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Understanding SAP NetWeaver®. Identity Management. Bonn Boston SAP NetWeaver IdM in the Context of SAP NetWeaver .. 4. Overview of SAP. Master Guide. PUBLIC. Document Version: – SAP NetWeaver Identity Management Master Guide. NetWeaver Identity Management is based on Java technology and is Features of NetWeaver Identity Management and SAP Access Control.

Understanding Sap Netweaver Identity Management Pdf

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software: • Thorough understanding of the SAP NetWeaver Identity Management. • SAP NetWeaver Identity Management SP5 or newer is correctly installed. Virtual Directory Server - White Paper. Document (PDF). 45 mins (22 pages). September After completing this document, you will be able to understand . Sap netWeaver® identity management (Sap netWeaver id management) component, you can implement central- ized administration of your employees' user.

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

It can likewise be utilized to compose secure or conceal certain qualities, for instance when making data accessible remotely. To reduce Access risks and enhance Security!

To reduce costs through automation and process optimization and 3. To comply with regulations and compliance requirements. SAP Identity Management Developer Studio It is an Eclipse plug-in that gives the environment to building up the design for the identity management solution.

It is a swap for the Identity Center Management Console.

Configuration Packages They are conveyed as a major aspect of the Identity Management center parts. They contain systems and connectors that can be imported to the Identity Management database to give the essential features as provisioning and combination with SAP Access Control.

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A package is the smallest piece of the design that is kept up as a unit. Changes to packages are variant controlled, logged and reversible. Contents and constants are incorporated into a package and dispersed with the package amid transport.

Workflow and provisioning will also be triggered. Role management provides the solution: It starts out with the analysis of an employee s tasks, then maps these tasks to the appropriate access rights and tools.

Employees, their managers, and the IT team can use workflows to delegate certain tasks to the responsible people.

You can create Web-based tasks for interactive identity management operations request, approve, , but rule definitions that have no interaction are also defined in the workflow.

The workflows can either be triggered by a Web interface task or by an event task that recognizes changes. The definition of the rule logic is highly flexible.

This includes sequential, parallel, conditional, and approval operations. Creating a user account and role for Tom is not sufficient; you also have to create a Business Partner in CRM and assign the user account to this Business Partner.

Features like these add to the complexity of managing users in heterogeneous system landscapes. With Release 7. From the first day with her new company, she is able to log on to all relevant systems, including access to the employee self-services, and access to SAP CRM to track the marketing activities she is responsible for.

On their first day of work, new hires already have access to the systems that correspond to their new job roles. This speeds up the time to productivity.

Organizational changes When employees change jobs within your company, this often requires a re-assignment of system access rights. For example, an employee could be promoted to the position of line manager, or transfer to a different department.

SAP Netweaver Identity Management

Employees might also be assigned to mid- or long-term projects that require access to a new set of systems. Termination of employment When employees leave the company, their access rights and authorizations for your IT landscape need to be revoked at once.

This ensures that former employees cannot tamper with company information. Let s take a closer look at the on-boarding process on this slide. You just hired Kim Perkins as a marketing professional.

On her first day of work, she can already access all relevant systems and perform her job. Which steps were necessary to achieve such a quick start for Kim? Based on this extraction of Kim s personnel data, SAP NetWeaver IDM created a user for Kim, assigned the role of marketing professional to this newly generated identity, and, based on her manager s approval, also generated the users in the systems Kim will need to access such as CRM, , etc.

The system automatically generates and assigns this user. SAP Enterprise Portal: Kim will access some applications through the Enterprise Portal; the necessary users are also available in these systems from the first day. All users in the receiving systems were created and active in time because the marketing professional role was assigned to Kim in SAP NetWeaver Identity Management.

Based on the business role information, Kim has access to all business processes she needs as a new employee in the company. On the first day in her new role, she has access to the manager self-services. In her new position, she is responsible for budget approvals for all marketing campaigns - this requires immediate access to SAP ERP to view the marketing costs.

Public 17 The day after her official assignment with the company ends, she is no longer able to access any corporate systems. Public 18 Solution in Detail Compliant Identity Management Compliant Identity Management: Public 20 Public 21 Simplify and automate role assignment Reduce risk through compliance checks and remediation Automate manual processes through integration with SAP Business Suite Yes Approve assignments No Requirement: Public 22 Solution in Detail Reporting Public 24 Who had which privilege when?

Public 25 Public 26 Public 27 Solution in Detail Password Management Public 29 Solution in Detail Connectivity Public 31 For general information about third party certifications with SAP products, please refer to http: Public 32 Solution in Detail Architecture Public 34 Solution in Detail Identity Virtualization Public 36 Summary SAP Identity Management is part of a comprehensive SAP security suite that includes access control as well as secure programming and compliance aspects.

The solution covers the entire identity lifecycle and automation capabilities based on business processes.

A strong integration with SAP Access Control creates a holistic identity and access governance solution. Public 38 Public 39 Public 40 No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or for any purpose without the express permission of SAP SE or an SAP affiliate company. Please see http: Some software products marketed by SAP SE and its distributors contain proprietary software components of other software vendors.On her first day of work, she can already access all relevant systems and perform her job.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Index A Access.

SAP NetWeaver Identity Management

Chris Nash. She is promoted to take over the role of line manager, and she is now responsible for a team and a marketing budget.

Also, when a user is leaving the organization, it automatically deprovisions user access rights. Identity Services provide a central and standardized access point via web services and SPML for requesting and administrating identity information for the entire system environment.

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