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Chapter 2: Getting Familiar with the Office Admin. Portal. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Joseph Murphy. D.R.S. thinking and imagery mold, fashion, and create your destiny;.. grow rich—Serve yourself with Microsoft Office – Exchange Online. This FREE eBook contains excerpts from 'Microsoft Office Exchange Online Implementation and Migration ch. 1 Getting Started'.

Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Implementation And Migration Pdf

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we present a step-by-step guide for migrating to Exchange Online and the other . Microsoft offers a number of plans for Office , with increasing levels of .. a pilot migration, such as implementing a third-party backup tool in-between. Microsoft Office Deployment Guide for Enterprises | September .. 3 Migration Support for Existing Mail Environments. Testing Exchange Online with Remote Connectivity Analyzer. .. This guide is focused on Office deployments that implement email coexistence in a hybrid PDF files are. Download Microsoft Office Exchange Online Implementation and by David Greve,Loryan Strant PDF way to enforce and migrate to interchange on-line in place of work while you're a knowledge expertise (IT) expert; administrator.

When you finish reading this tutorial, you should have no problems connecting an on-premises Exchange organization to an O tenant, using the Hybrid Configuration Wizard. The lab for this tutorial includes an on-prem AD, a domain controller, and Exchange server both hosted on VMs in Azure , and a publicly routed email domain: Active Directory: bluewidgets. This is necessary because, when the users eventually sync to O, they must be syncing with an Internet-routable domain name as their UPN suffix.

Getting started The first step in the process is to provision an O tenant. For this tutorial, I provisioned a tenant with a single E1 license. E1 provides an Exchange Online license. To sign up for a new O tenant, visit this link. If you are following along with this tutorial, all you need to do is purchase a single E1 license during tenant provisioning.

Once you have the O tenant provisioned, login and add your email domain to the tenant. To do this, click on Setup, and then Domains, after logging into the tenant as a Global Admin. Doing so proves to Microsoft that you own the domain that you are adding. I prefer to add a TXT record in all cases. Skip this for now because changing them now will break mail flow to your on-prem environment.

This is OK to ignore. It creates a HybridConfiguration object in the on-prem Active Directory, which stores the hybrid configuration information for the hybrid deployment. This information is then updated by the HCW. It then defines organizational parameters and performs several configuration tasks in both the on-prem Exchange org and the Exchange Online org.

Login with the Global Admin account. It is common practice to use a dedicated user account for the migration, which has only the minimal required permissions assigned.

Additionally, the target Office environment requires View-Only Recipients role and User management administrator if it is also responsible for re-creating users in Exchange Online.

Create a mail-enabled security group in Office Otherwise, the migration service cannot provision any migrated groups as security groups in Office Verify your domain in Office Use Exchange Admin Center to create a migration endpoint. The endpoint contains all the information necessary to connect your Exchange server to Office Create and start the cutover migration batch.

The batch includes all mailboxes and requires the migration endpoint configured a step before. This is the point when the actual migration happens. After the data transfer is finished, it is worth verifying if everything had gone well.

You also need to assign licenses to users. After the TTL passes, emails are routed directly to Office You can delete your migration batch and decommission the on-premises servers.

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The migration is less scary when you see what you have to do on a list. Still, remember that the whole task requires a lot of work and time. It may also include some steps which have not been listed above. It is best to study the topic well before attempting the migration.

Exchange and Office Hybrid The Hybrid deployment is a kind of migration and more.

Microsoft Office 365: Exchange Online Implementation and Migration

It is a modern approach to the staged migration available for Exchange and Exchange and Office Hybrid is an environment in which the on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online coexist.

This method is especially useful if there is a lot of data to migrate and the process is bound to take a lot of time. Hybrid is the only native method available for migration of over mailboxes. In fact, Hybrid is recommended for migration of mailboxes and more. There are organizations which do not use the Hybrid deployment as an intermediate stage, but as the final environment, which has users distributed to both on-premises and the online environments, depending on what each user needs.

See this article for a step-by-step guide on how to use the HCW and solve problems connected with deploying a hybrid environment. The general idea is to export Exchange mailboxes to PST files, and then to upload them into Office organization. This method requires an admin to do some manual work.

This includes creating Office environment practically from scratch. For full instructions on how to perform a bulk mailbox export to PST, consult this article. The PST files need to be in a shared mailbox or on a file server. From this location, you have to upload them to the Azure storage location and create a CSV mapping file.

Microsoft also offers an option to ship physical drives to them, which requires you to copy PST files to physical storages and to send them to Microsoft. Native limitations Each of the above native methods for Exchange to Office migration has some drawbacks. Multiparty instant messages B.

Peer-to-peer file transfers C. Audio and video for peer-to-peer conferences D. Whiteboards and polls shared during conferences E. Fabrikam's Exchange Online tenant domain name is fabrikam. You verify the domain fabrikam. The fabrikam. A user reports that his reply-to address is displayed to external email message recipients as User1 fabrikam. You need to configure the user's mailbox to meet the following requirements: The user's reply-to address must be User1 fabrikam.

The email address User1 fabrikam. Which Windows PowerShell command should you run? Set-Mailbox -Identity user1 fabrikam. The company recently started a project that requires employees to collaborate with external users on the development of a set of documents that are stored in a team site. You need to ensure that external users can access and edit the documents without affecting the security of other content. Create a new SharePoint team site and share it by using the Share function and adding the external users to the Visitors group.

Create a new SharePoint team site and share it by using the Share function and adding the external users to the Contributors group. Share the existing SharePoint team site by using the Share function and adding the external users to the Visitors group. Share the existing SharePoint team site by using the Share function and adding the external users to the Contributors group. Contoso recently opened an office in Paris. Employees in the Paris office speak only French. The manager of the Paris office requests that you create a private Microsoft SharePoint team site for the Paris office.

You create the site and list the properties, which are shown in the following graphic. The manager reports that the site does not meet his requirements. You need to resolve the issue. You remove the existing site. The company requests that you implement a document collaboration and social networking solution that meets the following requirements: Users must be able to join groups to receive project updates.

Any user must be able to post an event. You need to implement a solution. Microsoft Yammer C.

PDF Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online Implementation and Migration EBook

Microsoft SkyDrive Pro D. Contoso uses the domain contoso. You need to configure Office to redirect the website requests without affecting the company's email or IM. In the Office admin center, change the domain purpose for contoso.

In the Office admin center, add a new subdomain. Office was recently deployed for all employees in the sales department. The company recently purchased Surface Pro 2 devices for all sales department employees. You are testing a new Office deployment for a specific user on a Surface Pro 2. You are unable to activate Office on the Surface Pro 2. An error message states that the install limit has been reached. Sign in to the Office portal as the user and deactivate unused Office ProPlus licenses.

Sign in to the Office admin center as an Office administrator. Remove and then re- add the user's Office ProPlus license. Install a licensed copy of Office Professional Plus that is covered under a volume licensing agreement. Sign in to the Office admin center as an Office administrator and deactivate unused Office ProPlus licenses. Each user is assigned an E3 license. All client computers are on a local area network. Users do not have administrative privileges on their client computers.

You are configuring a network-based installation of the most recent version of Office for all client computers. You need to ensure that the installation process does not display any dialog boxes or require user input. Which option should you specify in the Configuration.

As part of the migration, Office ProPlus will be installed on all client computers and the company will use Office Telemetry. You need to produce a report that contains the information collected by Office Telemetry. Which three types of information can you include in the report? Information about files that are not in the Most Recently Used list B.

The names of add-ins and solutions that interact with Office C. System information such as user name and computer name E.

The company plans to use the Telemetry Dashboard to identify document compatibility issues. You need to enable telemetry and immediately trigger data collection. Configure a Group Policy Object to turn on telemetry data collection in the User Configuration settings. Configure a Group Policy Object to turn on telemetry data collection in the Computer Configuration settings.

Delete the contents of the telemetry shared folder. Run the gpupdate. Corporate policy specifies the following requirements for consultants: Consultants must supply their own laptops. The company must supply an Office cloud account. In the Office admin center, you create an account for the consultant and assign an E3 license to the account. You send instructions to the consultant for installing Office ProPlus on her laptop. The consultant signs in to the Office portal and changes her password when prompted to do so.

She attempts to install Office ProPlus, but is unable to do so. The Software page of the Office portal displays the options shown in the following image. You need to ensure that the consultant can install Office ProPlus. License the consultant's account for Office ProPlus. License the consultant's account for Office Web Apps. Issue a corporate laptop to the consultant and have her restart the Office ProPlus installation process on that laptop. Assign an El license to the consultant's account.

Office Telemetry logging has been enabled in the environment. The company plans to use coauthoring.

Which two methods can you use to achieve this goal? Open workbooks by using Excel on client computers that run Windows 7. Open workbooks by using Excel on client computers that run Windows 8. Open workbooks by using Excel or Excel on client computers that run Windows 7.

Open workbooks by using Excel or Excel on client computers that run Windows 8. You need to configure Microsoft Lync Online to disable alerts for voicemail and instant messages to Windows Phones.

In the Lync admin center, select the Display presence information only to a user's contacts option. Employees frequently need to change their primary email addresses. The messaging operations team has requested a script to simplify the process of changing email addresses.

The script must perform the following actions: Obtain employee information from a. Change employees' primary email addresses to the values in the NewPrimaryAddress column. Retain employees' current email addresses as secondary addresses. You create the following Windows PowerShell script to read the. Line numbers are included for reference only. You need to complete the script to meet the requirements. Which Windows PowerShell command should you insert at line 06?

Many employees work in remote locations with intermittent Internet connectivity. Employees must be able to access and reply to email messages, and access calendars, even when their devices are not connected to the Internet. You need to ensure that employees can access their Microsoft Exchange content offline. Configure the Directory Synchronization tool for offline access.

Deploy and configure the AppFabric Caching service. Configure Exchange ActiveSync devices. The company is running Microsoft Exchange Server with Service Pack 3 on-premises and has mailboxes. Management requests that you migrate all mailboxes to Office You are researching the available migration types.

You need to generate a custom step-by-step checklist for multiple migration types. Which tool should you use? Exchange Server Deployment Assistant B. Exchange Best Practices Analyzer C. You are the Microsoft Exchange Online administrator. In the last week, employees have reported that they are receiving non-delivery report messages from other companies. The employees have not sent messages to recipients within those companies. You need to prevent non-delivery report messages from reaching employees.

Which content filter option should you turn on in the Exchange admin center? NDR backscatter B. Conditional Sender ID filtering: hard fail C. SPF record: hard fail D. Some email messages sent from the trusted domain fabrikam.

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Some of these email messages originate inside the fabnkam. You need to configure Microsoft Exchange Online Protection. Configure a content filter to allow the fabrikam. Configure a mail flow rule to bypass spam filtering for the data center IP address range. Create a connection filter to allow the data center IP address range.

Add the fabrikam. Create an inbound connector for the fabrikam.

Sample checklist for an Office 365 Enterprise deployment

Configure a mail flow rule to bypass spam filtering for the fabrikam. You need to identify which certificate is used for token signing between the on-premises environment and Office A user named Test5 has a mailbox. You need to ensure that all of the email messages sent and received by Test5 are accessible to members of the audit department for 60 days, even if Test5 permanently deletes the messages.

Run the Set-User cmdlet. Run the Set-Mailbox cmdlet. Run the Set-RetentionPolicyTag cmdlet. Run the Set-MailboxDatabase cmdlet. Run the Set-RetentionPolicy cmdlet.

All the members of a team named Sales have full access to a shared mailbox named Sales. You enable auditing for all shared mailboxes. From the Sales mailbox, an email message that contains inappropriate content is sent. You need to identify which user sent the message. From the Exchange Control Panel, run an administrator role group report. You deploy the Microsoft Lync client to all client computers. All users log on to the local domain. You need to prevent users from modifying the Advanced Connection Settings on the Lync client.

You plan to implement single sign-on. Which deployment methods should you use?

Choose all that apply. You discover that some Active Directory user accounts are unavailable in Office You need to identify why the user accounts are unavailable in Office Verify the miissetup. Run the Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer. Run the Test-OutlookWebServices cmdlet. Run miisclient. All mailboxes are hosted on Office All users access their Office mailbox by using a user account that is hosted on-premises.

You need to delete a user account and its associated mailbox. The Remove-Mailbox cmdlet C. The Office portal D. You need to create a group. The group must have the following characteristics: Group properties are synchronized automatically.

Group members have the ability to control which users can send email messages to the group. Create a distribution group and configure the Mail Flow Settings. Create a dynamic distribution group. Create a new role group. Create a distribution group and configure the Membership Approval settings. The company uses the contoso. A power failure occurs at the data center.

Power is restored at the data center. Run the Test-MapiConnectivity cmdlet. Run the Test-Connectivity cmdlet. All user accounts are hosted on-premises. You need to add the label "External" to the subject line of each email message received by your organization from an external sender.

Run the Enable-InboxRule cmdlet. You have two federation servers named Server1 and Server2. You manage Server1 and Server2 by using a user account that is a member of the Domain Admins group.The bidding process has now ended. You need to modify the retention age. You start a Windows PowerShell session and run the following commands, providing your admin account credentials when prompted: You need to complete the process of updating the employee's Lync address without affecting any other addresses.

To answer, drag the appropriate command segments to the correct locations.

You now have verified that you own the on-premises Exchange organization domain and are ready to continue with an email migration. Which Windows PowerShell command should you insert at line 06? The company is migrating to Office Below, you can find a short task list for a cutover migration. When you delete a cutover migration batch, the migration service cleans up any records related to the migration batch and then deletes the migration batch.

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