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Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure (Official Strategy Guide) is a videogame guidebook published by BradyGames. The guide offers information to help players. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides (Bradygames)) Paperback – October 16, Skylanders SWAP Force Signature Series Strategy Guide by BradyGames Paperback $ Skylanders Trap Team Signature Series Strategy Guide (Bradygames. Skylanders Spyro's Adventure is a brand-new action-packed video game and Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide (Official Strategy Guides.

Skylanders Spyros Adventure Guide Book

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The Master's awesome insider tips and character profiles. Don't touch your console without them. Bring your toys to life in Spyro's Adventure. BradyGames joins the battle to create "Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide". Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Bradygames Official Strategy Game Guide Book. EUR ; + EUR postage. From United Kingdom.

As always, bring a fast or long ranged Skylander to deal with these thieves, and get the key back. With all three, open the gate and move on. Follow the stone path down the ramps and break through the brick wall at the end. You'll face down Chompies and Rock Walkers as you leave the rampart. Beyond it, Squiddlers stand on small watchtowers, providing assistance to another set of Chompies and Walkers.

An Earth Spell Punk also shows up here, and should be dealt with first, as his defensive spells make the Walkers a bit tougher to hurt.

You may have noticed another bomb icon near a wall between the Squiddler towers, but to get that bomb you've got another push-block puzzle to solve. First, push a block that is closest to the bomb into position to act as part of the bridge leading to it.

The block above that one should be pushed up one space to act as another bridge. Next, go up the ramp on the left, and push the block you find there right, making a new bridge. Cross this, and push the block on this level across from the bomb down into the gap.

Now you should have access to the bomb, and can bomb open the passage to reach the Soul Gem for Bash, an Earth Skylander. This unlocks his "Triceratops Honor Guard" power. Now, head back up the block hill. Squiddlers may try to bombard you, but you can use the bomb to fight back. To reach the summit of this block huill, you'll need to push the remaining blocks into position to fill the gaps.

For the first gap, push the block near it left twice, then up into the gap. For the second gap, it's simply a matter of pushing the two blocks into position. From this second block bridge, push the third block up twice, then back down to where it started. Once the bridge is crossed, you're out of the New Fortress!

After they're finished, move into the town proper, and take the trail to the left, leading to a Life Elemental Gate. Wayward Town Access requires a Life Skylander After crossing Life bridge, take the drop immediately to the left off of the broken bridge, and follow it down to the the next few ledges until you reach a bounce pad that takes you an island.

A Chompy Pod can be found here, guarding a Treasure Chest. From this island, drop off of the right side of it to land in the middle of a small town.

Use the bounce pad in the northern part of the town to propel yourself up to another island, and follow the next pad up to a small platform where a bomb awaits you. Drop down to the town and start wrecking some houses with your explosives.

You can find a good chunk of extra cash while you're here. A house south-east to the central fountain hides another bounce pad.

You want to take a bomb to this bounce pad, and use the pad to send yourself flying up the start of the Wayward Town area. Just above where you land is a bomb-marked wall that leads to a Present containing the Top Hat. You can always drop back down to the town from this ledge if your bomb blows up before you make it. After you're done here, return to the Town Outskirts and take the path to the right to chase after the Eternal Earth Source-turned-town-stomping-golem.

Rumbling Ravine The Stone Golem is deceptively tough, but if you're packing a strong Skylander, you can whittle him down pretty quick.

The large boulders it flings around the arena can be hard to dodge, especially for slow Skylanders. Some of the boulders the golem throws bounce around the whole area, but their path is shown to you as a glowing line in the grass. If you stand next to the Golem, he may try a powerful foot stomp, so melee characters may feel somewhat at a disadvantage trying to get close to him.

At 75 and 50 percent health respectively, the Stone Golem creates a powerful wind barrier around itself, preventing from getting close to the Golem, and causing you damage every time you touch it. Red markings appear on the ground, indicating where a rain of meteors will fall.

Stay on the move to avoid getting hurt by this storm. Eventually, the wind barrier vanishes, and you can start attacking the Golem again. At 25 percent, the Golem starts playing a little harder to get.

It will cast the wind barrier constantly and launch more waves of meteors at you. The only way to get sustained hits on him is to allow one of his rolling boulders to bounce back into him. The problem here is that the boulder is fast, hard to dodge, and has to go through many bounces before it hits the Golem.

Pay attention to it's path marked on the ground, if it hits you the boulder will shatter, and the Golem will cast another wind barrier!

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Skylanders Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide : Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide

Read more. Product details Series: Official Strategy Guides Bradygames Paperback: English ISBN Tell the Publisher!

I'd like to read this book on Kindle Don't have a Kindle? Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention year old strategy guide son loves finding things playing the game book is a must skylanders book skylanders game game guide helpful items complete helped maps elemental guides legendary levels missing packs. Showing of 55 reviews.

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Paperback Verified Purchase. At this point, the original Skylanders is an older game however, Bought this for my almost teenage son. Having this guide has sparked him to go back to the game again.

First off, it's a very well written, well organized guide to the game and characters. Very nice illustrations and excellent maps.

Aside from helping a player to fully complete each level and get certain hidden objects that are otherwise very difficult to find if that's what a player wants , it contains stories and background on each character. My son enjoys simply reading the guide and the information.

I purchased my copy from "BrandSpankinUsed"; came quickly and was in excellent condition. I bought this for my 10 year old autistic cousin to encourage him to read some more and he loves it! He with some help from his parents read through each part where he needed help and finally beat the game! He loves looking at the pictures and telling people who don't play the game who the characters are and what they do.

It's great! My children love this book, maybe spend more time reading it than playing the game. It helped them get past the Creepy Citadel where they were stuck. Whenever I play Skylanders, I like to have it close by to be able to find all the extras in a level.

My children really like the stories and background on each character. It's a must-have for Skylander enthusiasts. We pretty much buy a guide for each skylanders game we get and they've been great in helping us quickly find things we missed when playing without. Also helps that the kids like to read it since it has so much artwork, saved me some hassle in getting them off the TV and into reading something.

Spyro's Adventure Official Strategy Guide. This strategy guide is a must!!! It is helpful in explaining who each Skylander is and helps you choose their path and upgrades. Trust me, you will never find everything there is to find on your own. It comes with maps for all levels including the Adventure Packs. It proved to be very helpful when going back and trying to complete levels with 3 stars! My daughter loves it and I got one for her best friend.

Skylanders Spyro's Adventure: Master Eon's...

Includes maps of each level and a detailed walk through. Helpful when wanting to locate all of the items and treasure chests.A house south-east to the central fountain hides another bounce pad. Accepted, Eligibility for PayPal Credit is determined at checkout. Helpful when wanting to locate all of the items and treasure chests.

My children really like the stories and background on each character. This unlocks his "Triceratops Honor Guard" power.


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Follow your new bridges to the first key, and return back to the locked door, this time going down the corridor you skipped before. DPReview Digital Photography.

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