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I Can Make You Smarter book. Read 11 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. AT LAST--A TOTALLY NEW APPROACH TO WEIGHT LOSS. I CAN MAKE YOU THIN Also by Paul McKenna I Calz 1lIake You Rich Quit .. Your body is smarter than any diet on earth, but with volumes of information all. Access eBook I Can Make You Smarter By Paul Mckenna [KINDLE PDF EBOOK EPUB]. (c) - page 1 of 7 - Get Instant Access to PDF File: 74f00 I Can.

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Read a free sample or buy I Can Make You Smarter (Enhanced Edition) by Paul McKenna. You can read this book with Apple Books on your. You can download from link BookshoutWebReader. (c) - page 1 of 7 - Get Instant Access to PDF File: 8fa0d8 I Can Make You Smarter By Paul Mckenna PDF EBOOK.

I thought I'd go, as I had nothing to lose. I'll never forget that day. It was so simple and so inspiring, such a huge revelation, as if someone had I Can Make You Thin just woken me up and said, "Here are the answers. At the same time, I started going to the gym, where I was helped by Mike, my personal trainer. The exercise seemed like a natural accompaniment to my new, "normal" lifestyle. I now view food in a completely different way. I know that food is fuel for the body, not a life crutch.

Ever since attending Paul's workshop, I've eaten a lot less. I think about what I eat and become full more easily. Not only do 1 feel better from losing so much weight, but I'm also more in tune with my body, and no longer suffer from bad health generally and a poor digestive system. I still listen t o Paul's CD. It's useful for refocusing my mind, and it's supportive.

I'll always be grateful for the life-changing experience. It's like someone said, "Here's the key t o the rest of your life. And you probably thought that in some way it was your fault-if only you had more willpower, you wouldn't be overweight. The truth is that it's nearly impossible to break a habit with willpower alone-you have to reprogram your mind. With the right programs in place, doing the right thing is easy; with the wrong programs running your mind, it's virtually impossible.

Over the years, I have helped people change lifelong compulsions in a matter of minutes and proved that even the most die-hard addiction will succumb to effective reprogramming. Yet until you've experienced it for yourself, this may seem a bit different.

After all, if lasting changes can happen this quickly and this easily, why haven't you been able to do it in the past? It all boils down to a simple psychological rule: To give yourself a quick experience of this, imagine a piece of chocolate cake or your favorite food in front of you. Next, tell yourself with all your willpower that you are not going to eat it.

Then imagine the taste of that chocolaty icing as it melts on your tongue. Can you feel your will weakening yet? Program Your Mind to Slim Your Body Next, once again imagine that piece of chocolate cake or your favorite food in front of you. Now, imagine the cake is covered in maggots-slimy, wriggling maggots.

Notice the foul smell emanating from the maggots or is it the cake? Has the cake lost some of its appeal? That's the power of your imagination in action.

In fact, it's through your imagination that you actually make all your best decisions about what you are going to eat. When you read the menu in a restaurant, you mentally taste all the food in your mind before you decide what to have.

That's why restaurants go to such trouble to describe their food in appetizing terms. For example, which would you rather have for dinner this evening: The Focus Factor Take a moment now to ask yourself: What do I want in relation to my body?

If you're like most people, you answered something like "to lose weight" or "to get rid of my love handles" or "to not be so fat. This not only reinforces the image people have of themselves as fat, it tends to leave them feeling helpless, hopeless, and unmotivated. When you redirect your focus exclusively onto what you want-a slim, fit, healthy body-you are sending a message to your unconscious mind to find and explore every possible opportunity to move toward your goal.

By clarifying and vividly imagining exactly what it is you want for yourself, you are beginning the process of training your mind and body to give it to you. The more specific you are, the better this works. If you just say, "I'd like to be thinner," your mind might interpret that as meaning you want to lose one pound. So describe exactly what it is that you want. For example: I want to lose f; y pounds in the next four month. I want to feel comfortable in a size eight dress.

Or my personal favorite: I want to look great naked! Eat what you actually want. Eat consciously and enjoy each mouthful. So why keep reading? Because the techniques that follow will make the whole process happen even more easily and allow you to feel significantly better about yourself as well. In other words: We are not only what we eat, but what we t k n k as well, In the s the famous plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz found that after many of his operations, the selfesteem and confidence levels of his patients rose dramatically.

However, for a few people the operations didn't seem to make any difference.

After a great deal of exploration, Dr. MaItz concluded that those patients I Can Make You Thin who didn't experience a change in their levels of wellbeing were "scarred on the inside. They had what he called "an impoverished selfimage.

It's the blueprint that determines everything about you, from how motivated, intelligent, and confident you are willing to let yourself be to how much weight you are willing to carry around with you or to lose.


The reason our self-image has such a powerful influence on our behavior is that it is self-reinforcing. For example, we've all met people who are not classically good-looking but have an aura of attractiveness. Because they think of themselves as attractive they carry themselves well, dress to bring out their most attractive features, and have the confidence to speak to anyone.

This self-confidence makes them attractive to others, who respond positively to them, which reinforces their image of themselves as attractive.

Equally, there are plenty of people who think of themselves as unattractive, and unconsciously sabotage any attempts to appear attractive. After all, if you truly believe you are unattractive, why take the time to dress mutton up as lamb? However, if you don't do Program Your Mind to Slim Your Body what it takes to represent yourself at your best, people will inevitably find you unattractive. Either way, your self-image has worked perfectly, "proving itself right by guiding you to act consistently with who you believe yourself to be.

Nearly every overweight person has a self-image that says they will always be fat. While they may say they would prefer to be thin, they often think that thin people are somehow different from them, and the goal seems almost unattainable. How do you change the pattern? By getting into the habit of focusing your attention on what you actually do want. Like it or not, you're going to have to get used to thinking of yourself with an attractive body!

See Yourself Slim Recent scientific research in the United States and Europe has conclusively shown that visualization techniques dramatically enhance the ability to lose weight.

As you vividly imagine yourself slim and rehearse your path to your ideal weight, you send a message to your brain that affects your energy levels, your motivation, and your metabolism. Those changes cause physical sensations, which in turn affect your thoughts and I Can Make You Thin emotions, which in turn reinforce the programming you are giving your brain. It's a positive feedback system, and every element of the system gets to feel good as you lose weight.

As I guide you through these next two exercises, I am going to be instructing you to visualize. This is something everyone already has the ability to do.

I Can Make You Smarter

To prove this to yourself, answer the following questions: What does your front door look like? What color is it? Which side is the handle on? In order to answer any of these questions, you had to visualize-to go into your imagination and make pictures.

Now, for 99 percent of people, these mental images will not be as real as reality-and that's a good thing. People who can't tell the difference between the pictures in their head and what they see in the world are in trouble. Program Your Mind to Slim Your Body Your Perfect Body Here's a simple but powerful exercise that will train your unconscious mind to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Before you do this exercise, read through all the stem first. Stop for a moment and imagine you are watching a movie of a thin, happy, confident you. Watch that thinner you doing the things that you do in your daily life and accomplishing them with ease.

Imagine this new you eating just the right amount, moving their body regularly, and handling their emotional needs quickly and easily. How does that other you talk t o themself? What kind of voice tone do they use? How do they carry themself? How do they move? If the movie is not yet exactly how you want things to be, make the adjustments that make you feel great.

Allow your intuition to be your guide. When you are satisfied with the other you, step into it. Take the new perspective and behaviors into you. Now run the movie and imagine being in all of your daily situations and view them from your new perspective. Think through what it's like to have this new perspective and what it will help you to achieve How are things going to be so much better now? When we repeat an action, a neural pathway is created in the brain and each repetition reinforces it.

As you think of yourself as slim and healthy, you are sending signals to your unconscious mind to behave, to feel, and to eat like a slim person. As your body gets lighter you will feel more sensitive, more energetic, and more alive. Do this exercise every morning and before long, it will become a healthy habit. The more you do this, the sooner you will start to feel better and change the way you feel about yourself for the better.

Each time you do it, you will be one step closer to your ideal weight. This exercise focuses your mind on your target, making it more powerful and more and more compelling, so that every time you say no to the foods you no longer wish to eat and yes to those foods you actually want, you will feel more of this delightful lightness and know you are one step closer to your ideal weight.

In addition, each time you listen to the special hypnosis CD, you will be reinforcing all the gains you make each time you take the time to see yourself slim. What do I do if I'm having trouble seeing myself in my mind's eye? Just keep listening to the CD and let me do the work. You wouldn't go to a restaurant and expect to cook your own dinner, would you?

All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the powerful suggestions on the hypnosis CD do their job. By the time you've listened at least once a day for at least two weeks, your mind and body will have already begun to change for the better.

I find that I fall asleep listeningto the CD. Will it still work for me? Yes-in some ways it will work even more easily than when you stay awake and listen consciously! Any new mother knows that no matter how deeply I Can Make You Thin she sleeps with one part of her mind, another part of her mind will wake her up immediately if her baby starts to cry. Similarly, even while your body sleeps, your unconscious mind is listening. All the positive messages from the CD are going directly into your unconscious, reinforcing your new, healthy relationship with food each and every time you listen.

As an additional resource, I have created an online club at www. As a member, you'll be able to watch mini-movies demonstrating each of the techniques featured in the book and receive coaching from me and others who have successfully lost weight and kept it off using this system. Please note, becoming a member is NOT necessary in order for you to succeed; however, many people have reported how much they appreciate being a part of a community of like-minded people as they move forward with their own weight-loss goals.

I felt my body couldn't take any more punishment and it seemed just a matter of time before it gave up. I had just lost both my parents t o cancer, I was struggling t o find a good job after spending eighteen years in one I hated, and I was facing financial ruin.

I barely had the energy t o fight any more. I didn't know it at the time, but that discovery saved my life. I've done plenty of diets in the past and I have lost large amounts of weight but it always came back-plus a lot more. After twenty-five years of struggling with my weight, it was suddenly easy with this system t o lose weight and keep it off.

I was pounds when I started. I now weigh pounds. I lost that weight in fourteen months. When I look back 1 can hardly believe how much things have changed. Not only did the system help me to lose all that weight, but it helped me build the confidence to face up to my problems and deal with them. I have sorted out my financial problems and I've found myself a great career-instead of driving buses and trucks, I assess the qualifications of drivers, and I am much happier in my work.

And I've kept the weight off! Overcoming Emotional Eating Recognizing Emotional Hunger One of the most common mistakes people make when they first start out on my system is to confuse emotional hunger with physical hunger. This is because until we become more attuned to our bodies, the two feel remarkably similar. In fact, the number-one reason people eat when they're not hungry is to cover up a negative emotion or I Can Make You Thin to fill an emotional hole. That's why you can sometimes find yourself eating and eating without getting fullyou were never hungry for food in the first place.

Perhaps you had an argument and had some chocolate to make yourself feel better, or you got home after a long, hard day and decided to cheer yourself up with some ice cream. Maybe you just were feeling bored and suddenly decided that a plate of cheese and crackers would hit the spot.

But as my friend Michael Neil1 says, "There aren't enough cookies in the world to make you feel loved and whole. Emotional hunger is sudden and urgent; physical hunger is gradual and patient Have you ever had the experience of having a sudden, desperate craving for food? If you track back in your mind, you'll find that only moments before the "hunger" arrived, you were having an argument with yourself in your mind. In order to not deal with whatever feelings are going on in the body, people learn to bury those feelings with food.

Physical hunger, on the other hand, is gradual. You may notice a gentle griping in your tummy, or even a Overcoming Emotional Eating deep rumbling. If you continue to ignore your hunger, you'll probably experience light-headedness or even sadness, anger, or tiredness. The earlier you learn to pick up on your body's hints that it needs fuel, the easier it will be to separate these two signals.

Emotional hunger cannot be satisfied with food; physical hunger can If you are eating and eating and never feeling satisfied, it's because you don't need food-you need to change your feelings.

When you're hungry for good feelings or at least a temporary masking of bad feelings , no amount of food will do the trick. This is an additional way in which emotional hunger differs from physical hungerwhen you address the root cause of emotional hunger, it doesn't come back again four hours later! Regardless of its specific manifestations, the feelings that underlie emotional hunger invariably come down to just one thing: Inescapable stress According to the latest thinking among researchers into craving and addiction, "inescapable stress'' is the ongoing sense that nothing can be done to reduce the I Can Make You Thin amount of stress you are experiencing in your life.

That seemingly inescapable stress may take the form of a bad marriage, a chronic illness, or stress at work. It can even be caused by guilt or shame-the regret for something that happened in the past that can never be undone.

In his excellent book The Craving Brain, Dr. Ronald Ruden points out that the experience of inescapable stress actually changes ' the landscape of the brain," creating a physiological craving for substances like food andlor alcohol that will allow us to move our experience of stress into the background.

In essence, food becomes a Band-Aid that provides temporary relief without actually leading to any improvement in the situation that caused the stress in the first place. Based on this cutting-edge research, we now have a "magic pill" to help you lose weight: Control your response to stress a d you will no longer want or need to overeat. As we have already learned, the mind and body are intimately linked. Recent scientific research has shown that our thoughts have a significant effect upon our health and well-being.

We can change biological processes in the body through our imagination and we can certainly Overcoming Emotional Eating change our feelings and moods. As you reprogram your mind and develop your ability to respond to stress, you will actually change the neurochemical landscape of your brain. In this next exercise, we are going to use a simple associational technique to create an inner sense of calm inside your body-the same sense of calm and peace you used to give yourself by overeating.

By repeatedly doing this exercise and reenforcing it with the hypnotic suggestions on the CD, you will be able to lower your stress levels and gently eliminate your emotional hunger pangs without the wony, angst, or struggle most people experience. Remember a time when you felt really, really calm-at peace and in control. Fully return t o it now, seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard, and feeling how good you felt.

If you can't remember such a time, imagine how wonderful it would feel t o be totally at peaceif you had all the ease, comfort, and selfcontrol you could ever need. As you keep running through this experience in your mind, make the colors brighter and richer, the sounds crisper, and the feelings stronger.

When you are feeling these good feelings, squeeze the thumb and middle finger of your right hand together. You are associating this particular pressure in this particular place with this particular emotion.

Run through this memory several times until you feel a lovely sense of inner peace and calm. Now g o through this relaxing memory at least five more times while continuing t o squeeze your thumb and middle finger together t o really lock in these good feelings.

You will know you have done it enough when all you need t o d o is squeeze your fingers together and then Overcoming Emotional Eating you can easily remember the feelings of calm and relaxation spreading through your body.

Next, think about a situation that in the past you would have found mildly stressful. Once again, squeeze your thumb and middle finger together. Feel that calm feeling spreading through your body and imagine taking it with you into that stressful situation. Imagine everything going perfectly, exactly the way you want. See what you'll see, hear what you hear, and feel how good it feels t o be so much calmer and in control in this situation.

Now, still squeezing your thumb and finger together, remember that calm feeling of being in control and once again imagine being in that situation that used t o seem stressful. This time, imagine a few challenges occurring and notice yourself handling all the challenges perfectly. Stop and think about that situation now. Notice the difference from only a few minutes ago. Do you feel less stressed and more in control? If not, just repeat the exercise until you do!

Each time you do this exercise, it will become easier and easier to experience feelings of relaxation and calm "at your fingertips. Self-loathing-feeling helpless, hopeless, worthless, and unloved I am continually amazed at the self-abuse that most people put themselves through at the start of each day.

They'll look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, say, "fat face, fat arms, fat thighs, fat butt, ' and then go through their day wondering why they don't feel good about themselves. In my weight-loss seminars I do an exercise where I help people stop the self-abuse and start to appreciate themselves.

I ask for a volunteer to look into a mirror and share their internal criticism out loud with the group. Once, I was doing this exercise with a lovely looking lady who saw herself in the mirror and immediately blurted out, "Big fat pig.

When I asked her what she would do if someone walked up to her in the Overcoming Emotional Eating street and said that to her, she replied that she would probably hit them.

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She wouldn't take it from someone else, but she'd readily insult herself every time she looked in the mirror. Possibly the most famous guideline for effective living in Western civilization is the so-called golden rule, which is generally expressed in some version of "Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

Do unto yourself as you would have others do unto you. If anyone else insulted us as openly and crudely as we insult ourselves "I'm such a stupid idiot,'' "I'm so " , useless, I m such a waste of space," "God, I'm pathetic," etc.

I'm going to work out until I throw up! But when we treat ourselves that way, we put up with it-mostly because nobody ever told us we didn't have to.

Until you realize that there are healthy alternatives to motivating yourself to lose weight by beating yourself up for being fat, you will find it virtually impossible to I Can Make You Thin measure up to your own unrealistically high standards. Fortunately, by seeing self-loathing for what it is, you lessen its power over you and make it possible to address it directly instead of attempting to stuff it down with food.

As you begin to see yourself as capable, lovable, and intrinsically worthy, you will continue to feel the pangs of emotional hunger. When you are feeling low, it is commonplace that friends and family can see your strengths and value even when you do not.

We can use this fact to begin the process of loving and valuing ourselves. Here's An exercise to help you begin to change the patterns of self-loathing that most of us have been carrying throughout our lives.

Close your eyes and think of someone who loves or deeply appreciates you. Remember how they look, and imagine they are standing in front of you now. Gently step out of your body and into the body of the person who loves you. See through their eyes, hear through their ears, and feel the love and good feelings they have as you look at yourself.

Really notice in detail what it is that they love and appreciate about you. Recognize and acknowledge those amazing qualities that perhaps you hadn't appreciated about yourself until now. Step back into your own body and take a few moments t o enjoy those good feelings of knowing that you are loved and appreciated exactly as you are.

You can keep that inner feeling with you for hours and hours and rerun this exercise whenever you want t o boost that feeling. The more you d o it, the easier it becomes, and eventually it becomes almost automatic t o love and feel loved. Yet when I meet people who consider themselves to be overweight, they spend an inordinate amount of time comparing themselves to airbrushed magazine images of smiling, anorexically thin women and make themselves feel so bad they need to eat something in order to feel better!

Our bodies contain a natural blueprint for optimal health. Human beings are designed to be around five or six feet tall, and that's why we stop growing in our late teens. No one continues growing to twenty feet-it wouldn't be natural and it wouldn't be healthy. In the same way, we have a natural shape. If we get too much bigger or smaller than that, it's because we have interfered with the natural design of the body. It is very common for people to tell me that they don't like their bodies and will do whatever they can to try to ignore them.

What they don't realize is that it is important to pay attention: In fact, the more you learn to accept your body as it is, the more you'll be amazed at how effortlessly it changes. Here's the bottom line: You've got to make friends with the body you have in order to get the body you want.

Of course you may be looking forward to thinner thighs or a flatter tummy, but it is this same body you are already in that is going to be fitter and slimmer, so you may as well begin making peace with it now. Anorexia, Bulimia, and Body Dysmorphia All of the techniques in this book can make a real difference in the way you feel about yourself and the actions you take. In fact many people with eating disorders have told me that the discipline of following this system and practicing the self-esteem exercises have really helped them.

However, if you suspect or have been told that you are suffering from an eating disorder, you should seek helpfi-om a qualifid professional. I Can Make You Thin Even though anorexics and bulimics are often painfully thin, they tell themselves how overweight they are and say all kinds of abusive things to themselves when they look in the mirror. Some of them are able to telescope their vision onto some tiny aspect of themselves, focusing all their self-hate onto that one body part.

Others are able to completely hallucinate, as if looking in one of those fun-house mirrors at the carnival that make you appear much taller or wider than you really are. This distorted self-image, commonly referred to as "body dysmorphia," keeps people from truly enjoying life or eating enough. At best it has dire health consequences; at worst it can be fatal. I worked with a lovely-looking lady on TV who couldn't look at herself in the mirror without bursting into tears.

She'd tried every kind of therapy and none of it had worked. Using the techniques that I am about to teach you, she overcame this horrible lifelong disorder. In less than an hour, she was able to look confidently at herself in the mirror and see herself as beautiful. During the change process I asked her to remember a time when she had been paid a compliment. Try as she might, she couldn't think of a single one. Her partner was present and I suggested she think of a time when he'd said something nice to her.

He looked a little hurt and surprised and replied, "I say nice things to you all the time. Because she had such a poor selfimage, whenever anybody said anything nice to her, she immediately dismissed it because it didn't fit with who she thought she was. The sweetest moment in this session came at the end. Although she had been with her partner for several years and they had a child together, they had never married because she couldn't bear the thought of "all those people looking at me on my wedding day while I was so hideous.

She turned, smiled at her partner, and said, "Well, someone will have to ask me. The Friendly Mirror Everyone receives compliments and praise from time to time. Sometimes they may seem trivial, like "Hey, you're looking great" or 'You look sharp today.

The next three techniques will help you to eliminate emotional hunger by enabling you to feel better and better about yourself every time you look in the mirror.

Read through each technique several times until you know the steps, and then go and do it. The entire process will take no more than ten minutes, and can be repeated as often as you choose. Think of somebody who you think likes what they see when they look at themselves. You don't have t o know this for a fact, but you suspect that when they look in the mirror they say nice things about themselves. Next, close your eyes and imagine stepping into them-right into their body. Copy their body posture exactly and see through their eyes, hear through their ears, and feel the confident, happy feelings of self-appreciation they have.

Take those good feelings and move them up t o the top of your head and down to the tip of your toes, until you are totally covered in that good feeling. Now, staying in touch with that good feeling, open your eyes and stare into your eyes. Do n o t look a t your body-just keep staring into your eyes for at least t w o minutes.

This exercise recalibrates the perceptual filter of your consciousness and allows your mind t o see more clearly in the future. Standing in front of a mirror with your eyes closed, recall a specific time when you were paid a compliment by someone you respect or trust.

You don't necessarily have to have believed the compliment at the time but you do have to trust the sincerity of the person who said it. Run through the experience all over again. As you recall the compliment, and the sincerity of the person who said it, pay particular attention to your feelings of trust and regard for the other person.

When you feel that as strongly as possible, open your eyes, look in the mirror, and really see what they saw. Allow yourself to see what someone else has seen and notice how that feels. Finally, imagine taking a picture of yourself just like that. Imagine taking that picture right into your heart. Keep it there so that you can look at it whenever you want to remind yourself how good you can feel.

I Can Make You Smarter

Each day, spend at least one minute looking at your body in the mirror. In an ideal world, you will do this without clothes, but if that doesn't feel right at first, you may wear anything that reveals your basic shape. Notice what thoughts come up, from "This is stupid" to "God, I hate my thighs" to "Hmmm. Send love, approval, and positive energy t o the person in the mirror.

Let them know that you're on their side, and that your love for them is not dependent on the size of their thighs.

Remember to use these techniques every day and don't be too surprised at how quickly you begin to notice the changes. For many people, just moving from selfhate to a state of neutral self-acceptance is life-changing. Eventually, you will get all the way to love, and then the changes become even more dramatic. I Can Make You Thin As you begin actively to meet your own emotional needs, you will find your emotional hunger begins to diminish.

As it does, eating only when you are truly hungry for food will become easier and more natural. You will become noticeably more confident and charismatic. Day by day, you'll find yourself naturally doing things that you used to only dream of. I'm hungry all the time, and I've been told it's just something I'd have to get used to. Could it also be partly emotional? I would go so far as to say it's completely emotional. Being overweight is nearly always a symptom, and inescapable stress is nearly always the cause.

Yet book after book and program after program attempt to address the issue by telling you what you should or shouldn't eat. That's like trying to fix a broken leg by telling the person they shouldn't have fallen down! Instead of going outside yourself and asking the so-called diet experts, "What should I eat? If you still want to eat after that, it's probably because you're actually hungry!

I feel like I'm making real progress with this, but from time to time I feel overcome by a real need to eat an entire box of cookies. What do I do when I want to binge? As some of your old patterns of overeating dissipate, it is not unusual for the odd craving to arise. When it does, you can proceed directly to chapter 6 and use the techniques to eliminate the cravings immediately!

Sobbing in the car on the way home, I decided t o d o something. I was prepared t o try anything, though I secretly thought that, like everything else I'd tried, it probably wouldn't work.

A little ray of hope kept me going. The next day I got the CDs, went upstairs t o play them, and I can honestly say that that's the day my life changed. Now I take him t o bed every night! I'm the manager of a g y m these days, and take regular aerobics classes myself.

Sometimes I think back t o n o t even being able t o reach around t o wipe my own backside. I know that's disgusting but that's how big I was. I've gone from almost pounds t o under pounds in t w o years. Every day I still feel great about how different life is. I help other people too. I'm the Mo in Motivation! If I can do it, anybody can. Make Exercise Easy and Supercharge Your Metabolism Exploding the Myth of Metabolism Have you ever heard someone say they can't lose weight because they have a "slow" metabolism?

Your metabolism is the speed at which your body produces energy, The faster your metabolism, the faster your body does everything, from adjusting your body I Can Make You Thin temperature to growing your fingernails.

And more important for our purposes, the faster it will bum off any excess fat, regardless of whether that fat comes from a hearty roast beef i latter or your hips, thighs, and stomach. The rate at which your metabolism is currently running is called your "basal metabolic rate," and it is the primary determinant of how many calories your body will burn off throughout the day.

One of the great myths of the weight-loss world is the myth of metabolism, which says: Certain people willfind it more dijjicult to lose weight than others because of their genetically predetermined basal metabolic rate. However, the latest scientific research shows that your metabolic rate is not fixed-it can and will change throughout your life in response to how you eat and use your body.

Susan Jebb is one of Britain's leading experts in the study of obesity. When discussing metabolism on one of my TV shows, she explained it like this: Your body recognizes it's not getting as much food, as much fuel as it needs.

The last decade has averaged 2. Yet, in the last year [], it was a 3. We are literally hitting the gas pedal, as we drive toward the cliff. Introduced by Charles Gregoire of Ottawa. He and his wife Heidi are both also very closely connected to the brainchild of Eco-strategist, Stuart H. We all know each other here. A great contribution by Charles and Heidi both and the tirelessly productive, Stuart H. Scott of ClimateMatters. What our future will look like according to famous dystopian movies.

Please consider donating to support my work. I Can Make You Thin a. What if I'm really overweight-can I still use this system or do I need to diet first? This system is directly at odds with any and every diet you might try, because it's diets and the dieting mentality that were making and keeping you overweight in the first place! At the risk of repeating myself, I'll say it one more time: Anything or anyone who tries to tell you what, where, when, or how much to eat is teaching you to ignore your body--and if you're overweight, your body is trying to tell you it doesn't like being ignored!

I don't care how much you weigh, if you've been overweight all your life, or if all your family are overweight-as you use this system you will lose weight and feel more in control and better about yourself. How well does this work? I want to look like the models in magazines. So do the models in the magazines. They are not representative of reality. Rather than compare yourself to something that doesn't exist, it's far better to compare yourself to yourself.

Far too many women compare themselves with an airbrushed picture of an anorexic girl on a magazine cover and decide they aren't good enough as a human being. You are likely to feel significantly better if you ask yourself this question instead: How much better am I getting? Actually, I lived in New York for a number of years and had the opportunity to meet many of the world's most famous models.

What struck me was that even though many of these women looked so incredibly beautiful, they were pretty miserable, which I suppose is understandable given that they're so hungry all the time! I realized that they spent all their time looking for flaws and rarely saw the perfection of who they already were.

As the great philosopher Goethe said, "It's not so important where we stand, but the direction in which we are moving. If you are getting better, excellent. If you are getting worse, then you know the direction in which you need to move. Kate's Story Kate Howlett Before After Before starting the Paul McKenna weight-loss system, I had tried every sort of diet: fat counting, calorie counting, I even tried not eating until after five o'clock in the evening. I had finally given up.

I was fat. It ran in my family. What could I do about it? Then a colleague told me she'd done the Paul McKenna system and she was feeling really good, so I thought I'd give it a try.

I realized that this was not a diet, but a new way of looking at food. Now I enjoy my food, instead of spending all my time thinking about i t and then wolfing it down thoughtlessly, like 1 used to. The only problem is in restaurants where the portions are too big and 1 have to explain that the food was good but just too much. I enjoy walking my son to school; I always used to take the car. One of my greatest pleasures now is shopping for clothes, which is something I used to dread.

Since doing the Paul McKenna system, I feel much more positive about life. In a way, the weight loss is just a bonus! Was I ever overweight myself? Did I study physiology in. Did I just conjure it up out of thin air? I Can Make You Thin The reality is, it's taken me more than twenty years to develop this system and refine it to the point that I can share it with you today in the pages of a book.

Over that time, I compared the mindsets and strategies of chronically overweight people with those who seemed to be "naturally thin. Your body is smarter than any diet on earth, but with volumes of information all around us about how the "wrong foods will adversely affect our health or make us put on weight, it can be difficult to see, hear, or feel what your body is telling you.

That's why what I am about to explain to you is all you really need to change the way you eat forever. The real secret of being naturally thin is simply to introduce four new habits into your life-four "golden rules" for deciding when to eat, what to eat, how to eat it, and how much of it to have.

These small habits will make a huge difference in your life-four simple guiding principles that will help you to make the best food choices in any situation you may encounter. It's fatstored fat. Camels store fat because they don't know how long they're going to go between meals. When you starve yourself by not eating when you're hungry, your body does the same thing.

In fact, if you've been trying to lose weight for a while, your body is probably stuck in continual fat-storage mode. When you starve your body, it freaks out and goes into survival mode because it thinks there is a famine and stores fat in your cells, ''just in case.

There may be only a few grams of fat in that diet lasagna, but if you're eating at "mealtimes" instead of when you're hungry, your body will do whatever it takes to grab on to that fat and put it where it can store it until later-generally your stomach if you're a man and your hips and thighs if you're a woman. That's partly why thin people can eat a lot and not put on weight-they aren't starving themselves, so their bodies can either make use of or easily eliminate excess fat that comes from their food.

In addition, consistently overriding your body's natural call for food alters your metabolism. A faster metabolism burns more calories throughout the day, but when you stop yourself from eating when you're hungry, your metabolism slows down so your body can conserve energy. This leads to feelings of lethargy, which many people experience as a mild depression. If all that wasn't enough, not eating when you're hungry sets up dysfunctional patterns of thinking in the unconscious mind in relation to food.

This subtle tension around food sets up a powerful neurochemical change in the brain that leads to false hunger signals and patterns of craving and bingeing. The vicious cycle is in motion-the less you trust your body, the less trustworthy your body's messages become.

True hunger is different than emotional hunger which we will deal with in chapter 4. If you read the first golden rule and said to yourself, "But I'm hungry all the time! Fortunately, as soon as you begin to listen to your body, you will once again be able to recognize easily the subtle and not so subtle signs of true, authentic hunger.

The Hunger Scale At this point I want to introduce you to an amazing tool that you can use to know exactly when to start eating and when to stop. I call it the hunger scale. The hunger scale goes from one, which is physically faint with hunger, to ten, which is stuffed to the point of nausea. Take a few moments right now to look at the hunger scale on page 30 and tune in to your body. How hungry are you right now?

Physically faint 2. Ravenous 3. Fairly hungry 4. Slightly hungry 5. Neutral 6. Pleasantly satisfied 7. Full 8. Stuffed 9. Bloated Nauseous Each person is different, but as a general rule you'll want to eat whenever you notice yourself between 3 and 4 on the scale-that is when you are fairly hungry but before you become ravenous.

Of course, if you have been a serial dieter you may be so used to overriding your body's signals that you may at The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World times "forget to eat" until you're already ravenous. If you think this might be you, practice tuning in to your body once an hour and giving yourself a number from 1 to 10 until you begin to notice differences between the points on the scale.

The more you practice tuning in to your own hunger, the sooner you'll be able to recognize your body's subtle signals long before your stomach growls and your brain starts to get fuzzy. The result? While they each chose different foods at different times, every single child in the study wound up eating what was considered to be a balanced diet over the course of the month.

Similarly, many women have had the experience of The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World unusual food cravings during pregnancy. The reason a pregnant woman will crave everything from ice cream to pickled onions is that her body is telling her exactly what it needs from moment to moment to "build a baby.

Rather than wanting it less, that "forbidden food" instantly becomes more attractive to you. The inner battle between your positive intention and your resistance to being controlled even by yourself can be exhausting. As you begin to make peace with food and learn to listen to the wisdom of your body, you experience freedom from the tension and guilt that come from not following your intuition. This is why there are no forbidden foods in my system-you can eat anything you want any time you are hungry, providing you take the time to really, really enjoy it see Golden Rule number 3!

In fact, why not go one step further? You may in the past have been on one diet or another that told you to empty your cupboards of any foods high in fat, sugar, carbohydrates, or whatever food you were being forbidden to eat. My instructions for you are radically different. Today, as soon as you finish reading this book, I want ICan Make You Thin you to go to your refrigerator and throw out any food that does not totally inspire you to eat it.

Chuck the diet soda. Throw out the low-fat yogurts. Unless you absolutely love them, get rid of the sugar-free Popsicles. You'll know that you're done when there isn't a single thing in your fridge that you wouldn't be delighted to eat-and when you're next hungry, that's exactly what I'm asking you to do.

Care for a bit of pasta? Go for it. Cake and ice cream calling to you? As long as you're actually hungry, enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. From this day forward, nothing is off-limits to you. And if you really want to say "NO'' to something, say it to the purveyors of sugar-free low-carb cardboardtasting crap. They spend all their time thinking about food-except when they're actually eating it. Then they go into a kind of "eating trance," where they shovel as much food into their mouths as fast as they can without actually chewing or tasting anything.

Strange as it may seem, there is a very good reason for that. Whenever we do something that is essential for our survival, like eating, breathing deeply, or making love, we release a "happy chemical" in our brains called serotonin. People who are overweight often shovel food into their mouths as quickly as possible in order to get a serotonin high.

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Unfortunately, because they are eating I Can Make You Thin unconsciously, they never notice the signal from their stomach that lets them know that they are full. So they keep on stuffing their faces, expanding their stomachs and putting on weight. The problem is that even though they feel temporarily high from cramming in lots of food, they feel fat and guilty afterward. In fact, they feel so bad that they repeat the whole ritual of unconsciously stuffing themselves again in order to anesthetize the bad feelings they just created!

One of the unique features of my weight-loss program is this: You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want, so long as you fully enjoy every single mouthfil. I cannot emphasize this enough. I mean really enjoy it-savor the taste and enjoy the wonderful textures and sensations as you thoroughly chew each mouthful.

Of course, in order to fully enjoy your food, you have to notice that you're eating it. I remember seeing a friend of mine who had lost a ton of weight and looked amazing. When I asked her how she had done it, she told me that she had just returned from a luxury health resort in the Far East at a cost of two thousand dollars a day.

When I asked about The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World the basis of the weight-loss regime they had used, she explained that in the West, we eat far too quickly. At the spa, they taught her to slow her eating speed and become more conscious of the process of smelling, tasting, and chewing her food.

Each meal was like a meditation, and to help her to remember to do it, the spa assigned someone to sit opposite her during every meal and constantly remind her to slow down and savor each mouthful.

To put this to work for you, here is one simple thing you can do to help you enjoy each mouthful as a new and positive habit: For the next two weeks, slow your eating speed d m to about a quarter of what it used to be and chew each mouthfil thoroughly. It's very important to put your knife and fork down between every mouthful, so you can give your body time to notice what it's doing. Of course, if you're not using cutlery, take your fingers off your sandwich and put it down between each mouthful.

When your mouth is empty, you can pick up where you left off. In this way, you make every bite a conscious choice, eating your food like a gourmet and savoring every mouthful instead of shoveling it in on automatic like a barnyard animal. Until you really get the hang of this system, it means concentrating on your food and nothing else. A recent study conducted in Switzerland showed that when people were blindfolded, they ate 25 percent less than when they could see-in other words, when they weren't looking at the food but were instead totally concentrating on the taste and texture, they actually ate less.

This corresponds with what I've noticed at my weight-loss seminars. After lunch, people will often report that their food tasted amazing, because for the first time in ages they were eating slowly and consciously enough to actually taste it and notice the feeling of being full. Professor Brian Wansink, author of the amazing book Mindless Eating, has conducted some extraordinary experiments that show conclusively that when we are distracted during the process of eating, we not only don't notice what we are eating, we eat substantially more of it.

You can probably remember for yourself a time when you were eating popcorn, nuts, or chips while watching a The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World film or a football game. By the time you "woke up" and came to your senses, the entire bowl, bag, or box was empty, no matter how hungry you were when you started.

Since studies show that a whopping 91 percent of people eat in front of the television, a powerful way to begin disrupting your old unconscious habits is simply to stop eating while reading, chatting on the phone, or watching the TV. By eliminating as many distractions as possible while you eat, at least when you are first learning this system, you will find it considerably easier to notice and apply the fourth golden rule In order to keep the steam rising, I had to hold the "on" switch down long after the kettle had boiled.

Of course, kettles aren't designed to be used that way, and soon the metal thermostat inside the kettle became bent and stopped working properly. Fortunately, it was quite easy to fix. All I had to do was go inside and bend the thermostat back into place.

Immediately, the kettle began working perfectly again. The natural design of the human body is to eat when we're hungry and stop when we're satisfied, but many of us are conditioned to eat until we think we're full- or even worse, until whatever food we put on our plate is gone. The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World To lose weight effortlessly and keep it off, you must begin working with your body and not against it. To get slim and stay slim we need to resensitize ourselves to our "inner thermostat" so we can stop eating when we are full and feel good for the rest of the day.

In reality, when you've eaten enough, your stomach sends a signal-a sensation that says, "I'm satisfiedthat's enough. Most people experience it as a gentle, clear, satisfied sensation in their solar plexus the area below your rib cage but above your stomach.

Even if you miss this warm feeling of satisfaction when it first occurs, there's another way to know that your stomach is full. As soon as you've had enough to eat, you'll notice that each subsequent bite of food becomes a little less enjoyable than the one before.

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The more you pay attention to this phenomenon, the more obvious it becomes. Since continuing to eat after this satisfied feeling begins to emanate from your solar plexus produces distinct and ever increasing sensations of discomfort, it is important that as soon as you begin to notice this I Can Make You Thin discomfort, you stop eating immediately, no matter how much or how little food is left on your plate.

When I teach this in my seminars, there is invariably one person who starts to panic and say, "But what if I'm hungry again ten minutes later? However, you must eat what you actually want, not what you think you should; eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful, and then once again when you even suspect you are full, stop.

Revisiting the Hunger Scale If you have ever been a serial dieter, you may be so used to overriding your body's signals that you keep eating until you're full or even stuffed before noticing it's time to stop.

I cannot overemphasize what a useful tool the hunger scale will be for you. Becoming aware of what your body needs and wants is like a muscle-the more you use your awareness, the stronger it gets. When it comes to knowing when enough is enough, you'll want to stop eating at around 6 or 7 on the hunger scalewhen you are feeling pleasantly satisfied or full but not yet stuffed or bloated.

Simply never live in the extreme areas of the hunger scale ever again. Stop for a moment and remember a time when you were really hungry, or even starving. What did it feel like? Really remember it in every detail now. Next, remember a time when you felt completely stuffed.

What did that feel like? Where in your body did you feel it? Again, remind yourself exactly what that felt like now. When you're ready, compare the difference between the two feelings. What's it like to feel really hungry? What's it like to feel stuffed? Keep going back and forth between the two extremes about ten times t o help your body to remember and recalibrate.

It may not feel like much is happening when you first do this exercise, but your body and unconscious mind are beginning an important process of recalibrating your inner signals. Each time you repeat it, i t becomes easier to notice when you are truly hungry and stop eating as soon as you are full.

The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World Changing the Habits of a Lifetime I was with a friend of mine recently who had been a serial dieter but only seemed to be getting a little bit fatter and a lot more frustrated each year. In less than six months, he has lost fifty-six pounds using my system.

At first he wasn't sure if it was working, but he stuck to it and after a couple of weeks he noticed his clothes felt looser. He hadn't even done any of the hypnosis techniques-I had simply taught him the four golden rules that I have just taught you and he started using them.

When we were at dinner recently he only ate about half of his meal-a deliciouslooking plate of pasta in a rich, creamy sauce. When I asked him if there was anything wrong with his food, he replied, "No-it's delicious. But ever since you taught me that damn system, I can't seem to overeat anymore. This is typical of the progression most people experience.

In the beginning, you need to consciously learn and apply each step. Then it begins to get easier and easier, and before you know it, you just do it I Can Make You Thin because it's natural-the way your body was designed to eat. When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, habit is most people's worst enemy For you, it will be different.

We're going to recondition your habits and make them work for you. The hypnosis techniques throughout this book and on the CD will reinforce those new habits as the changes begin happening almost immediately. Resigning from the "Clean Plate Club" Why would anyone eat if they weren't hungry?

One of Professor Wansink's experiments involved drilling two holes in the bottom of a table at a university restaurant and placing two bowls with tubes attached over the holes.

The plan was that researchers would be able to refill the bowls secretly without the diners noticing. O n the opposite side of the table, he set two ordinary bowls. When the students came into the cafeteria, he told them that he was conducting an experiment into the quality of the soup. In reality, the exact same soup was served to everyone. The difference was that the diners The Simplest Weight-Loss System in the World eating from the bowls with the holes in them didn't notice that as they ate the soup their bowls were being gradually refilled.

Instead of listening to the signal from their stomach that said they had enough, they just kept on eating until they finished what was in the bowl. The result was that on average they ate a whopping 73 percent more than the other diners! One of the main habits that gets in the way of listening to your body is being a lifetime member of what I call the "clean plate club.

But eating everything on your plate whether you're still hungry and enjoying it or not is basically giving permission for your weight to be controlled by some kid who's being paid six dollars an hour at McDonald's.

Let's face it: you wouldn't let a sales clerk tell you how much to spend on clothes, would you? Like most kids, I was told by my parents to eat everything on my plate because "there are starving children in India. Eventually, of course, I realized that it was a con: I used to say, "How does me being overweight help the starving children? Shall I take a picture of myself fat and send it to them with a note saying, 'At least you know the food isn't going to waste'"? I Can Make You Thin Let me put this one to rest once and for all-contrary to popular parental opinion, eating everything on your plate has been shown to do nothing to contribute to the well-being of starving children in Africa, India, or China.

If you really want to play your part in putting an end to world hunger, learn to manage your eating so that you eat when you're hungry, enjoy every mouthful, and stop when you think you're full. You'll wind up eating so much less that there'll be more for everyone else. Of course, some members of the clean plate club aren't so concerned about world hunger-they feel guilty leaving a half-eaten chicken breast on their plate.

But no matter how hard you try to resuscitate the other half of the chicken breast, it isn't coming back to life! Now, I don't know about you, but I find it difficult to imagine a chicken sitting up in chicken heaven looking down on you in judgment because you left part of his body on your plate. Another popular excuse I hear from people is that it would be insulting to the chef if they left any food uneaten.

For this one, I find the easiest thing is to blame me. Just tell them you used my hypnosis CD and that while you would love to eat the extra six portions of mashed potatoes in gravy, I have somehow messed with your mind and you can now only eat half as much as you used to! Of course it's important not to waste money, so sometimes you might want to take what you The Simplest Weight-loss System in the World haven't eaten and keep it for later. However, remember later means only when you are truly hungry.

One of the simplest ways to give up your membership in the clean plate club for good is simply to deliberately leave a bit of food on your plate, even if it's just one little bit.

In this way, you are sending a new message to your unconscious mind, letting it know for sure that you are changing. Once you've broken the spell by leaving a little food on your plate each time you eat , you'll feel comfortable eating only until you feel full, even if it means leaving half or more of the food on your plate.

You'll have less food in your stomach and more control in your life. And if you get hungry again later, don't worry-get another plate and leave some food on that one as well! The Magic Weight-Loss Elixir There is one other thing that will support you in your efforts to eat only when you are hungry and stop as soon as you even suspect you are full. Our bodies are made up of roughly 75 percent water, and that increases to nearly 85 percent in the all-important area of brain tissue. When the inner mechanism in our body that regulates water levels senses any sort of current or impending shortage, your body goes into selective water I Can Make You Thin rationing mode.

The brain gets first call on the water supply, with each internal organ receiving just enough water to maintain basic functioning.

According to Dr. Batmanghelidj, author of the groundbreaking work k u r Body's Many Criesfor Water, many of the aches and pains that people experience on a daily basis, including hunger, are actually the preliminary effects of dehydration.

This is one of the reasons why sometimes no matter what you eat, it doesn't feel as though it "hits the spot. If you're not hungry afterward, it was thirst; if you still are, dig in! It will feel a little weird Some people tell me that at first they felt a little bit selfconscious eating slowly and consciously chewing each mouthful, as though other people were staring at them.

As the saying goes, 'You would worry less about what other people thought of you if you knew how seldom they did. Also, people who know you as a serial dieter may notice the pizza, bacon, or chocolate on your plate and smirk, thinking that you've "fallen off another diet.

As it becomes easier and easier to eat consciously, your food will taste better and better and you will enjoy the wonderful feeling of satisfaction that comes from being in control of your eating.

In a society as filled with mixed messages about eating and body image as ours, what is considered "normal" may be a long way from what is actually I Can Make You Thin natural. While it may feel a bit odd at first to reprogram your body to eat in a new, more intuitive way, it is important to recognize you are actually moving toward a more natural way of eating.

This is why it is sustainable-unlike diets, which go against your natural urge to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, the simplest weight-loss system in the world works with your body. You will feel good One of the most consistent benefits people report from using the simplest weight-loss system in the world is that they feel better-better in their bodies and better in themselves. Here's what to expect: For the first time in ages you will feel more in control around food.

The pressure of worrying about what to eat and when will be gone. It will be liberating to know you are free from the slavery of obsessing about food. You will see that it truly is possible for you to lose weight easily. We are all the same in our ability to lose weight. In fact you will be amazed at how easy it is! Because you are not spending so much energy worrying about food you will have more energy available for your life. This extra energy is one of the signs that the system is working perfectly.

You will wonder how well it's working People who have successfully used this system often say that within the first couple of weeks they weren't sure if it was working. Whether you feel like you are eating more than before, or that you're not eating nutritionally balanced meals, or even like nothing much is different.We all should use it more. Can you think of any enjoyable ways to get your heart pumping and breathe more deeply than you are breathing now?

This is one of the reasons why sometimes no matter what you eat, it doesn't feel as though it "hits the spot. I cannot overemphasize what a useful tool the hunger scale will be for you.

Kate's Story Kate Howlett Before After Before starting the Paul McKenna weight-loss system, I had tried every sort of diet: fat counting, calorie counting, I even tried not eating until after five o'clock in the evening.

Make the sounds clearer and the feelings stronger. When the students came into the cafeteria, he told them that he was conducting an experiment into the quality of the soup. Each meal was like a meditation, and to help her to remember to do it, the spa assigned someone to sit opposite her during every meal and constantly remind her to slow down and savor each mouthful. Your metabolism is the speed at which your body produces energy, The faster your metabolism, the faster your body does everything, from adjusting your body I Can Make You Thin temperature to growing your fingernails.

Overcoming Emotional Eating 5.

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