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The Digital Real Book. Now you can download over songs from Sher Music Co.'s world-renowned books! THE NEW REAL BOOK - Vol. 1. THE NEW REAL. Digital edition of the best selling legal jazz fake book of all time! first legal, ethical and easily downloadable version of The New Real Book — the absolute best. The RealBook software was a pioneer in bringing the RealBook into the digital age by merging the classic RealBook charts and recordings into an easy to use.

The Digital Real Book

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I want to download the digital version of the Real Book (at least 1 of the 5 volumes available), which is available on both iBooks & on Amazon. Standards - in C (Jazz Real Book) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. All instruments Real Book. Treble clef. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Founded in , Hal Leonard LLC has become the Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC. Digital List Price: $ Save $ (44%) . Buy now with 1-Click ®. Send a free sample. Deliver to your Kindle or other.

My guess is that an enterprising student, or one of the notoriously underpaid at the time faculty members might have decided to collect those sheets and perhaps put together more lead sheets in the same format.

FOLIO: The Digital Real Book, Part One (C Version)

But I quickly found out that two historians were already working on it and I let it go: They were students, and they wanted both to fund their studies and also to give music students a better, more sophisticated, hipper set of charts. The Real Book is an interesting economic artifact. On the one hand it represents the free market at work: Vernon Duke was the cat: Why should a bunch of parasitical leeches keep making money from his work?

Musicians interested in jazz generally mess with the tune, a lot. They treat the composition as the starting point, and so they might alter the melody notes, the timing of the notes, or the chords. Gershwins, The Man I Love. The original is cloying and larded with Broadway cutsey-poo: Holiday adds ease and irony and emotional depth: Holiday turns a song of sweet yearning into a song full of ironic complexity.

It comments on the original and deepens it. The second starts with the G7b9 sus4 named in The Real Book. Call me April. Maybe, maybe not, but different. Should copyright apply?

You can copyright a melody, and an arrangement, that is, the specific instruments and harmonies behind a tune. But if the point of your musical practice is commentary or restatement, do you need copyright? I am a composer myself, and I fully appreciate copyright protection. Perhaps hundreds of thousands of musicians have learned, performed, and recorded those works that otherwise never would have. Mike O'Malley said: Viral before digital: Great post.

Yeah, it brings back memories.

By that time it was the unofficial text book at Berklee and everybody just expected you to have one. As I got to NYC and started playing with a lot of older more experienced guys though, it became apparent that there were a lot of problems with the Real Book wrong chords, wrong melodies, etc.

To be honest though, I really prefer the books that have the lyrics too. Nicely written article. Many of those of us a touch younger learned by starting with the Real Book and going from there.

I even use it for my students. Have you stopped and considered a songwriters legacy to their heirs and family?

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Great article, but I think we ought to make a distinction between the old fake books and the new ones, even aside from the fact that some may be illegal and some may not. The earliest fake books were not hand-copied.

The old fake books present a real challenge to young bass players of today — who actually believe the chord symbols that they read in them. SOME of the newer, legit fake books are much better — because they contain correct chord symbols, and slash-and-bass-note symbols. Basically, he who has the most, biggest lawyers wins.

That is usually a corporation which had nothing to do with producing the copyrighted music, text or whatever.

One of my uncles used to compose pop songs and faithfully send them to various publishers. Tough luck. However, even if we restrict the benefits of copyright to the heirs of the composer, how long should we be paying them? How can we find all the heirs?

Who gets what? The old way of dealing with this was to give the composer a limited shot at collecting some royalties, and then, recognizing the debt of any work of art to the community, to give it back to the public domain. What was wrong with that? Incidentally I seem to recall seeing the Real fake book in Vancouver in and being mightily impressed by it.

Is that possible?

Jorge, I played briefly in a wedding-reception band that used some kind of published fake book, back in According to the most common division of the time, the authors Vernon Duke and lyricist E. It has consistently the best changes, the right melodies, and proper scholarity with regards to sources.

Songbook for Instruments in E flat Tune

I rarely find bad melodies, chords, or typos in the critical information in any of the Sher Music publications, and they supply commonly-used chord subs. Also, all the composers yes, and the publishers too!

Beats the pants off the old, inaccurate Real Book, which is responsible for so many musicians of my age playing wrong melodies and chords on so many tunes. Amy, I suspect that you may not be aware of a the difference between rival and non-rival goods see Wikipedia for more details and b what copyright is or at least, was intended to do.

The short summary: The point of having copyrights expire is to balance the cost of the tax to society with the benefits society receives from the artists. An excellent article, and very informed replies. Copyright has a purpose, but how far should it go?

Here in Germany, we cannot legally play standards even at jam sessions without prior arrangement and fees paid. The Gema, or copyright police, will even come after the musicians themselves and demand devastating fees. This means that players can only perform music that they write themselves. I suppose it encourages creativity, but would Miles Davis or John Coltrane have got to their levels of perfection if they were held to these constraints?

File sharing of current tunes is something I will not defend, but I think jazz musicians ought to be able to play a fifty-year-old Vernon Duke tune in a club without risking legal repercussions. From Jazz Standards to original compositions by well known, famous jazz artists and composers. These are essential for you building an impressive repertoire Click on any picture for more details about each product.

Check This Out! The Jazz Artist Series This series focuses on one legendary jazz artist at a time instead of the huge assortment of artists in the Fakebook series.

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Jazz Solo Transcriptions This series focuses on stand out, iconic jazz solos played by pretty much every instrument used in jazz music. This one is a "must have" item for woodhsedding jazz soloing concepts and ideas. Hundreds of solos, original recordings with solo start times indicated. Findable and sortable by 8 criteria.

Great Jazz Solos. The Plugin Bundles. Monster Jazz LTD. Modern Jazz Guitar Volume I.Thank you for sharing!

Great article, but I think we ought to make a distinction between the old fake books and the new ones, even aside from the fact that some may be illegal and some may not. Their catalog includes over , downloadable sheet music titles from the world's leading artists, composers, and publishers. How can we find all the heirs?

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October 29, at Perhaps they used OCR for the titles there are occasional spelling mistakes in titles and composers so not all the searches would work. February 29, at 6: It was sort of like buying drugs: Your email is never shared. Please Support Our Advertisers.

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