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Nancy Friday Forbidden MORE WOMEN'S SEXUAL FANTASIES This book belongs to the women whose letters fill it. Many wrote to question their own sexuality. The publication of the groundbreaking expose on women's sexual fantasies, My Secret Garden, ushered in a revolution in women's sexual freedom of. Start by marking “Forbidden Flowers” as Want to Read: Since the publication of Nancy Friday's outspoken erotic masterpiece, My Secret Garden, women's sexual lives have undergone a revolution - and so have their fantasy lives. Nancy Colbert Friday was an American author who.

Nancy Friday Forbidden Flowers Pdf

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Forbidden Flowers: More Women's Sexual Fantasies eBook: Nancy Friday: pixia-club.info: Kindle Store. My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online about women's sexual fantasies, Forbidden Flowers and. Forbidden Flowers: More Women's Sexual Fantasies by Nancy Friday pdf. eBook . But before someone catches us the ever changing times when she. Less apr.

I can feel his broad chest against my hardened nipples, the coarse hair tickling them deliciously. I can feel his hard cock against my inner thigh and I whimper in anticipation — I have to have him inside me!

I feel his strong arms around mine and I'm waiting for him to uncuff me, but he still refuses. He removes the blindfold instead and I can see his face. He kisses mine, but avoids my mouth, concentrating on my temples, my jaw line, my neck. I can feel his rigid shaft rubbing over my damp folds and I moan to please take me now, do it now, hard and fast, I can't wait anymore.

But he only dips his tip inside me, kissing my chest and my shoulders. Then he goes a little deeper, but still not enough and he's moving so slow that I think, I'd go crazy with frustration. I beg and beg for him to free me and to satisfy my aching need for him, to please go deeper…!

Only when I start crying, he slips out of me, to untie my legs and uncuff my hands, and I'm immediately wrapped all around him, my legs locking around his hips and my hands digging into his buttocks, to pull him inside me as hard and deep as I need him, and I arch up into him, and he complies by pushing inside forcefully now and thrusting fast, over and over again, while I move my arms up to grab his neck and pull his lips down to mine in a hard, passionate kiss.

Never thought you' the kinky type -," she could picture the smug smirk on his face. Kate shut her eyes for a long moment, feeling her cheeks burn. Was there any chance for the ground to open up and swallow her? Biting her lips, she let out an exasperated sigh.

She hadn't heard him coming up behind her, completely lost in the book that she had found a while ago when going through some of the luggage and deciding to keep it, hidden underneath the makeshift bed, she had in her tent.

She'd dig it out at times, on such quiet, sunny afternoons like that, and sneak out and away from the camp, to sit at the ocean shore, where she thought no one would be looking for her. She would take her time reading, savoring each chapter, going slowly, making pauses to let her eyes drift unseeingly into the open space of the water ahead, while her imagination would form the pictures, the scenes, filling in the gaps according to her own pleasing.

Filling in the sounds, the textures, the smells, the flavours… Of him; as she imagined them. At the beginning, she'd only take a few curious peaks into the book; she couldn't have really explained why she'd kept it.

It didn't seem like an appropriate choice for the traumatic events she had found herself at.

Didn't seem very useful for a plane crash survivor waiting for rescue, while hoping it wouldn't come. But once she had started reading, there was no stopping.

She got pulled into the stories, the sensual, sexy stories of strange women revealing the most secret alleys of their desires, their needs, their fantasies. Kate was surprised, how many of them she could relate to, how easily the words formed into images in her mind, quickening her heart rate, shallowing her breath and moistening her panties.

Gradually but all too soon, a man's figure started appearing in her mind, replacing the faceless characters of those foreign scenarios. She couldn't help it, didn't really fight it much, giving in to the sweet daydreams of him. Of Jack. In her head, he would do everything the stories indicated, they would do it together. He would tie her up to tease her for hours before letting her come, and another time she would do the same, making love to him with her mouth, taking him to the brink only to pull him back, having him at her mercy until he'd come the hardest ever.

Or he'd grab her unexpectedly to take her hard and fast where anyone could have walked in on them. Sometimes someone would, but he never stopped and they'd continue the frantic fucking despite a transfixed audience watching them.

Or they would smear honey and cream all over each other's bodies, to lick it clean, up and down, tasting every inch of their skins. There were days, when honey just wasn't enough, and she imagined how he would come across her belly, her breasts, and she would skim the pearly droplets off with her fingers straight into her mouth, sucking hungrily, until nothing was left, while he would be watching with fascination, growing hard again.

Sometimes they'd have a raged fight, yelling at each other like they had happened to, and she would be suddenly very hot watching his eyes grow dark and his breath heaving, so she'd grab him and pull him towards her roughly, knowing that he felt the same, and he'd take her hard, fast, angrily, pushing up against the nearest surface, a wall or a coarse tree, and she would bite and scratch him until first blood showed.

Forbidden Flowers

In her mind, Kate had him thousands of times, in every possible place. In the cool waves of the ocean, it the darkness of the caves, amongst the dangers of the jungle, in the rain, in the heat, in the shower, in her tent; she could even imagine having him take her in his hospital office, which she had though never seen. As she dreamed it, he'd throw everything off of his desk: the files, the notes, a phone, all the clutter, to lift her onto the surface, pressing hard against her, not even bothering with removing her clothes, just pushing her top up enough to expose her breast to his impatient fingers and lips, and then pushing up her skirt, moving her panties to the side to make way for his big, hard cock.

Kate had been indulging in the fantasies day after day now, increasingly frustrated with their difference from reality. In reality, he seemed so distant, so reserved, so careful not to give her any hope… It was lust, of course, but long outgrown by a far more complex mixture of feelings.

Or wasn't it really excruciatingly simple? She was falling for him.

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She had already had. And it was irreversible. And in an ironic twist of fate, it had to be Sawyer, who walked in on her little secret pleasure. She clenched her fingers around the book, pressing it into her lap, front cover down.

The trademark smirk firmly in place, just as she'd expected. He was going to enjoy teasing her.

Today, more than one million women hail this astonishing study as a groundbreaking book — a liberating force adding a new dimension to their sexual fantasies and lives," he continued reading aloud from the back cover, throwing an amused glance towards her.

He simply ignored the comment. I am screaming and crying out, "STOP! What I want is no longer an issue. It's what you want and that is to free me from the bonds of my own control.

I try to move, to take your fingers deeper into my pussy but you hold me still, I can't move, so I cry out again, this time begging, "Give me your cock?

You and sexual fantasies, huh? But he was quicker, waving it away from her reach. Surely brought some colours to the pretty lil' face of yours," he grinned at her. About the fantasies…? Is that what you want? No way are you keeping it to yourself! Gotta share, ya'know," he grinned. She shifted her weight sighing desperately. Indeed, there was no way he'd keep the book and the revelation of finding her lost in it to himself. The whole camp would soon know about her favourite spare time activity.

Jack… He'd know. He'd read it all and be disgusted by her, he'd never even come close to talk to her again… Suddenly, Kate had to suppress a miserable sob. Doing her best to hold up a brave face, she straightened her back in feigned indifference.

Have it. Maybe you'll learn something," she stated, her lips tight and her jaw set. And she turned around, determined to walk away from the situation as soon as possible, heading towards the camp and not looking back to him once.

Stopping abruptly, prepared for more vexing, Kate shut her eyes. And in fact, she couldn't. Deep down, in her heart of hearts, there was no denying, that she couldn't think of anything better than to have this conversation with Jack.

To somehow find herself in a situation where it would be excusable, plausible, expected. But of course, none of that would ever happen and none of that she'd ever tell anyone, chiefly not Sawyer. He's dressed in blue scrubs, the white starched coat ditched on the chair.

I can see his masculine forearms flexing just below the sleeve hems. He's asking me to undress for the examination and I shiver in anticipation of his hands on me.

I turn my back to him, and he starts running his fingers down my spine, drawing circles with his thumbs on both sides of the tense muscles there, massaging them slightly. He's standing very close to me, I can feel the heat of his body radiating to my bare back. I moan, and throw my head back onto his shoulder, he lowers his head to kiss my neck, and then he spins me around and kisses me hungrily on the lips, while pressing me close to him, so close I can feel his hard cock against my belly and he tells me he can't help it, he has to have me now.

He was on his way to the fresh water container, a bit worn down already on this late afternoon. Sun would set soon, and he'd be able to catch a little sleep, having no hatch shift tonight. Getting closer to a little gathering of three men sitting nearby Sawyer's tent, he could hear what sounded like someone reading aloud.

As he moved up, the words grew more and more distinct. His body temperature raising, Jack walked slowly, to stop right behind Sawyer, spotted only by Charlie, who was now making faint efforts to interrupt the reading, glancing up nervously.

The muscles of his chest are so strong and warm, when he envelopes me with his body; I can feel the light tickling of his chest hair on my skin and the gentle scratch of his stubble against my shoulder. He tells me, he wants me fast and I whimper, I can't wait so I tell him to take me as fast as he can and he moves his nimble surgeon's fingers up my thighs —" "What the hell is that?! Jack frowned, shifting his weight.

Touched a weak spot? Jack just let out a heavy sigh, taking the book from Hurley.

Never thought chicks come up with such ideas…! He registered Sawyer throwing Charlie a stern look. Her, he thought, he no longer perceived the book as a collection of random confessions by various women, but by her, as if the fact she had touched the pages, that the words had sunk into her mind would legitimate them as her own.

He found himself stroking the cover gently, as if touching a texture much smoother, much silkier, much suppler to the one of paper. Her skin. He was oblivious to the distant sound of baby Aaron crying, of some young girls giggling, of Sun and Jin having a minor argument in Korean. Some corners are turned over Why would Sawyer tell him that?

Would that be her fantasies? Would that be those words which moulded into images in her mind? To awake her senses, to make her hot and sweaty and wet? Did Sawyer say that because he knew who she fantasized about?

Had she rejected him? Jack's heart picked up on its pace, and he finally found the power to move, choosing the direction of a quiet little bay, he knew was behind the rocks that cut into the ocean on the far left; he'd be alone there, to glance into her mind. If Sawyer had given her away… If he had announced to everyone willing to hear what she had been sneaking out to do… No doubt, he'd embellish the situation; he'd add things to disgrace her completely, acting on hurt pride, after she'd rejected his apparent advances.

And Jack… Jack would hear all of that…! In Italy, men scream "Madonna mia" when they come, and it is not uncommon, we learn in Eros Denied, for an imaginative Englishman to pay a lady for the privilege of eating the strawberry cream puff like Nanny used to make she has kindly stuffed up her cunt. W h y is it perfectly respectable and continually commercial for cartoons to dwell on the sidewalk figure of Joe Average eyeing the passing luscious blonde, while in the balloon drawn over his head he puts her through the most exotic paces?

My God! Far from being thought reprehensi- ble, this last male fantasy is thought amusing, family fun, something a father can share with his son. Men exchange sexual fantasies in the barroom, where they are called dirty jokes; the occasional man who doesn't find them amusing is thought to be odd man out.

Blue movies convulse bachelor dinners and salesmen's conventions. And when Henry Miller, D. Lawrence and N o r m a n Mailer—to say nothing of G e n e t — p u t their fantasies on paper, they are recog- nized for what they can be: art. The sexual fantasies of men like these are called novels. W h y then, I could have asked my editor, can't the sexual fantasies of women be called the same? But I said nothing. What is it to be a woman?

Was I being unfeminine?

My Secret Garden by Nancy Friday

It is one thing not to have doubted the answer sufficiently to ever have asked the ques- tion of yourself at all. But it is another to know that question has suddenly been placed in someone else's mind, to be judged there in some indefinable, unknown, unimaginable competition or compari- son.

What indeed was it to be a woman? Unwilling to argue about it with this man s-man editor, who supposedly had his finger on the sexual pulse of the world hadn't he, for instance, published James Jones and Mailer, and probably shared with them unpublishable sexual insights , I picked up myself, my novel, and my fantasies and went home where we were appreciated.

But I shelved the book. The world wasn't ready yet for female sexual fantasy. I was right. It wasn't a commercial idea then, even though I'm talking about four years ago and not four hundred. People said they wanted to hear from women. What were they thinking? But men didn't really want to know about some new, possibly threatening, potential in women. It would immedi- ately pose a sexual realignment, some rethinking of the male superior position.

And we women weren't yet ready either to share this potential, our common but unspoken knowledge, with one another. What women needed and were waiting for was some kind of yardstick against which to measure our- selves, a sexual rule of thumb equivalent to that with which men have always provided one another. But women were the silent sex. We had impris- oned each other, betrayed our own sex and ourselves. Men had always banded together to give each other fraternal support and encouragement, opening up for themselves the greatest possible avenues for sexual adventure, variety and possibility.

Not women. For men, talking about sex, writing and specu- lating about it, exchanging confidences and asking each other for advice and encouragement about it, had always been socially accepted, and, in fact, a certain amount of boasting about it in the locker room is usually thought to be very much the mark of a man's man, a fine devil of a fellow. But the same culture that gave men this freedom sternly barred it to women, leaving us sexually mistrustful of each other, forcing us into patterns of deception, shame, and above all, silence.

I, myself, would probably never have decided to write this book on women's erotic fantasies if other women's voices hadn't broken that silence, giving me not just that sexual yardstick I was talking about, but also the knowledge that other women might want to hear my ideas as eagerly as I wanted to hear theirs.

Suddenly, people were no longer simply saying they wanted to hear from women, now women were actually talking, not waiting to be asked, but sharing their experiences, their desires, thousands of women supporting each other by adding their voices, their names, their presence to the liberating forces that promised women a new shake, something "more.

It put too many women off. The sheer stridency of it, instead of drawing us closer together, drove us into opposing camps; those who were defy- ing men, denying them, drew themselves up in mili- tant ranks against those who were suddenly more afraid than ever that in sounding aggressive they would be risking rejection by their men. If sex is reduced to a test of power, what woman wants to be left all alone, all powerful, playing with herself? But if not Women's Lib, then liberation itself was in the air.

Forbidden Flowers

With the increasing liberation of women's bodies, our minds were being set free, too. The idea that women had sexual fantasies, the enigma of just what they might be, the prospect that the age-old question of men to women, "What are you thinking about? No longer was it a matter of the sales-minded editor deciding what a commercial gimmick it would be to publish a series of sexy nov- els by sexy ladies, novels that would give an odd new sales tickle to the age-old fucking scenes that had always been written by men.

Now it was suddenly out of the editors' hands: Women were writing about sex, but it was from their point of view women seen only as male sex fantasies no more , and it was a whole new bedroom. The realization was suddenly obvious, that with the liberation of women, men would be liberated too from all the stereotypes that made them think of women as burdens, prudes, and necessary evils, even at best something less than a man. Talking to a woman might be more fun than a night out with the boys!

That's all it took. All conversation would stop. Men and women both would turn to me with half-smiles of excitement. They were willing to countenance the thought, but only in generalities, I discovered. Men would become truculent and nervous ah! If any- one spoke, it was the men: "Why don't you collect men's fantasies? Some frus- trated neurotic. But the ordinary, sexually satisfied woman doesn't need them.

What's the matter with good old-fashioned sex? Nothing's the matter with asparagus, either. A lot of them are religious or had a religious upbringing; are married or in a long term relationship; and some of them are very young. Either way most of them have felt, at some point in their lives, that men are supposed to be the ones in control; but no more.

Friday has made them realise that they have sexual needs and desires that are sometimes completely unrelated to the men in their lives. Nothing here is traditional, conventional or co-dependent. These are independent women. Have you read Nancy Friday? Intrigued by her? Agree or disagree with Women on Top being banned?

Comment below and let me know what you think! Lizzi Thomasson.I'm arching up — I want to feel him so much! Since the publication of Nancy Friday's outspoken erotic masterpiece, My Secret Garden , women's sexual lives have undergone a revolution - and so have their fantasy lives.

Ghita Alin Andrei. Never stopping her frantic movements met by his hips thrusting up, she turned her head, to plant an affectionate kiss into his palm and then captured his thumb, which was now stroking her lower lip, with her mouth, sucking on it, swirling her tongue around it, tasting the salt of his sweat.

But once she had started reading, there was no stopping.

But he did not think my football fantasy was either humorous or playful. Take the note, I kept the "sex-talk" minimal — good or bad?

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