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Mass Control - Engineering Human Consciousness - Jim Keith - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Mass Control Engineering Human Consciousness By Jim Keith - [FREE] MASS CONTROL Anxiety disorder in turkey after the failed military pixia-club.info pixia-club.info: Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness We start with a look at Jim Keith and his book Mass Control: Engineering Human.

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Get Instant Access to PDF File: #54e Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness By Jim Keith PDF EBOOK EPUB. Getting the books mass control engineering human consciousness now is not type of challenging means. You could not by yourself going considering ebook. (PDF) Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness by Jim. Keith. BOOKS - Free Your Mind Az. Chapters in this mind-bending book include: an historical.

Volume 2. Rhode Island: Paranoia Publishing.. Were We Controlled? Leonid L. Cullen describes two types of electronic assault: A black-framed lens projected from the box.

March 6. Mind Control. When the pretended military intelligence officer moved out of the apartment building. James C. A number of reports of this kind have been compiled by the Association of National Security Alumni in their Electronic Surveillance Project.

According to the witness. Feral House. Charles C. Each breath is like trying to inhale searing desert air. Citizens Against Human Rights Abuses. Adventures Unlimited Press.

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness [Read] Full Ebook

There is an impression of slight puffiness in the face. One individual documented by the Electronic Surveillance Project talked to her next door neighbour who claimed that he was a military intelligence officer employed by a space technology firm. Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications. Lawrence 7.

Virtual Government. HTM Patent number 5. Cannon Patent 5. Assault by Remote Technology methods. The Body Electric. February 2- 3. William Morrow. Robert O. Paranoia Publishing. Wall Virtual Government Gangsterism and Freemasonry.

Mass Control - Engineering Human Consciousness - Jim Keith

Aviation Week. Welsh Patent 3. Microwave Harassment. January Electronic Surveillance Project. Microwave News. Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation. Familiar faces evoke a different brain wave pattern than unfamiliar faces. Experiments on human volunteers. Subjects respond to pictures of faces flashed on screens. The first step in access and control began with mapping the brain.

Hearing and Neuromemory Center by its research director. Some are familiar. The means to accomplish this is provided by access and control of the human mind by computer. Albert Lawrence. The author said: The agency at first asked the hospital not to discuss the project. When we replayed our videotape several days later. But the results of the equipment were impressive. The fantasy in the film Brainstorm. The body is. Shukman says. Smirnov and Kavosovets remarked that.

According to researcher Shukman: Morris found the analysis accurate. When the equipment was activated a computer screen came to life and displayed a succession of words. Chris Morris acted as a guinea pig. These had a more sinister tone: The open scientific literature certainly. A slight furrow appeared on his brow as he struggled to interpret them in split-second before they vanished … Yet it turned out that there was another.

He said that before particularly unpleasant missions. The aim of this program is to understand perceptual integration and control processes at a level that permits design guidance for human computer interfaces and supervisory control systems. One former Soviet paratrooper sergeant confirmed as much to me. Designed by Drs. Listings of government spending for show that the Office of Naval Research ONR was funded for research along similar lines that involved the melding of computers and human minds.

Glenn F. Stuart Hameroff of the University of Arizona. According to the patent. Behind the gobbledygook of jargon is the potential for completely shaping the perceptions of human beings — beyond the kind of shaping that is now done by propaganda and advertising and other less subtle means.

We will have achieved a clear understanding of how the human. This will take place. The first patient. Surgeries on two patients were performed by Dr.

The second patient who suffered brain stem stroke after a heart attack. They will amplify and strengthen all the intellectual abilities we now take for granted as comprising intelligent human activity.

Air Force Scientific Advisory Board. Once patients learn to control the computer cursor in this way. The small recording sensor is enclosed in a glass envelope and coated with nerve growth factors that allow neurons in the region of the implant to establish functional connections with the sensor. Both patients were paralyzed and unable to move their limbs or speak. In this report. Phillip R. Kennedy … at Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University developed an implant that can be used to detect activity of neurons.

Roy Bakay from Emory … The electrodes were implanted in the motor cortex. Modern electromagnetic scattering theory raises the prospect that ultrashort pulse scattering through the human brain can result in reflected signals that can be used to construct a reliable estimate of the degree of central nervous system arousal.

This expansion is fast enough to produce an acoustic wave. A New War-Fighting Capability. One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources. In essence. This is associated with a sudden expansion of the slightly heated tissue.

It states: When a high power microwave pulse in the gigahertz range strikes the human body. If a pulse stream is used. The California Institute of Technology has developed an energy efficient computer chip which emulates the analog thinking of the human brain … When this capability is fully mature. Assuming we will understand how our skills are imprinted and recalled.

MEG was originally reported in New York University. This information. Society has come to accept most of these implants as a fact of life. For example. We have reached a point where the mind masters can now or very soon will be able to completely control our perception of reality. Burdick wrote. Dorothy Burdick wrote a book about her ordeal as an experimental subject of U. As reported in the New York Times.

The civilian populace will likely accept an implanted microscopic chip [sic] that allow military members to defend vital national interests. British Telecommunications is currently at work on a device that they dub the Soul Catcher.

Information will also be fed to the person from an exterior computerized source. They will be able to own our reality completely. When the images are projected the subjects show the same body responses that they would by taking a drug.

Although this information has not been completely verified.


The Pentagon denied the project was secret although a reporter was ousted from a meeting on the subject by someone identified as a member of the CIA. She wrote. In the civilized world. We already are evolving toward technology implanting. By it is possible medical technology will have nerve chips that allow amputees to control artificial limbs or eye chips that allow the blind to see.

The subjects cannot tell the machine images from reality. Chris Winter of British Telecommunications. Patent 4. Physical Science Letters. August Vantage Press. Virtual Government: October At the World Future Society. Such Things Are Known. June New World Vistas. May 8. September Interactive Study Guide for the Allied Neurosciences Elliot Dorinda.

Ancillary Volume. Metz and Kievit. Government Funding for Neural Networks Research. Constantine With high-tech linkages and interfaces it is quite probable that worldwide television. It would hold the world together mentally … It would compel men to come to terms with one another … It is a super university.

Wells proposed a mind control plan that is apparently coming to fruition now. All of these information and communication sources are gradually being linked together into a single computerized network. The Internet provides the ability for almost instantaneous monitoring of the content of communications.

I am thinking of a World Brain. Xia Hong. Although at first blush the possibility of a communications medium that is egalitarian in its ability to accommodate both individuals and media monoliths is exciting.

Persinger — will emerge. It would do just what our scattered and disoriented intellectual organizations of today fall short of doing. At a November. British intelligence agent and one-world theoretician H. One problem is that along with ability to disseminate information widely and almost instantaneously. Secretary of Defense William Perry. General Max Thurman. Military technology.

These domain names are registered as Internet Protocol numbers. Around the world. Among the projects that Scientific Applications International Corp. Great Britain. The war economy has successfully been transformed into the information economy.

It needs highway patrol: These are the basic requirement for any controlled environment. This is no longer taking place.. SAIC is an arm of the military industrial establishment. The new generation of information superhighway needs a traffic control center.

Now the long arm of American intelligence agencies has hijacked the free flow of information — registration of domain names now starts at fifty dollars per year — since the purchase of Network Solutions by another company.

Scientific Applications International Corp. According to researcher Jesse Hersh: This amalgamation of media. In other words. SAIC is involved in the upgrading and integration of the computerized infrastructure of the Establishment. Then we should examine who currently controls the medium: American intelligence agencies. While Network Solutions registered the I. According to one analyst. Such is the importance of information. This interception is primarily done through monitoring the communications of international phone company telecommunications satellites.

Cybernetics is primarily the science of information theory. The term cybernetics was invented by Norbert Weiner. West Virginia. Salvador Allende was elected president of Chile. ECHELON uses computers that incorporate symbol and voice recognition systems to sift through millions of messages every minute.

The cybernetics idea also provided the genus for the National Security Agency. As Castro had done earlier. After these phrases are located and the communications they are embodied in are culled. Cybernetics theory was first envisioned as a way of precisely managing wars. According to cybernetic innovator Jay W. Norwenstow in Cornwall. New Zealand. System dynamics provides a common foundation that can be applied where we want to understand and influence how things change through time.

Sugar Grove. System dynamics combines the theory. Assume that people working on the outer edges have capabilities far in excess of what you do. Wells — allows for a regulated. Henry Kissinger.

As the demonstration project that Allende and Beers foresaw. He called in the British cyberneticist Stafford Beers to provide the means for micro-managing the country. Beer gathered together a highly qualified group of cybernetics-savvy scientists and launched what he called Project Cybersyn. The CIA seems to have known precisely what it was doing. The problem is that Cybersyn may have worked too well and so posed a threat to the capitalist world.

The purpose of Cybersyn was to monitor. All communications flowed through the central location. But Allende was no agrarian primatif. Among the control strategies that can be and are employed by the elitists in a. Allende set about nationalizing the industry.

According to Anna Keeler in my Secret and Suppressed anthology. Dell Books. The Architecture of Modern Political Power. Bradley J. Jim Keith. Secret and Suppressed. Operation Mind Control. Brain of the Firm. The Specter of Telescreening. Cited in White. The techno-fascists are approaching closure. The New Dark Ages Conspiracy. Wired Magazine 4. Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. The New Benjamin Franklin House.

Extrapolating from the accelerating advances of the last century. The Future of War — Power. Barme and Sang Ye. George and Meredith. Not only do governments and intelligence agencies currently have the ability to monitor computer and media messages. His God lurks behind an electronic curtain.

But I am against the use of technology in the continuing commission of crimes against humanity. Using these new and old technologies.

As can be seen in the recitation of horrors in these pages. I am no technology-hating Luddite of old. I use a computer. I surf the Internet. His conception of reality is a dance of electronic images fired into his forebrain. Mind control fascism should be turned worldwide into a hot button topic so that at the mere mention of new incursions on our freedom. If we do not succeed in stopping the Controllers. We must educate the populace about the programs of control that have gone on for at least the latter half of this century.

Although much of this information has been destroyed. A revolution is taking place in the United States instituted by the controllers. We are at that moment in history where the controllers can do away with what freedom the human race still possesses. We must expose mind control programs that are currently going on in the military. Traditions of individual sovereignty and freedom are being expunged from our minds and from the history books. We must take back the ownership of our world and ourselves.

His happiness is delivered to him through a tube or an electronic connection. We must force government to open all files on mind control and related experimentation.

People should be reminded that the individual sovereignty of our minds and bodies is our most valuable possession. We are at the point where it is feasible that the destiny of mankind can be owned.

As the information in this book must have shown. Unless our children are going to be the subjects of a world that makes look benign. They are putting in place mind control technologies. We must end the mass control of mankind in our lifetime. As always. We must safeguard against further incursions against our freedom.

We must expose the nature of totalitarian control. Now that you have read this book. I advise against illegality and violence. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Operation Mind Control - Researcher's Edition. Jump to Page. Search inside document. DELGADO In , two German researchers named Hitzig and Fritsch electrically stimulated the brains of dogs, demonstrating that certain portions of the brain were the centers of motor function.

Alesha Rose. Guy Razer. Grave Distractions Publications. Rory Ridley Duff. Peace Revolution Episode Michael Janitch. More From vimesara Muhammad Idrees Ahmad. Popular in Technology.

Francisco Banguis. Simon Harrison. Luis Martins. Natsuki Ka. Anonymous zdCUbW8Hf. Zsdfsdf Dsafd. Neamtu Ana. Antoni Alamsyah. Kaustubh Keskar. Siddique Ahmed. Tareq Uz Zaman. Tanveer Ali - Sun-Times. Mihai Puica. Adnan Hayat. Mahmoud Naguib. The sensation occurred instantaneously at average incident power densities well below that necessary for known biological damage and appeared to originate from within or near the back of the head.

Deitrich Beischer, who irradiated 7, Navy crewmen with dangerous levels of radiation at the Naval Aerospace Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Florida. Beischer simply disappeared in , with records of his employment — and his existence — expunged.

Spanish researchers maintain that brain implant specialist Dr. Jose Delgado was also involved in Pandora. In certain non-lethal exposures, definite behavioural changes have occurred. Technologies whereby emotions, messages and subliminal commands could be beamed directly to the brain of unwitting subjects were researched by both the American and Soviet governments.

Among many other projects, the Department of Defense funded work of J. Subjects were to be interviewed later. It may be expected that they rationalize their behaviour and consider it to be undertaken out of their own free will.

Words, phrases, images, sensations, and emotions could be directly inserted and experienced in the biological targets as internal states, codes, emotions, thoughts and ideas. Its inventor was Robert G. Malech, of New York. More specifically, high frequency transmitters are operated to radiate electromagnetic energy of different frequencies through antennas which are capable of scanning the entire brain of the test subject or any desired region thereof.

The latter signals can be derived from the received and processed brain waves. We got chick brains — in vitro — to dump 80 percent of the natural opioids in their brains. The effects were nonlethal and reversible.

We would have had a weapon in one year. That statement is hardly outlandish, and numerous other researchers in electromagnetics tell a similar tale of having their work taken away from them at the precise point when they began to get successful results.

Depending on the frequency used, the emission mode, the energy radiated, and the shape and duration of the pulses used, electromagnetic radiation directed against the human body may produce heat and cause serious burns or even changes in the molecular structure of the tissues they reach.

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Tests have demonstrated that powerful microwave pulses could be used as a weapon in order to put the adversary hors de combat or even kill him. It is possible today to generate a very powerful microwave pulse e. Using specially adapted antenna systems, these generators could in principle transmit over hundreds of meters sufficient energy to cook a meal.

However, it is important to mention that the lethal or incapacitating effects which can be expected from weapon systems using this technology can be produced with much lower energy levels. Using the principle of magnetic field concentration, which permits the control of the geometry on the target, by means of antenna systems especially designed for the purpose, the radiated energy can be concentrated on very small surfaces of the human body, for example the base of the brain where relatively low energy can produce lethal effects.

He is reported to have had close connections to the CIA. Further, the passage of approximately milliamperes through the myocardium [of the brain] can lead to cardiac standstill and death, again pointing to speed-of-light weapons effect. A rapidly scanning RFR system could provide an effective stun or kill capability over a large area.

The development of such devices would complement sonic and infra-red weapons, which are well-known, and were advertised in the British Defense Equipment Catalogue until These included the Valkyrie, an infra-red device causing night blindness and the Squawk Box or Sound Curdler, developed by the U. The conference head was Col. John B. Attending the meeting was Attorney General Janet Reno, military weapons specialists, and representatives from state and local police departments.

Air Force has installed high-power microwave generators on air- launched cruise missiles. The stated purpose for the beam generators is to wage computer warfare, frying delicate computer components, but these generators would also theoretically be able to fry the delicate mental components of human beings.

Has it ever been utilized in experiments upon unsuspecting population, the way that drugs and other forms of behaviour modification were used in MKULTRA? Literally thousands of persons worldwide believe that they have.

They claim that electronic assault weapons have been used on them, either for experimentation, or possibly for harassment. The sheer number of these accounts, the parallels to what has been verified in terms of government testing, and the credibility of many of the persons making these claims strongly suggest covert use of these weapons on civilians. One man who believes that he has been irradiated with electronic beam weapons is Martin C. In an open letter Mr.

My troubles with what I am about to recount began in the fall of when I rented a room in Seattle, Washington. The renter … next to me had visitors who tried to avoid being seen by me. Comments were made about me describing my actions, as if coming from his room.

Somehow, they were able to make me hear and also pick up on the process of my hearing — hear what I heard. As if my head, strange as this sounds, was a sort of antenna, and I picked things up — not subliminally but audibly. While I was at the hotel; talk was heard about what I was doing. They could account for much of what I did in my room and in that building.

They must have some way of watching me, I thought. It was implied that they could pick up on what I voiced. All this seemed like an impossibility. Due to what has transpired over the years, I know these things as fact — regardless of what others might think.

That region is thermal sensitive and part of the central nervous system. The reflex arc which passes through the spine was triggered and gave my body a jerk. The bone coverings of those are pain sensitive. They decided to drive me out of there and did before the month was up. Before leaving, I inquired as to how long the two previous tenants stayed in that room. I was not hurt so very badly after they drove me out. They do get an audible one from me, a curse for one thing. It passes into the spine and head regions of the subject.

The carrier is modulated by the electromagnetic nature of the hearing process — speech and inner speech of the victim. The fields of the processes piggy back onto the carrier. It is thought that the unwanted fields are filtered out on arrival at the point of reception. If what is received by the offenders displeased them — then a hurtful stimuli is sent out on a carrier to cause pain to the subject — hence behaviour and mind control. There is much more to it than that.

They are able to resolve motion or the absence thereof. A very loud snap sound can be caused at the rear of the head. The sound modulation can be spiked and cause hurtful jolts of pain. Eye stinging and eye pains have been caused. The heat pain sting torture is believed to be caused by vibrating the molecules in nerve endings of the thermal receptors.

While in the process of thinking about what they are doing or reading, some people use inner speech or subvocalization. The trachea, i. The indications have long been good, that they can take off the electromagnetic field associated with inner speech. They have commented on that of which I inwardly voiced — many times. The shoulder muscles can be made stiff and sore — those of the neck also. The heart muscle can be made sore.

I am monitored round the clock. Sleep deprivation is caused each night. She feels that she was targeted for such harassment because of a complaint that she made against local police in I was instantly afraid of him, but warned myself not to be paranoid. Two weeks later, as I was running suddenly for a bus and looking over my shoulder, I caught him ducking behind a van to avoid being seen following me. I was terrified and could no longer sleep there anymore. A year or so later, sitting in front of the window with the curtains open, the same thing happened again and the TV instantly turned to snow.

Each breath is like trying to inhale searing desert air, along with the usual headache and severe lassitude, sore tired eyes, fatigue, hot burning skin, old scar throbbing, and an overwhelming sense of oppression, evil and helplessness.

A number of reports of this kind have been compiled by the Association of National Security Alumni in their Electronic Surveillance Project, intending to document and expose mind control abuses in the United States.

It was later determined that the individual was not employed in the military. A black-framed lens projected from the box, facing in the direction of her apartment.John B. This does not happen to be the case.

Delgado was a blatant control freak. Entertain the notion that now through technology people are heavily conditioned to almost never perceive objective truth in reality at all.

Patent number 5. There is a history of these ideas in which a group of people manipulate another group of more suggestible people into conducting murder for them. And I believe that this is why an artist or writer is the closest thing in the contemporary world that you are likely to see to a shaman.

Mihai Puica. December- January

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