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Hello Readers, pixia-club.info पर आपका स्वागत है जैसा की आप सभी जानते होंगे की SBI Clerk का exam. इस मॉडल पेपर से वास्तविक SBI Clerk Exam के लिए तैयारी करें। पढ़ाई के अलावा यह बहुत ज़रूरी है की आप Model Question Papers का इसलिए, इस SBI Clerk Model Question Paper in Hindi को PDF के रूप में. In this article, we are providing you SBI Clerk previous year question papers PDF in Hindi and English of Prelims & Mains exam. It is a memory.

Sbi Clerk Exam Books Pdf In Hindi

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SBI clerk exam will give by online mode and Model Question Papers in Hindi- English. Here we provide SBI Clerk Previous Year Question Papers in Pdf format. SBI Clerk Mains Exam Questions Subscribe(Buy) Current Affairs PDF - Pocket, Study and Q&A (English & Hindi) · Subscribe(Buy). SBI clerk practice question papers free pdf download,Free SBI clerk practice papers,SBI Most of you would have referred our SBI clerk exam study plan or prepared We have compiled 7 free practice sets for SBI clerk prelims which you can.

Applicant need to good guidance from their teachers and parents regarding exam preparation.

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Now we refer some book name which is very helpful for SBI Clerk examination, candidates must read these entire books which we are mention below.

These are best book of all topic of syllabus of SBI clerk examination. Through these book candidates can learn many thing of many types of questions. SBI clerk exam will give by online mode and it will come based on graduation level and many candidates will participate in SBI clerk exam These books are written by famous authors and publishers and these books are covered complete syllabus included with previous question papers with solutions.

That students were also do study by these books and get good qualifying. Now today they on very respective designation posts in SBI departments. Now aspirants those who wish to download online SBI Clerical Exam Books then link for download online examination latest books with SBI clerk study material , SBI clerk current affairs pdf as bottom mentioned here on this page.

So go up now and download pdf Study Material for free in Pdf download. Your email address will not be published. Step VII: Step IV: In these type of questions, the words of the given input are shifted or interchanged as per a fixed pattern.

The candidates are not required to identify the alphabetical order of words or ascending-descending order of numbers, but must follow the set pattern. Given an input, a coding machine generates pass codes for six batches everyday as follows.

The first batch begins work at Each batch works for one hour. The pattern of the above pass code is as follows: These two patterns are repeated alternately for generating pass codes for the subsequent batches.

IBPS and SBI PO Free Books in PDF

This can be generalized as follows: Pass codes Batch I We will first number the words of the given input from 1 to 7. Aradhna was to attend the batch at 4: However she was compelled to work in the batch at What was her pass code then?

It is given that pass code for the batch at 4: First of all check if there is any specific order in which words have been arranged. In case of arrangement, words would be arranged in alphabetical order and the number would be arranged in increasing or decreasing order. First of all, observe the given input line of words or numbers and the last step of rearrangement, so that you get an idea about the changes effected in various steps of rearrangement.

All the words and numbers are arranged systematically in the last step. In order to know the changes that have been made in each step observe two consecutive steps carefully.

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If numbers and words both are given, then words are only related to the next word and numbers are related to numbers. Now, correlate the input, the last step and any of the middle steps. This will help you to identify the rule of the arrangement. This check is made if and only if the input has only numbers.

SBI Clerk Books 2019 | Best SBI Clerk 2019 Books | IN HINDI

If the input has numbers and the chances of arrangement and shifting are not there, the problem is based on arithmetic operations. If the given problem is not arrangement based, then check whether shifting is taking place.

For this, check the first two—three steps. If the words are being interchanged or are being moved from a specific position to another particular position then it is a shifting problem.

In shifting problems, it is possible to determine the previous steps including input by moving in the reverse direction. You must log in to post a comment.

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz — 15 April Thus, we can see that there is no step of the form 32 27 14 84 why sit not 51 vain 92 68 feet best ink. Final selection of SBI Clerk will be subject to:- 1. This will help you to identify the rule of the arrangement.

Now, correlate the input, the last step and any of the middle steps. There are around posts across the country for clerical cadre whereas the examination will be in three phases — Prelims, Mains and the Language Proficiency Test.

Go through this complete guide on RC for more insights.


Generally, each set of questions on input-output remains based on a particular rule.

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