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Amar Bail novel by Umera Ahmed Free download pdf. A social romantic story in Urdu. Amar Bail Novel by Umera Ahmed Free Download in pdf. Amar Bail novel . Hi Guys "Amar Bail" is a urdu novel written by Umera Ahmed. It includes following features: Start from First Page - Resume / Last Read - Go To Page Number. The writer of this novel e.g "Amarbail", Ms. Umaira Ahmed is an Urdu novelist fromm Sialkot, Pakistan. She has written many Urdu novels which.

Urdu Novel Amar Bail In Pdf

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Amar Bail novel pdf free download is a romance of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up from the Qazi Ammar — in Urdu Books • 2 comments. Download Amar Bail by Umera Ahmed. Free download urdu social novels Amar Bail in which the romantic and social novels is collected by. LanguageUrdu. Romantic Novel By Umaira Ahmed. Identifier AmarBailNovelByUmairaAhmad. Identifier-arkark://t1nhq.

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And, despite everything Umar did do right by her. She was likely not going to marry into such a family had it not been for Umar. I read the English translation of this. I am honestly grateful that Umera had it translated. View 2 comments. Mar 06, Haleema sadia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Ok its been a long time since I read this great piece of UA..

This was my second book of her and I fell in love with it from the start Now its been 4 years and I have read it many times since then.. Many of its incidents are in my memory forever Now coming towards the characters UA did full justice to everyone My favourite character was none other then umer jahangir and in the end I cried for ages M still grieving his death.

Sep 22, Muhammad Bin khalid rated it it was amazing. So, this is one book of its kind. Umera Ahmed, as usual, has written a masterpiece. Very few characters, but they leave such a long lasting effect on your heart. Umera makes you fall in love with her characters. Spellbound and speechless.

Dec 02, Sam rated it really liked it. Sep 23, Anjaan rated it really liked it.

Amar bail complete novel

View all 3 comments. Nov 03, Ambreen Abbasi rated it it was amazing. Sep 14, Ramsha gulzar rated it it was amazing.

Mar 14, Dilawar rated it it was amazing. AmaR BaiL provides the reader not with a single lesson but a lot May 03, Fatima rated it really liked it. Muhabat amarbail hy Maar deti hy yaa khud mar jati hy. Words cannot describe the beauty of this book! Umera Ahmed can never fail to impress her readers.

About pages long and almost every chapter was jaw dropping. This book is an eye opening read for individuals like us. I felt like Aleezay's character was portrayerd as us, commoners like us who know nothing of the bureaucrats. Amar Bail is no ordinary book even though the ending was sad and made me cry buckets of tears it definitely touches your soul and eventually just like Aleezay you realize Words cannot describe the beauty of this book!

Amar Bail is no ordinary book even though the ending was sad and made me cry buckets of tears it definitely touches your soul and eventually just like Aleezay you realize you can never ever hate Umar.

Jun 11, Nafeesa Malik rated it it was amazing. Love it to bits and pieces. From the very first to the very last page i was overwhelmed.

It was like riding a emotional roller coaster, and the ending gave me so much pain that i would never dare to read it again but this story is never going to cut and run from me, felt like a reality. The protagonist Umer Jehangir: Nov 26, Mariya Kamran rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Every Single Person Out There. Amar Bail was awesome.

The story was gripping and filled with a mixture of emotions. Loving it! Umera Ahmed is now in my fav list. One thing that really wanted from ths novel was a happy ending, everything does not have to be over on death, corruption will continue!

Painful Ending but still loving it! Something for everyone to read!

Need to own a copy!!! Feb 20, Syeda Fatima rated it really liked it. May 09, Sunny rated it really liked it. Too numb to write any review..

The sad part when you understand Author's foreword and knowing all odds still fall for them and as the foreword said ''lets repeat the mistake again'' Apr 12, Madiha J Bookblogger rated it it was amazing. I loveddd Umer Jahangir. Enough said! I think Aleezah and Umar the two most stupidest lovers in the world. Same as Romeo and Juliet. The only reason for the whole fiasco was lack of communication in Romeo and Juliet's.

And it wasn't lack of communication here. Aleezah told him straightforward how she felt. Unabashed without reserve. He had absolutely no excuse. Working in a corrupt civil service and blah blah blah. No excuse. Both of them were scarred and timid. Umar was a weak man. First afraid of his father, then afraid of uncle I think Aleezah and Umar the two most stupidest lovers in the world.

First afraid of his father, then afraid of uncle Ayaz, then afraid of the bureaucracy, then army, and then afraid of the uncertainty of life. He was weak and dumb. After 10 years he wanted to get out??? When Aleezah had suggested him to get out and live abroad he didn't take it.

Because of the charm of power. He was against corruption and he was for corruption. He was a confused individual. And what they hell?

Why are all the family members on Aleezah's ass. Throughout the entire book everything is Aleezah's fault. Whenever something wrong happens, the grandmother begins is sorry cries and bashing of Aleezah. And I've never seen a dull girl like Aleezah. She can't even stand by her own decisions. She does something irrationally and then back tracks. She doesn't keep her mind on one thing.

And I don't like that the book doesn't give you closer. There's so many unanswered questions. Who killed Umar and why? He was going on extensive leave for 2 years. Why did they have to kill him? Was it uncle ayaz? As far as portraying the bureaucrat landscape of Pakistan, yeh it did that. But it didn't provide any new insight. I don't understand the point of the book.

What was the purpose for this being written. There are so many loopholes throughout the book, lots of displaced details and lots more that are unnecessary. The writer slows their way to the climatic point of the novel and everything begins to fall apart from that point on. It dredged on for so many pages and then it fell, like falling off a cliff. Many of the times its hard to point out where I am with regards to the timeline of the novel, the flashbacks are pitfalls.

This isn't my first time reading an Urdu writer. I've read some of Mazhar Kaleem's work in his Imran series, and that was purely in Urdu. But I see some similarities in terms of writing. Both Umera Ahmed and Mazhar Kaleem write unnecessary details. It doesn't help in visualization or setting the scenery of the plot.

The entire Amar Bail novel was like having to sit through one of the dramas my mother is watching on TV. There's lots of typical family drama, hush hush romance, lots of unnecessary suspense and female protagonist that loves to cry. I didn't feel the depth of Aleezah or Umar's relationship, the "love" that they had for each other, their friendship as two displaced children in broken families was understandable, but they're love isn't. The entire story just made me depressed. And its not a workable depression, the kind you get after watching or reading a tragedy.

Even tragedy has a purpose, and this novel negated the entire thing. Umar and Aleezah just become a helpless victim of fate, and if that's the case what's the point of knowing their story.

This novel had potential, the theme it wanted to discover, and Umar could really have become Othello if Umera Ahmed tried, but sadly she falls extremely short of doing so. I was recommended this novel by a friend who praised it for being a classic novel portraying "classic love". But I didn't feel it. I don't mind that Umar dies in the end or that its revealed in the utmost end that he loves Aleezah, you figure that out as soon as the too are introduced to one another.

But that tragic portion of the novel falls short of its purpose. The tragic plot of the novel lacks artistic purpose and form.

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I've ready every piece of tragedy written by Shakespeare and unfortunately had to spend hours scrutinizing for High School and College English classes, and that's why I'm so hard on Umera Ahmed. I can't say that Umar was coping with unfavorable circumstances because I don't know what they are. What was he battling?

It's not clear. There were many flaws in the character, but what was his tragic flaw? The entire book was like this review, utterly useless and a waste of time.

Sorry for all you "oh my God, this is the best thing written in the histories of histories", but it wasn't, y'all obviously need to expand your reading palette if you think this is "social" novel or a "romance", its neither. It falls into the category of cheap paper back romance novels that you can find in the dollar stores or the free ebooks online, except this one wasn't explicit.

It was bland. Like potatoes without salt, like boiled rice. It was Bland. Jul 23, Redha Rehman rated it it was amazing. Umera Ahmed, what can I say about her? It matters on real issue, the issue I Umera Ahmed, what can I say about her? It matters on real issue, the issue I know or everyone in Pakistan knows. So this story take place in Pakistan, where everyone, mostly higher rank officials, are corrupted or are injustice and etc but the issues in this book is very intriguing.

Aside from that, it also talks about broken family, insecurities and all those things that is sensitive, well to me not sure about you guys. And I finished it in two freaking days or within 24 hours. The review doesn't stop here, so head over to http: I loved the book.

Umera Ahmed is one of my favourite authors I love her work. The facts stated in this book about the Politicians and Bureaucrats are not new to the public but the way she has put them to form a story is commendable. Common people of my country usually speak ill about these people but through this book she has given a complete different perspective to judge them.

I loved the character of Umar but to be very honest I did not like Aleezeh's character. In her books the female protag I loved the book. In her books the female protagonists are very strong but Aleezeh seemed very immature throughout; her personality did not grow as I had expected and I am very depressed with the end.

After completing this book I can't think of anything else to read, it has left that hollow feeling within, I keep imagining a different end a happy end I was thinking to watch the Drama series based on this novel but after looking at the star cast of the series I did not wanted to watch it at all I have imagined Umar and Aleezeh very different from the star cast in the series and my imaginary characters were very obviuosly very good; although Umera Ahmed never describes the looks of her characters.

Jun 23, Sami rated it it was amazing. Her father had taken up a second wife when her mother failed to produce a son, and later left his first wife and three daughters on their own. The story dealt with some powerful themes and contained a message that launched Umera Ahmed as a visionary writer. Her later works cemented this early diagnosis of her talent. Before taking up writing full-time, she also taught at Army Public College, Sialkot's Cambridge wing.

Amar Bail Novel By Umaira Ahmad

During that time, she continued writing for Khawateen and Shua, two of the most prominent monthly digests in Pakistan. In popular fiction genre, an area dominated by female writers, Umera Ahmed emerged as the radical who had her own views on everything, and she used her writing to convey those views to the masses.

Faced with initial criticism over her depictions of role of women in society, the nonconformist approach her female protagonists always take, and her own insistence of writing on some very sensitive topics in Pakistani society, she did start gaining loyal following and readership eventually. Success[ edit ] Though she enjoyed success and recognition from the very start of her career, it was her bestselling novel, Pir-e-Kamil that launched her as one of the most successful and influential writers of this era in Pakistan.

This novel is also responsible for making her a household name not only in Pakistan, but overseas too, wherever Urdu is spoken. In , she also won her first best writer award for her serial Wujood-e-Laraib, an original screenplay for Indus Vision.

In , she went to England for her enrollment in a few creative writing and scriptwriting courses at Arvon Foundation's Totleigh Barton Centre. She then proceeded to write Man o Salwa, another one of her trademark literary work that further elevated her among her peers. Her novel Aks deals with the horror and stigma of sexual abuse against children and how demons of the past can haunt the strongest of us, and how they can be dealt with. For her directorial debut in , Sakina Samoo asked Umera Ahmed to write the script for her first drama serial.

She then proceeded to adopt her novel, Darbar e Dil into a telefilm, and a play of the same name aired on PTV in the same year, for channel's drama festival. Between, and , Umera continued writing many original screenplays as well as adaptations of her novels into dramas and telefilms for TV.

She again received a best serial award for Malaal in and the best writer Pakistan Media Award for Malaal in She describes scriptwriting not as nearly enjoyable as writing novels.

Despite this, her novel-turned-drama serial Meri Zaat Zarra e Be Nishan proved to be the most popular drama serial of the year and earned her another best writer Lux Style Award in Her project, another novel-turned-drama serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai, topped the charts with each passing episode and the finale of the drama set new rating records when it earned a whopping 9.

UA Books[ edit ] In , Umera Ahmed launched an online book store, UA Books, [2] where people could place online orders for books for home delivery at discounted prices.

UA Books delivers globally and also has a brick-and-mortar store in Kalma Chowk, Sialkot as well as a franchise in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Alif Kitab Publications Pvt Ltd. Intended as a launching platform for aspiring Urdu writers, it immediately started branching out to better serve new writers with their individual publishing dreams. It started out as a monthly digital Urdu magazine where new writers could get their works published.

It has now developed into Pakistan's first digital Urdu self-publishing platform where writers can take control of their own publishing needs. Since its inception in till now, it has published more than new writers, held regular annual writing competitions, introduced a number of screenplay writers, and works as a training ground for up and coming Urdu writers.It was on aired in on TV One.

Amarbail (Urdu Novel)

I finished this last Friday and I have had a hard writing a review. Umera Ahmed is an amazing woman who undoubtedly deserves all our praise. She, for years has educated masses of illiterate women through her Mahnama Digest writing skills. Alif Kitab Publications Pvt Ltd. Get A Copy.

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