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Keys to the Kingdom Sir Thursday Garth Nix Book Four SCHOLASTIC INC. New York Toronto London Auckland Sydney Mexico. Sir Thursday Keys to the Kingdom 4 file:///K|/eMule/Incoming/Garth%20Nix%20 -%20Keys% 0the%20Kingdom%%%20Sir%20Thursday%pixia-club.info (1. Sir Thursday book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The stellar fourth book in Garth Nix's masterpiece series now in p.

Sir Thursday Pdf

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Sir Thursday (The Keys to the Kingdom)

With the help of a retired pharmacist named Sylvie, Leaf makes her way to Arthur's house where she uses a special telephone to contact Arthur's friends and get help, just as the fungus gains full control of her body. Suzy Turquoise Blue arrives and takes the pocket to the House.

There, she finds Arthur and Fred, and joins them in a raid led by Sir Thursday to find and destroy the New Nithlings' weapon, which is preventing the mechanical floor of the Great Maze from shifting. Arthur destroys the weapon by throwing the pocket into it, simultaneously destroying the Skinless Boy.

As Arthur escapes from the Piper with Sir Thursday, he distracts Thursday enough for the fourth part of the Will, a snake embodying the virtue of justice , to break free, whereupon it makes Arthur the Bearer of the Fourth Key — a sword or baton depending on whether or not the wielder is in combat — and Commander of the Glorious Army of the Architect.

On Earth, Leaf wakes up in a hospital a week after the Skinless Boy was defeated. She soon learns from a nurse that the Grayspot has disappeared and that Lady Friday, another Trustee, has become a doctor on Earth.

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He owns the First, Second, and Third Keys, but is not in possession of them throughout most of the book. Arthur shows a strong sense of right and wrong, [2] as well as a reliance on friends and allies to achieve his goal: the rightful mastery of the entire House. She is portrayed as caring little for others, becoming easily annoyed if they seem to be slowing the process of restoring the House.

He is a military Denizen, and believes in order and control. The Will breaks free from him when Arthur makes him sufficiently angry. She supports him in Sir Thursday by retrieving the pocket that supports the existence of the Skinless Boy.

She also aids him in his adventures, and joins Arthur in the army in order to pass him the pocket. It is released by Arthur near the end of the book when he makes Sir Thursday angry.

Themes[ edit ] As with the previous books in the series, the themes of seven, sin and virtue are prevalent throughout Sir Thursday providing the personality characteristics for many of the main characters. But as Sir Thursday is the next Trustee he must take on, being that much closer could prove helpful. He can seek the next key and part four of the will from the inside while his friends search from the outside. Things get more complicated still, when upon arriving for training Arthur finds himself subjected to the same washing between the ears that all Piper's children get, as it is assumed he is one himself.

Therefore he forgets who he is and what he's meant to be doing. Luckily, he fights well and makes it through battle, and eventually recovers his memory. Although as he is now headed straight for the center of the Army's world, he's not entirely thrilled with the revelation.

The army attacking the house is like none ever witnessed before, and the battles are being won mostly due to the fact that Tectonic Strategy moves portions of the enemy far away every sundown, splitting its forces.

When the plates of the maze stop moving, the real trouble begins. Arthur finds himself not only face-to-face with Sir Thursday, but promoted to his Second Lieutenant for the special mission he's taking on to destroy the spike which has defeated his maze. On this mission they learn the truth of the war, who is leading the enemy, and the perils of his presence.

Sir Thursday attempts to escape, only to be caught by Arthur, who confronts him on arrival back at Headquarters. He has been told by part four of the will that anger is the only way to distract Sir Thursday, and only when he is sufficiently distracted can the will break itself free of him.

So it is that Arthur comes to claim the fourth key, and frees the will.Jun 10, Peyton rated it liked it Shelves: He has been told by part four of the will that anger is the only way to distract Sir Thursday, and only when he is sufficiently distracted can the will break itself free of him.

Without thinking, Leaf ran down the fire stairs, because that would be quicker than going up. Sir Thursday attempts to escape, only to be caught by Arthur, who confronts him on arrival back at Headquarters.

She slid out of her chair and bowed to him. In fact, this could work to your advantage, Arthur.

Action packed, quick-paced, shifting viewpoints and parallel stories--I hardly put it down! I guess that would explain the green dress.

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