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PRINCE pixia-club.info 1ST YEAR ENGLISH MATERIAL III Unit ‐ LEELA'S FRIEND by pixia-club.infon About the Author: pixia-club.infon was born in the Indian city of. pixia-club.info 1ST YEAR ENGLISH - SKILLS ANNEXE & EPITOME OF WISDOM III UNIT child labor and sweatshops. Apple Company is facing such problems for. Leela's Friend By Rk Narayan Pdf Download. 1/3. Leela's Friend By Rk Narayan Pdf Download. 2/3. leela's friend by rk narayan leela's friend.

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RISK MANAGEMENT & LEELA'S pixia-club.info (PDFy mirror)" It is clear from the title "Leela's Friend" that the story is about Leela and her friend Sidda. Chapter entitled 'Leela's Friend' by R.K. Narayan from “Epitome of Wisdom”, Published by Maruthi. Publications, Hyderabad. Vocabulary -Guessing the words . dramatization of leela's friend pdf free. Dramatization Of Leela's Friend Pdf Free. Get notified when Dramatization Of Leela's Friend Pdf Free is updated.

He was admired and encouraged by the English novelist Graham Greene, who described him as "the foremost Indian writer in English". He is widely regarded as the finest Anglo-Indian writer of the twentieth century. He has received several awards and his work has been translated into many different languages. Leela 's Friend is one of his best-known and most popular short stories. The story is taken from his "Malgudi Days ".

It is clear from the title "Leela's Friend" that the story is about Leela and her friend Sidda. The story brings forth the class- conflict between the high and the low of the society. Sidda becomes the victim of that conflict. Sivasanker and his wife are living with their fiveyear old daughter.

Being suspicious people, the couple create trouble for servants. But Leela is innocent. She wants a servant to play with her. Sivasankar is deeply thinking about his servant-problem.

Sivasanker looks at him and finds nothing objectionable. Yet he asks a few questions about his previous work. He calls then his wife.

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She seems to be a problematic woman. She always suspects servans, so no servant works in the house for a long time. She is a domineering wife. She says Sidda does not seem to be worse than the earlier servant. Leela, their five-year old daughter comes out and likes the boy. Sidda is selected on an agreement of two meals a day and four rupees a month. In return he is to wash clothes, tend the garden, run errands, chop wood and look after Leela.

The Role of Sidda: Sidda is a likeable boy who gets on well with the family. He is a modest man. He does not open the gate of the house without the permission of Mr. As a servant he prepares to do any work he is asked to do. He is an obedient servant. He becomes a good friend with Leela. They play together with a ball. He throws the ball upward. When the ball comes down, he tells her that the ball has touched the moon.

Even he has touched the moon many times from a coconut tree. The innocent girl believes every word of Sidda. She also expresses her desire to touch the moon. She is surprised to see that wherever they move, the moon is there. She claps in joy.

Leela's Friend by R.K Narayan

Sidda informs her that he really knows the moon which follows up his command. Leela is very innocent. At day 's end Leela plays the teacher to Sidda. She tries to teach him with her little knowledge. She writes a letter or draws a kind of cat or crow, and asks him to copy it. They think they've had 'all this bother' about Leela: Honesty, trust, hastiness of judgement — prejudice, injustice.

Due to the way the investigation was conducted, one is made to doubt that S had committed the previous crimes. Sidda was hanging about the gate at a moment when Mr Sivasanker was standing in the front veranda of his house brooding over the servant problem. As Sidda opened the gate and came in, Mr Sivasanker subjected him to a scrutiny and said to himself, "Doesn't seem to be a bad sort At any rate, the fellow looks tidy. Sidda said, "In a bungalow there," and indicated a vague somewhere, "in the doctor's house.

Mr Sivasanker was unable to make up his mind. He called his wife. She looked at Sidda and said, "He doesn't seem to me worse than the others we have had.

Don't send him aay. Let us keep him in our house. Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month, in return for which he washed clothes, tended the garden, ran errands, chopped wood and looked after Leela. His company made her supremely happy. She flung the ball at him and he flung it back. And then she said, "Now throw the ball into the sky. When the ball came down again, he said, "Now this has touched the moon and come. You see here a little bit of the moon sticking. Now hurry up Now come with me.

I will show you something nice. He said, pointing, "You see the moon there, don't you? He stopped near the well and pointed up. The moon was there, too. Leela clapped her hands and screamed in wonder, "The moon here! It was there! How is it? She had a box filled with catalogues, illustrated books and stumps of pencils. It gave her great joy to play the teacher to Sidda. She made him squat on the floor with a pencil between his fingers and a catalogue in front of him.

She had another pencil and a catologue and commanded, "Now write. She knew two or three letters of the alphabet and could draw a kind of cat and crow. But none of these could Sidda even remotely copy. She said, examining his effort, "Is ths how I have drawn the crow?

Is this how I have drawn the B?

Sayan Saha

But that good fellow, though an adept at controlling the moon, was utterly incapable of plyng the pencil. Consequently, it looked as though Leela would keep him thee, pinned to his seat till his stiff, inflexible wrist cracked. He sought relief by saying, "I think your mother is calling you in to dinner.

After dinner Leela ran to her bed. Sidda had to be ready with a story.

Sayan Saha

He sat down on the floor near the bed and told incomparable stories: Day by day she clung closer to him. She insisted upon having his company all her waking hours. She was at his side when he was working in the garden or chopping wood, and accompanied him when he was sent on errands. One evening he went out to buy sugar and Leela went with him. When they came home, Leela's mother noticed that a gold chain Leela had been wearing was missing.

What is the relationship between Mr. Sivasanker and Sidda?

Explain the difference between their relationship at the beginning of the story and at the end of the story. Leela and Sidda are very good friends.

Sidda is the servant of Leela. At the beginning of the story Mr Sivasanker and Sidda were master and servant. Later Sidda was only a thief for Mr S. The parents want to protect Leela without carrying for her feelings. At the beginning the relationship is quite better, so the parents do everything for Leela.

Leela likes Sidda, because he plays with her and reads to her lovely stories. They are very happy together. At the end, Sidda is only a criminal for Mr. He will be charged by the police and he will go to prison.

The rights afforded to others who are more socially mobile are not afforded to Sidda. It may also be a case that Narayan is exploring the theme of innocence. She believes that Sidda is friends with the moon and that the moon is following them. If anything Sidda intrigues Leela and she becomes friendlier with him as time passes.

It is also noticeable that Leela is the only one who believes Sidda has not stolen the chain. They are adamant that Sidda is a thief. Which may be important as Narayan may be exploring the theme of identity through each characters appraisal of Sidda being a thief. If anything it is a case of mistaken identity.

He and his work have been taken for granted. The end of the story is also interesting as Narayan appears to be exploring the theme of change.Sidda gets relief only when he falsely tells her that her mother is calling her to dinner. Sidda opened the gate and came in. She starts to shed tears. Tell me what you have done with the chain. Being furious she slaps Leela and calls Sidda at once on suspicion.

Leela clapped her hands and screamed in wonder.

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