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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Boxoft PDF to PPT Converter is an % free and efficient application to convert Adobe PDF files to well-formatted PowerPoint. Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint is an application with a pretty self-explanatory title - it allows you to convert PDF documents to the PPT format. Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint is another free tool that can quickly convert PDF files to PowerPoint format. the interface of this application is quite similar to PageFlip.

Boxoft Pdf To Powerpoint

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If you are looking for a tool to convert un-editable PDF documents into act-like PowerPoint files, Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint could be a good choice for you. Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint is a free PDF converter to convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation easily. Boxoft Free PDF to PowerPoint allow you. To convert PDF to PowerPoint presentation, you could also try Wondershare PDF Converter Portable or Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint Portable.

Free upgrade forever All products are free to upgrade, once you purchased the software, you can use it forever. Popular Software.

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Boxoft Image to PDF. Boxoft PDF to Flipbook. Boxoft Office to Flipbook Pro.

Boxoft PDF Security. Boxoft Batch TimeStamp to Photo.

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Boxoft PDF Stamper. Boxoft Screen OCR. Boxoft Photo Cool Maker. It works very fast. It cannot edit the PDF files.

It is able to maintain the layout and quality of the original PDF file. It can also convert them to many other different formats and also convert them back to PDF.

It has a fast engine and converts the files very fast even if they are large. Pros: It allows for batch conversion of several PDF files.

Boxoft PDF to PowerPoint 1.2

Cons: Built for Mac and not Windows. It has a simple user interface making it easy to convert your files. It maintains the quality of the original fie as well as the layout. You can use it to convert large files, and maintain quality at the same time. The tool is free and this is great considering the power that it has. Pros: Maintains the quality of the original file. It has an easy to use interface. Cons: At times it will ruin the layout and you have to edit this further in PowerPoint.

Boxoft Free PDF to PPT (freeware)

It is also very accurate and the quality is maintained. It has a great user interface making it easy for first-time users to work with it. You can drag and drop the PDF files for conversion. Pros: It is fast in converting.

It maintains the quality and layout of the original PDF. You can drag and drop files for conversion. Cons: You have to upgrade to premium in order to use some advanced features.

It is very easy to use if you are using the basic features. When it comes to the advanced features, it can be a bit confusing for those who do not understand the PDF format. It supports batch conversion of PDF files. Pros: It is easy to use in basic mode. You can batch convert several files at the same time.

Cons: It is confusing when in advanced mode. It is primarily a converter and will not edit any files. It is able to convert the PDF files into many other formats as well. However, the maximum file size should be lower than MB and single file should not be more than MB.

To use this tool, visit the official website , upload your file, select which format you want based on your MS PowerPoint version and hit the Convert button. It is possible to convert multiple files at once. Not only that but also you can choose a directory from a server or anywhere else.

It can also work like a Command Line tool. In that case, you need to use the option to do that. Otherwise, you can go with the Batch Convert Mode.The user-friendly interface has made the work easy.

Thanks to add '[Solved]' at beginning of your first post title edit button if your issue has been fixed. It is able to maintain the layout and quality of the original PDF file. In that case, you need to use the option to do that. Last edited by Hagar Delest on Tue Feb 21, 1: The good thing is that it maintains the original quality and layout of the PDF file.

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