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We collected some important Current Affairs Quiz Questions and Answers from our , , , daily quiz data base and make it as. 3 days ago Current Affairs PDF - We covered all Important events in Current Affairs PDF , , AffairsCloud Recommends IBPSGuide Mock Test. General Knowledge: Static GK PDF for Bank -SBI,IBPS,RRB & Railways,SSC, UPSC and Other Competitive Exams. Download Buy Current Affairs PDF - Click Here AffairsCloud Recommends IBPSGuide Mock Test.

Latest Gk Questions Pdf

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Current GK Quiz Questions with answer and explanation. General 80% OFF on + RRB,SBI,More Mock Tests Series and Current Affairs PDF BUY NOW. Current Affairs: Practice General Knowledge Questions and Answers Here. You can download all Current Affairs PDF Notes from our website. The General Knowledge Questions with Answers on current affairs will help you . the latest Bank Jobs Exams by checking Today's General Knowledge PDF.

List of Revolutions in India pdf. Indian Dynasties and their Founders and their Capitals. Bank Headquarters remembering Tricks. List of Central Banks of Different countries.

Indian Polity Study material Notes Indian Constitution Age Limits and Tenures. Indian Govt. Schemes Set List of all schemes of Indian government pdf. Economic and Social issues. List Of Biosphere Reserves in India pdf. List of Tiger Reserves in India pdf. List of National parks in India pdf. Indian Rivers Origin and Destination pdf. List of Airports in India pdf. List of Famous Gardens in India.

List of Museums in India. List of Famous Mosques and Mausoleums in India. List of Nuclear Power plants in India pdf. List of Thermal Power plants in India with Capacity pdf. Growth Estimates of India by different organisations. Important Facts Of Census List Of Regulatory bodies in India pdf. List of countries and their rankings in different indexes.

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List of Countries and their parliaments name. Famous Archaeological Sites in the World. RRB General knowledge notes. List of Space Research Centers in India. Practice Online General Knowledge test questions for Competitive exams. The Questions that can be asked from this General knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams pdf are:. Highly Rated GK App. Forgot Password? Downloads General Knowledge.

Share on Facebook. Also check out: Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Select Course. Lacrosse C. Judo D. Rugby and Football Badminton is the national sport at: A. Malaysia B. Scotland C. China D. Former soviet Union Where is the Vallabhbhai Patel stadium located? Kolkata B. Mumbai C.

Chennai D. Delhi Where is the sports stadium, Green Park, located? Kanpur B. Jamshedpur C. Cuttack D. Patiala For which of the following disciplines in Nobel Prize awarded? Physics and chemistry C. Literature, Peace and Economics B. Physiology or Medicine D. On which date is Nobel Prize awarded? December 10 B. January 10 C. April 10 D. July 10 Physics B.

Economics C. Chemistry D. The committee of the Norwegian Parliament awards the prize for: A. Economics B. Peace C. Medicine D. Literature Chemistry in , peace prize in B. Peace prize in , Chemistry in C. Physics in , Medicine in D. Medicine in , Physics in Answers 1. What is the body temperature of a normal man? Which of the following helps in clotting of blood?

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Vitamin B1 B. Vitamin B2 C. Vitamin D D. Vitamin K 3. Total volume of blood in a normal adult human being is A. Red blood corpuscles are formed in the A. Liver C. Kidneys B. Bone marrow D. Heart 5. How many bones are there in an adult human being?

The pancreas secretes A. Insulin C. Peptic juice B. Bile juice D. Tibia is a bone found in the A. Skull B. Arm C. Leg D. Face 8. The largest part of the human brain is the A. Medulla oblongata C. Cerebrum B. Cerebellum D.

None of these 9. What is the main component of bones and teeth? Calcium carbonate C. Calcium sulphate B. Calcium phosphate D. Calcium nitrate The main constituent of hemoglobin is A. Chlorine B. Iron C. Calcium D.

The main function of the kidney is A. To control blood pressure C. To remove waste product from the body B. To control body temperature D. To help in digestion of food The function of hemoglobin is A. Transportation of oxygen C. Prevention of anemia B.

Destruction of bacteria D. Utilization of energy Which of the following glands secrete tears? Lachrymal B. Pituitary C.

Thyroid D. Pancreas Which is the largest gland in the human body? Thyroid B. Pancreas D. Which is the largest organ in the human body? Liver B. Heart C. Skin D. Kidney A person of which of the following blood groups is called a universal donor? Which gland in the human body is called the master gland?

Pancreas B. Thyroid C. Pituitary D. Spleen How many bones are there in a newly born infant? Which of the following have maximum calorific value? Carbohydrates C. Proteins B. Fats D. Vitamins Which of the following vitamins promote healthy functioning of eyes in human beings? Vitamin B C. Vitamin A B. Vitamin C D. Vitamin D The average heartbeat per minute in a normal man is A. A person with which of the following blood groups can receive blood of any group?

Malaria is a disease which effects the A. Heart B. Lungs C.

Spleen D. Kidneys Which of the following diseases is caused by virus? Small pox B. Tuberculosis C. Malaria D. Cholera Medulla oblongata is a part of human A. Brain C. Liver D. Sex organ Myopia is a disease connected with A. Ears B. Eyes C. Lungs D. Brain Leukemia is a disease of the A. Lungs B. Blood C. Nerves Short-sightedness can be corrected by using A. Convex lens C. Convex-concave lens B. Concave lens D. Concave-convex lens Trachoma is a disease of the A. Match the following Column I A.

Beriberi 1. Scurvy 2. Rickets 3. Night Blindness 4. Typhoid and cholera are typical examples of A. Infectious diseases C. Water-borne disease B. Air-borne disease D. None of these 2. Pyorrhea is a disease of the A. Nose B. Gums C. Heart D. Lungs 3. Lack of what causes diabetes. Sugar B. Vitamins 4. Appendix is appendix is a part of A.

Small intestine C. Stomach B. Large intestine D.

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Liver 5. Match the following columns Column I A. Cataract 1. Column II Bones B. Jaundice 2. Diabetes 3.

Arthritis 4. Bronchitis is a disease of which of the following organs? Blood B. Bladder C. Respiratory tract 2. ECG is used for the diagnosis of aliments of A. Brain B. Kidneys D. Biopsy is done on A. Tissues taken from a dead body C. Blood from veins B. Tissues taken form a living body D. Blood from arteries 4.

Barium is used for A. Checking blood group C. X-ray of brain B. X-ray of alimentary canal D. None of these 5. Dialysis is used for the treatment of A. Kidney failure C.

Brain diseases B. Heart weakness D. None of these 6. Insulin is injected into the intestines by A. Pancreas C. Gall bladder 7. Lock Jaw, i. Cholera C. Tetanus B. Plague D. Diphtheria 8. Which of the following pairs is incorrect?

Plague-rats C. Tapeworm-pig B. Rabies-dog D. Poliomyelitis-monkey 9. Air-borne 1. Water-borne 2. Contact 3. Wound 4. Ricketts is a disease of the A. Bones B. Tissue C. Muscles D.

Blood 2. Which of the following statements is correct A. Pulmonary artery carries pure blood B. Pulmonary artery carries impure blood C. Pulmonary vein carries impure blood D. None of these 3. Lungs are situated in the A.

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Abdominal cavity C. Buccal cavity 4. The human cell contains A. Pericardial cavity D. Thoracic cavity 5. Enzymes help in A. Respiration C. Immune system B. Digestion of food D. Reproduction 6. Food is normally digested in the A. Stomach C. Small intestines D. Large intestines Answers 1. Pipe A can fill an empty tank in 20 minutes and Pipe B in 30 mins and Pipe C can empty the same in 40 mins.

If all of them work together, find the time taken to fill the tank? Thirty men take 20 days to complete a job working 9 hours a day. How many hour a day should 40 men work to complete the job? Find the smallest number in a GP whose sum is 38 and product ? A boat travels 20 kms upstream in 6 hours and 18 kms downstream in 4 hours. Find the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the water current?

A goat is tied to one corner of a square plot of side 12 meter by a rope 7 meter long. Find the area it can graze? Sharma decided to walk down the escalator of a tube station. He found that if he walks down 26 steps, he requires 30 seconds to reach the bottom. However, if he steps down 34 stairs he would only require 18 seconds to get to the bottom. If the time is measured from the moment the top step begins to descend to the time he steps off the last step at the bottom, find out the height of the stair way in steps?

Answer: 46 steps. The average age of 10 members of a committee is the same as it was 4 years ago, because an old member has been replaced by ayoung member. Find how much younger is the new member? Answer: 40 years. Three containers A, B and C have volumes a, b, and c respectively; and container A is full of water while the other two are empty.

What is the length of AE? Three cards are drawn at random from an ordinary pack of cards. Find out the probability that they will consist of a king, aqueen and an ace? A number of cats got together and decided to kill between them mice.

Every cat killed an equal number of mice. Each cat killed more mice than there were cats. How many cats do you think were there? Answer: The square of a two digit number is divided by half the number.

After 36 is added to the quotient, this sum is then divided by 2. The digits of the resulting number are the same as those in the original number, but they are in reverse order. The ten's place of the original number is equal to twice the difference between its digits. What is the number? Answer: 46 Can you tender a one rupee note in such a manner that there shall be total 50 coins but none of them would be 2 paise coins?

Answer: 45 one paisa coins, 2 five paise coins, 2 ten paise coins, and 1 twenty-five paise coins. A monkey starts climbing up a tree 20ft. Each hour, it hops 3ft.

How much time would it take the monkey to reach the top? Answer: 18 hours. What is the missing number in this series? A certain type of mixture is prepared by mixing brand A at Rs. If the mixture is worth Rs. Answer: Brand A needed is 24 kgs. A wizard named Nepo says "I am only three times my son's age.

My father is 40 years more than twice my age. Together the three of us are a mere years old. Answer: years old. One dog tells the other that there are two dogs in front of me. The other one also shouts that he too had two behind him. How many are they? Answer: Three. A man ate bananas in five days, each day eating 6 more than the previous day. How many bananas did he eat on the first day? Answer: Eight.

If it takes five minutes to boil one egg, how long will it take to boil four eggs? Answer: Five minutes. The minute hand of a clock overtakes the hour hand at intervals of 64 minutes of correct time.

How much a day does the clock gain or lose? Daal is now being sold at Rs. During last month its rate was Rs. By how much percent should a family reduce its consumption so as to keep the expenditure fixed? Can you find out what day of the week was January 12, ? Answer: Friday. A garrison of men has provisions for 32 days, when given at a rate of grams per head.

At the end of 7 days are inforcement arrives and it was found that now the provisions will last 8 days less, when given at the rate of grams per head. How, many more men can it feed? Answer: men.

General Knowledge MCQ GK Questions Answers Objective Paper

From 5 different green balls, four different blue balls and three different red balls, how many combinations of balls can be chosen taking at least one green and one blue ball? Answer: minutes. What is his usual time?

Answer: 3 hours 20 minutes. RRB quest models 1. When was the first underground railway Metro Railway started? Shatabdi Express train was started in a b c d Answer: B 3.

At which of the following places Diesel Component Works is established? Which Zone is the largest in Indian Railways? A platform surrounded by rail lines from all the four sides, is called a dock platform b passenger platform c island platform d goods platform Answer: C 7.

When was the nationalization of Indian Railways done? In which year Research, Design and Standard organization was established? Where is the Research, Design and Standard Organisation situated? Which is the following pairs of regional Railways and their headquarters not true? Between which of the destinations the first Indian train was started? When was the first train in Indian started?

In which Governor-Generals reign railway lines in India were established?

A station where the rail lines end, is called a junction station c block station Answer: D b way-side-station d terminal station How much distance was traveled by first train of India? What is the position of the Indian Railway in the world according to the length of rail lines? The headquarters of North-Eastern railway is situated at a Mumbai V. In which of the following cities, the first sub-way train was started? In which institution the training of electric work is being given?

Who invented the railway engine? Metro Railway is functioning in which of the following Indian States? How many training institutions of Railways are in India? What is the position of the Indian Railway under the zonal system? Which of the gauges is used in the hilly areas? Where is the extreme north of India a railway station?

How many institutions do give suggestions for railways technology? The manufacturing of steam engine in Chittranjan Locomotive Works was stopped in a Answer: C b c d The passenger bogies of the Indian Railways are manufactured at which of the following places?

Indian Railways which is the largest of the Public Sector Enterprises, is divided in how many regions? Palace On Wheels train was inaugurated in which year? When was the Central Railway established? Rajasthan is under which of the following railway zones?

Where is the wheel and axle plant of Indian Railways situated? When was the Jammu City appeared on the map of Indian Railway? Where is the headquarters of Central Railway situated? South africa currency is: Ans: Rand 2. World boxing championship won by : Ans: Vijendra Singh 3.

Somdev barman related with: Ans: lawn tennis 4. Award in the field of cinema is: Ans: Dadasaheb Phalke. Asian games were held in: Ans: China. Which of the following is not related to Hockey: Ans: pull India had military exercise with: Ans: France Name of Chetan Bhagat book: Ans: 3 mistakes of my life.

Antaheen National Award winning film is in: Ans: Bengali language Miss universe is: Ans: Ximena Navarrete Which Counry is trying its currency Yuan to maintain its market value: Ans: China PDS is: Ans: Public distribution system: Mike Russell related with: Ans: billiards Stainless steel contains: Ans: chromium In October elections held: Ans: Kyrgyzstan What is the population of India?

Heavy Water is used in which of the following types of indus-tries? Who amongst the following is the author of the book Indomi-table Spirit?? Abdul Kalam C Justice K. Balakrishna E None of these B Dr. Manmohan Singh D Mr.

Natwar Singh 9. Richter Scale? Which of the following best explains e-governance? A Improving the functioning of government B Teaching government emp-loyees the basics of computing C Delivery of public services through internet D Framing of cyber-laws of chatting on internet E Convergence of e-mail and video-conferencing CAS is associated with which of the following?

Global warming is a matter of concern amongst the nations these days. Which of the follo-wing countries is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the World?

Which of the following books has been written by Bill Gates? Which of the following is the name of the social network service run by the Google on the internet? Which of the following states is a relatively new addition? TRAI regulates the functioning of which of the following services? Which of the following is not a foreign bank operating in India? Who is the author of the book Future Shock? Who amongst the following is the Director of the film Water?

Who amongst the following is the M. A Shri L. Birla D Shri Mukesh Ambani Who is the President of Nass-com? Which of the following awards is not given for excellence in the field of literature? Who amongst the following is the author of the book series named as Harry Potter? Many times we read some news items about the West Bank? West Bank?

Which of the following phenomenon is considered responsible for Global Warming? Which of the following instruments is not issued by a bank?

Name of Jyoti Randhawa is asso-ciated with which of the following games?Water-borne disease B. Sarojini Naidu D.

Which of the following countries has not made any significant investment in India? A starts the work and works for 25 days and then B takes over. The ten's place of the original number is equal to twice the difference between its digits. Khushwant Singh C. Indian Constitution Committee Members. Daily GK Update — 16th April Scurvy 2.

Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit was: A.

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