend three hundred pages telling the audience how impossible it would be for Gabriel and the gang to get Bethie out of hell.

Speaking of Gabriel and the gang, they're insufferable as ever. There was little character development in this installment.

Even moments where Adornetto could've easily done some character exploration-with the whole Molly crush on Gabriel scene- she didn't. I thought, hmm, this is a place where maybe Bethany can think about her poor decision making. But nope, Adornetto just uses this place to reconfirm the obvious: Let me be frank authors, no one likes reading about a special snowflake.

No one. Good characters have flaws. Take some of my favorite characters in YA literature: All these girls are screwed up a little bit.

Mimi can be a bitch, Mia can be neurotic, and Maggie can be stubborn as hell. And the rest of the characters of the book note this and you know what I like these characters a lot better than Bethany. This really was a moment for you to make your character, who isn't very likable despite what you think, seem a little bit more relatable. Maybe if Bethany was a little bit more realtiable I wouldn't be rooting for Big Daddy to roast her.

Yeah, Big Daddy did I mention that's what they call freaking Lucifer. I kid you not. Oh, and how can one forget about the inconsistencies with the plot.

Remember how poor wittle Bethie was a vegetarian in the first book She likes ribs because Xavier excuse me huggie bear likes them. Essentially her likes and dislikes are based on his. Is this a healthy relationship?

No, but we're constantly told indiscreetly by Adornetto that being codependent on each other in a relationship is healthy. Even though Cosmo and other reasonable people would disagree.

Ah, codependency it's what my parents always wanted for me to be dependent on someone else and have no views of my own But it's twue love you might say? Look, twue love or not. Even the best relationships require a little separation otherwise you'll end up being a Buddy Bear. Anyway, individuality is important in a relationship. Having no separation whatsoever can twist a relationship into becoming unhealthy. And it wasn't only that codependency was being celebrated in the book that bothered me, but the fact that the book told us what sort of love was real and what sort of love wasn't real.

To put it simply one of the characters has a unrequited crush on another character in the book. And we are told that, that love that that character feels isn't real. What sort of bull shit is that? I get that unrequited love isn't shared between both parties, but that doesn't change ones feelings for the other. Look at Lily and Snape in the Harry Potter series if you need any further example about how powerful unrequited love can be. It wasn't only the talk about love that bothered me.

There were subliminal messages that Adornetto put in her writing that offended me from a religious purpose as well. Specifically, there was a priest in hell performing a demonic ceremony, whose name was Father Benedict, who was put there because he failed to protect the innocent. We can all see what Adornetto is alluding to. The Catholic sex scandals. And honestly, when I read this part I wanted to hurt someone. I am a Catholic. I usually only go to mass a few times of the year, but I'm still Catholic and this sort of trash offends me.

Let me explain, what happened in the church was deplorable and I think it needs to be talked about, but to be discussed in a YA book like this? No, just no.

Furthermore, was it really necessary of Adornetto to name the priest Benedict when the pope's name is Benedict as well. What did she think she was accomplishing with that other than offending a large group of people. The situation with the scandals itself is a complicated one that I really thought was handled quite tastelessly here being scuffed over in a couple of paragraphs. Maybe I am overreacting, but I think such delicate issues should be handled with care.

This also goes into probably my biggest beef with the book how women and sex are handled which I'll talk about briefly here. Not only are the views that Bethany preaches arcane and limited, a lot of them are backwards. I will be disgusting my feelings about this more in the worst feature part of the review.

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Look, I get that Ms. Adornetto is young, but it's really no excuse. She is a published author. Not a self published author who doesn't have resources available to her to help with the editing process of this book. But an author with an actual publishing house who is backing her who can supply her with editors to help refine her work. This book really should've been written better. It really shouldn't have been published.

I have read fan fictions that read better than this book. That are not offensive as this book. I feel like even if this book went through a couple more drafts it could've been slightly more tolerable. But no, it's clear that her publisher only has one thing in mind Best Feature: Are you fucking kidding me?

There was no redeemable feature about this book. I didn't even care for the cover as much I cared for it's predecessor.

I mean, look at that girl's neck on the motorcycle. It looks ridiculously thin. And the wings that looked so beautiful on the Halo cover look very costume shop like here. So yeah, nothing, nothing was good about this book I didn't like one aspect at all about it.

Worst Feature: What about everything Okay, if I was going to pinpoint what my biggest pet peeve is with this book is the twisted values it preaches.

I don't like preachy books in the first place. But it's one thing when the values are actually something you can sort of agree with. In Hades though, I wanted to slap Bethany silly many times for the things she talked about.

Let's talk about how women are treated in general in this book. Bethany is almost raped in the book until the calvary comes and rescues her. Xavier is about to throw a temper tantrum too until Gabriel explains that Bethie was being duped by Jake I don't have words. The point is a character was almost raped. This should have been handled more delicately and there should've been some psychological side effects attached as well. Like trust issues. But nope, five pages down the road.

Bethie decides to be Xavier's teenage bride. It's not only sexual assault or attempted sexual assault that is handled so tastelessly in this book. It is the nature of sex itself. People have sex for numerous reasons. I didn't like being told by Bethie it's purpose was purely to have children. And yeah, sex can result in pregnancy. But conceiving children isn't the only purpose of sex, as the contraception industry would tell you. I also just loved how sex was referred to by Beth and Jake.

Let me just tell you how much I hate the term "make love" by a demon who is preparing to rape his kidnap victim. Rape isn't making love. Rape is rape. It is a violation of ones body.

It is usually act of power by some asshole-in this case Jake- who has decided to violate ones personal space in the worse of ways by having coitus. Equating it to making love is atrocious. It's not just sex and rape that are handled deplorably as well. Morals are also handled horribly. Many of the people who are in hell shouldn't be in hell. They're not evil people.

They made mistakes. If Adornetto truly done her research on Christianity she would know that there is a place called purgatory. Where people who have committed sin, but aren't totally sadistically evil go before they're allowed in heaven. Having people who are in hell from merely sinning from omission is the biggest load of bull shit I ever heard.

Christ is suppose to be a merciful figure, I don't think he would send children who have sinned a bit but aren't evil to the likes of serial killers and murders to hell just because they failed to report something to the authorities or whatever. Once again, this is a book that tries to present itself as being squeaky clean but I wouldn't let my preteen near it with an eighteen foot pole. The values it preaches are awful. Despite Bethany's stanch to not drinking and cuss, there is drinking and cussing in the book.

As I stated before there's lots of sex talk in this book and I don't like the way the author approaches it. Apr 22, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it it was ok Shelves: Is this the adolescent girl version of The Stupidest Angel?

Oct 10, Laurel rated it did not like it Shelves: Hades sets off on a journey six months after the events of Halo with Xavier and Bethany being murdly in lurve and such. Seriously, look at this sack of gold right here. Right when I encountered these two twinkling pieces of glorified shit, I knew I was diving deep into the pit of Hell. From Book the First? Oh wait that stopped being important I forgot whoops , and manages to get tricked into a motorcycle ride.

How do you let yourselves get tricked onto a motorcycle? Or being tricked into eating junkfood! Hotels and nightclubs! I mean, it holds Lucifer and the angels that rebelled with him against God, you know the whole Christianity thing? This should be more demonic rather than full of nightclubs and hotels! How will we ever find out about what Xavier and the gang are up to?! Bethany uses this to send her spirit to Earth and snoopity snoop on Gabe, Ivy, and Xavier.

Should not be the heroine. He talks down to every single one he comes across. Fuck you Xavier. You hateful, slimy bastard. I wish you drove ALL the way off the cliff. Gabriel and Ivy: Equally robotic and unnecessary.

Lucifer a. Big Daddy: Is a pimp apparently. Has promise to be a quarter of the way decent then it spurts out just as quickly as it comes up. Jake and his cat-green eyes can die a slow death. These people are all terrible and it managed to be even more painful than Halo.

I must be out of my mind to need to finish this series. Fuck this book. Fuck everyone in this book. I've learned my lesson, world. If I'm to read Heaven , it will come to me on a silver platter with the most glorious aromas coming from it.

View 1 comment. Jun 20, Mel marked it as to-read-for-the-lulz. The cover certainly looks better than the original awkwardly coloured one, but you know what they say.

Polish a turd Jun 21, Kat rated it really liked it. Ok, this book was wayyy better than Halo. For all you guys who wonder how she got tricked into riding a bicycle, here's a reality check: Jake's a demon. He can do whatever the hell pun intended he wants. Then he told her Xavier was hurt, and needed her help. What else was she supposed to do? I think this book a Ok, this book was wayyy better than Halo.

I think this book actually lived up to its incredible cover. Just give it a shot, okay? View all 5 comments. Oct 15, Gemma rated it it was ok. Yee gods, what a fine mess we have here.

I did not know that Hell could possibly be so lame. Here we have the place where the wicked are punished for there sins, where the face and light of God has never and will never be seen, where there is nothing but pain and suffering and agony and sin, burning, inescapable sin, and Alexandra Adornetto reduces it all to A shady nightclub. Something's missing here.

Like, I don't know, some element of terror, something that would drive people away, somethi Yee gods, what a fine mess we have here. Like, I don't know, some element of terror, something that would drive people away, something that would scare generations of Puritans, something with the wrath of God perhaps, or the presence of Satan.

Let's talk about Satan. I'm not a huge Satan expert; most of what I know about him is based off of the generic 'he's super bad' stuff that pops up in the Bible from time to time and the stuff my youth group leaders have told me. I haven't read Revelations or any other books of the Bible explaining about his character in depth.

I don't even know where it's located in the Bible. Satan is not some aging warlord with a particular taste for destrutcion. He's not like the general in Mulan with a dark side.

He's the master of deception and evil personified. There is not one element of goodness about him. He's not mischievous or playful; he's sheer evil. He's prideful and haughty; he's not about to let anyone call him 'Big Daddy'. You heard me. They call him 'Big Daddy'.

I wish I was making that up.

Back to the point. Satan is bad. Solidly bad. This I know. If there is one being in existence who is all black and no white, it's Satan. The tragic things is, I think this is what dear Alexandra was trying to portray when she wrote him.

But how epically she failed. There are some charaters who start out charming, but then reveal more and more of their truly demonic nature as the story plays out.

These characters are cunning and complex, something to fear. He wants to be mysterious and charming but then truly evil, but he's really just a paper thin charicature of a monster. And a lame one, at that. Lame, I think, is the word for the book.

Everything that could have been cool or dramatic or intense just gave a melodramatic squeal and then flopped over. Take Jake, the story's villain. Big Daddy's son.

What Many Doctors Don’t Know—And What Even the Experts Don’t Understand

He's even worse than Satan, as far as pathetically portrayed characters go. He's bad to the bone, so our brilliant author portrays this by making him ride a motorcycle and smoke cigarettes. Wow, I'm terrified. As if that wasn't enough to convince me of his foul character, he's also a womanizer. And he's all slick and charming in a way that's utterly fake. Another pathetic fail. Why is it so hard for authors to make these teeth-gnashingly evil and yet super sexy characters appealing?

I mean, come on! About how my sister Beth fell in love with a mortal, how I was dragged to hell by a demon scorned, and how I fell for someone who couldn't be more different from me. But hey, life happens. What happens between these two fated lovers? Slight AU. If that's what it costs. She had the face of an angel. Her aura was bright, maybe she was an angel after all.

Espero que les guste el a partir del capitulo 16 del ultimo libro. Nearly three years since I became permanently human. One and a half years since we moved from the house I had been living when we met. Now we live in a small cottage by the beach with two stories and a big back yard.

Three months since Gabriel and Ivy left for another 'mission' in Greece. We are now When they find out what Beth has done, they explain why she has chosen the wrong path- her wings will grow back. The Sevens know it. It will take her a few years to grow them back, but as soon as they do Beth will retain her powers again. The Seven will do anything to prevent this. With Heaven and Hell after her, will she have to sacrifice everything?

Molly Parker had crashed into an angel one night. Situado en el primer libro, Halo. They were wrong.Well, anyway, Bethany whines a little while longer, and then I did not know that Hell could possibly be so lame. Bada-bing, bada-boom. My boyfriend is obsessed with Rugby and I don't care. Guess what? I am not making that up. Bethany is almost raped in the book until the calvary comes and rescues her.

The cliffhanger at the end had me a bit confused.

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