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Hush, Hush is a New York Times bestselling young adult fantasy novel by Becca . Sequels[edit]. Hush, Hush was followed by three books, Crescendo, Silence, and Finale. The novels were released consecutively each year, with Finale. The Hush, Hush quartet is a series of four novels by Becca Fitzpatrick that follow teenager Nora Grey as she falls in love with the fallen angel Patch and discovers her own angelic heritage. The first book in the series, Hush, Hush, was released on October 13, Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale. Hush, Hush book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A SACRED OATHA FALLEN ANGELA FORBIDDEN LOVERomance was.

Hush Hush Book

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Crescendo (The Hush, Hush Saga Book 2) (English Edition). Becca Fitzpatrick. eBook Kindle. R$ 38,14 · Silence (The Hush, Hush Saga Book 3) (English. Becca Fitzpatrick is the author of Black Ice, Dangerous Lies, and the Hush, Hush saga, including Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; and Finale--all of which. Editorial Reviews. pixia-club.info Review. Amazon Exclusive: Jenny Han Interviews Becca Crescendo (The Hush, Hush Saga Book 2)Kindle Edition . in her head as the soundtrack to Silence, book 3 in the internationally best-selling series. .. The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale.

She is hurt when she discovers that Patch has been standing outside of rival girl named Marcie's window.

Patch explains he can't tell Nora he loves her because it would potentially send him to Hell. This prompts her to begin talking to Scott Parnell, an old friend and possible Nephilim, and use him to make Patch jealous. Nora becomes involved in a fight in the process and ends up firing Patch as her guardian angel. Through Scott she finds that a person called the Black Hand killed her father. Nora becomes more depressed as she sees Patch start a relationship with Marcie and believes he has sent her a drugged apology letter.

It's eventually revealed that Nora's mother had an affair with Marcie's father Hank, prompting Marcie's vendetta against her. She also comes to think that Patch is the Black Hand and that he's now Marcie's guardian angel. However, Rixon, a fallen angel and Patch's best friend, is revealed to be behind most of the book's events. His Nephil vassal is Marcie's father, Hank, who is revealed to have impregnated Nora's mother years ago, making him her real father.

Due to her true heritage, Rixon attempts to sacrifice her to kill his vassal and obtain a human body. In the process of sacrificing Nora, Scott interferes and is shot multiple times. Rixon shoots Nora in the arm and is about to kill her, but Patch appears and he is unsuccessful. The book ends with Rixon getting sent to Hell, Patch and Nora making up, and her real father, Hank, appearing and cornering them, capturing Nora and asking her if she was responsible for the death of Chauncey Langeais.

Silence[ edit ] The book starts with Hank making a deal with Patch: if Hank returns Nora by the end of summer, Patch will relinquish his wings. Five months later, Nora wakes up within a graveyard to discover that her mother is now dating Hank Millar. She has no memory of Patch but has moments of deja vu when she hears his name.

The Complete Hush, Hush Saga: Hush, Hush; Crescendo; Silence; Finale

With the assistance of Scott and a boy named Jev, Nora begins researching Nephilim after her many flashbacks. Hush, Hush. Hush, Hush By Becca Fitzpatrick. Part of The Hush, Hush Saga. Price may vary by retailer. Add to Cart Add to Cart. About The Book. Then he tugged on his boots and started for home. Chauncey stepped easily over the sunken graves and humus of the cemetery; even in the thickest fog he could find his way home from here and not fear getting lost.

There was no fog tonight, but the darkness and onslaught of rain were deceiving enough. At first glance what appeared to be a large angel topping a nearby monument rose to full height. Neither stone nor marble, the boy had arms and legs. His torso was naked, his feet were bare, and peasant trousers hung low on his waist.

He hopped down from the monument, the ends of his black hair dripping rain. Give it.

Hush, Hush

My father was the Duc de Langeais. The boy gave a lazy shake of his head. He would brand the family name of this boy to memory. He suddenly looked older than Chauncey had presumed, maybe even a year or two older than Chauncey. Chauncey felt a clench of fear in his stomach. Bursts of gold and red popped behind his eyes.

Hunched with his fingernails grinding into his thighs, he looked up at the boy, blinking and gasping, trying to make sense of what was happening. His mind reeled like it was no longer his to command. The boy crouched to level their eyes.

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I need something from you. Do you understand?

He tried to spit at the boy, but it trickled down his chin, his tongue refusing to obey him. His right knee buckled as if kicked from behind, though no one was there, and he stumbled forward into the mud. He bent sideways and retched. He laughed at himself, but there was no humor.

He had no idea how, but the boy was inflicting the nausea and weakness inside him. It would not lift until he took the oath.

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He would say what he had to, but he swore in his heart he would destroy the boy for this humiliation. The boy raised Chauncey to his feet. Chauncey had a profane retort on the tip of his tongue, but he swallowed it. His next words were spoken with icy venom. Your real father was an angel who fell from heaven.

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A fearsome and powerful race. They narrowed to form an upside-down V. Chauncey did not need the confirmation.

Reading Group Guide. About The Author.

Photo by Krista Sidwell.How Tech Is Changing Childhood. Or the second. But maybe that's because I know something readers don't. He knew more than I wanted to comfortably contemplate.

For kids who love romance and fantasy. Enlarge cover. Patch had great one-liners, both funny and smoldering. This book is worth your time. The Hush, Hush Saga.

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