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Thursday, September 26, 2019

The World Book multimedia encyclopedia. Also Titled. World book [electronic resource]. Edition. international standard English ed. Published. [Chicago, Ill.]. The edition of Software MacKiev's award-winning WORLD BOOK multimedia encyclopedia captures the wonders of our world. See how a killer tornado is. The wonders of our world are captured in this new edition of WORLD BOOK. See how a killer tornado is formed. Witness the notorious Berlin Wall coming down.

World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia

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The World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia edition. Mac and Windows versions, pounds 99, ( ); Microsoft Encarta Buy this Excellent DVD Encyclopedia Now! The edition of the World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia DVD is completely up to date with more than 4, The World book multimedia encyclopedia on pixia-club.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contains articles, media tables, World Book Plus, electric.

An attractive, well-illustrated volume set, it provides information and encourages children to explore further by suggesting, for example, projects and experiments they can do. Though not the most colorful or in-depth, it provides basic factual information. Widely used in schools, homes and libraries, it is written for elementary and secondary school students, but is also a useful research tool for adults.

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Generally considered the most in-depth and scholarly of the major sets, it has three parts: the Propaedia, a one-volume outline; the Micropaedia, a volume ready-reference set plus an index volume; and the Macropaedia, 17 volumes of lengthy articles plus an index volume.

While some articles need revision and some illustrations still are in black-and-white in the Micropaedia, this remains the most authoritative of the major sets.

In fact, to research the history of encyclopedias, "there is an excellent article on encyclopedias in Encyclopaedia Britannica," Black noted.

That article, and a similarly informative piece in World Book, indicate that ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and the Chinese, attempted to compile the sum total of their knowledge into a series of books. The information, however, often was arranged to suit a civilization's priorities.

European encyclopedias, for example, discussed theology first, while the first Arabic encyclopedia began with a discussion of power and ended with women.

Access to subject matter usually was limited to the wealthy and powerful. But by the early s, European scholars, inspired by the ideas of the Enlightenment and the invention of the printing press, began to compile encyclopedias in a systematic way that emphasized secular thought and open-mindedness. Considered revolutionary and dangerous at the time, publication of works like Denis Diderot's volume Encyclopedie marked the beginning of the age of the modern encyclopedia.

Today, the world of encyclopedias is experiencing another revolution of sorts. There are a tremendous number of specialized encyclopedias providing information far beyond the scope of the general sets and advances in technology have have enabled some of the major encyclopedia companies to transfer most of their printed material to the computer screen.

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World Book Multimedia Encyclopedia: Jaguar Edition Date Created: USA Subject Keywords: Gift of Warren Buckleitner.

Video game: Super Star Phonics: Language Arts Review 3b Created around the same time.Inventor of the World Wide Web. World Book's World of Animals is a multimedia encyclopedia that allows kids to learn about and explore almost different animals, both living and extinct.

In the company also published a large-print edition. Write a customer review.

Online updates to articles and a "Month in Brief" time browser are available by subscription. In fact, the company published a revised edition in that added two new volumes to the set. None of your libraries hold this item.

It recognizes that one of the primary uses of general-purpose encyclopedias is students' work on school reports.

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